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To The Beautiful You Episode 5 Summary August 31, 2012

Episode five starts with Jae-Hee walking out of the dorms with her suitcase. Tae-Joon is in  his dorm and he goes to his desk and looks at the bracelet and flashbacks to when he got it. He puts it in his drawer and opens his computer on it says to Mr. Holten and opens up a presentation. Jae-Hee is narrating her story about in high school she was made fun of for being different and wished she could be the same as others. When she saw Tae-Joon and he said miracles are another name for effort then she started to believe in them for the first time. She started to join track and stood up to people instead of hiding away. Jae-Hee recorded herself asking the coach to help Tae-Joon fly again and he finishes watching the presentation looking emotional.

Jae-Hee is with Sang-Chu crying and wondering if this was a mistake. Flashbacks to her finding Tae-Joon hurt on the internet and cutting her hair. Jae-Hee walks away. Tae-Joon is in his room and flashbacks to all his moments with Jae-Hee, he runs out of his room and catches Jae-Hee and grabs her hand. He asks if she is not going to see him jump again because she promised she was going to and asks her not to leave.

Eun-Gyeol is in his bed and he is being bothered by his attraction to Jae-Hee and he is with Hyun-Jae his roommate and he asks him if he has ever had the feeling of wanting to put your lips on a guy and then says never mind. Hyun-Jae is freaked out because he is working out so he pulls his shirt up.

Tae-Joon almost walks in on Jae-Hee in the washroom, he calls her messy. The next morning she gets a call from her brother Daniel but she ignores and wonders where Tae-Joon is. Tae-Joon is running laps, after he is lying on the ground playing with a necklace with a ring and says you will watch over me. Tae-Joon is mapping out his route to jump over the high jump, he tries to jump but knocks it over.

Jae-Hee goes into the bathroom and realizes that she can lock the door completely. Eun-Gyeol tries to get into the washroom, Seung-Ri also comes in Jae-Hee tells them to use a different one because its not a public washroom. Later on Jae-Hee and Eun-Gyeol are walking and he is asking why she didn’t let him into the washroom she says before the lock was broken and that was why she let them in. Someone pushes her and Eun-Gyeol catches her.

Hyun-Jae notices that Tae-Joon locker is open and has his stuff in it again he tells Tae-Joon to move aside in the gym by the bar because he has to practice for his own competition. Hyun-Jae tells him to leave and they get into a fight but the coach comes in and stops them. The coach asks him that he thought he had decided to quit and believed him so he tells him to leave because Tae-Joon has already quit.

Jae-Hee and Eun-Gyeol are walking and she is bringing food to Sang-Chu they both get a call they don’t want to answer. Jae-Hee sees its a girl and asks why he doesn’t answer and he says its a tug of war.

Tae-Joon visits his manager and tells her that he is going to start jumping again and she says she is against it because it will be hard and that he won’t be able to jump like he used to because of Yips. He says he just wants to jump again, she asks if he has talked to his father about it but he replies it has nothing to do with him. She agrees to try it again but she has lots of greed and that he needs to do better than last time.

Ha-Na sneaks into the school again, does some fancy gymnastics tricks to get past some people. She makes it into Jae-Hee’s dorm room, puts a picture of herself on his desk and finds the bracelet. Jae-Hee comes in and they talk and she says its a perverted school because someone stole her uniform.

Eun-Gyeol is waiting for Dong-Mu, they meet up and she is cute.

Ha-Na driver is fixing the car because its having problems and while Ha-Na is busy  Jae-Hee puts the uniform in the car to return it. Jae-Hee is walking back and she gets a phone call from her brother again and she ignores it but he is close by and calls out her name. He has come to take Jae-Hee back to America, she says that she is going to help Tae-Joon jump, she sees Dr. Jang and calls him over.

Seung-Ri is sitting with other dorm leaders and they are discussing that Jae-Hee is good at English and Seung-Ri says that there is a track and field competition coming up in there school and that he will need their help and that it will even be televised.

Jae-Hee is talking to Dr. Jang in the hallway and she is asking him a favor. Dr. Jang and Daniel are alone in his office, Dr. Jang avoids his question and asks him if he likes to drink.

Eun-Gyeol is with Dong-Mu and it has been a year since she came back from the states and that he didn’t know she wanted to become a musician, violinist. Eun-Gyeol doesn’t believe her that she plays the violin so she pull it out and starts to play it well, couple of people gather around to listen.

Jae-Hee hears some guys talking about Tae-Joon trying to get back on the athletic team but was kicked out.

Tae-Joon is cleaning up the gym and putting everything away. He goes back to the dorm and Jae-Hee is hiding and pops a sparkler and brings out a cake made of a shoe. He tells her not to overdo it, she trips and falls and lands up face planting into the cake. He helps her up and wipes up the icing with his finger and licks it saying its delicious. They light a candle on the smashed cake, Tae-Joon blows it out and he chases her around with the cake.

Eun-Gyeol and Dong-Mu are waiting at the bus stop and he wants to carry her bag and she says she doesn’t need that and she finds it weird when guy do that, she says she will let him know if she needs help. She says that they should see each other again and she gets on the bus.

Dr.Jang and Daniel are out drinking, and they are discussing Jae-Hee. Dr. Jang is saying that Daniel hasn’t understood Jae-Hee’s perspective and that he doesn’t believe in her, but he should.


The coach comes into his storage and notices that everything is organized more than ever.

Jae-Hee is in the bathroom wondering what happened to her brother, she picks up a necklace with the ring on it, Tae-Joon barges in and takes the necklace out of her hand. They are walking down the hallway and Jae-Hee asks him about the necklace he says it was his moms. He flash backs to his mom in the hospital and she tells him to wear it in her place, since she can’t go to the competition but he tells her to wear it when she gets better, she still gives it to him. He runs away but Jae-Hee is stopped by her brother Daniel. Her brother tells her that she can stay until Tae-Joon jumps and that after the finals she has to come back.

Jae-Hee goes to her locker and her gym clothes are dripping wet. She is then carrying a bag full of soccer balls and Tae-Joon comes up from behind and takes them from her. Tae-Joon asks her why she isn’t changed for gym and she tells them her clothes are wet.

Eun-Gyeol is practicing soccer and Jong-Min is cheering him on gives him expensive chocolates.

Eun-Gyeol is doing laundy and he gets a text from Dong-Mu saying she wants to go to a movie, he hesitates and looks at pictures from the holiday. Jae-Hee comes in to do laundry and she asks him what he thinks if a boy pretended to be a girl in an all-girl dormitory. Eun-Gyeol imagines being a girl and the idea of getting to change with girls. He says it sounds like fun but that he would probably get caught very easily. Jae-Hee asks how his date went and he says that Dong-Mu already fell in love with him. He offers her the expensive chocolates and they eat them together, Jong-Min sees them doing this and says that they are being too wild.

