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Monstar Korean Drama Review August 9, 2013

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The Korean Drama Monstar was a relatively entertaining drama.  This drama did not really have kpop songs or at least none that I recognized, they all sounded more like ballads or alternative music. I did enjoy most of the episodes but when I realized that there was only 12 episodes I became disappointed because I realized there is no way that they are going to be able to explain how everything is going to end up.

This drama is about Seol-Chan who is from the boy band Men in Black and he has to go to regular school where he meets Se-Yi and they become close. Sun-Woo and Seol-Chan have a past together and do not like each other. All the students have some sort of problem and they have to work together in a band to win a contest. This drama focuses on love and not just romantic love but the love between friends or one-sided love. The ending is an open ending which I was pretty disappointed about because you put in the time to watch this drama and it feels like you got nowhere. I would probably have still watched it even though I knew this because I felt like it was kinda of a relaxing drama without too much angst.










I need to just clarify what they did finish explaining so first of all with Eun-Ha she had bruises on her legs and no one really asked her about it I am assuming that she got beat up by her parents if her grades were not good enough? I may be wrong but I felt it was something to that effect and we never really find out much about that. Another thing was that we never find out who won the contest in the end but that last contest just felt like it was randomly put in the story line so I didn’t really care. Sun-Woo opening up the present in the end was kinda weird I guess the jacket fit him and maybe he was going to rethink how he perceived himself. We do not know what will happen to Seol-Chan or Se-Yi but that doesn’t really bother me. I just think it is weird that he never officially asked her out or they confessed their feelings. He just kissed once and then it was weird and then they didn’t talk about it.  I feel like the drama was supposed to have some deep philosophical meaning that I have completely missed!! I also found Seol-Chan to be an annoying character after a while when he is so possessive over Se-Yi and Sun-Woo and him fighting over her. I mean is she stupid that she can’t see that she is in a love triangle??


I have to say that Kyu-Dong’s bullying scenes felt quite shocking and I felt so bad for him!! It felt really eerie and disturbing and then he even almost jumped off the building! I liked how deep they went into the characters stories when they did because it gave them depth. I think that when they would focus on different characters it kept the drama interesting and dynamic and almost like a mystery for each character. There was a lot of hope and promise for most of the episodes until the last episode which was a disappointment for me. I wish it had ended on a strong note just the way it started.


I loved when we got to know the characters more intimately and found what made them tick and why they acted the way they did. I think the only resolution that was really in their was the restoration of the friendship between Do-Nam and Kyu-Dong which I guess is really sweet.


One of my most favorite parts was when Se-Yi was hallucinating that the two singers Moon-Geun and Ji-Soo were following her around and singing to her!! I have to say this was the first time a Korean Drama actually made me want to laugh out loud!!


I enjoyed this drama even if the ending was a mess!!

If you have watched this drama let me know what your favorite part was???


2 Responses to “Monstar Korean Drama Review”

  1. renii Says:

    I have 3 fave parts throughout this drama because it was so blah to me.
    1. When kyul dong and do nam sang/ beat box the 2ne1 song
    2. When the President/ principal was boxed into his car before the first Color bar vs all in one
    3. When se yi was hallucinating.

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