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To The Beautiful You Summary Episode 7 September 7, 2012

Episode 7 starts with Jae-Hee falling into Tae-Joon’s arms, Ha-Na and Eun-Gyeol watched the whole thing. The four of them are walking together and Ha-Na is explaining that she was really disturbed because she thought Tae-Joon was with a girl. Seung-Ri meets them and tells Ha-Na to leave and she uses some cuteness to get him to allow her to stay even though he doesn’t really want to bend the rules for her. Eun-Gyeol and Jae-Hee walk behind and he says that Ha-Na is so sly and that  she would probably dress up like a guy to be in the dorm and of course this hits a nerve with Jae-Hee and she defends Ha-Na a little bit. Eun-Gyeol then tells Jae-Hee that he has decided to start dating Dong-Mu and she congratulates him and says that she is really pretty. Jae-Hee almost slips up by saying that even she as a girl would fall for her but quickly explains that because she is dressed like a girl is why she called herself a girl. As Jae-Hee leaves to change Eun-Gyeol takes out his phone and takes a bunch of pictures of Jae-Hee because he thinks that she is beautiful and could use to tease her later.

Jae-Hee changes and joins the party, Ha-Na sings a song to Tae-Joon and tries to get him to join her in a duet but he doesn’t move. Jae-Hee leaves while this is happening and Tae-Joon sees her leave. Jae-Hee goes to visit Sang-Chu the dog and discusses how she could have done a good job at singing as well.  She sings a bit and Sang-Chu joins in, Tae-Joon joins them because it was too loud in there. He asks when she changed and if its uncomfortable dressing up in disguise, Jae-Hee thought that he meant dressing up in boys clothes and he says he means in girls clothes. Ha-Na comes out and sees the two of them together. Tae-Joon says thanks for dressing up because he had heard from Seung-Ri that she had done it for him and that she didn’t need to go that far.

Dean of the dorms is discussing about the state of the dorms with another man and they are going to replace all the pipes when the do construction on the Annex. The Dean decides that number one dorm will have to be closed and a third student put into the other rooms for this construction.

Jong-Min goes into Eun-Gyeol’s and Hyun-Jae’s room and he is looking for Eun-Gyeol. Jong-Min is told that Eun-Gyeol has also moved rooms and is in Jae-Hee’s dorm room. Eun-Gyeol tries to take Tae-Joon’s bed and Tae-Joon does not allow this and throws his bag off his bed. Eun-Gyeol then fantasizes going around to other guys asking to switch rooms and is even willing to trade his signed soccer ball. Eun-Gyeol then says that he should share the upstairs with Jae-Hee, of course Tae-Joon doesn’t want that and instead gives him a hammock to sleep in and he agrees. The three of them go into class together acting all happy and Tae-Joon is annoyed. Jong-Min sees this and is annoyed by the three of them so happy together.

Jae-Hee is in the pool in a raft looking for the necklace and Eun-Gyeol comes in and joins her in the raft. He suggests going into the water to look for it and she reminds him that she is allergic to the chlorine. She then says sorry and pushes him into the water.

Ha-Na while driving with her driver she asks if he has any friends in a detective agency because she wants to check into one friend and she tells him that its Jae-Hee and to check into everything about her.

Eun-Gyeol is lying in the hammock and ask Jae-Hee if she wants ramen and he pulls out a little stove and pot and they make ramen. Tae-Joon comes in and reminds them that cooking in dorms is not allowed and he tells them to eat it elsewhere because it smells. Eun-Gyeol complains that there is no where else to eat it and then they are in the bathroom eating the ramen. Tae-Joon is in the room looking at his camera photos from the break and hear them laughing, he goes next to the bathroom door and listens in. Jae-Hee opens the door and falls in and asks him what he was doing and he of course being caught says he thought the door was a bit loose and that he needs to use the bathroom. Jae-Hee says that they are done and they leave to clean up.

Its nighttime and Eun-Gyeol is in his hammock on his phone and he gets a text from Dong-Mu saying that she misses him he replies him too. Eun-Gyeol is up and goes upstairs to look at Jae-Hee, his heart starts beating. The three of them are in the bathroom brushing their teeth together and Eun-Gyeol and Tae-Joon start competing by brushing their teeth fast.