Jae-Hee is in her dorm and Tae-Joon comes in all dressed up and Jae-Hee asks him to stay here but he says he is going to be out late. Tae-Joon goes to his house and he imagines his mom sitting in the yard. Tae-Joon and his father have a memorial for his mother and have dinner. His father talks about Tae-Joon doing jumping again and Tae-Joon stands up and tries to leave his dad tells him to stay and asks him if he thinks that his mother death was his fault. Ha-Na comes in and asks why they are so serious. Tae-Joon is sitting outside and Ha-Na comes and says that he should spend time with his father and that he shouldn’t fight.

Jae-Hee is in her room and sees that Coach Holten saw her email with the presentation that Tae-Joon also saw, she wonders why there is no reply. Eun-Gyeol comes in asking for toothpaste and he tells her that today is Tae-Joon’s mom death anniversary. Jae-Hee gets a text from Tae-Joon to meet him at the pool and she leaves. As Eun-Gyeol walks back he bumps into Tae-Joon and asks where Jae-Hee is since he called her to the pool. He recalls that her clothes were wet and he runs to the pool. Jae-Hee is at the pool and sees someone on the diving boards waving her up, she goes up and doesn’t see anyone instead a note saying don’t joke around and then she is pushed into the water. Tae-Joon runs to the pool and someone passes him leaving and he sees Jae-Hee in the water and the both of them jump in, he loses his necklace. Eun-Gyeol and Tae-Joon pull her out, they realize she isn’t breathing and Eun-Gyeol goes in but can’t do it so Tae-Joon does mouth to mouth. She spits out water and wakes up.


They are back in the room and Tae-Joon gives her something warm to drink and they wonder who did it to her. Jae-Hee tells him that his necklace is missing and he looks around for it and she thinks its in the pool and he says its okay and she shouldn’t worry about it.Eun-Gyeol is in his room and he remembers not being able to mouth to mouth and sighs.

The next morning Tae-Joon is in bed and hears Jae-Hee’s alarm going and he realizes that she isn’t in bed. Jae-Hee is in the pool looking for the necklace and Tae-Joon dives in and pulls her up. He yells at her and she says that it is special, he says that she shouldn’t have done it and that it wasn’t her fault. He says that it should be his fault and that even though she is feeling bad she shouldn’t have to feel sorry.

Tae-Joon is in the gym setting up the mats and high jump, coach comes in and says that he shouldn’t be doing this, Tae-Joon says he wants to jump again and has a reason to jump again. Coach says he will give him a test and it is winning the high jump competition coming up and if he wins he will let him back on the team.

Jae-Hee goes into the gym and sees Tae-Joon practicing jumping and not getting over the bar and he is frustrated.

Jae-Hee is in her room and she is packing her clothes, she finds some shoes and recalls running the race the first time. She walks down the hallway and meets Eun-Gyeol he tells her to cheer Tae-Joon on tomorrow at the competition because he can’t come. Jae-Hee hugs him from back and says thanks because without him she would have had a really tough time.

Tae-Joon is in the changing room at the competition and finds Jae-Hee’s shoelaces and a note saying that she is going back to America and that she might miss his competition because of her flight and that the laces was from her first competition and that she wants to share some of her hard work with him. Jae-Hee is picked up by her brother in a taxi and loads her suitcase up. This is how the fifth episode ends.

Firstly I am not sure how Tae-Joon got the presentation from Jae-Hee I am assuming that she must have sent it to him but it is never mentioned. Secondly, I am assuming that Tae-Joon wants to jump again because he watched that video and Jae-Hee reminded him of what it was like when he first started jumping. Thirdly, the person that pushed Jae-Hee in is I am assuming Jong-Min because he is jealous of the attention that Eun-Gyeol gives her. I am not too sure what type of relationship he is going for with Eun-Gyeol especially because he is blowing him kisses and giving him chocolate it almost seems like he wants to date him. One scene I thought was hard to believe was when Jae-Hee “fell” into the cake, it looked a little forced. One other thing that bothered me was when Jae-Hee fell into the pool off the diving board and passed out and was drowning? I am pretty sure that just from falling she wouldn’t become unconscious but they have not really explained if she could swim or not but then again the next day she was looking in the pool for the necklace and swimming just fine. I am not too sure why Tae-Joon was getting all mad at her for looking in the pool for the necklace? I mean it wasn’t going to hurt her to look for it and I think it probably wouldn’t take too long to look through the entire pool for it because its not that big. One other thing I am not to sure about is why Jae-Hee was leaving all of a sudden at the end since her brother gave her until the end of finals and it didn’t seem that had happened yet so I am not sure why she was all of a sudden leaving? They showed Ha-Na visiting Tae-Joon’s house for the anniversary of his mom’s death and she was really familiar with his father and his house, I am assuming that she is a family friend or even relatives but that would make the whole I am marrying Tae-Joon really awkward. It seems like Tae-Joon is blaming his father for his mother death possibly that he wasn’t around enough and wasn’t there for them. Anyway I guess I mean leaving you with more questions that answers so if you guys have any insights feel free to leave a comment. Don’t forget to vote in my poll of who you think Jae-Hee will end up with I appreciate the opinions that you guys have given so far!! ♥


To The Beautiful You Episode 4 Summary August 25, 2012

The start of episode four of To The Beautiful You is Tae-Jae talking to Seung Ri’s mother and she is looking for Seung Ri’s brother Chang-Young because she didn’t send him on an errand but the van is gone. Tae-Jae flashes back to all the times Chang-Young was being friendly with Jae-Hee and gets on a bike to chase after them.

Jae-Hee is driving with Chang-Young and she realizes she forgot to ask Tae-Jae’s shoe size and wants to use Chang-Young’s phone, he lies and says he forgot it but Jae-Hee finds it. Jae-Hee phones Tae-Joon and he asks where she is and she tells him what she sees and then Chang-Young takes the phone away from her. Jae-Hee asks what’s wrong with him and he says to stay still and that nothing bad will happen as he locks the doors. They stop and Chang-Young tells her that he knows that she is a girl and tries to grab her but she runs out of the van and he follows her.

Tae-Joon has been riding bike and sees the van ahead but he can’t find them. Je-Hee runs out on the docks but Chang-Young catches up to her, grabs her and punches her. Chang-Young tells her to scream for help and Tae-Joon comes and gives him a high kick and they have a tussle.

