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High School Love On Episode 10 Review/Recap October 4, 2014

The tenth episode starts with Woo-Hyun cleaning Seul-Bi’s wounds and Seul-Bi is happy that he is talking to her again. Seul-Bi wonders if it was Sunbae that dropped the pot on him and Woo-Hyun wonders if it was a ghost. Sung-Yeol made a business plan for the restaurant business and shows it to his dad and Mrs. Ahn but gets told that he doesn’t have any money. Seul-Bi and Woo-Hyun go back to school  and Chun-Shik confessed to the teacher that he put his phone in Seul-Bi’s backpack and Ye-Na asks if he told and he says yes and that he doesn’t want to be a coward. Young-Eun catches Ye-Na trying to text Woo-Hyun that she put the phone in her backpack and so when the teacher comes in Young-Eun tattles to the teacher about Ye-Na. The teacher assigns Ye-Na to a duty as her punishment. Sung-Yeol and Woo-Hyun meet in the bathroom and they fight over who can protect Seul-BI and that Sung-Yeol says he is going after her too. All the girls are talking to Seul-Bi and tell her they didn’t think she did it and Woo-Hyun pulls her away.

Picture 1

Ye-Na tries to talk to all the girls but they make her feel bad about doing that to Seul-Bi and leave her. Chun-Shik gets picked on again by Jae-Suk and his gang but he stands up to them and walks away. Jae-Suk’s gang finds a new kid in their class to pick on and tell him he is replacing Chun-Shik and to blame him.

Picture 2

The kid finds Chun-Shik and tells him that it is his fault and that Jae-Suk told him he is going to do it to everyone in the class. Seul-Bi is in the library trying to reach the book about angel turned human and Woo-Hyun helps her and asks why she is alway giggling in class with Sung-Yeol when all the books come tumbling down and she pulls Woo-Hyun away.

Picture 3

Seul-Bi runs out and finds Sunbae and she confronts him and he tells her she is always getting hurt because of Woo-Hyun and she tells him that he is a bad angel hurting a human. Sunbae disappears and Woo-Hyun has overheard and Woo-Hyun goes to the library and looks at the book and Sunbae appears again. Woo-Hyun remembers falling onto Seul-Bi and then realizes that he needs to pretend he doesn’t know so that she doesn’t have to go back to being an angel. The representative of angels turned human comes and drops angel books in front of Woo-Hyun and tells him that his silence will protect his love and then Sunbae drops a book on him. The rep pulls him aside and tells him that he is Sung-Goo the first angel turned human and tells him if he wants to be a human he should be one. Sunbae tells him that he doesn’t want to be human and Sung-Goo tells him not to use the cheap trick of having Seul-Bi’s identity found out so she has to go back to being an angel. Sung-Goo tells him that he is having human emotions and Sunbae denies it. Sung-Goo tells him that he needs to be hit and pulls out a rubber band and shots it and it hits Sung-Goo and tells him that it is pain and that he will take it with him and that it is love.

Picture 4

Young-Eun leaves out Ye-Na again. In class Seul-Bi gets first place with her grades and Sung-Yeol is second. At the restaurant the phone rings and someone places a 100 servings order and she agrees and so Suk-Hoon comes and helps them and Sung-Yeol, Chun-Shik, and the girl from the cafe also comes and helps them. They go to the park and no one is there except Jae-Suk and his gang and they had ordered the food as a prank.

Picture 5

They tell each other off and Chun-Shik throws the food at one of the goons and gets dirty. Everyone leaves and Jae-Suk punches one of his own guys. Everyone else goes and hands out the food to people around the park and tells them to come to their restaurant. Young-Eun and Ye-Na are arguing and Young-Eun is upset that Ye-Na used her and she looked bad in front of Sung-Yeol for Ye-Na’s sake. Ye-Na tells her that she has spent a lot of money on her and how will she eat now and Young-Eun goes in to punch her and Sung-Yeol yells at her. Sung-Yeol tells her that she is worst than he thought. Suk-Hoon is eating and a little girl sits next to him and he shares his food while she waits for her sister to come. Young-Eun comes and Ye-Eun the little girl is her sister. Suk-Hoon asks if Young-Eun had cried and then she pulls her sister away and leaves.

Picture 6

At home Woo-Hyun brings a calendar and they decide her birthday will be on the day that she came here. Woo-Hyun goes and finds Seul-Bi’s angel clothing and hides it in his room so that she can’t go back to being an angel. Sung-Yeol’s dad comes and talks to Sung-Yeol about his mother getting married and that they should give her their blessing and Sung-Yeol’s gets upset and leaves. Sung-Yeol runs into Woo-Hyun and Seul-Bi and she sees a black noodle eating competition and they do the competition and she wins the prize money. At home Woo-Hyun eats the food from Sung-Yeol’s mom instead and really enjoys it. 

