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Sprout Episode 11 (Final) Summary and Review October 18, 2012

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Sprout episode 12 starts off with Souhei’s wind chime ringing and it is summer one year later. Miku narrates that it has been one year since Souhei has left, she is getting ready for school and her hair is longer.

Miku is walking to school and she is thinking that in the past year nothing has happened that she would have to talk about.

Miyuki is getting asked out by a student and she says sorry and walks away. Takeru and Arata overhear this and they tease each other saying they should ask her out.

Miku, Fumiko and Ami are walking together and they pass Souhei and Hayato and they both reply hello politely. She narrates that they both went back to being normal classmates.

At soccer club Souhei is the new captain and he tells everyone he will do his best, Sou is in the club. Haruka comes over and she says she has just come to watch the new captain speech and chides him for making it so short. He bows and she walks away.


Miku is with her friends and Ami is being all cute on the phone and Fumiko asks if Miku still doesn’t feel like dating and Miku replies that its not like she is popular. Fumiko calls her out and says it because she can’t forget her fated person who is Souhei, she flashbacks to when she held hands with her fated person. As they walk they see the soccer club and Fumiko asks Miku if she thinks that one day she will be able to unite with her fated one someday and Ami asks if she still believes in her eternal first love. Miku says she was wrong that Souhei wasn’t her fated person and that is why they won’t be united.

Souhei watches the girls walk past during practice and Takeru notices and calls him back. Takeru and Arata are talking after practice and they figure that Souhei liked Miku the whole time and that is why he broke up with Miyuki.

Naoharu, Kiyoka and Miku’s parents are preparing to eat outside and Miku’s mom says that it has been awhile. Kiyoka is remembering about coming there last year and she says it s a bit lonely.

Miku comes home and sees Souhei’s bike, Souhei is eating BBQ and Miku’s mom says that if she knew Souhei was coming she would have made more chicken, Naoharu says sorry but he suddenly came over. Miku is with them and her dad notices that this is the first time that Souhei has come over since he left. Miku thinks that even if its like this she is happy, Souhei notices that the wind chime is up and Miku nods that she did.

Souhei gets his bike and is walking out, Miku comes running after him and says that she will walk him to the corner. As they walk Miku tells him congratulations on being captain and she thinks that there is a lot that she wanted to talk about the words won’t come out very well. Souhei says that he is glad to see everyone doing well and she agrees and is glad he is good too. He says bye and she says this is the first going to separate homes, he acknowledges and then says he is going to go. He bikes away and Miku watches and thinks that they can’t go back to the summer when Souhei was here.

Miku is walking in her uniform and meets Miyuki and the stop to sit on a bench. Miku says that it has been awhile since they talked like this, since there sleepover. Miyuki asks if she still likes Souhei, Miku just laughs.

Hayato is waiting in the school and Souhei comes in asking what he wanted to talk about. Hayato asks why Souhei doesn’t go out with Miku, because he likes her.

Miku says that it isn’t that she likes Souhei and that ever since he stopped boarding at her house they have been just like classmates. Miyuki tells her that she is a really bad liar.

Souhei replies that he doesn’t really like Miku, Hayato says that he doesn’t have to lie anymore and to hurry and confess.

Miyuki tells her that at that time she wanted to be Miku and was jealous but now she doesn’t want to be her because she stopped time one year ago and that it is probably the same for Souhei.

Souhei says that it is fine the way it is because he thought he would be with Miyuki forever he wasn’t able to persist with those feelings. Hayato asks if he thought that Miyuki would have been happy like that.

Miyuki asks if she would be okay if Souhei would go out with someone else and she replies that it is something for Souhei to decide and Miyuki replies that she is one to talk and asks why does he think she broke up with Souhei.

Hayato asks Souhei if he would be fine if Miku went out with someone else and Souhei says yeah if she was happy. Hayato asks if he is really thinking like that and he says yeah and Hayato grabs him.

Miyuki grabs Miku and tells her to take one step forward.

Hayato grabs Souhei and punches him in the face and asks him angrily if he had any idea what it felt for Miyuki to break up with him and for him to break up with Miku.

Miyuki says that if she doesn’t it won’t end for her either.

Hayato says to let him be glad that he broke up with Miku and if she doesn’t become happy he won’t be able to feel that way either.

Miku nods to Miyuki and runs away, Miyuki smiles.

Souhei walks out of the gym.

Miku is running down the road and having flashbacks of Souhei. She runs up the steps to the school and trips and hurts her knee, she sits down. A hand appears in front of her and she sees Souhei and grabs his hand and she stands up. She says she likes him and have always liked him. He says Miku and goes in for a hug and tells her that he likes her twice. He then says that he has finally said it, they put there foreheads together. Miku narrates that her love and Souhe’s love overlapped for the first time.

Miku and Souhei are holding hands and walking, shots of the school and them and plants sprouting. She thinks no matter when she can’t let go and if its now she can strongly put into words.

Miku and Souhei go to her house and announce they are home and she thinks my fated person and this is how the final episode ends.

I was so shocked that after one year Miku and Souhei was not really talking or having to do anything with each other. At first I felt sad and was really wondering how this series was going to end and was hoping that it wasn’t going to suck!! I loved that Miyuki and Hayato both had a talk with them and set them straight. I liked that they were on the same page and the switched between scenes to show the different sides. I really felt like Hayato especially was being used in the relationship to help figure out Miku’s feelings which is soo sad for him. I found it odd that they never talk about her fainting and him helping her to the nurse’s office and I mean would it really be that hard to even ask him. I guess they wanted to keep it ambiguous to hide who her real fated one was and I guess the scene where he gives her his hand is supposed to mean that he was the one who originally helped her.

The manga was really different from this drama, they really developed the characters of Naoharu and Kiyoka much more in the manga and I kinda feel a little sad they weren’t given more of a story line. I liked them as a group and feel sad that they didn’t spend more time together. I really liked this one part in the manga when Souhei had left the house and one day they text each other about supper and Souhei still gets the text but he feels sad that he doesn’t get to be there anymore. I would have really liked this to be a part of the drama!! oh well!!