Tae-Joon gives him one last punch and Jae-Hee tells him he can stop now, Chang-Young runs away. Tae-Joon turns to Jae-Hee and says sorry for being late and hugs her. Chang-Young gets in the van and drives away driving over the bike. Jae-Hee tells Tae-Joon that he hugged to tightly and then tells her to get on his bike for a piggyback while he is bent over he finds the bracelet and picks it up.

Ha-Na is eating on a swing and she wonders where Tae-Joon is because she hasn’t seen him all day. Eun-Gyeol comes up and asks if she has seen Jae-Hee she teases him and hits him again. Seung-Ri’s mom sees them and she asks if they have these love fights all day and they both refute that they are a couple. Dr. Jang comes out and asks them if Tae-Joon and Jae-Hee contacted them that day and wonder where they are. He then says they need to go look around.

Tae-Joon is still giving Jae-Hee a piggyback and they look like they are lost and Tae-Joon falls down. The rest of the guys are in the forest looking for them, they all split into groups. Tae-Joon and Jae-Hee are resting on the ground and he notices the mark on her face, he shows her the bracelets and ask if they are hers, she puts one on and then puts the other on Tae-Joon. Jae-Hee asks him what made him want to high jump, he says it is a noble sport because it doesn’t take much sweat or energy. He asks her if she was born in the states she says no she came with her mom after elementary school when her dad died and her mom remarried. He says it must have been hard and she says no thanks to him.

Tae-Joon carries Jae-Hee in the forest, she says she must be heavy and he agrees. She asks him how he feels while high jumping. He then flashes back to his mom asking the same question when he was little and practicing with his mom and he says it like flying to his mom. Eun-Gyeol and Ha-Na see the two of them piggy backing and finds them.

Dr. Jang is fixing up Jae-Hee’s wounds and its her old wounds which opened up and he tells her to be careful. Everyone is in the room with them and Seung Ri asks where his brother is and what happened. Tae-Joon says that he fought with Chang-Young over something petty. Jae-Hee goes back to the bedroom, Seung-Ri’s mom comes into where Tae-Joon is making a snack and tells him that Jae-Hee has no appetite and Tae-Joon exclaims how annoying for making others worry after she leaves the room. Eun-Gyeol comes into the bedroom and he sings his song for Jae-Hee, Tae-Joon is outside the door with the sandwiches and sees them and leaves.

At breakfast they find out that Dr. Yang went back for a conference. Jae-Hee is by herself after breakfast and Ha-Na comes up to her and says that she keeps getting on her nerves she doesn’t know why but it is her girl instincts and tells her to be careful from now on.

Everyone gets in the van and it has come back because Seung Ri’s mom got a call from the police and she picked it up. Eun-Gyeol is walking and notices the wall where he was painting and Jae-Hee’s handprint is still in the painting, Seung Ri’s mom see him looking at it and asks if it okay to leave it like that since it matches the wall and he agrees. Eun-Gyeol tells everyone to take a picture and they all get out to take the picture, his eyes are closed in the picture. As they are driving Jae-Hee asks Tae-Joon if she can borrow his tablet to check her email, as she reads it she stands up and hits her head and says coming this week.

Dr. Yang is in a washroom and washing his hands a well dressed man comes in and he notices how well dressed he is and wonders what he does. In his medical conference the man in the washroom is the speaker Daniel Dawson.

The three stalker girls set up a mini trampoline to jump and take pictures of Tae-Joon doing a CF at the school. The director tells Tae-Joon to say his lines with more enthusiasm and scolds him. The principal or head of the students comes over and scolds the director for scolding Tae-Joon.

Jae-Hee is in her dorm and reading the email from her brother saying that he is in Seoul because of a conference and wants to come visit her for lunch tomorrow and will pick her up at the all girl school Serin. Ha-Na comes in looking for Tae-Joon and she tells him he left for his commercial and she notices that Ha-Na goes to Serin High School and tries to ask a favor of her but she declines.

Ha-Na and Jae-Hee are filming the CF together, Tae-Joon tells the director that saying he is a miracle is a little wrong but Jae-Hee exclaims that from the crowd that he is a miracle. Jae-Hee then steals the uniform and a wig from the truck where Ha-Na used to change clothes.

Teacher Baek is training Hyun-Jae and is trying to beat Tae-Joon record in high jumping. Hyun-Jae can’t get over the jump and is upset,  coach Baek tells him that he is only a sesame leaf short but he is still upset.

Tae-Joon is walking and Ha-Na is hanging on him, Hyun-Jae is running and rubs it in his face that he is only wearing the clothes but not actually using them.

Eun-Gyeol is looking at pictures from the holiday and zooms in on Jae-Hee he catches himself looking and then does a web search looking up gay, he gets the meaning to be merry and cheerful. He then fantasizes about the two of them getting married and then into the marriage where they have a  boy child Jae-Gyeol. He freaks out about it after fantasizing it.

Tae-Joon is approached by his manager and she tells him he did a good job with the CF. His manager goes onto say that they should think about retiring and the next olympics was going to be the last anyway and with the injury they are just pushing it up.

Teacher Baek drives up in front of Teacher Lee and they talk about how they get to school and he offers to carpool with her and she refuses and then finds out they live in different areas and it wouldn’t even make sense.

Dr. Jang is looking up the doctor from his conference Daniel Dawson on the internet and finds an article about Yips Syndrome. Jae-Hee comes in asking for a pass and that its an emergency.

Jae-Hee is wearing a wig and is wearing a girls uniform when her brother Daniel Dawson from the conference calls to her and they run to hug. They have lunch together and he finds out she doesn’t have a phone so they go shopping. While shopping she keeps looking at mens clothing and then she starts shopping for girls stuff. Jae-Hee accidentally goes into the mens washroom out of habit then eventually she goes into the female washroom and meets up with Ha-Na but she isn’t recognized. She goes back to her brother and he tells her that her favorite Tae-Joon is here for a signing event and he drags her to get an autograph. She gets the autograph with a variation on her name and he doesn’t recognize her but Ha-Na comes out and says she wants to see her face because it looks familiar. Tae-Joon says she will know her from school because the uniform is the same and he tells Jae-Hee to just leave. Jae-Hee says goodbye to her brother and then she pretends to go to the school and then leaves.

Tae-Joon is cleaning out his gym locker and finds his scrapbook with all of his articles and pictures of his career and pictures of his mom. His coach comes in and tells him not end his career but Tae-Joon doesn’t agree and leaves.

Tae-Joon goes back to his dorm and Jae-Hee is already there she tells him that she got a cell phone, he doesn’t answer so she goes to her top bunk and onto the computer.