Picture 7

Sung-Yeol is staying over for the night because he is upset at his parents and wants to make them wait for once. Woo-Hyun takes the containers and brings them to Sung-Yeol’s dad and thanks him for the food and tells him that Sung-Yeol is staying over at his house. Sung-Yeol is having indigestion from the noodles and Seul-Bi pricks his finger. Sung-Yeol confesses to Seul-Bi and asks her to look at him and that he can wait for her because he is good at it.

Picture 8

Mrs. Ahn gets the containers and she is upset saying to herself to try not to know each other as they live. In the morning Woo-Hyun and Sung-Yeol wake up holding each other on the floor and start yelling. Seul-Bi asks them if they are best friends and then tells them she wants to go to a sauna and they all go.

Picture 9

They have fun eating and playing there. Sung-Yeol’s dad and Mrs. Ahn run into them at the sauna and he tells them that she is his mother and they are shocked. Seul-Bi and Woo-Hyun are in a different room and she tries to tell him that she is an angel and he stops her by blowing a bubble and pressing it on her lips and then bursting the bubble and their lips touch. The episode ends with Sung-Yeol seeing them through the window kissing.
Picture 10

Picture 11

I am so happy that Woo-Hyun is back to normal and is not taking his anger out on Seul-Bi anymore! I am so confused why Mrs. Ahn doesn’t want to tell Woo-Hyun about him being her son? I mean is she really scared of her husband finding out because he seems like he wouldn’t be against it? I mean once Woo-Hyun finds out that she is his mother he is going to be even extra angry that she wanted to take care of Sung-Yeol who isn’t even her own blood but refused to take care of her own son! I mean that would be the biggest betrayal!! Also why can’t Mrs.Ahn look up Woo-Hyun’s father and help him that way so the father has to pay for the debt.?

I seriously love Sung-Goo the angel human that goes and calls out Sunbae for acting like a human! I think that was the best part of the whole episode!! I secretly want to cheer for Sunbae because maybe because he seems more mature than the other boys!!

I have to say K-dramas are seriously creative when it comes to kisses!! a bubblegum kiss who would have even thought of that ! it is unique! but I have to say I will remember that kiss forever it sure was memorable!! and was really cute too!!


Her Legend Episode 10 Recap/Summary September 5, 2013

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The tenth episode starts with Jin-Hoo telling Manager Kang that he has feelings for Jung-Soo. Manager Kang tells him that he doesn’t have any feelings for her and that what he needed to tell her, he can do it later and that it is not what he thinks. Jin-Hoo tells him that he has Jung-Soo’s phone and that he read the messages and deleted them. He apologizes and Manager Kang does not say much. Jung-Soo and the family discuss that she was fired and they talk about getting new jobs. Picture 1

Jin-Hoo goes back to Jung-Soo’s house and returns the phone and he tells he is hurt that she returned it and she says she will pay him back. He asks her instead to teach him how to make handbags and wants to learn from her because he is embarrassed and she tells him she will think about it. He tells her that he did try to find her after she left the picture to apologize but she wasn’t there. She accepts his apology and says that there must be some way to clear her name.

Picture 2

Jin-Hoo phones Matthew and talks in english and asks him a favor and if he knows anyone from Red Milano. Jung-Soo goes to Shin Hwa and talks to Director Choi and tells him that the fax from Red Milano is a fake and if they trace it back they can confirm it wasn’t their design. He tells her that the design will be ruled out so it is fruitless to try to figure out if it has been copied. She says she came to give him an old article and leaves it with him.

Picture 3

Kyung-Ho is outside protesting that Jung-Soo was falsely accused and the security guards grab him and Jung-Soo finds him at that time and as Kyung-Hee is walking by Kyung-Ho recognizes and runs to the elevator. Kyung-Ho gets taken by the police for disturbing the police. 

Picture 4

Kyung-Ho gets let off with a warning. As Jung-Soo is selling bags on the street she sends Manager Kang a text apologizing for letting him down and he answers telling her she did a good job. Kyung-Hee asks how Manager Kang is doing because he noticed that he was looking down and he blew her off. Manager Kang goes to get Jin-Hoo to sign off on doing a survey for rich young men and Kang acts professional and Jin-Hoo tells him to relax but he doesn’t.

Picture 5

Jin-Hoo goes to Jung-Soo’s house and they set a time for when he can come learn how to make purses.