Another interesting thing is that Hayato was a different type of character in the manga and so therefore it really made the drama a lot different and it was just a surprising when things would happen. I did not mind this change and instead really enjoyed it better than the manga.

I really loved this series and thought that it was really well done. I felt that the relationships and feelings that were expressed in this drama was really realistic and the emotions felt so real. I thought it was a really grown up story even though it was targeted for teens it really was the best well down drama I have seen for a long time. I really enjoyed my time with this drama and I hope everyone else did!! thanks for reading and supporting me!!

Oh and Hayato won the vote!! He got 62.5% of the votes!! yikes poor Souhei he really couldn’t compete with the handsome Hayato!! I guess if I had one complaint it would be that Miku didn’t get to be with Hayato!! but I mean Souhei is her fated one so who can really argue with that?? I mean we should be looking at the inside not the outside!! 🙂 right?


Sprout Episode 11 Summary and Review October 17, 2012

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Episode 11 starts with Souhei getting a phone call from his mom telling him to leave the boarding house and Miku is listening in. When he gets off the phone she asks him if he is leaving and he tells her that his mom just wants him to go home and he is going to think about it. Miku then thinks that she hadn’t even thought of a tomorrow without Souhei.

Hayato is kicking the soccer ball with Sou, Souhei comes up to them and asks to speak to Hayato. He tells Hayato that he broke up with Miyuki and Hayato asks why he tells him because when he looks at his parents he doesn’t believe in forever or eternity. He goes on to say he wishes he believed that he thought different and he then tells him he got a call from his mom and she asked him to go home. He also says that his mom was crying and after breaking up with Miyuki he really thought about it and found that he was running away from reality.

Miku is walking with Ami and Fumiko and is distracted and isn’t listening to Ami talk. They ask if something happened with Hayato and she says no. She realizes that her mind had been occupied with Souhei.

Souhei is in a field and Miyuki comes towards him and he says he is sorry for calling her out and she says its okay and that she brought the things she borrowed. They exchange the bags and she comments that is nice not having to send pointless texts anymore. She asks if he has club after this and he says yes and they say bye and walks away. As she is walking Souhei yells Miyuki and says thank you and she says that she needs to thank him too, he nods no and she says its good to be able to still talk to Souhei normally.

Takeru and Arata are getting dressed for soccer and they are talking about why Souhei and Miyuki broke up and that Souhei had told them it was his fault. Arata asks Takeru if he is going to go for Miyuki now and he says he wouldn’t try to butt in like that. Haruka has been listening to them talk.

Souhei is kicking soccer balls and Haruka is watching him. After practice Souhei goes over to a sitting Haruka and he asks her what she wanted and if something happened. She instead asks him if something happened to him and that it hurts to see him force a smile. He says that it is easier now and that he is fine. She then goes in for a kiss, she then tells him that she likes him. He stands up and says sorry and she says will it not do and he says sorry again and leaves.


Miku has walked home and before she went into her room she stopped and looked at Souhei’s room. She calls Fumiko on the balcony and says that she feels like she doesn’t know anymore and Fumiko tells her to love someone will make you smile when you think of them and to get jealous over little things and it feels so suffocating but you can’t control it. Then Souhei comes onto the yard and tells her that he is back she doesn’t answer and he repeats himself and then she answers. She then realizes that there is only one true love.

Miku’s dad is gardening and Souhei comes out and asks him what he is doing he tells him that he is cutting some excess branches because if he doesn’t then it won’t be able to grow big. Miku’s dad asks him if he wants to try it too and he agrees.

Miku is in the kitchen with her mom and she tells her that Souhei is going back to his mom’s house. She tells her that he is moving next week while it is still summer break.

Souhei is on the balcony and Miku is in her room looking at her phone with the picture of her and Hayato and she thinks that even though she meant to overwrite love with love she still loves Souhei and she cries tears on her phone.

Hayato and Miku are walking and he asks what she wanted to talk about, she pauses and she tries to talk but can’t and so he says lets end this. He asks her if that is what she had wanted to say, she nods her head and he says that he knew it. He tells he knew because everything shows on her face, he tells he that he doesn’t regret it. She says it was all Hayato, he was the one that asked her out and told her that he liked her, dated her and held her hand . He lifts his head toward the sky as if to hold back tears and she says that he was the first for all of those things. She tells him that she was glad that it was Hayato and they both smile.


Everyone is there for dinner and they are cheering Souhei because he is leaving. They ask him to says some things and he stands up and says that he ran away to here because his mom became tense after the divorce and that it was hard to be around her. He then says he thought he would always want to be here forever but when he heard his mom sad, lonely voice on the phone he felt really bad. He goes onto say that he has to face her properly because she is family. Miku’s mom asks him if he will be okay and he says yes because he needs to grow some more. Naoharu starts crying and Kiyoka teases him for crying.

Souhei is sitting on the deck and Miku comes in with barley tea and asks him if he wants some and he does. She sits next to him and he says its good, the wind chime rings and she says that she will have to give him back his wind chime and he says its okay she should put it up again next summer. She says thanks and then thinks that he won’t be here then. She then thinks this close distance, atmosphere and this house with Souhei it all ends today. She then takes his arm into her lap and puts her face against it and starts crying. She asks him to just lend her his arm and she thinks please don’t go, and the chime starts ringing and she realizes that her summer with Souhei is over.

I think that he pruning that Miku’s dad was supposed to be a metaphor for Souhei and that he needed to break up with Miyuki to let himself continue to grow and that she might have been holding him back. I think it could also mean that going back to his mom’s place is another way for him to be able to grow because he is facing reality.

Poor Hayato I just knew that they were not going to make it because Miku was not committed to the relationship and Hayato was the one that pursued her and she seemed mostly flattered that someone gave her that attention. They should have casted Hayato for Souhei’s role like I mean come on how was Souhei really supposed to compete with his good looks!! Anyway I am predicting a very happy ending for Souhei and Miku together!! of course I am hoping for the underdog once again!!