In class the next day Jae-Hee is yawning in class and Teacher Baek throws his chalk into her mouth and gets called outside. Eun-Gyeol phone goes off in class and the teacher also calls him out in the hallway. As they sit in the hall Eun-Gyeol answers his phone and the teacher catches him and then they have to run laps outside. Eun-Gyeol asks why she is so tired and she says she was making a video and she asks who had phoned him he says it was his Dong- Mu his elementary friend. He flashes back to elementary and a girl who gave him a hard time and would hit him but she moved to America when he was young.

Jae-Hee gets called out by Dr. Yang and he tells her about the guy he met at the conference and that he was an expert in neuropsychology and agreed to help him with Tae-Joon’s case. Dr. Yang asks Jae-Hee to help him with english because he doesn’t know how to speak it very well and she agrees. Her brother comes in the door and recognizes her right away.

Jae-Hee and her brother are in her dorm room and he is yelling at her for doing this and that she shouldn’t be doing this even if she likes Tae-Joon. She explains that because Tae-Joon gave her the motivation to get back on her feet she wanted to give back and see him jump again. Her brother says he won’t jump again because he has Yips and meanwhile Tae-Joon is outside the door listening to them. Her brother tells her that this a crucial time for her as well and reminds her of the promise she made to follow in his footsteps into an ivy league school. Her brother says in Korean that it doesn’t make sense for a girl to be living in a boy’s dorm and that she is just having reckless sympathy. Her brother tells her that he is going to book a flight tomorrow and he leaves the dorm while Jae-Hee follows after him protesting and Tae-Joon hides so she doesn’t see him.

Tae-Joon is with Sang Chu and is realizing how Sang Chu let Jae-Hee near him because Jae-Hee is a girl. Tae-Joon wonders how Jae-Hee can act like a boy so easily and wonders if he should send her back.

Jae-Hee comes back to her dorm and finds her luggage packed and by the door, Jae-Hee questions Tae-Joon and he says that he can’t leave with her anymore. Jae-Hee protests and Tae-Joon says that he will just go find his own room then and that he is giving up his jumping career and that she should stop talking about it and that she should get out of his sight. Jae-Hee starts to cry as Tae-Joon walks away.

Jae-Hee is sitting outside crying and Eun-Gyeol finds her and asks her what’s wrong, she denies she is crying. She tells him that she feels like a burden to everyone because she is impulsive and does what she wants and hurts others. Jae-Hee puts her head on his shoulder and Eun-Gyeol’s heart starts beating fast again, he leans toward her then freaks out and runs away.

Tae-Joon is in bed, Jae-Hee outside crying, Eun-Gyeol running on the soccer field until he falls. Eun-Gyeol phones Dong-Mu and asks to get together with her sometime.

Jae-Hee comes back to the dorm and says sorry for only thinking of herself, and that disappearing will help him, but for that short time she was happy and then says good-bye. Jae-Hee walks out of the school with her suitcase and this is how the fourth episode ends.

The fourth episode of To The Beautiful You was a very exciting episode!! First of all I loved the interaction between Jae-Hee and her brother! I actually liked this english actor because sometimes they are not always the best actors but I thought it was pretty natural. Eun-Gyeol fantasizing about living with Jae-Hee was hilarious!! I feel so bad for him because he thinks he is gay just because he is attracted to Jae-Hee. One thing that confuses me is Chang-Young attacking Jae-Hee like he wanted to molest her because she was dressed up as a boy? I mean was he going to blackmail because he knows she is a girl? I mean how is he supposed to recover from that like what did he think was going to happen in the end? It seems like Hyun-Jae is wanting to take over Tae-Joon role as being the champion high jumper! I almost feel bad for him because he is living in someone else’s shadow and he is obviously jealous of Tae-Joon and is trying to take him down. This drama is really interesting and there are so many story lines and so many different types of interactions between all the characters. There seems to be even more characters being added into the next episode, this can be slightly overwhelming but yet it is very interesting to see different characters react to others


To The Beautiful You Episode 3 Summary August 24, 2012

Episode three starts off with the kiss between Tae-Joon and Jae-Hee and someone is taking a picture of the two kissing. Tae-Joon then falls over and Jae-Hee has him in a wheel barrel and takes him back when Sang Chu the dog comes along and licks Tae-Joon and also get a ride in the wheel barrel.

Eun-Gyeol is looking for Jae-Hee when Ha-Na finds him and thinks he is Tae-Joon and they argue for a bit, she kicks him and continues on her way to find Tae-Joon.

Jae-Hee has gotten Tae-Joon into bed and takes off his socks and then goes to her own bed. She questions the sleeping Tae-Joon whether he knew she was a girl, but the only thing she wants from him is to see him jump again.

Tae-Joon wakes up the next day in his full suit and remembers drinking the champagne and realizing it had alcohol in it. Jae-Hee is in the bathroom and says she needs to clear up the misunderstanding.

Tae-Joon is walking and Jae-Hee follows behind, him but hiding when he turns around. Tae-Joon catches her and asks her what she wants and if he did something wrong. Jae-Hee says vaguely yesterday and kiss, Tae-Joon remembers Sang Chu licking him and says that she should have stopped him. Jae-Hee thinks Tae-Joon figured out that he kissed her and says that she had no time to stop him. Tae-Joon goes onto say that she probably enjoyed it and it was gross, Jae-Hee gets mad and Tae-Joon can’t figure out why she would be mad. Tae-Joon asks if the kiss was with Sang Chu and Jae-Hee then agrees with him.

Students at school are all getting text messages and looking at their phones. Tae-Joon walks through and people are looking at him, he gets a text. The next scene is Eun-Gyeol and he also got the text it is of Tae-Joon kissing Jae-Hee, he gets hit by a soccer ball and falls on the ground. The fan girls also get the text and they are upset, but happy it was with a guy instead of a girl.

Eun-Gyeol is walking and Jae-Hee catches up to him and he asks her if she was taken by Tae-Joon and if they have kissed because there are rumors all over the school.

Tae-Joon is approached by Hyun-Jae and says congratulations on being the first campus couple. Tae-Joon gets angry and throws his can down and goes to grab him, Eun-Gyeol and Jae-Hee walk in and she interrupts the fight. Hyun-Jae says that Jae-Hee was the victim and she should report it, Jae-Hee retorts that she was the one that kissed him and that when she is bored she kisses, she was called Kissing Master in America. She goes onto say that a kiss is nothing, its a greeting and then she kisses the shocked Eun-Gyeol on the cheek. She tells Hyun-Jae to stop spreading rumors around now, the crowd calls her an American psycho and a pervert.