Picture 6

Uncle goes to Shin Hwa group to try to talk Kyung-Hee into helping Jung-Soo. Uncle of course offends Kyung-Hee because she feels he would never go out of his way to help her and feels he would only help Jung-Soo.

Picture 7

She tells him she doesn’t want her in the company and as he is leaving he runs into Director Choi and they look surprised to see each other. They go to his office and it comes out that Director Choi stole his father’s secret book on processing leathers and then soon after the same company he worked for made bags using the same process. Director Choi had been dating Hye-Jung, Jung-Soo’s mother at that time and had used her by stealing the book. The Uncle tells him that he should have pursued Hye-Jung even though his father was not going to allow them to be together.

Picture 9

 Director Choi also finds out that Hye-Jung died and then cancels all his appointments for the day and seems upset by this information. Jung-Soo gets hired by a department store and while she is working she hears Do-Young’s name called out and Do-Young going down in an elevator, Jung-Soo tries to find her but is unable to.

Picture 8

Picture 10

Jung-Soo sits outside and cries. Jung-Soo then hurries down the old house where Do-Young lived and finds that someone new has moved into the house. Director Choi has also gone to the same place where Hye-Jung’s ashes were spread and talks about wanting to at least meet up with her once. The aunt is cleaning Kyung-Hee’s house when Kyung-Hee comes home at first she doesn’t want Aunt working there but then decides it will be a good idea because Aunt will try to find out how much Do-Young remembers and help Kyung-Hee. Kyung-Hee then convinces her adoptive dad who is against hiring her. 

Picture 11

Manager Kang is driving and Jung-Soo phones him but doesn’t speak so he drives to where she is and finds her by Do-Young’s house.

Picture 12

He takes her to get food and she tells him what happened about finding Do-Young and no one living at the house. He tells her that she believes she never stole the design and is trying to figure out a way to clear her name but it is frustrating. Jin-Hoo gets a call from Matthew and tells him that Red Milano has very tight security and the designs are really hard to get. Do-Young at home tells her husband that a girl at the department store is very familiar and she can’t get her out of her head. Manager Kang takes Jung-Soo home and he tells her that he has a friend who is a private investigator and he can find Do-Young for her. Manager Kang meets with his friend the PI and he is has some information about the Woo’s.

Picture 13

Jung-So tells her Aunt that she found Do-Young and she tries to brush it off but she is actually worried and wants to tell Kyung-Hee.  Jung-Soo tells Manager Kang that she was a former artist and his friend gives him an address and on the address is says Kim Jong-Wook and Woo Do-Young and then Kyung-Hee pulls up. Manager Kang asks her a bunch of questions and she is shocked and this is how the 10th episode ends.

Picture 14

So what will Manager Kang do? will we help Jung-Soo the new girl he is having feelings for or his old flame Kyung-Hee who he seems to still have feelings for? He seems so upright so I think he will have to help Jung-Soo! It looks like Manager Kang is starting to realize that he also has developed some feelings for Jung-Soo but it looks like he is the type of friend that will step aside and let his other friend have happiness. To be fair Jin-Hoo has basically called dibs on Jung-Soo and I mean Jin-Hoo technically met her first? It seems like Jung-Soo finds Kang dependable because he was the one she called to when she was in trouble so she must have some feelings for him. We find out that Director Choi stole Jung-Soo’s grandfather’s secret way to age leather and that is why their family business failure has been Jung-Soo’s mother fault. Her mother should have told Director Choi that she was pregnant, but I guess she wanted him to succeed in the purse business? I wonder if Manager Kang is going to blackmail Kyung-Hee into letting Jung-Soo be rehired if he doesn’t tell her the truth? This series is getting interesting!!


Piece Japanese Drama Episode 10 Summary January 16, 2013

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The tenth episode starts with Mizuho and Yanai visiting Hikaru’s mother. Mizuho asks where Hiro is living now and she replies that it is odd and wonders why Haruka’s parents were so eager to find their daughter’s boyfriend. His mom asks her what Haruka’s ex-boyfriend did and Mizuho tells her that Haruka was pregnant with his child and had to get an abortion. Yanai yells what and stands up in surprise and Mizuho says sorry that she couldn’t tell him before and then he sits back down. Hikaru’s mother says if that was the case it was not Hiro and Mizuho explains that his personality and situation point to it. Hiro’s mom says that the one who got her pregnant was definitely not Hiro because Hiro can’t touch girls because he has heterophobia and it makes him physiologically unable to be with a woman let alone get her pregnant. Mizuho think that it is not right and in that case who is it? Hiro’s mom says obviously thinking shouldn’t it be Hikaru and Mizuho jumps in saying that Hikaru is different from the image we have of that person. Picture 1