Miku crying into his arm, I was expecting more of a reaction from Souhei but he seemed to look at her as if it was completely normal?? so weird! I mean this isn’t the first time that she has touched him does he not see that it shows that she is interested in him?? so odd!!


To The Beautiful You Episode 16 (Final) Summary October 8, 2012

The sixteenth episode starts off with Tae-Joon getting up in the morning and Jae-Hee helping him out of bed because she needs to start his morning practice. She feeds him and he goes off running, he meets up with Hyun-Jae and they race each other and continue their exercises. Tae-Joon makes it over the bar and Hyun-Jae doesn’t so Tae-Joon gives him some pointers and notices that Hyun-Jae’s shoes are a little worn.

Jae-Hee is asking Dr. Jang about massaging and he of course chides her for thinking she could learn that over night. He decides to help her with the leg muscles and he asks her how her bandaged chest is and she says its a bit suffocating but is okay for now.

Ha-Na is putting makeup on and she is siting in a cafe, Seung-Ri comes in and says he stopped by the hospital and heard she was discharged and tells her he had to work so hard for her number. He brings back the cardigan and says he hand washed it and gave it a 100% and she acts a little creeped out by his enthusiasm. She asks if he prepared anything funny today and he tells her that he didn’t have anything ready because he was in such a rush to come. He tells her about the rumor at the school that there is a girl in the dorms. She asks him what he is going to do and he says he will do a shirtless training for his dorm too and she protests loudly and then says because the weather is cold and she doesn’t want him to get sick. Seung-Ri gets very excited because he misinterprets her concern as concern for him. Seung-Ri then rifles through his bag and shows her a wig and geeky glasses and she laughs hard and asks him if he has always been this ugly. He gets upset and quickly takes off his disguise.

Tae-Joon and Jae-Hee are sitting down to eat and they hear students discussing who could be a girl and Tae-Joon assures her that he will protect her. Tae-Joon asks how Eun-Gyeol and she hasn’t talked to him and he says that he will be upset over something like that for awhile.

As Tae-Joon and Jae-Hee walk back Eun-Gyeol comes running to them and asks if Jae-Hee brightly if she wants to go shopping with him tonight and if she doesn’t she isn’t his friend. Jae-Hee agrees and Tae-Joon says he will also go with them because he needs to buy something too.

The three of them are in the shoe section and he picks up a shoe and asks for them in a smaller size. Jae-Hee asks why he is getting it smaller and he says that its not for him to wear. Eun-Gyeol barges between them to show the shoe that he picked up.

They go out to eat at the street vendors and Eun-Gyeol talks about getting hot from eating the spicy food and he and Jae-Hee both take off their jackets. Eun-Gyeol notices that she is wearing the shirt that he gave her and Eun-Gyeol says he is also wearing his. Tae-Joon then tells them that he is going to the washroom.

Jae-Hee and Tae-Joon are back in the dorm and he gives her a gift and its the same bag as his and she says its like a couple bag. She then tells him that she learned how to massage and he protests that he is okay she forces him to lie down and starts massaging him. He stops her and he tells her that she is forbidden from coming within 1 meter from him. She tells him that is ridiculous and goes in for more massage and he grabs her and pushing her by the bed post. He tells her that he told her to stand still and then tells her that he is going for a run.

Dr. Jang comes into his office in the morning and finds Tae-Joon sleeping in the bed. He asks why he was there and Tae-Joon tells him that it was easier for him to fall asleep there. He goes back to his room and Jae-Hee asks where he was and he tells her that he couldn’t sleep.

Tae-Joon and Hyun-Jae are in the change room and they discuss that Coach was going to take them out in afternoon. Hyun-Jae tells him that Tae-Joon is way better than the other guy and that he will make it to Olympics. Tae-Joon tells him that he as no intention in going alone and gives him the shoes that he bought and says lets go together and and walks out.

Jae-Hee and Tae-Joon are packing him up and she finds the shoelaces that she gave him and he tells her that he needs the luck. He tells her that she better make it the day of the competition and not to be late. He gets ready to leave and as he is about to walk out the door and she says wait and gives him a kiss and tells him so he doesn’t hurt himself and tells him to have a nice trip.

Coach is going to his car and he sees Teacher Lee and he thinks that she was waiting for him she protests. She gives him a bag and that she packed food for him and tells its because she doesn’t want him eating ramen. He then tells her that he wants to carpool with her and that he moved so that he would be closer and they could carpool.

Jae-Hee is in her room and she is going through her drawers and she can’t find her diary. She notices that her bandage feels tight.

Jae-Hee is in athletic club and she is having a hard time keeping up.

Ha-Na is in her car and her driver encourages her that after rehab she will get strong.

Tae-Joon and Hyun-Jae are in the car and he sends a text to Eun-Gyeol to take care of Jae-Hee. He then gets a text from Ha-Na that she started her rehab and asks if she can borrow his saying and then wishes him good luck. She also asks how Jae-Hee is. He replies that she is good thanks her for her concern which Ha-Na doesn’t like him saying.

Jae-Hee is walking out of club and is looking very sick, Seung-Ri asks if she is okay and she says she is fine. A couple of guys run past and bang into her and  then she faints, Seung-Ri gets on the phone and tells the guys to undo her shirt and tie. A guy starts unbuttoning her shirt and sees the bandage and they ask Seung-Ri what to do and they all find out that she is a girl. He then calls Eun-Gyeol and runs to Seung-Ri he tells him that she was woken up and he wants to talk to him first. He asks if he knew  and who else and he says yes and Tae-Joon knew too, he freaks out because they could get expelled .

Dr. Jang is with Jae-Hee and tells her that it is over now and that she has actually lasted for quite awhile. He tells her that it is not her fault. Eun-Gyeol comes in and she asks him what she should do and starts to cry.

Tae-Joon, Hyun-Jae and Coach arrive at the nationals. Tae-Joon phones Jae-Hee but doesn’t get through. Coach puts his arm around the guys and says in two days they will be competing here.