Hyun-Jae is practicing high jump and the bar falls, the reporter Yang comes in she thanks him because she got a good story and she is concerned about how serious Yips Syndrome is and how Tae-Joon is doing. Hyun-Jae says she should go ask him she replies after the last story that he probably wouldn’t want to talk to her. He says that she just wants to know about Tae-Joon she says that of course she is rooting for Hyun-Jae and is on his side. He says that he never thought of himself being on her side.

Eun-Gyeol is sitting in the centre store watching a lady walking, Jong-Min and Seung-Ri come up to him and make fun of him for staring. Eun-Gyeol tells them not to joke and that he has a very important problem but the answer has arrived and that is he is perfect. Seung-Ri and Eun-Gyeol both look back at the lady again and they both pretend to drop their fork so they can stare at her legs under the table.

Eun-Gyeol drags Jae-Hee to his moped and they both get on to go to a double date. They meet up with two girls for supper have hamburgers and then do a lie detector test with a machine they brought on first Eun-Gyeol who fails all the tests and get zapped. They try it on Jae-Hee and she passes all the tests and then is asked whether she has ever liked a guy before and doesn’t answer.

They both split up on a date, one girl thinks Jae-Hee doesn’t like her because she is sighing but Jae-Hee explains that it is because of a problem with a friend. The girl gives her advice to just help him the way she wants, Jae-Hee says its good to discuss things with a girlfriend and leaves. The girl than thinks that Jae-Hee meant that she wanted her to be Jae-Hee’s girlfriend.

On Eun-Gyeol’s date the girl tells him that she actually has a boyfriend but because she was mad at him she came on the date to get back at him. She is amazed that he is not mad but Eun-Gyeol says that because of her he had fun and that she should get along with her boyfriend.

Tae-Joon takes Sang Chu to the vet and he has a cold and is given medicine for him. Sang Chu sees a cat outside and follows it to chase it. Tae-Joon then runs after Sang Chu to get him but loses sight of him.

Jae-Hee meets back up with Eun-Gyeol and they both give each other a hard time for the date being so short. Eun-Geyol puts her in a head lock and his heart starts beating fast again and gets uncomfortable. Eun-Gyeol runs to the bathroom to splash water on his face wondering why he is feeling that way. As Jae-Hee waits she sees Sang Chu running and runs after the dog. She grabs him the middle of an the intersection almost causing a car crash. It starts raining and they sit under a shelter on a bench. Tae-Joon is walking with an umbrella looking when Sang Chu when the dog gets away from Jae-Hee her and runs to Tae-Joon and the two of them also meet.

Jae-Hee and Tae-Joon are walking and Tae-Joon apologizes for yesterday and thanks her for today. Jae-Hee then realizes she left Eun-Gyeol and asks Jae-Hee to phone him but he can’t get through because Eun-Gyeol’s phone died. Tae-Joon says he probably went back to the dorm. They wait at a bus stop and a bus comes by about to splash the water when Tae-Joon grabs Jae-Hee and protects her from the splash.

Eun-Gyeol keeps waiting and a worker of the store he is beside has charged his phone and gets a call from Jae-Hee wondering where he is and she hopes he is still not waiting for her. Eun-Gyeol pretends he is a pc rooms and that he didn’t wait for her.

The next day the principal gives teacher Baek a hard time because he saw the article about Tae-Joon having Yips Syndrome and that it is bad for the school image. Teacher Baek replies that he doesn’t think that Tae-Joon has Yips syndrome but the reporter Yang just wrote a speculative story.

Eun-Gyeol, Jae-Hee, and Jong-Min are walking and talking about the break and that Jae-Hee says that she has no where to go because she doesn’t know anyone here. Jong-Min says that she should just sleep on the streets meanwhile Eun-Gyeol is wondering if he should bring her home. The next scene Jae-Hee has come home with Eun-Gyeol and he has brought her into his room and tells her that she is the first friend to be in his room. Jae-Hee asks if she can wash up and he says yes, she then asks if they can wash up together since their friends and that she is the kiss master.Eun-Gyeol has hit his head on a mailbox and his nose is bleeding and he tells Jae-Hee that she can come stay with him. Seung-Ri then comes up to the group and invites them all to his house because they opened up a pension or a spa. He goes on to tell them girls will be coming and that there is even a nude beach next to it. They all agree to go.

Jae-Hee is watching Tae-Joon asking if he is going home and then invites him to Seung-Ri’s place of course he refuses the invitation.

Eun-Gyeol is packing and Hyun-Jae tells him that he is also going to Seung-Ri’s because it will be a bikini paradise.

They are all waiting with their luggage and a van pulls up and a Seung-Ri’s brother gets out and helps them pack up the van and he notices Jae-Hee and watches her. They are singing and having fun driving there.

Tae-Joon ride pulls up and the president has sent for him to go home but Tae-Joon says he is not going and to come up with something evasive. Tae-Joon pushes him and runs, he jumps into the doctors car as he happened to be driving along.

The group arrive at Seung-Ri’s pension and they find out that they were brought here to work. They are all painting the house and Jae-Hee is having fun, when Jae-Hee slips off the ladder because her hands are wet with paint and Eun-Gyeol catches her. The rest complain to Seung-Ri for tricking them to come here and he says that there are some girls here.

Everyone is at the beach playing except Jae-Hee meanwhile the doctor drives Tae-Joon to the same pension without realizing that everyone else is here. Tae-Joon takes photo of the place and the beach and wanders around, he finds wings drawn on the house which reminds him of high jumping. Jae-Hee walks past him and finds him here, Tae-Joon realizes and says he has been kidnapped. Jae-Hee asks for his phone, pushes up on the wall with the wings and takes a picture with his phone. Jae-Hee is inside and she is changing her clothes, Seung Ri’s brother is on a ladder working on the house and looks in the window and sees her with a bandage around her chest and is surprised.

Everyone is at a BBQ and Seung Ri’s brother is barbecuing and Jae-Hee offers to take over for him and he instead talks to her almost flirting and Tae-Joon takes notice of this. Eun-Gyeol asks why Tae-Joon came and why the doctor Yang came and he comes over and they find out that he is Seung-Ri’s uncle. Ha-Na found out where Tae-Joon was staying for vacation from his manager and then shows up at this time.

Jae-Hee is going for a walk alone and an old lady wants her to buy bracelets for her girlfriend, she says she doesn’t have one and the lady persists that even though it has happened yet it will and that she should buy them.

Tae-Joon is alone listening to music and looking at the photo that Jae-Hee took of him that day. Jae-Hee sees Tae-Joon sitting there and looks like she wants to give him one of the bracelet. Before Jae-Hee can come over Ha-Na comes and gives him a gift of macadamia cookies that she made herself that were similar to the “ahjumma’s” cookies that she used to make when she was alive because she wants to give him strength.

