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High School Love On Episode 20 Final Recap January 2, 2015

Episode 20 starts with Sung-Yeol in the hospital and Woo-Hyun is concerned he won’t wake up and wished it was him. Mrs. Ahn tells him he saved him and that he will wake up. Two years later Woo-Hyun is at college and is waiting in shelter because of rain and a girl next to him gets her umbrella out and notices that her necklace is the key to his but she leaves before he can get a proper look. At college Sung-Yeol goes on lots of dates and Woo-Hyun goes home and Sung-Yeol’s dad is working the restaurant.Picture 1

Ki-Soo is working with Young-Eun and they are dating. Mrs. Ahn is at school counselling 2 girls that don’t have any dreams she drops the picture of Sung-Yeol and Woo-Hyun in front of them and she tells him she can meet college boys like this if they go to college. Sung-Yeol is outside a convenience store to get out of the rain and Seul-Bi and Sunbae go into the store to have a snack and Sung-Yeol notices her and she notices him.

Picture 2

Sunbae decides to leave quickly and she sees him in the rain and goes back and gives Sung-Yeol her umbrella and goes with Sunbae under his. At home Woo-Hyun reads the letter Seul-Bi sent him from that day and it says that even if they can’t recognize each other that with the necklaces they will be able to find each other and that she will love him even if she can’t remember him. At home there is a flashback and Sung-Yeol’s dad tells Mrs. Ahn that he quit his job and wants to be a good father now to Sung-Yeol and Woo-Hyun. Sung-Yeol’s dad working the restaurant and Seul-Bi comes in because she saw a posting for help needed. He asks her where she has been and she doesn’t know what he is talking about but that she needs the job for rent and tuition. Woo-Hyun comes home and he sees her and runs and hugs her she gets upset and slaps him. 

Picture 3

He starts crying and she says she is sorry and wipes away his tears and she has a slight flashback of him. Sung-Yeol comes and she recognizes him as the umbrella guy. Later Sung-Yeol tells Woo-Hyun that she is not Seul-Bi but Woo-Hyun believes it is Seul-Bi. Sung-Goo meets with Sunbae and he tells him that he saved Seul-BI and didn’t disappear thanks to him. But her memory disappeared instead of memories of her and Sunbae says he doesn’t want to let her go and that his feelings haven’t changed just like the humans. He tells him Woo-Hyun carries Seul-Bi’s hurt but Sunbae’s love is hurting even Seul-Bi’s love and that even if they don’t remember they will still feel something, they are connected by invisible strings. Seul-Bi is working at the restaurant and everyone is pretending to work but are actually watching her. Seul-Bi finishes work and Woo-Hyun walks her home and she asks about Sung-Yeol because she is interested in him. 

Picture 4

Sunbae comes out and tells Seul-Bi to come in. Woo-Hyun meets with Sung-Goo and he tells him that she is Seul-Bi and he didn’t tell him because everything needed to fall into the proper place. He tells him that there was an accident when Seul-Bi saved him that when she sacrificed another sacrificed to save her and he tells him it is Sunbae and he has now become human too. He tells he doesn’t know if her memory will come back but he hopes it will through their love. Ki-Soo and Seul-Bi is at the restaurant and he tries to get her to remember him too but she doesn’t. 

Picture 5

Tae-Ho, Joo-Ah and everyone gathers at the restaurant to try to figure out how to bring her memories back. Joo-Ah and Tae-Ho are walking and he asks her if work or him are more important and she says work and he gets hurt and walks away. Seul-Bi goes home and meets Sunbae and she tells him that Woo-Hyun’s looks bother her because sometimes he looks at her warmly and then sadly. At the store Seul-Bi wants to cut off the locks on the outside of the store and Woo-Hyun stops her and he tells her he will fire her if she does that and that stops her. Tae-Ho goes to see Joo-Ah at her workplace and he is upset she hasn’t even called him. He tells her he knows she took another semester off again and she tells him if she works she can go back next semester. He gets on his knees and gives her his money he has been saving up and she is upset he is showing off his money. She tells him she doesn’t need his help and will be fine all by himself and he tells it was because he was always there and that he wants her to stay well for the two years he is gone. She figures out he is doing his 2 year mandatory enlistment and tells her he will wait for her even if she can’t wait for him. She hugs him and tells him that she will wait for him. 