Seung-Ri is alone and flashbacks to yelling at Jae-Hee asking what kind of joke was she trying to pull on them. She apologizes and he doesn’t accept and she tells him that she will take whatever punishment he wants to give her but that she doesn’t want him to punish Eun-Gyeol or Tae-Joon. She tells him that she knows she shouldn’t have done it and will take responsibility for everything. He gets mad at her again and then asks if she is okay and if she is hurt angrily and she says yes and then cries.

Everyone is talking about Jae-Hee being a girl at the school.

Jae-Hee is walking on campus and Eun-Gyeol goes and gets her and takes her back to her room and he tries to encourage her.

The two other dorm leaders approach Seung-Ri and they go to talk.

Jae-Hee is with Sang-Chu and she thanks him and is saying her good bye to him.

The two dorm are telling Seung-Ri to tell the school about Jae-Hee and they wonder who will take responsibility. He tells them he will take responsibility and asks them to keep it a secret from the school and he wants to be with her until the end.

Jae-Hee is outside the dorm and Seung-Ri comes to her and she says sorry and he tells her not to worry and agrees to keep it a secret from the school because he doesn’t want to mess with things.

Dr. Jang and Jae-Hee talk and he asks her what she is going to do and she tells him that she is going to leave. He tells her she should stay and watch Tae-Joon compete before she leaves. She says no because if she sees it she might not be able to leave and she booked her flight the day of the competition. She starts crying and says thank you, he comes over and puts his hand on her shoulder. He tells her with time passing it can heal any scar.

Jae-Hee packs her bag in her room while crying, her phone starts ringing and it is Tae-Joon and he asks why she hasn’t been answering her phone all day and she says she had it on vibrate. He tells her that he missed her and tells her sweet things and Coach interrupts him and they say good bye.

Jae-Hee walks down the hallway and Eun-Gyeol comes to her and says he has heard that she is leaving and got her transfer papers. He grabs her arm and drags her outside and tells her that he can’t let her leave like this and that they can still find a solution. Jae-Hee hugs him and says she has gotten greedy because everyone has been so good to her.  He goes on saying that she can’t leave him even if they are not dating he wants her to be by his side for a while. Jae-Hee says sorry and he walks away in a huff.

Hyun-Jae and Tae-Joon are practicing and they both make it over the bar. Coach tells them if they keep it up they can make it to the Olympics and he thanks them for letting him coach them.

They both are walking out and Hyun-Jae sees Jae-Hee and makes an excuse to leave and then Tae-Joon sees her and runs over. She says she came to see him because she has missed him. He says he wants to take her to a place and they go rent bikes and ride around a park. Tae-Joon gets them a drink and they sit on some steps, he reaches for her hand and holds it while they watch a fountain show. She tells him that he is her miracle and that everyday she has been with him as been a miracle. She tells him that she is soaking up his image now so that every time she closes her eyes she will see him. He says she is acting weird and asks if something happened she says no that she is just happy and she goes to get her back. He chases after her and gives her a kiss.

They are at the bus stop and he tells her that she has to come tomorrow on time and he tells her that Eun-Gyeol should come and meet her because she shouldn’t walk home alone and that he will call him for her. Jae-Hee holds out her hand and says take care and he shakes her hand thinking she is acting strange. Her bus comes and before she gets on she goes in for a hug and he asks if something is going on and she says she doesn’t want to part with him whether its a second or a year its all the same to her. She says see you tomorrow and gets on the bus and they watch each other as she leaves.

Jae-Hee is in the dorm and sits on Tae-Joon’s bed and flashbacks to them sleeping together and other such times with him.

She walks around the campus and meets her whole dorm waiting for her and Seung-Ri chides her for not saying good bye. He holds out his hand and tells her not to forget them and goes for a hug. She asks where Eun-Gyeol is and he says he hasn’t seen him. They all say goodbye and she tells them thank and they say to come visit again. Jae-Hee keeps walking and Eun-Gyeol calls her with Sang-Chu with him. He tells her he wasn’t going to come and she says thanks and hugs him. He tells her to take care of herself and she tells him to also and he asks if she is going to see Tae-Joon and she says its better this way. He tells her that he won’t forgive me and that he is going to make sure he sees her again. They both say goodbye and she tells Sang-Chu to take care and then she leaves and waves from farther on.

At the nationals Tae-Joon asks if there has been any phone calls and he tells him that there hasn’t. Coach’s phone rings and its Eun-Gyeol wanting to talk to Tae-Joon. Eun-Gyeol tells him that Jae-Hee didn’t want to tell him but he would want to hear if it was him and then he tells him that Jae-Hee left for America. Tae-Joon gives the phone back and rushes out of the stadium, Hyun-Jae says he will check on him. Hyun-Jae asks Tae-Joon what he is doing and he says he is going to Seoul and Hyun-Jae grabs him and asks him what he is doing. His bag goes flying and a notebook falls out he opens it up and it has height written down and a picture of him jumping.

Jae-Hee is riding a bus and the person next to him is watching the high jump and she asks if she can listen with her and she agrees. Lee Eun Ho clears 2 m 27 cm and Hyun-Jae has cleared 2m 29 cm. It’s Tae-Joon’s turn and is trying 2m 31 cm, he starts running and makes it over perfectly. Jae-Hee is excited and so is Tae-Joon and his Coach. Jae-Hee starts crying, Tae-Joon tells the camera that she needs to wait for him and she starts crying even harder.

It is one year later in California and Jae-Hee is walking a dog and she is sitting on her front yard on her laptop. She gets a video message from Eun-Gyeol and asks her if she has seen his goal. He goes onto say that Coach and Teacher Lee are getting married are getting married next year. Seung-Ri is in imprisonment and is secretly dating Ha-Na but he is working really hard because he wants to major in physical therapy. He then tells her that Dr. Jang has gone to study fashion in Paris. He also says that Tae-Joon went on a vacation somewhere like Jeju Island because they are on a break. He tells her that he is going to email soon again and says good bye. Jae-Hee wonders how Tae-Joon is doing and wishes she got more information on him. She drops her book and sees some feet, she looks up and sees Tae-Joon and they hug. He asks if she was well and she nods and they hug again and this is how the last episode ends!!