Jae-Hee meets Hyun-Jae and confronts him about him taking the picture and circulating it. Hyun-Jae says that she has no proof and to not do anything about it. Jae-Hee leaves to go to the spa because there is no one in it. Eun-Gyeol meets Hyun-Jae asking where Jae-Hee is and he tells him he is the spa. Eun-Gyeol wants to go naked in the spa with Jae-Hee to confirm his feelings toward her.

Jae-Hee goes into the spa and locks the door behind her, Seung Ri’s brother tries to open the door with the keys and when he opens the door, Ha-Na wants to use the spa and goes in. Ha-Na finds Jae-Hee’s bindings and is confused, Je-Hee is hiding in the towel laundry bin.  Eun-Gyeol goes into the spa and thinks that Ha-Na is Jae-Hee and instead Ha-Na freaks out on him. Eun-Gyeol then is all of a sudden walking in a forest where he meets his grandma and she sends him back and Ha-Na hits him again and goes back to his grandma.

Eun-Gyeol wakes up with everyone around him and asking him if he really didn’t know that it was Ha-Na in the spa. Ha-Na is upset that he saw her naked and wants to send him to the police and she eventually hits him again sending him unconscious.

The next morning Tae-Joon finds the bracelet on the bed and wonders what it is. Everyone is up and working for the mom painting and other chores. They are all having watermelon, Ha-Na comes and Eun-Gyeol and her bicker which ends in a water gun fight. Tae-Joon walks away and as he does this one of his flip flops break and he turns around. Jae-Hee is approached by Seung Ri’s brother and he wants to go to the grocery store with her and she agrees, Tae-Joon has heard all of this. Tae-Joon comes over to Jae-Hee and says he has noticed the two of them being close she agrees since he is nice to her. Tae-Joon says to pick up some flip flops while she is at the store. Jae-Hee finds one bracelet in her pocket but can’t find the other one and then is interrupted by Seung Ri’s brother and she gets in the van and drives away, this is how the third episode ends.

This was a very interesting episode I love the way they had Eun-Gyeol have fantasies and really get into what he is dreaming about. I love the comedic humor of Eun-Gyeol visiting his dead grandma and it happening more than once. I found this episode to be the most humorous one yet and even Jae-Hee being the American Kissing Master lol!! I am not sure exactly what Seung Ri’s brother understands about Jae-Hee and whether she is a girl or what exactly he is trying to find out about her but he definitely seems creepy. They still haven’t explained who Ha-Na is to Tae-Joon and what the cookies were about. Jae-Hee obviously bought the bracelet for Tae-Joon but not sure exactly why she did because I don’t think she is willing to admit that she likes him yet. Jae-Hee is protected by the splash from Tae-Joon and I’m not really sure why he did that I am pretty sure there was an easier way to get out of the way of the splash by moving back or even putting the umbrella in the way?? I guess it was more dramatic that way? but it might also show subconsciously that he feel like Jae-Hee is a girl? This plot is getting more interesting and I am looking forward to the next episode!!


Sprout Episode 7 Summary and Review August 21, 2012

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Episode seven starts off with Hayato and Miku, they are still embracing and Miku  wonders if it is okay to be in the place closest to Hayato. Hayato says that that the place is for her. Souhei and Miyuki are holding hands and he says sorry, Miyuki shakes her head. Souhei says he won’t make her feel uneasy anymore. Hayato grabs Miku’s hands around him, turns to her and says be my girlfriend. Miku smiles and agrees.

The next day Miku is cleaning the floor during this she reenacts the scene with Hayato from last night. Naoharu and Kiyoka watch her from the other room and they figure that she has leveled up. Kiyoka asks Miku if she got a boyfriend, Miku asks can you tell and gets embarrassed. In the next moment Miku gets a text from Hayato saying good morning and that the weather is good today. Miku leaves the room to reply and Kiyoka thinks Miku is too happy. Naoharu says its because when your in love you HP rises.

Miku and Souhei meet on the stairs the first time since Miku speaking badly of Miyuki and there is a flashback . Souhei speaks first and says sorry for yesterday and that he said weird things. Miku replies that she should be saying sorry because  she said cruel things. Souhei replies its okay and Miku notices that her heart is tightening. Souhei goes onto say that he was a bit panicked because Miyuki was acting strange. Miku asks with concern if Miyuki was okay and Souhei replies she is fine and Miku is relieved. Miku realizes that she sees Souhei differently from before and then tells Souhei his piece of cake is in the fridge because Kou told them to save it. Souhei says that Kou is such a hot/cold person, Miku says it might be a bit hard Souhei smiles and says its okay, Miku realizes that since she has gotten over Souhei his smile has lost some of the attractiveness and that being friends is just right.

After supplementary class is over Miku bolts out of the room. Takeru and Arata ask her when they are meeting she says 2:00 at the karaoke place and rushes away. Miku rushes over to her friends Ami and Fumiko (with the shorter hair) and they have makeup and clothes ready for her.

Hayato and Souhei are lying in a field and Hayato tells him that he has started to date Miku and he thought he should at least report it to Souhei. Hayato goes on saying that he finally understood what Souhei was saying before that it is nice liking someone and Souhei agrees.

Takeru and Arata go to meet up with Ami and Fumiko and see a girl run past them and they think she looks like Miku. When Takeru and Arata sit down with Ami and Fumiko they ask what they thought of Miku and boys are shocked that the girl was Miku and thought it was someone else. They ask why the makeup and Ami says first date and ask who is it and they reply Hayato and the boys are shocked. Ami and Fumiko go on saying that she has made a good catch and that they are proud of her. Arata and Takeru and shocked and they flashback to Miyuki hugging Hayato.

Hayato is waiting on some steps and Miku appears on the top of the steps wearing a cute red dress, wearing makeup and a clip in her curled hair. Miku asks if he as waited long and he says no and that its 3 minutes before.

Souhei and Miyuki are walking and he tells her that Hayato and Miku are dating. He tells her that Hayato looked so happy that it made him happy and she smiles and says she is happy too.

Miku and Hayato are walking and she tells him that she thinks she did good on the re-test and he replies that Miku can do it when she tries. Hayato called her by her last name and Miku tells him to call her by her first name and that she will do the same. Miku says they should practice and they turn towards each other, they both cannot do it because they are embarrassed. Miku says they should make this their goal for the day.

Souhei and Miyuki are sitting on a bench and Miyuki says she is relieved because she thought that Miku had someone else that she liked because she didn’t seem to be very affected when Hayato confessed. Souhei then flashbacks to Miku telling him she wanted to see his face. Souhei then tells Miyuki that she was just over thinking it.