Hikaru’s mom then asks Mizuho who she is to Hikaru and she tells her that she was his classmate and they used to hug and kiss but she wasn’t his girlfriend and she used to run errands and they slept together. His mom smiles and says tells her that Mizuho wanted to see a thread of sincerity in Hikaru so she is trying to set someone else as the culprit. Mizuho says that is not like that and that she has talked to various people and taken into accounts only facts and his mother says that people are easily deceived by their own minds and that she fell in love with such a guy and now to suit her convenience she is trying to justify her action by distorting the facts. His mom goes on saying that he is not a bad person but he is just a little weak and a pitiful person and that she gets a lot of girls here saying things like that as patients and she touches Mizuho’s shoulder and leans in saying that if she doesn’t have confidence in her judgement she is free to come here anytime. His mom is walking away and Mizuho asks her to tell her where Hiro is now and that she wants to find out on her own whether Haruka’s boyfriend is Hiro or not. His mom tells her that she doesn’t know and that he left the house on his 20th birthday and hasn’t been in touch after that.
Picture 2

Yanai and Mizuho are at a restaurant and she tells him that she is sorry that she kept Haruka’s pregnancy a secret from him. Yanai says its is shocking and that he is more than shocked but he did say he wanted to know more about his unknown girlfriend. He then asks what about her that when she finally got to know the Hikaru that she didn’t know will she be able to accept him. He continues saying that in high school he saw him lashing out whenever he broke up with a girl and that he doesn’t think that he would be able to accept a person who treated him like that and that he doesn’t think he can or want to understand such a person. Mizuho says that Hikaru’s mother did not want Hikaru and his brother to have any connection with each other so she had separated them early on whether it was the house or housekeeper they were brought up in similar environments. Yanai asks why she would do that and Mizuho recalls what Nanao-san told her which is that their mother separated and raised them apart without having any contact because she wanted to see how they would be affected by their environment. Mizuho continues and tells him that it continued that way and when Hikaru entered primary school he had already become emotionally unbalanced and self-centered. She continues saying that Hiro was different from Hikaru and that he was a quiet child and constantly picked on by bullies and that Nanao-san who knew about Hiro frequently used to take Hikaru to Ibaraki where Hiro lived.
Picture 3

Mizuho continues and says that Nanao wanted to raise Hikaru to be kind and gentle even if he was sightly warped she wanted him to connect with others but Hikaru, Yanai stops her because she sees that she is crying and she then also notices and wipes the tears. Yanai gives her a napkin and asks if she is okay, she takes it and wipes her tears. He says that Hikaru had an abnormal childhood and Mizuho thinks that that too is a  part of him. Yanai asks how she is going to search for Hiro and she tells him that she is going to go to Ibaraki tomorrow and that the neighbors may know where he moved to. Yanai says that he has to go to the university tomorrow but once his class is over he will catch up with her.

Picture 4

Picture 5

Hikaru is walking on a bridge and looking at letter. Mizuho is stopped on a bridge and she thinks that she doesn’t really know the parts that make up Hikaru. Mizuho phones Hikaru but his phone is turned off or he is not answering.

Picture 6

Hikaru is at an apartment complex and looks at a piece of paper. A guy comes out of a room and recognizes Hikaru saying that it has been awhile. A girl comes out of the apartment. The guys asks him why he is here and Hikaru says that it is not like he wanted to come but he was asked by Haruka.

Picture 7

Mizuho is walking and Remi greets her. They are walking and she has explained what has happened so far. Remi tells her that she also wants to come look for Haruka’s ex-boyfriend and Mizuho is surprised because at first she had hesitations about doing it. Remi explains that she still feels the same but that she is like Mizuho because she had a change of heart that the Mizuho who didn’t care about others all of a sudden started meddling in other people’s affairs and she wanted to know the reason for the change. Mizuho thinks that ever since back then Remi would often say things that would stab at her heart. Mizuho asks if Remi hates her and she says no that she always had unrequited love for Mizuho and that it is one-sided on her part but even though she feels miserable she wants to be with her and that sometimes when she is with her she feels terribly sad. Mizuho tells her sorry and Remi says that it is okay and that unrequited love is like this and that she is good at one-sided affairs.

Picture 8

Yanai is walking and Koike comes up behind and jumps on his back saying that he thought he would never find him because the campus is so huge. Yanai tries to get him off and Koike says that he wants to have a class reunion and was wondering if he would help.

Picture 9

Mizuho is with Remi and shows her Hiro’s house and they decide to search the area and visit a lot of neighbors.

