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I Will Promise You…. Fabulous Boys… Taiwanese Drama Review September 9, 2013

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I watched the Taiwan series Fabulous Boys which is a remake of the Korean drama You’re Beautiful. The Taiwan version had 13 episodes so it was more compact than the Korean one but I have to say it did not feel rushed at all.


I have watched the Korean version, but it was a couple of years ago so I am pretty fuzzy on the details of the drama so I do not know how close the Taiwan version did come, but from what I could recall the Taiwan version has the main plot details in it. It does not stray to far from the Korean version. I felt that they could have strayed more if they wanted to just to make it more their own but even without that it was still good.


I thought before watching that there was no one that would be able to follow Jang Keun Suk/ Hwang Tae Kyung, but I was wrong Jiro Wang/ Huang Tai Jing did an awesome job in that role and was very impressed. Although Cheng Yu Xi/Gao Mei Nan I found to be a bit lacking in her acting or it felt like she was overacting and it would become a bit ridiculous, I found that it was endearing but would get tiring after a while.  The other members of A.N. JELL did amazing as well and found them all to be good looking and I did not mind their acting. I think since this is a remake I cannot fairly evaluate it because it is a story I have already seen and it is obviously hard to not compare this version to the Korean version. I think I would have been more excited by this drama if I had seen it first.


What I liked about this version is that it was shorter and was not dragged out as long because it did feel like 13 episodes was long enough. I have to say the kissing was really good in this drama, it felt really natural. I am not sure why in the Korean dramas they always have to look so surprised and they act like it is almost against their will. I mean if they don’t like it they can push them off and if they do they can enjoy the kiss. I like how they did add some of their own details such as Liu Xin Ning forcing Tai Jing to be her girlfriend and involved her more in the story line. They did add their own little touches which I enjoyed. The guys are all good looking so that doesn’t hurt either.


Some things I did not enjoy about the drama was I missed the exciting part in the Korean drama where the media tried to reveal that he was a she but the twins had already changed places. That was such an exciting part I do not know why they wouldn’t have done the same in this version. I think that the Korean one had more comedy or sense of humor in it and found that the Taiwan one to be a bit lacking, or I just did not find it funny.


Overall if you are a fan of You’re Beautiful you may want to watch this drama out of curiosity like me and it will be enjoyable but you will be comparing them. If you haven’t watched the Korean version I think that this is an interesting and fun drama to watch so I recommend it either way. It can be a little corny, so if you can look past it I think it is a wonderful drama to watch.


6 Responses to “I Will Promise You…. Fabulous Boys… Taiwanese Drama Review”

  1. LIYANNAH Says:

    Hmnn…. I was really a big fan of You’re Beautiful of the Korean drama… and now, I’m trying to watch the Taiwan version, and I really find it kinda weird and….. argh! kinda different… I am really trying to “like” the taiwan version, but.. still… I cannot find anything to “like” it too like what I have felt in the You’re Beautiful drama… *sigh*.
    But no offense for the taiwan version, maybe I just cannot force myself to like something just like the way I have like or love the other thing. (corny too! lols)
    But anyway, thanks for this review.. 🙂

  2. I know exactly what you mean! I agree there was some spark in the korean version that I didn’t quite feel in this one! I mean it is hard to have a better actress than park shin-hye!! but I still enjoyed the storyline and the way they adapted it!

  3. Ferdauza R. Abdurahman Says:

    Well when i watch this taiwan version i was to excited because i was very excited to know what are the changes they made in their version.jeremY character was verY nice it really suit him and he got the style and the way Lee hongki act,as for Xin hue i was amazed in his character coz at that version he speak korean in front of gao mi nam wherein she didn’t understand it,well maybe i was like that also,,ahahaha
    huang tai jing had a nice acting,,very much great while gao mi nam character it was lack of something i don’t know exactly what it is but i think something is lacking in her part but it was a great start just keep pushing through,,although i like the most of korean version because their a lot of trials comes between jang geun suk and park shin because of the other girl it will make you more surprising on how their going thru with that trials,,

    anyway congratulation to all the staff of fabulous boys it really nice and great…keep up the good work guys hope to see those actress and actors casting in fabulous boys personally

  4. jen Says:

    Para sa akin, gusto ko yung adaptation ng taiwan…. Wooo. Gusto lahat ng characters.. Keep it up po. Godbless.

  5. thin Says:

    I like this story

  6. monicaclemente Says:

    Ang ganda talaga ng Fabulous boys always ko ito inaabangan.<3

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