Miku and Hayato are walking and as they walk they brush their hands together and Hayato says sorry. Miku flashbacks to the first time they held hands and she stares at her hands as she walks and wonders if its okay for her to be here. Miku then stops and calls Hayato by his first name and offers her hand. Hayato comes closer and holds her hand, Miku smiles and he calls her by her first name and she asks him to say it again teasing him. Miku realizes that the place for her is right here beside Hayato.

Miyuki and Souhei are walking and they are talking about going to the beach yet this summer and then they see Hayato and Miku holding hands and walking. Souhei is watching Miku and looks shocked Miyuki calls them over and the the stop holding hands. Miyuki and Miku wave to each other.

The four of them are in a cafe and Miyuki says that Miku looks cute today that girls become pretty when they are in love and they agree all four of them should do something again. Miku says she wants to go to Tokyo Tower and they talk about going there meanwhile Souhei focuses on Miku and watches her looking dazed.

They separate to go home, Souhei and Miku go towards home and Hayato and Miyuki go to the bus stop. Souhei and Miku start walking and they watch the other two walk away and Miku exclaims that it is lonely to say goodbye. Souhei then says that its better when Miku is just like usual and Miku says she wanted to put in effort since its her first date. She also goes on saying that everyone told her its pretty and he says its better that she stays the way she is. Souhei backtracks a bit and says because the old her is the one Hayato fell in love with and they continue walking.

At the bus stop Miyuki says sorry to Hayato for the other day he says he is happy that she made up with Souhei, she agrees. Miyuki then says that she is happy for him.

Souhei is at soccer club with Haruka the assistant coach when Takeru and Arata come in and say they passed their tests, Souhei asks about Miku and she has also passed. They run out of the room to get changed and Haruka watches Souhei.

Miku is waiting outside and Hayato comes and he notices that Miku is normal and she says are you not happy when she dresses up? No I am happy when you dress up but I feel more comfortable with you as usual and she tells him about what Souhei said about dressing up.

Souhei is by himself hitting the soccer ball into the net and sighing.

Miku is walked home by Hayato and she says next time he doesn’t have to go all the way to her house and he says its okay because I worry and wants to take her home. He then goes onto say that she shouldn’t misunderstand what he is going to say and that she is the only one for him. Before he would date whoever but after meeting her he has stopped that and her number is the only girl number he has. She is happy and pulls her to the side of her house pauses, touches her face and goes in for a kiss. Souhei is walking home and sees this happen, stops and watches them. Souhei realizes that he could towards Miku…. This is how the seventh episode of Sprout ends.


What a great episode I really was not expecting Miku to fall in love with Hayato I thought for sure that she would be forever stuck to Souhei. I think in the end she will end up with Souhei so I really wasn’t expecting Hayato to have a fighting chance!! but this made me soo happy and there where a lot of “ahhh” and tingly moments. My favorite part was when they brushed hands and he says sorry and then Miku offers her hand!! soo sweet!! loved it!!

I love how excited she is to be dating Hayato! I am so happy that they allowed her to fall in like/love with him because I thought the one date at the aquarium was the real end to their relationship!

I am still waiting for Miyuki and Hayato’s relationship to be explained? it seems Takeru and Arata are also confused by it!! lol sorry I don’t have much to say about this episode their was so much romance I am swept away with love and happiness. People vote in my poll for who you think Miku should end up with!?
I also made a chat room if you want to talk !!


To The Beautiful You Episode 2 Summary August 18, 2012

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In episode 2 Jae-Hee is in the doctors office and is trying to convince the doctor that she is not a girl and leaves as quick as she can.

 Tae-Joon is talking to his manager and he tells her its okay that he missed his jump and that he didn’t want to always be an athlete. Tae-Joon’s father comes to the school and slaps his face thinking that Tae-Joon missed the jump on purpose and Tae-Joon tells him that he will decide what he does.

Tae-Joon allows Jae-Hee to stay in the dorm room as long as she follows his rules and is aware that he is the owner of the room. Tae-Joon dreams about his mother and her funeral and grabs Jae-Hee’s hand while he sleeps and thinks its his mother.

In the morning Eun-Gyeol and Seung-Ri come in to Jae-Hee’s bathroom and use it in front of her which causes her to freak out.

The dorm sport competition is coming up and Tae-Joon won’t be in the high-jump competition and the winning dorm gets to use the central store which is nicer and the other dorms have to use the store in the annex.

Seol Han-Na is a rhythmic gymnast who wants to marry Tae-Joon and dresses herself up as a present in Tae-Joon’s dorm room she tells Jae-Hee that she is Tae-Joon’s girlfriend.

Jong-Min and Jae-Hee practice running for the competition and Jong-Min trips Jae-Hee and both go tumbling which forces Jae-Hee to the doctors office. Jae-Hee goes and no one is there and hides when Tae-Joon and the doctor comes in and she overhears that Tae-Joon had pain when he jumped. The doctor says he could have Yips Syndrome where all of a sudden he has pain when he plays sports especially when the sport has high psychological pressure and that there is no cure.

Jae-Hee is called out by the doctor and he wants to kick her out of the school and she explains that she came to see Tae-Joon jump again the doctor agrees for the time being. Jae-Hee tries to convince Tae-Joon to keep jumping and that she will do anything for him and he says she has to move out.

Eun-Gyeol finds Jae-Hee moping and tries to cheer her up in a soccer match he wins and takes a picture of them on the ground and his heart starts to beat and sees light around Jae-Hee.

The next day Jae-Hee is stopped by Yang Seoyoon a reporter who wants to do a story on Tae-Joon. Min Hyun-Jae who is another high-jumper in the school went to the doctors office to drop off something he decides to look in Tae-Joon’s file and takes pictures of it. This results in Tae Joon’s records being put online and Tae-Joon’s manager wanting to sue the reporter. Tae-Joon is trying to figure out who did and remembers picking up Jae-Hee’s clothes and finding the reporter’s card in her clothes. Tae-Joon confronts Jae-Hee and asks him if he wanted to be around him to sell information to reporters. Jae-Hee denies it and Tae-Joon leaves the room saying that is a worse answer than expected.

The 34th Jini Althetlics High School Competition is happening and Tae-Joon doesn’t show up for the high jump. Jon-Min hurt himself so he cannot run the marathon so Jae-Hee volunteers herself in his place. Jae-Hee makes it to the first checkpoint where a lot of people drop out because of the pain. The rival orange dorm 3 waits and switches people out throughout the marathon.

 Tae Joon joins his dorm and Eun-Gyeol tells him that since he was gone Jae-Hee had to run the marathon. As Jae-Hee makes it to the final dead-point dorm 3 the orange team, which was switched off kicks Jae-Hee in the leg and she falls to the ground.