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Sunbae at home fixes the light and the door for Seul-Bi, Woo-Hyun comes and tells him to take care of Seul-Bi because he is going now and that her memories will come back. 

Picture 7

Jae-Suk sees some kids taking other kids money and he tries to stop them and when they are about to bully them they hear police sirens so they run away. Da-Yeol comes from around the corner and she used her cell phone and pylon to project the siren noise. He asks about her audition and she tells him they want her to go to group practice and he hugs her.Picture 8

Woo-Hyun walks Seul-Bi home and her shoelace is undone so he stops and does it for her. He asks about her necklace and she tells him she doesn’t remember how she got it but it feel like a part of her. He tells her the necklace is to lead her back to the one she loves and she wants to fall for a new person so she wants to take it off and he says quickly it will need you to new loves too. She asks if he has one too and that it must have been a gimmick to get people to buy the necklaces. At school Seul-Bi tells Woo-Hyun Sunbae has left and has gotten a job. She goes and finds Sung-Yeol and he tells her to stop following her and she asks if she can have a crush on him and he says no and until she gets her memory back to get lost.

Picture 9

Sung-Goo has taken Sunbae and he is going to be working at Woo-Hyun’s old high school and meets with the other teachers because he is going to be the new literature teacher. Seul-Bi at the restaurant finds the heart she drew on the white board and it is highlighted to her and she has a flashback. As she is walking later Woo-Hyun is following her and he comes and talks to her and she tells him Sung-Yeol rejected her and she starts crossing the street and is about to be hit by a car and Woo-Hyun pulls her back.Picture 10

He walks her home and she is upset and crying and she flashbacks to the previous accident and then all the memories come back to her. Woo-Hyun can hear a heartbeat and sees Seul-Bi crying and she tells him she is sorry she remembered too late and he hugs her and cries too saying he has missed her.

Picture 11

Everyone has gathered at the restaurant for a christmas party and Woo-Hyun and Seul-Bi are acting cute to each other. 

Picture 12

The final episode ends with the two of them holding hands while walking saying they are enjoying being in love in their twenties.

Picture 13


Thank You Everyone for bearing with me as I have been slow on these recaps! I have been having some personal issues which has stopped me from writing these on time!


So this drama is finally over! I have enjoyed this drama but I have found it to be too long! I am sure that it could have been shortened to even 10 or 16 episodes it just was not necessary. This drama was a very sweet drama with the love between Woo-Hyun and Seul-Bi and it was nice but it also had dark elements to this story with death and the character change of Sung-Yeol. Sung-Yeol’s character throughout this drama was frankly just strange at the beginning he was normal a little cold and then he warmed up, then went crazy and evil and ended with him being a playboy and really happy!? it was kinda strange and I am not sure if I really liked his character at all!! I am satisfied that it had a happy ending and that it worked out for everyone! but I mean it seems kinda unrealistic that three guys would all love her and 2 would go crazy and do evil things because she didn’t love them back! One thing that was weird is the logic in this drama with her being an angel and Sunbae saving her? how? and why did he become human? What did she think she was after she lost her memories? wouldn’t she realize she had none? What happened to the timer on her wrist? It was a strange wrap up and they sure milked her getting her memories back in this episode they literally waited for like the last 5 minutes!! One thing I have to say is that I definitely found Sung-Yeol’s dad to be really attractive! I really liked his looks and personality!!

Also just to note that Woo-Hyun was won the vote for who Seul-Bi should end up with, with about half the votes!!