Tae-Joon and Hyun-Jae train together very competitively. In the locker room Hyun-Jae tells Tae-Joon that thanks to him practice was fun today, he then asks if the rumor was trying about his condition. Tae-Joon just avoids his question and then tells him that he is not jumping for Hyun-Jae but that it doesn’t seem to be the case with him.

Jae-Hee picks up a movie from Tae-Joon’s shelf and he comes in and he tells her not to touch his stuff. She tells him that she liked the movie especially the ending he says he still hasn’t watched the ending. Eun-Gyeol comes in asking for a drink.

Ha-Na is in the car with the manager who is on the phone with Michelle Kim. Ha-Na keeps eating snacks which makes the manager mad and tells her that she needs to lose 3 kg before competition. The driver then tells Ha-Na that she should talk to Michelle Kim because she went to school with Jae-Hee in America.

Eun-Gyeol and Jae-Hee are in the upstairs and talking about the ghost stories at the Annex. Tae-Joon is annoyed by their talking so he comes up and tells them to keep i down. The two of them keep laughing and talking, Tae-Joon gets curious and peeks over the rail, Jae-Hee asks if he is doing exercise and tells him that they won’t bother him, she then pulls the curtain so he can’t see.

Tae-Joon is at his desk and Jae-Hee asks him to go bowling with them, of course he refuses them right away. Eun-Gyeol says that he can teach him some things and Jae-Hee says that it looks like he can’t bowl. Tae-Joon is very bothered by this comment and comes bowling with them. Hyun-Jae, Jong-Min and Seung-Ri also go bowling with them. Eun-Gyeol and Jae-Hee both get a strike but when Tae-Joon goes he calculates his turn but ends up throwing the ball backwards and Jae-Hee catches the ball. She gives him the ball back he makes some excuses and his second turns results in him falling on the ground and getting a gutter ball. Jae-Hee then tries to show Tae-Joon how do bowl and his next try he gets a strike and celebrates with Jae-Hee.

Eun-Gyeol goes into the dorm room to get his bathing suit, he hears Jae-Hee showering and goes toward the bathroom door to open it and Tae-Joon interrupts him asking what he is doing. Eun-Gyeol says he came for his suit and that he needed to use the washroom and then he leaves. Eun-Gyeol gets in the pool and looks for the necklace.  He takes a picture with his phone, he accidentally drops it and it falls next to the necklace and he is able to pick them both up.

Eun-Gyeol goes to find Jae-Hee and she explains that the necklace is Tae-Joon and that it is very meaningful to him and that he lost it because of her. Eun-Gyeol decides not to give it to her after hearing that.

Eun-Gyeol is in a clothes shop with Dong-Mu and she wants to wear a couple tee. She tells him that he looks worried and he says that he is having a hard time being a friend because he feels jealous. She asks him if its Jae-Hee he says yes and she says she feels jealous for some reason. He asks why and she says because all he talks about is Jae-Hee and that for the rest of the day talking about Jae-Hee is prohibited.

Jae-Hee meets up with Jong-Min and he asks if she has lost a necklace because he dropped it by the art room in the annex and that she should go find it because its going to be demolished tomorrow. A couple of guys are getting scary make up and wigs like from the ring done one of them is Jong-Min and they are planning on scaring Jae-Hee. Jae-Hee is walking around with a flashlight and jumping from different things.

first dorm leader is collecting some things that they left with two other guys in the annex as well. They then run into Jong-Min and the others dressed up and they both freak out. The three teachers are walking, coach, teacher Lee and Dr. Jang. Coach is talking about how he was in the marines corps and that they catch ghosts and then they run into Jong-Min and the others dressed up and Coach freaks out and faints.

Tae-Joon is in his room reading and he is worried because it is late, he tries phoning her but she left her phone in their room. Jae-Hee is still looking in the art room and the security guard came into the room but didn’t see her so he locks the door with chains. Tae-Joon is still waiting and Eun-Gyeol comes in he then gets a text message saying that Dong-Mu wants to see him outside his dorm so he leaves. Jae-Hee is trying to pry open the lock with a piece of wood and then tries to open the window.