Mizuho and Remi are standing outside and Remi says that even though Hiro lived here there is no one that actually knows him and that it is sad that no one has a memory of him and cruel. Mizuho says that the search has just started and that until Haruka’s funeral she had forgotten all about Haruka and that no one remembered her and was a lonely girl she thought but while searching she has understood that she was loved by many people and that someone had even fallen in love with her and that is why she doesn’t think that the world that she sees now is all there is and that she is sure there is a person out there who knows Hiro. Mizuho thinks Hiro, Hikrau’s other half, having loved him so deeply, Haruka couldn’t control her feelings as well and that is what she felt too, and what is it we feel when we first start liking someone she wants to know all that and more. Mizuho phone rings and it is Yanai, she answers and he tells her that he found someone that knows Hiro his name is Kido and according to him Hikaru had killed someone before and that he met him at the class reunion in the school that Hiro had attended and from him I got the contact addresses of the guys who used to bully Hiro and he tells her to go meet a guy named Sakata Kouji and that he will get more information from Kido.

Yanai is with Kido and he says he doesn’t know where Hiro lives but he may know the whereabouts of his younger brother and that he came to see him last week because she was searching for someone.

Picture 10

Remi tells Mizuho she wants to come with and meet Sakata Kouji very urgently. Mizuho go the address and she says that it looks like he has moved and Remi walks down the stairs and they meet Yanai. Mizuho asks him if he found anything about where Hiro is and he says no but he knows where Hikaru is now and she asks where. Yanai says he is begging her to not get involved with Hikaru anymore and that he told her that he has killed someone in the past. It flashes on the screen please forgive me for thinking that I need him and this is how the tenth episode ends.

Picture 11

Picture 12

Wow!!  this episode is a doozy!! it is almost just getting weird like Remi is in love with Mizuho?? like WHAT? that is just so weird I did not get that vibe from her but whatever it seems like an unnecessary part of the story to me? Now Hikaru has killed someone that is just CRazY! I really hope he has not done it though and I am assuming he did it for his older brother who was being picked on? Hiro apparently has a phobia of women that is kinda weird because he obviously spent time with Haruka because she has his painting but maybe he wasn’t her boyfriend? but it seems pretty sure he is and so Hikaru has this complicated past with his brother but I am not sure where it is leading yet?? I kinda think Yanai is starting to fall for Mizuho because he wants to keep protecting her but I don’t think they will end up together because Mizuho is in love with Hikaru.


Sprout Episode 10 Summary and Review October 6, 2012

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Episode 10 starts with Souhei biking and he goes to to soccer field and asks Takeru and Arata if they have seen Miyuki and they haven’t. They both go looking through the school and tell Souhei that the security guard saw a girl here earlier and that from the description it was probably Miyuki. They figure that she is still there and ask him where a memorable place would be and Souhei takes off running and thinks even though I have decided to be together forever.

Miku is talking to Hayato on the phone telling him about Miyuki and she tells him that Souhei and Miyuki had a fight.

Souhei bikes again and goes to temple and he finds Miyuki there and he asks what she was doing. She tells him that she was waiting for him and she thought that he wouldn’t have found her.

Miku goes to see Hayato working and tells him that Souhei found Miyuki. He asks her if she wants something to drink and seats her. She says that Souhei must be relieved and he points out that she was only worried about Souhei and she says its not like that.

Souhei and Miyuki are talking about the temple being a depressing place for a first date. He flashbacks to their first date and they are making wishes by the temple and he tells her that he wished for him, her and Hayato to go to the same high school and for Miyuki to like him. They make a wish in the current time and Souhei asks what she wished for and she asked to have her previous wish erased. They flashback to Souhei asking what she wished for then and she wouldn’t tell him. In the present he asks what she wished for then back then and she tells him it was for her to be with Souhei forever. He is surprised and asks why she would wish that and she asks to break up.

Miku is leaving the cafe and she asks Hayato when they are going to be going to Tokyo Tower because summer is almost over and he tells her that he will contact her.

Souhei is telling Miyuki that he wants to stay together and she starts to cry and tells him that she doesn’t want him to work hard or force himself. He asks why and she says because that is not the real Souhei and asks if he was trying to keep the promise that he made to stay with her forever and if he has been throwing away his feelings so he wouldn’t betray her. That his real feelings aren’t here anymore and then calls him an idiot. She says that she thought she could live without Souhei and now she is standing on her own feet and that is why she is okay now and that she isn’t troubled now. She then says that their time together wasn’t a waste and he agrees. Souhei then says sorry, Miyuki starts crying.