 Jae-Hee gets up and keeps running and towards the end catches up with dorm 3 and overtakes him. The doctor watching says his leg is twisted and Jae-Hee falls to the ground, she gets up again and stays ahead and finishes the marathon in first place. Jae-Hee catches up with Tae-Joon and tells him that she didn’t leak it to the press.

Dorm 2 wins the competition and they chant Jae-Hee’s name and lift her in the air because she is the most valued player. Eun Gyeol talks to Jae-Hee and his heart begins to beat again so he leaves. Seol Ha-Na comes to the party looking for Tae- Joon. Tae-Joon eventually comes to the party and takes an alcoholic drink without realizing it and the dorm president explains that Tae-Joon has an allergy to alcohol and goes crazy and kisses the first person he sees. Tae-Joon stumbles around, meets up with Jae-Hee and then kisses her.

Overall I say this was a pretty satisfying episode I mean come on a kiss so early!! lol  it was a cute kiss! I think Eun-Gyeol is also cute especially because he has a crush on Jae-Hee and can’t figure out why. First of all I am so tired of Jong-Min tripping Jae-Hee I mean does no one ever call him on it?? hopefully they won’t keep using this same trick for his character because it is getting old already. I mean they don’t really explain why Jong-Min hates Jae-Hee I think its because he wants to be a prettier boy than Jae-Hee. Another thing is that Tae-Joon wants Jae-Hee to leave the dorm room as a way to do anything for him and then she doesn’t so not sure how that was resolved exactly. They still haven’t disclosed how Tae-Joon even hurt himself in the first place and what exactly is his connection to Ha-Na and why she thinks she is his girlfriend. I guess we will all find out in the next episode!!


Sprout Episode 6 Summary and Review August 17, 2012

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The start of the sixth episode starts with where it was left off the last time with Miyuki hugging Hayato at the bus stop. Souhei wants to go into Miku’s room, but decides against it. Miyuki says sorry to Hayato and to get a firm hold of Miku, Hayato agrees. Across the street Arata and Takeru see the hugging and they agree they should not tell Souhei. Miku is in bed and says that Souhei’s love is not directed towards her. The next day Miku, Arata and Takeru are in supplementary class when Souhei pops his head in the window, it catches Miku off guard and she looks away and Arata tells him it won’t be much longer. Miku watches him walk away with stuff from his soccer club and the manager girl Haruka catches her looking at him.


Haruka asks Souhei who is his true love Miyuki or Miku and Souhei asks why Miku comes up and she tells him because Miku likes him. She says that none of them suit him and the one that suits him but gets cut off and is called by the coach. Souhei is drinking water and remebers holding Miku then he is scrubbing soccer balls when Miyuki appears and says she came to watch and that they should do something after practice. Arata, Takeru and Miku come as they have finished their lesson and Arata talks about wanting to date Kiyoka. Miyuki and Souhei talk about their own date and Takeru watches Miyuki awkwardly then they get ready for practice. Miku then leaves but still watches the pair thinking that she was going to be the closest to Souhei during the summer break, Miyuki says that she hopes it works out between Miku and Hayato because she wants them to be happy.


As Miku walks home she meets Kou and he tells her that he is having cutlet because its his birthday. The next scene Kou and Hayato are at Miku’s house and Hayato is asking why this happened and Kou says that Miku thought it was better to have more people for the celebration and Hayato says Kou is shameless. Miku’s mom comes in the room and welcomes them and says she is glad to have them because Hayato helps Miku study and also because Hayato is Souhei’s best friend so he is a member of the family too.


Hayato then wrestles Kou on the ground and Miku comes in and watches them play and she says its rare to see Hayato in high spirits and Kou says Hayato has a cute side too and they wrestle some more. The next scene Miku’s father and Kou are working in the garden and Hayato and Miku are sitting in the porch and Hayato says this house is relaxing and calming Miku says Souhei said that once before too. Back to Souhei he is with Miyuki after practice and they make plans to go to a hamburger place and Souhei gets a text from Miku inviting him to Kou’s birthday. Souhei tells Miyuki about the party and says sorry maybe next time for hamburgers Miyuki gets mad and says she going home and Souhei questions her and she says she won’t tell, she walks away saying Souhei is an idiot. Next scene is back at Miku’s house and everyone is there eating supper and they are enjoying the meal and they have a cake for Kou.


Souhei gets a text from Miyuki saying sorry and that she wants to meet him and he leaves the room, Miku notices and follows him out. Miku asks him where he is going and he says to Miyuki and she says even though its Kou birthday and that Miyuki knows this. Miku says this is why they call her annoying because she can’t read the atmosphere. Souhei defends Miyuki and that its been like that since middle school Souhei flashes back to middle school where he saved her from the girls talking about her and how they became friends.


 When he was feeling depressed because of his parents divorce she could see he was unhappy one day and decided that they would ditch school that day to cheer him up. That even if the world hates her he would be her ally and Miku realizes that her love can’t reach Souhei and that she will never win against Miyuki. Miku sits outside and Hayato joins her saying he is sorry and that he had sort of overheard and if he should lend her a place to cry.


Hayato then says to pretend he is a stuffed animal and close her eyes because she doesn’t like it when its him. Miku realizes that he is conveying his love to her and Hayato stands up facing away from her. Souhei has met up with Miyuki and says sorry for being late she nods her head no.


 Back to Miku she gets up and hugs Hayato’s back and this is how the sixth episode of Sprout ends.


The sixth episode is pretty good it seems like it is more of a filler episode and does not really deal with anyones problems or emotions yet. It does not explain what is happening with Miyuki and Hayato and why they were hugging. I think that Miyuki has figured out that Miku likes Souhei and so she feels jealous of the attention that Souhei is giving to Miku and gets mad when she is mentioned. Souhei seems to be having a hard time dealing with his feelings for Miku and does not want to recognize them. I think he feels more loyalty towards Miyuki then love and feels he needs to protect her and that since she needs him the more than Miku. One thing that confused me was why she wanted to have a birthday party for Kou? because he wasn’t having a party and it made it seem like he had never had a birthday party before? I just thought it was a little strange and Souhei also seemed confused as to why that was happening. It was soo sweet to see Hayato and Kou rolling on the ground and wrestling!! ahhh! I mean how could anyone not love Hayato after that and also offering her a place to cry !! ahh!! if that was offered to me I hold on and never let go of him!! I am enjoying this series it seems like it is very different from other Japanese dramas it has a lot of emotion and seriousness and does not have much over acting which I have seen more often in Japanese dramas. It feels closer to a Korean drama which I really like it seems like it is a mature drama which deals with emotions in a serious and interesting way.