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about me and random facts July 25, 2012

I am a lover of dramas and my focus has been mostly turned toward korean dramas but I am still open to other dramas. I watch these dramas alone because I don’t think the people understand why I would watch things in a different language as I am not Korean nor can I speak another language. I have always enjoyed watching movies in subtitles even if they were in English I feel like I can better understand maybe because I am a visual learner? anyway since no one around I know watches korean dramas I feel the need to talk about it in a blog because I cannot seem to find anyone around to understand what I am talking about. Anyway I am going to go through the dramas episode by episode and discuss what happened in them,  maybe deal with some of my predictions and what I enjoyed or disliked about the episodes. I hope that at least one person will leave a comment or enjoy my posts!!

Some random facts about myself!

1. I love dogs preferably non-shedding ones

2. I am terrible at math and have accepted this reality a long time ago

3. I have chronic fatigue syndrome or (SEID systemic exertion intolerance disease).

4. I find men that are attractive who wear glasses become even more attractive! maybe because I wear glasses.

5. I am trying to be a good follower of Jesus Christ but I struggle with this everyday!! thankfully I am saved by grace!!

6. my favorite color is green but I also like blue.

7. I have written a book on wattpad, I would love it if you would check it out!




9 Responses to “about me and random facts”

  1. isabella Says:

    Thanks for all your “Sprout” and “TTBY” summaries!! I really appreciate them! Love Korean Dramas too even though I’m here in the States. Thank God for the Web and Netflix as well. Lol. =)

    Thanks again!

  2. aizmaskas Says:

    Green is also my favorite colour 😀 Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. thestarkiki Says:

    Hi 🙂 I nominated you for Liebster Award,
    If you choose to do it, I would love a link to see your response 🙂

  4. Dreamgazer Says:

    Hey there! Just want to say that I think your blog is real cool. And I enjoyed watching “She Was Pretty,” too.

    I always loved K-dramas for their heart-stopping romance! I’m currently working on a dating sim that will give girls that exact same feeling. If you’re interested in K-drama style romances, feel free to check it out:

  5. priyamh21 Says:

    If you want to make friends who watches kdramas and lot more join this blogging app called kdrama amino. check out my post on

  6. leenoosh Says:

    I can definitely relate to your love for kdrama! Have you ever watched Chinese Dramas?

    I only recently started to get into them and really enjoyed “Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms” – I definitely recommend it. I reviewed it in my blog ( if you wanted to check it out.

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