When they are parting she asks if they can leave with a smile and he says impossible and she says this is where he should force himself and he agrees. She says bye and he says bye, she walks away and he watches her walk down the boardwalk.

Miku is coming back and meets Souhei in the front of the house she asks if Miyuki is okay and he says sorry for making her worry. Naoharu comes out and he tells them he is going to the convenience store and Souhei compliments his shirt.

Later on Souhei is sitting outside and Naoharu shows him some games he should play to clear his head. He says that Souhei is like his best friend from Love Rocket because he pretends nothing is wrong when he breaks up with his girlfriend. Souhei then asks if he could borrow that and Naoharu tells him that if he was an adult he would treat him to beer. Souhei says instead of that could he hear him out, Miku comes with barley tea but waits outside and Souhei goes on saying that he loved Miyuki a lot and she had stayed by his side when he was having a tough time. He goes on saying he couldn’t do anything and in the end he made her feel that way even though he promised her to always stay by his side. He continues that he didn’t think anything would change and he had to force himself to stay true to the promise. Naoharu says if people don’t change they can’t move forward and in order to change we get hurt and hurt others. He goes on that we take in pain and overcome it and that is the adventure or life. He then says that he learned that from Rurika, Souhei starts crying and says sorry, Naoharu puts his arm around him. Meanwhile Miku had heard it all.

The next morning they both get up and go on their balcony at he same time. She asks him if he wants to go somewhere and she is inviting Naoharu too. She then says sorry but she overheard yesterday and asks if there is anything she can do, he says he is fine. He gets a phone call from his mom and he says that she is wanting him to leave the boarding house. Miku’s heard this also and this is the end of episode 10.

I think I was anticipating a break up from Miyuki and Souhei for awhile because she is always seems to be picking up on his intentions and she seems even more distanced than him. I did not feel that sad that they broke up and poor Souhei he was crying with Naoharu that made me feel more sad. So funny that Naoharu is the one giving all the love advice to Miku and Souhei even though he doesn’t have a girlfriend and gets all his advice from Love Rocket. I have to say what he was saying was very true and accurate. Unfortunately that this breakup most likely means that Miku and Souhei are going to have to end up together in the end is the feeling I get.


To The Beautiful You Summary Episode 10 September 15, 2012

Episode ten starts off with Eun-Gyeol seeing them in bed and then going back to his dorm room. Hyun-Jae asks him what is the matter and he goes to lie in his bed and sighs.

Jae-Hee and Tae-Joon are in their dorm and it is awkward, Jae-Hee goes to use the bathroom and Tae-Joon grabs her and asks if she is better, he touches her forehead and tells her that her fever dropped. As Jae-Hee leaves for the bathroom she drops a bag and what looks like tampons come out, she quickly puts them back in. Tae-Joon turns away pretending not to see, he gets a text from his manager telling him that he has an interview today and to leave time open.

Jae-Hee in the bathroom tells herself to get her head on straight and she flashbacks to being in bed with Tae-Joon. She also tells herself that she can’t keep developing feelings for Tae-Joon.

Eun-Gyeol is in his room trying to figure out what happened between Tae-Joon and Jae-Hee. He imagines that Jae-Hee found some money by Tae-Joon’s bed and they both go to get it bump heads and fall into bed together. He then imagines that Jae-Hee flips out of her bed and into Tae-Joon’s while she is still sleeping. He then imagines that Tae-Joon and Jae-Hee having a pillow fight and when they are done she asks to sleep down here because she is lazy and they jump into bed.

Tae-Joon is in an interview and they want to know if he has YIPs syndrome, Tae-Joon says it was just a slump. Tae-Joon tells them that he has decided to stay here and not go to Canada with Coach Holten because he can get the training in Korea. The reporters ask why he is staying and he tells them that he has someone he wants to show his jumping to. They ask who it is and guess that it is Ha-Na.

Tae-Joon and his manager are in the car and she asks him if he is dating anyone and he replies no. She asks if it is Ha-Na he says no and that he told them because he didn’t want to lie.

Johnny is in his studio looking at a picture of Jae-Hee, his secretary tells him what his schedule is and she tells him that Jae-Hee looks a little like a girl in the picture. Johnny tells her that it is a girl that she is a frog princess and he is going to try to remove the spell. He then flashbacks to Tae-Joon and him playing basketball and telling him that he is not going to step back from them.

Eun-Gyeol comes into Tae-Joon’s dorm room asking where Jae-Hee is and gives him a book to return to her. Eun-Gyeol also tells him that there is going to be a dorm inspection soon and that he should throw away things he doesn’t want to be seen. Tae-Joon then remembers Jae-Hee’s tampon bag and he goes into another dorm room asking for x-rated dvd or magazine. The guys give him 2 magazines that were very well hid and he goes back to his room seeing Jae-Hee and he hides the magazines behind his back. They hear someone call out for dorm two to come in the hallway.