Tae-Joon checks the library and runs outside. Jae-Hee flashes her flashlight out the window and gets Tae-Joon’s attention. Tae-Joon breaks a window and goes in and comes to the door, takes a fire extinguisher and breaks the lock on the door. Jae-Hee comes running out into Tae-Joon’s arms and he pats her head, as they walk back she holds his arm because she is scared. He holds her hand and she makes a comment about him being scared and he says no and a cat comes and he jumps and screams.

As they walk back she says she thought she was going to die and that she wants to sit down because her legs feel shaky. He grabs her leg and gives it a bit of a massage and she says that it would have been good to find the necklace. He says that even if he gets it back it won’t change anything and its just an obsession. He then explains the movie from earlier and that he used to watch it with his mom and that movies were her hobby.

 He flashbacks to his mom and him in the hospital watching a movie and his mom says that he can go home since he is flying out tomorrow and that she is also tired. He says that then next time they can finish it because he is also tired and that she can’t watch it without him and she agrees. As he leaves she grabs his arm and says that she is happy he is her son and that she loves him. She starts crying when he leaves and when he gets out the door he almost goes back in but then keeps going.

The next scene shows him winning world junior championship. Tae-Joon is riding with his dad and he says he wants to go to the hospital but his dad says to go home. His dad explains that he didn’t want to interfere with his competition so he didn’t call and that his mom. The next scene is Tae-Joon in a black suit holding a picture of his mom and him and then looking at his medal. He then pulls out the movie. Tae-Joon is crying and telling Jae-Hee that he tried to turn back time to finish watching the movie with her. Jae-Hee hugs his neck and is also crying.

Ha-Na is talking to Michelle Kim and she gives her yearbook to Ha-Na. Ha-Na takes it home and looks for Jae-Hee, she gets interrupted by a phone call as she gets onto the page with Jae-Hee’s picture.

Jae-Hee and Tae-Joon are in the dorm and he pulls out the movie and asks her if she wants to watch it and she agrees.

Tae-Joon walks down the stairs and meets the delivery man and he leaves him with all his packages. There is a package for Jae-Hee that says happy birthday and he picks it up and looks at it.

Teacher Lee is with Eun-Gyeol and he is helping with files and since he is so good she gives him even more things to organize. He asks for a pass from classes while looking he finds that it is Jae-Hee’s birthday today.

Dong-Mu is playing the violin at a concert and Eun-Gyeol is watching in the audience. As he is sitting there he tells the person next to him that she is his girlfriend and the guy says that she is his daughter and he greets and bows to him.

Dong-Mu and Eun-Gyeol are shopping and he wants to buy her something for her performance and also a commemoration of them dating. Eun-Gyeol goes to the clerk and asks to have Tae-Joon’s necklace wrapped up he then decides he will give it to her for her birthday.

Tae-Joon goes into a girly shop and he wants some makeup that doesn’t look like a women’s makeup. The clerk suggest unisex moisturizer.

Eun-Gyeol goes into the dorm and can’t find Jae-Hee, he looks elsewhere and Seung-Ri says that he saw her in the laundry room. He finds her in the laundry room and watches her outside for a bit and then goes in and gives her a back hug and this is how the seventh episode ends.

This was a very enjoyable episode so many cute moments between Jae-Hee and Eun-Gyeol and Tae-Joon and Jae-Hee. I think I entire love triangle between the three of them so funny that both guys are jealous of each other. I mean how perfect is a hammock for Eun-Gyeol!! its fits his character too well!! Tae-Joon crying just breaks and melts my heart!! soo funny when Tae-Joon tries to spy on Jae-Hee and Tae-Joon that was the best part. This episode was the most humorous I think so far and I really enjoyed it.


4 Responses to “To The Beautiful You Summary Episode 7”

  1. Eleu Says:

    What movie is that? The one with the dog. The movie used to watched it with his mom and Kang Tae Joon. Pls tell it to me. Thanks!

  2. luee Says:

    what phone is eun gyol using? seems like samsung. but im not just sure.

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