What a touching last episode it was very good!! Tae-Joon and Jae-Hee’s love for each other was really cemented in this episode and believable. I am so happy that he didn’t chase after her though and he fulfilled his own dream which was also hers. They were both so sweet to each other and I am happy that they got a happy ending. This episode really wanted to make me cry and the scene that did it was when her whole dorm came to see her off and encouraged her!! I want to cry again just thinking about it!! I am sad that Eun-Gyeol didn’t find anyone for him and is still hung up on Jae-Hee who he will never have. Seung-Ri and Ha-Na are soo cute together, I love that he tries so hard for her and she secretly loves it.

The only thing that confuses me is what happened to Hyun-Jae? is he going to the olympics? obviously Tae-Joon is going to the olympics but why did it take him a whole year to come visit her? I mean couldn’t Jae-Hee have been able to go to another school in Korea and stay closer to him and Eun-Gyeol? I think there could have been a better game plan than the one that they chose.

Thanks everyone for joining me on the journey of To The Beautiful You!! it has been a lot of fun!! I will miss these characters it has been a very well made drama!! It had a perfect amount of drama, comedic situations, romance and friendships. I would highly recommend this drama to anyone! Oh and Tae-Joon wins the poll of course!! thanks for voting and reading!!


To The Beautiful You Episode 15 Summary October 7, 2012

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Episode 15 starts with Eun-Gyeol finding out that Jae-Hee is a girl. Jae-Hee is trying to set things right with Eun-Gyeol and is apologizing but Eun-Gyeol is mad and thinks that she was toying with his feelings.

Hyun-Jae is in the bathroom giving himself a pep talk. He goes out of the bathroom and Eun-Gyeol comes in and he says sorry to him for using the bathroom, Eun-Gyeol explodes at him. Eun-Gyeol lies in bed and Hyun-Jae tries to say sorry and tells him that he is going to practice. Eun-Gyeol has flashbacks of Jae-Hee and trying to come to terms of her being a girl.

Tae-Joon gets a text from his dad showing him a picture of his flowers that have bloomed. He goes to practice and makes it over the bar and Hyun-Jae comments on how happy he is and they joke around. The Coach calls them over and shows them a video of a guy jumping over the bar with ease 2m 29 cm, he tells them it is Lee Eun Ho who  transferred 6 months from America and he used to play basketball. He goes onto to tell them that his best record is 2m 31 cm and it is 1 cm higher than Tae-Joon’s record, he will be debuting at the upcoming Nationals.

Eun-Gyeol gets a call from Jae-Hee, he doesn’t answer and Seung-Ri finds him and tells him a joke, Eun-Gyeol doesn’t laughs but walks away.

Tae-Joon goes back to his room and he doesn’t see Jae-Hee there.

Jae-Hee is talking to Sang-Chu and she is crying and wondering what she should do. Tae-Joon finds her and she reminisces about the first time they met there. She then tells him that she is a girl and he just hugs her and says thanks for coming to be by his side. He tells her that he has known she was a girl and that he wanted to tell her but just kept it bottled up in his heart and endured it. He is crying and he then tells her that he likes her and goes in for another hug while she cries.

Eun-Gyeol is sitting and Hyun-Jae gives him a drink which he bought with his hard earned allowance. He tells Eun-Gyeol that he has been taking him for granted and he says he is sorry and won’t do it again. Eun-Gyeol says it doesn’t matter and that he is sorry for taking his frustrations out on him. Hyun-Jae asks about his love life and he tells him he is angry at the person because he was decieved. He is upset that the person probably had no one to talk to and he was just there like a fool and couldn’t do anything.The fact for all of that was for another person makes him more angry and he is scared he won’t be able to forgive that person and he is angry because of himself.

There are some girls talking in the street and they are saying there is a rumor that there female student at Genie High. Some students from Genie High overhear this.

Coach sees Reporter Yang carrying many binders and he helps her carry them to her car. She tells him that she is doing an article on the athletic club at Genie Club and he is a little bit flirting with her. Teacher Lee sees them together and he yells and acts really rough with the Reporter Yang and leaves her.

Jae-Hee is in class and Eun-Gyeol comes in and she tries to talk to him and he just walks away and won’t answer. Tae-Joon follows after him and says they need to talk, he asks if they had a fight Eun-Gyeol says its not any of his concern. He tells her that Jae-Hee feels worried about Eun-Gyeol and he doesn’t want him tormenting her. Eun-Gyeol asks if he already knew from the beginning that Jae-Hee is a girl and he admits that he did. Eun-Gyeol gets mad that he didn’t tell him because he told him that he liked her. Tae-Joon tells him that he had no choice and had to pretend. Eun-Gyeol says that he thought that they were at least friends and says he is sorry he thought that on his own.

Eun-Gyeol is waiting for laundry, Jae-Hee does a sock puppet and says sorry and that she was going to tell him the truth. If it hadn’t been for him she wouldn’t have last a day and when something bad happened she wanted to run away but he would help her get through it. Eun-Gyeol gets up and she says sorry again and he walks away.

Jae-Hee meets Seung-Ri and he tells her a joke and she just walks away from him.

Teacher Lee tells Tae-Joon that Reporter yang is going to take some pictures of some students for the article and she wants him to cooperate with her. The Coach goes to Teacher Lee and asks if she wants to eat off campus and while he is talking she phones Dr. Jang and asks him if he wants to go for sushi. Coach wants to go too and she tells him to go be with Reporter Yang.

Tae-Joon goes back to the dorm and finds Jae-Hee doing his laundry and he tells her to stop doing his and he will do it from now on. Jae-Hee tells him that Eun-Gyeol found out that she was a girl and he is mad about that. He tells her that he will forgive and accept her soon. He says that she has been thinking about Eun-Gyeol all day and that he is getting jealous. She asks her how training is going and he tells her about the ace jumper that he will be competing against. He leaves to go practice again and he tells her that she has to remain by his side for him to jump well.