Everyone comes into the hallway and the principle in charge of the dorms comes out and starts going through each room. When they get to their room the principle finds the x-rated magazine and gives Tae-Joon a hard time about it then leaves.

Jae-Hee goes to Eun-Gyeol and returns a soap she had borrowed and asks about his training. Eun-Gyeol then talks about Tae-Joon having the magazine after he even told him about the check.

All the students who had stuff in their dorm that weren’t supposed are running laps around the field at night.

At Ha-Na’s school girls are talking about the person in the article that Tae-Joon wants to stay for and they all assume that it is Ha-Na. She agrees and all her friends are envious.

Jong-Min, Eun-Gyeol, Jae-Hee and Seung-Ri are sitting and reading the article and they also think that it is Ha-Na in the article. Eun-Gyeol complains about Ha-Na and Seung-Ri stands up for her.

Jae-Hee visits Sang-Chu and Tae-Joon goes up behind her and pokes her cheek. She isn’t surprised and instead slightly sad, Tae-Joon sits next to her and jokes with Sang-Chu. Jae-Hee asks him about the article and why he isn’t going to Canada he tells her that he has a reason to stay and that it isn’t Ha-Na. Jae-Hee gets mad, and Tae-Joon asks because she wants him to go to Canada and she says its not like that. Tae-Joon says that she wants him to jump no matter what and that is all that she wanted from him. Jae-Hee questions him more and tells him that he had wanted to go badly and there isn’t a reason for him not to go. He doesn’t answer her and she says sorry for meddling and leaves.

Tae-Joon sits there for a bit and then calls after Jae-Hee, who is walking and crying. Tae-Joon is running after her but Johnny pulls in his car in front of her and he wants to borrow her and shows her the note he got from the school to take her out. Johnny sees Tae-Joon in the distance and then helps push Jae-Hee in the car and they leave.In the car Johnny ask why she is in a pig mood and makes some jokes.

Tae-Joon goes back to the dorm and gets a call from Ha-Na asking if he was going to his cousins Chan-Jo exhibition and basically forces him to go.

Eun-Gyeol is playing soccer and flash backing to finding the two in bed together. His coach comes up and tells him that the youth national entry is going to be announced this week.

Johnny takes her to his studio and says that she is going to be his partner to go to a function since he doesn’t know anybody in Korea. His secretary goes to help her get dressed and ready for the event.

Tae-Joon and Ha-Na are dressed up and driving to the exhibition. She asks him about not going to Canada and he says he just not. Then she says its good and badmouths Canada.

Eun-Gyeol is in a clothing shop looking at clothes.

Jae-Hee is dressed up and getting food from a buffet, Johnny comes over and she complains about wearing a wig. Tae-Joon and Ha-Na come to the party and they see Tae-Joon’s cousin and welcomes them.

Eun-Gyeol practices giving clothes to Jae-Hee in the mirror. Hyun-Jae comes into their dorm room and looks at the bag of clothes and says to Eun-Gyeol that thanks because it is his birthday. He grabs it out of his hands and then he feels bad and says that he will buy him something later. Hyun-Jae says forget it and goes leaves angrily as Eun-Gyeol gives him a birthday punch which makes him more angry.

Jae-Hee is with Johnny and he says he is going to show her something fun and they leave the room but as they leave Tae-Joon gets a glimpse of them. Johnny tells her to go into a room and she finds pictures of herself and is touched. She asks about one frame with no picture, Johnny goes into a speech and tells her that he is confessing to her right now, he tells her to think about it and tell him later.

Jae-Hee rejoins the party and sees Tae-Joon and Ha-Na sitting outside and then again inside. Ha-Na sees her and Jae-Hee runs away Ha-Na runs after her. Tae-Joon chases after Ha-Na and tells her that he has something to tell her and tries to get her to leave. Johnny comes and tells them that they are not allowed to be back here and sends them away, he says sorry to Jae-Hee.

Tae-Joon is walking to the dorm and finds Johnny sitting on the steps waiting for him. He tells him that if he doesn’t make Jae-Hee happy that he should let her go and that he likes Jae-Hee. He tells him that he has confidence and doesn’t put needless pressure on her.

Tae-Joon to his room and checks on Jae-Hee who pretends that she is asleep.

Eun-Gyeol is practicing soccer, he sees Jae-Hee walking so he grabs the clothes and goes to her. He gives her the clothes and says that it was a bit small on him, she says thanks. He tells her that he has something to tell her but only when he makes the nationals.