The third dorm leader tells Seung-Ri that there is a rumor that there is a girl at this school and he tells him that it isn’t from his dorm because they all went to the public bath house together and all had their shirts off. Seung-Ri tells him that it isn’t his dorm and the other leader asks if he can search his dorm then and Seung-Ri tells him he can.

Tae-Joon is looking up ways to have a good date on the internet and Jae-Hee walks in. He tells her that they are going out and they go to the Aquarium, she  links arms with him. As they walk home she says he is being weird because he is being so nice to her. She says that he always made her sad, he asks when she was the saddest and she says when he went back to the dorm while she waited at the campsite. He grabs her arm and tells her they are going to the campsite, they go into a store that has a tent and a site set up. They buy the tent and set it up back at the dorms and they make s’mores over a burner. He tells her that he used to go camping and that the best was in the winter, she tells him that she has never camped in winter and he says that they will have to go together. She gets sad and wonders where she will be in winter, he says that there is so much he wants to do with her and that she has to stay by his side. They hold hands and says they will do it all and she agrees.

Eun-Gyeol is going through his drawer and finds the shirt that Jae-Hee gave to him and then has flashbacks about him giving it to her and not making the team.

Reporter Yang is taking photos for Tae-Joon and his high jump, as she comes out of a room she hears students talking about a girl being in the school.

The two dorm leader are talking about a girl being in the school and Eun-Gyeol overhears this.

The athletic club is doing a practice and Reporter Yang is taking photos. Reporter Yang is watching Tae-Joon and Jae-Hee interact together. Reporter Yang approaches Jae-Hee after practice while she is cleaning up pylons. She questions how feminine her body looks and she ignores that comment, Yang tells her that there is a rumor going around about a girl student. Tae-Joon interrupts them and they leave.

Hyun-Jae meets Eun-Gyeol and he mentions the girl rumor to Eun-Gyeol and Eun-Gyeol tells him that is crazy. Hyun-Jae mentions seeing the two dorm leaders carrying a large box and going into the change rooms. Eun-Gyeol asks for the emergency key and runs away.

Jae-Hee goes into the change rooms and the two dorm leaders are in a box spying while she is changing. Jae-Hee takes off her jacket and then gets a text, Eun-Gyeol comes in and swipes her away, the dorm leaders don’t know where she has gone. They both figure that they have checked everyone from sophomore class and Jae-Hee was the last one so they decide to check the freshmen. Eun-Gyeol is around the corner covering Jae-Hee’s mouth and he tells her that she needs to be more careful because the dorm leaders aren’t going to quit this checking. He turns to leave and grabs his hand and she says sorry a couple more times.

Eun-Gyeol and Jae-Hee are on the soccer field and he tells her that the first time they met here he was starting to have feelings for her. He reminds her that she was going to grant him a wish and he tells her that his wish is for her to give him one more chance. He knows that in her eyes Tae-Joon is first but he wants a fair chance and he asks her to think about it one more time.

Tae-Joon comes out of the gym and Reporter Yang is waiting for him and she asks him if its okay to investigate his roommate but if he wants to avoid that she wants an  exclusive interview without his manager. He agrees.

Tae-Joon is in the dorm and Jae-Hee comes in and she tells him that she was with Eun-Gyeol and that they have made up. Jae-Hee goes to bed and she flashbacks to agreeing to spend tomorrow with him.

In the morning Tae-Joon tells her that he is going to an interview and she tells him that Eun-Gyeol wants to take her somewhere and he tells her to be careful. She says she knows and she is going to resolve things today.

Eun-Gyeol is in the washroom and Hyun-Jae is complaining because he needs to use the toilet. Eun-Gyeol is preparing for his date and uses all kinds of sprays.

Seung-Ri goes to visit Ha-Na and she tells him to go away and he says he won’t and he tells he is never going to leave and tells her to take the rehab treatment. He goes on if she gives him permission he will work hard to get to know her but if she doesn’t give permission he will back down from her and he won’t back down on he taking the rehab treatment. She asks why he is doing this and he says because he likes her and that he will try to make her laugh and does the kicking the hat trick and his pants split. He points out that she smiled and she denies it and then gives him his sweater to cover his butt for going back.

Eun-Gyeol and Jae-Hee go to an arcade and play some games. They look at hair clips and Jae-Hee points one out and when they leave Eun-Gyeol secretly buys it for her. They eat together and while Eun-Gyeol gets water she texts Tae-Joon wondering if his interview was going well. 

In the interview Reporter Yang is asking lots of questions and Tae-Joon seems annoyed.

Eun-Gyeol and Jae-Hee are walking and stop at a bench, Jae-Hee tells him that it would be good if he stopped being angry. He says that he is happy she is a girl because now its okay for him to like her. He said after hearing she was a girl he wasn’t sure that he could forgive her but he can now. He tells her that he likes seeing her smile more than seeing himself smile. He takes off his jacket and puts it around her and he then goes to get some hot drinks for them.

At the interview Reporter Yang asks off the record why he is so protective about Jae-Hee and he says he doesn’t want to make her stressed because of him and its better for him to be stressed. Tae-Joon leaves and gets all of her texts wondering how his interview went.

Tae-Joon rides the bus and continues to get her texts and then he sits on a bench and asks where she is and that he misses her.

Jae-Hee gets the text and she tells Eun-Gyeol that she thinks she needs to get back. Eun-Gyeol guesses that its Tae-Joon and then tells her that he is going to the bathroom for ten minutes and when he gets back and if she is not here he will take that as her answer. Eun-Gyeol holds her hand as she stands and says that he hopes that she won’t leave and then he walks away. When Eun-Gyeol comes back it is just his jacket sitting on the bench. He sits down and Jae-Hee stands behind him and calls his name.

Tae-Joon is waiting on the bench and Jae-Hee comes running to him.

Eun-Gyeol is sitting on his bench and flashbacks she says sorry and that she can’t accept his heart and she thought she should tell him this herself. He pats her head.

Jae-Hee tells Tae-Joon she ran all the way here because he said that he missed her and he goes over and hugs her and this how the fifteenth episode ends.

This was a good episode mainly because it is revealed to Eun-Gyeol that Jae-Hee is a girl!! I think many people were waiting for that to happen and I think that he had a right to be mad because he thought he was in love with a boy instead of a girl and that sure could mess with a person’s head. It is kinda weird to see Tae-Joon and Jae-Hee on a date and the same with Eun-Gyeol I found it slightly odd. Poor Eun-Gyeol he really never had a chance she came for Tae-Joon and he didn’t disappoint her so they built an emotional connection as well. They were pretty much girlfriend and boyfriend for a while because they shared there emotions and hurts with each other. When she was with Eun-Gyeol it was just about having fun and being silly so that does not usually develop into a strong emotional connection.

I love the new Hyun-Jae who is trying to be Eun-Gyeol’s friend and is trying to be nicer! I love watching him now!!

Seung-Ri is so cute when he is trying to win Ha-Na’s heart with all his corny jokes!! I think I love this love story even more!!

One thing I wonder if the dorm leaders will start going through dorms and find the hair clip that Eun-Gyeol bought for Jae-Hee in his room and they will think that he is a girl. Although it would be easy to disprove that theory!!


Sprout Episode 10 Summary and Review October 6, 2012

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Episode 10 starts with Souhei biking and he goes to to soccer field and asks Takeru and Arata if they have seen Miyuki and they haven’t. They both go looking through the school and tell Souhei that the security guard saw a girl here earlier and that from the description it was probably Miyuki. They figure that she is still there and ask him where a memorable place would be and Souhei takes off running and thinks even though I have decided to be together forever.

Miku is talking to Hayato on the phone telling him about Miyuki and she tells him that Souhei and Miyuki had a fight.

Souhei bikes again and goes to temple and he finds Miyuki there and he asks what she was doing. She tells him that she was waiting for him and she thought that he wouldn’t have found her.

Miku goes to see Hayato working and tells him that Souhei found Miyuki. He asks her if she wants something to drink and seats her. She says that Souhei must be relieved and he points out that she was only worried about Souhei and she says its not like that.

Souhei and Miyuki are talking about the temple being a depressing place for a first date. He flashbacks to their first date and they are making wishes by the temple and he tells her that he wished for him, her and Hayato to go to the same high school and for Miyuki to like him. They make a wish in the current time and Souhei asks what she wished for and she asked to have her previous wish erased. They flashback to Souhei asking what she wished for then and she wouldn’t tell him. In the present he asks what she wished for then back then and she tells him it was for her to be with Souhei forever. He is surprised and asks why she would wish that and she asks to break up.

Miku is leaving the cafe and she asks Hayato when they are going to be going to Tokyo Tower because summer is almost over and he tells her that he will contact her.

Souhei is telling Miyuki that he wants to stay together and she starts to cry and tells him that she doesn’t want him to work hard or force himself. He asks why and she says because that is not the real Souhei and asks if he was trying to keep the promise that he made to stay with her forever and if he has been throwing away his feelings so he wouldn’t betray her. That his real feelings aren’t here anymore and then calls him an idiot. She says that she thought she could live without Souhei and now she is standing on her own feet and that is why she is okay now and that she isn’t troubled now. She then says that their time together wasn’t a waste and he agrees. Souhei then says sorry, Miyuki starts crying.

When they are parting she asks if they can leave with a smile and he says impossible and she says this is where he should force himself and he agrees. She says bye and he says bye, she walks away and he watches her walk down the boardwalk.

Miku is coming back and meets Souhei in the front of the house she asks if Miyuki is okay and he says sorry for making her worry. Naoharu comes out and he tells them he is going to the convenience store and Souhei compliments his shirt.

Later on Souhei is sitting outside and Naoharu shows him some games he should play to clear his head. He says that Souhei is like his best friend from Love Rocket because he pretends nothing is wrong when he breaks up with his girlfriend. Souhei then asks if he could borrow that and Naoharu tells him that if he was an adult he would treat him to beer. Souhei says instead of that could he hear him out, Miku comes with barley tea but waits outside and Souhei goes on saying that he loved Miyuki a lot and she had stayed by his side when he was having a tough time. He goes on saying he couldn’t do anything and in the end he made her feel that way even though he promised her to always stay by his side. He continues that he didn’t think anything would change and he had to force himself to stay true to the promise. Naoharu says if people don’t change they can’t move forward and in order to change we get hurt and hurt others. He goes on that we take in pain and overcome it and that is the adventure or life. He then says that he learned that from Rurika, Souhei starts crying and says sorry, Naoharu puts his arm around him. Meanwhile Miku had heard it all.

The next morning they both get up and go on their balcony at he same time. She asks him if he wants to go somewhere and she is inviting Naoharu too. She then says sorry but she overheard yesterday and asks if there is anything she can do, he says he is fine. He gets a phone call from his mom and he says that she is wanting him to leave the boarding house. Miku’s heard this also and this is the end of episode 10.

I think I was anticipating a break up from Miyuki and Souhei for awhile because she is always seems to be picking up on his intentions and she seems even more distanced than him. I did not feel that sad that they broke up and poor Souhei he was crying with Naoharu that made me feel more sad. So funny that Naoharu is the one giving all the love advice to Miku and Souhei even though he doesn’t have a girlfriend and gets all his advice from Love Rocket. I have to say what he was saying was very true and accurate. Unfortunately that this breakup most likely means that Miku and Souhei are going to have to end up together in the end is the feeling I get.


Sprout Episode 9 Summary and Review October 5, 2012

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Episode 9 starts off with Miyuki explaining that she liked Hayato. They are all sitting inside and Miyuki is explaining that in her second year of middle school she confessed to Hayato and he rejected her. Souhei asks if she can forget Hayato and she tells him that when he confessed to her only he was in her heart.  She goes onto explain that on that day it seemed like Souhei was going to leave her and she became uneasy. It flashbacks to her hugging Hayato and she says sorry, Souhei tells her that he understands and thanks her for telling him honestly. Souhei realizes that he will be with Miyuki from now on.