Jae-Hee sits with Sang-Chu and asks him why she feels emotional when she sees Tae-Joon. Tae-Joon joins her, she tries to leave he grabs her shirt and pulls her back and takes her on the bus. He tells her that they are going to take pictures because he is bored. He pulls out some eggs and cracks it on her head, she tells him to give her the yolk and he gives it to her. She chokes and he pulls out a canned drink for her. They go to a park and take pictures together and they play together. They stop and sit and he tells her that he is not going to Canada because of Ha-Na but the reason why is something he can’t tell her because it is a secret. He says that he isn’t going anywhere and that she shouldn’t go anywhere either.

They go back on the bus and Tae-Joon has fallen asleep and falls on her shoulder, she touches his hair and then tells herself not to be greedy.

Ha-Na is in her bed and flash backs to seeing Jae-Hee at the exhibiition. She gets a phone call from her manager and tells her that she is booked live on friday, she says she doesn’t want to. Ha-Na goes to her desk and sees the yearbook with Jae-Hee in it and goes through the pages and finds Jae-Hee.

Teacher Lee is looking for Teacher Oh and meets Coach and she bugs him about eating ramen. He makes her some ramen and she asks him why he quit sports since he got silver at the world championships. He tells her that after his injury he learned something she asks him what and he touches the pot and burns himself, she grabs his hand. He then continues that he learned that high jump was his everything in his ability.

Johnny is looking at pictures of Tae-Joon and then of Jae-Hee.

Eun-Gyeol and his soccer team got on the bus, he sees Jae-Hee running towards the bus and he goes out and meets her. She gives him a shirt with the Korean flag that she embroidered onto it.

Jae-Hee goes to the dorm and Ha-Na is waiting for her, she drops all of Jae-Hee’s makeup on the floor. Jae-Hee begs her and Ha-Na does not agree and walks out of the room she meets some guys and asks where the office is. Ha-Na meets Dr. Jang and asks him if he knows that there is a girl living in the dorms. Dr. Jang pulls her aside and he texts Jae-Hee asking how she got caught and that he has detained her for now. She tells him that he is going to the school president, he has pulled her into his office and is trying to calm her down. He tells her that it isn’t good for Tae-Joon because it would look bad for Tae-Joon since he was sharing a room with a girl and people would talk. Dr. Jang says that they should settle this quietly and that during this time before it is settled that she should keep it a secret.

Ha-Na walks away and runs into Tae-Joon and she tells him that Jae-Hee is a girl, she figures out from his expression that Tae-Joon knew and start crying and then asks him if he is not going to Canada because of her. She hits him and she tells him that she has had so many heartaches because of this. He says sorry and asks her to keep it a secret because Jae-Hee should be the one to tell her that she is a girl. Her cries while walking away and her driver comes out trying to console her and then tells her that he is driving her straight to the broadcast.

Eun-Gyeol is practicing at the match and is wearing the shirt Jae-Hee gave him underneath the other shirt.

Dr. Jang is with Jae-Hee and tells her that he has managed for her a day or two to get things figure out. He tells her not to be too heart broken because this wouldn’t have lasted that much longer. She flash backs to all the moments that she had with Tae-Joon.

Tae-Joon is sitting outside and he gets a text from Ha-Na and she tells him that she will keep his secret if he does her a favor and that she thinks he knows what the favor is.

Eun-Gyeol is getting off the bus and his coach gets a call and then call him and tells him the youth national announcement was out and that he didn’t make it. He is sitting in the stands holding onto the shirt that Jae-Hee made and starts crying.

Tae-Joon finds Jae-Hee and they are about to talk when they see Ha-Na on the tv on the live broadcast. She tells them that she has come to like somebody and that she and Tae-Joon are dating and she tells him that she blurted it out and that they are an item now. This is the end of the tenth episode.

I thought for sure that the favor that Ha-Na wanted was for Tae-Joon to go to Canada and then Jae-Hee would not get to be with him. I guess I underestimated her childishness and selfishness.  I feel sad just thinking how Eun-Gyeol is going to react when he finds out she is a girl and that she loves Tae-Joon anyway. I really hope that they will give him someone else that will make him happier than Jae-Hee but knowing Korean dramas they leave the guy who lost with nothing. I am happy that Johnny is not going to end up with her but I guess Tae-Joon needed a push for him to figure out his feelings for Jae-Hee. It was so cute when Tae-Joon went to get a dirty magazine to draw attention away from her things!! This was a very entertaining episode but I really wish that Tae-Joon would just tell her how he feels and maybe she could go back to being a girl.