Souhei and Miyuki are walking and he asks when they should go see the movie that she mentioned and she seems distracted. She says thank you and she holds onto his arm.

Miku is watering the garden and she sees Souhei walk very slowly and stop in the doorway. She comes up behind him and surprises him and she tells him that everyone is home already. He walks up to his room.

They are all sitting around the table and everyone is talking about their trips after  supper. Naoharu gives Souhei a rurika phone charms for him and Miyuki to have together. Souhei then excuses himself from the table and her parents wonders if there is something wrong with him because he didn’t even finish his supper which is strange for him.

Miku crosses balconies and waves outside his door she tells him that the stars are pretty. They sit outside on the patio and Souhei says sorry for all that happened and she says it fine it doesn’t bother her at all. She asks if his fake smile is tiring because she can’t do it very well when she tries to fake it. He says its because she is honest and she tells him because he has that character it might be easier for him to smile outside. She tells him that he doesn’t need to fake it when he is at home. She goes on saying he was being cool in front of Miyuki and she acts out what she thinks he would have really wanted to say and that was to tell Miyuki not to hug other guys while dating him. She says didn’t you want to say that and he says that he didn’t jokingly. They both start smiling and she asks if he is faking right now and he says he’s not. She sighs and lies on the patio ground, he watches her.

Takeru and Arata are washing up after soccer practice and Arata asks where Souhei went and Takeru says that he rushed off to a date. They both come to the conclusion that things are going well with him and Miyuki. They tease each other and spray water which ends up hitting another guy probably their coach.

Souhei is running off and he meets Haruka who asks him if Miku is going out with Hayato and he tells her yes. She says that must be part of Miku’s plan to make Souhei jealous and he tells her that she wouldn’t do something like that. He goes on to tell her that Miku doesn’t have any feelings toward him and then leaves.

Souhei and Miyuki come out of the theater talking about the movie and he bought two movie pamphlets. Miyuki asks him why he did that and he tells her he bought the other one for Miku because she watched it with Hayato earlier and was sorry that she didn’t buy one. They then decide they will go for drinks.

Hayato is working in a cafe and Miku comes in with Ami and Fumiko and the other girls in the cafe all talk about how cool he is. Fumiko asks if she is jealous and she says no. She then brings up how she was jealous of Souhei, she says it was because it was unrequited love and there was a girlfriend. Hayato is listening to her speak from a distance while working. Fumiko then asks if you like someone wouldn’t that make you jealous. Hayato is called back to work and can’t hear that Miku says that she doesn’t think you have to be jealous because she really likes Hayato.

Souhei and Miyuki are walking and she thanks him for going shopping with her and he tells her it was interesting shopping from a girl’s point of view. He tells her that the girls at his house don’t really act like girls Kiyoka and Miku act more like guys. He then says that maybe Auntie is the most female-like.

Miku is leaving with her friends and she tells Hayato that she will wait where Kou is and he tells her he will come when he is done.

Souhei asks if he should walk her to her bus stop, she doesn’t answer but instead asks how long he is going to stay at the boarding house and he says he plans to stay a long time. Miyuki tells him that he has become very distant that when he lived farther away he was always in reach and now that he lives closer he seems farther away. He reminds her that when he first started boarding there she told him that he was glad he was in a safe place and he tells her he sees it as his home now. He tells her that if she told him to move it would be very hard, she says that is not what she is trying to say. He says she should tell him what she wants him to do and that he calls, text and gets together so she doesn’t feel uneasy. She says that he was doing it for her sake and that he doesn’t want to do those things and that she is forcing him. She says its fine already and that she doesn’t need those dates, texts or calls and she runs away. Souhei chases after her and tells her to say what she wants to say and she asks if he only thought of her today and asks him if he can say that he loves her overall, she says she can say it that she loves the Souhei that loves only her. She goes onto say that she doesn’t love Souhei of right now and then she runs away leaving Souhei who thinks its not fair.

Miku meets Kou who is playing soccer, she joins in and practices kicking soccer with him. Kou tells her to take care of Hayato for him and she agrees. Souhei comes across Miku and Kou and he says he was looking for Kou. Souhei joins soccer with them and leaves his phone and poster on the side.

Miyuki is walking and she tries phoning Souhei but he is playing soccer and doesn’t hear his phone.

Hayato comes and sees Souhei and Miku sitting together.

Miyuki thinks that its not fair and a train goes by and you see her hat flying in the air.

Souhei is awakened by his phone and Miyuki is mentioned in an urgent voice.

Miku and her dad are in the garden and he is picking weeds, Souhei comes running and grabs his bike. Miku follows him asking where he is going and he says that Miyuki didn’t come home last night  and he tried phoning her many times but she wouldn’t answer. He explains that they had a big fight and he left her in a bad mood. He gets on his bike and starts pedaling.

Okay what a doozy of an episode!! first of all Miyuki hugging Hayato apparently was not such a big deal between Miku and Hayato as it was for Souhei and Miyuki, At the end of episode eight it seemed like it was going to be a much bigger deal!! guess not! I thought finally a reason for her to feel guilty and she can’t keep looming that he doesn’t do enough for her but no she still becomes the victim and goes on that he is not a good boyfriend. I am confused as to how he was being distanced he always seems so happy and he doesn’t seem to be the type that talks about his feelings all the time. Why doesn’t she just say she is jealous of his and Miku’s relationship just for the simple fact that he lives with her and therefore has a relationship with her. Anyways she has gotten very annoying in this episode and now of course she is being even more annoying because she is missing!! with her hat flying in the wind I thought for a second that she jumped in front of the train but it can’t be that !! that would be too dark!!

Miku and Hayato I feel bad for Hayato he thinks that Miku only has feelings for Souhei now because he was overhearing her conversation but didn’t get to hear the end of it!! nooo!! they need to be together and happy!!