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Reviews on Korean and Asian Dramas

January 2016 Drama Review January 28, 2016

Okay so I finally have finished some dramas from November.

I finished Because It’s The First Time. I think the story fell flat, there just wasn’t enough substance there to make me feel too many emotions. The ending too fell flat and so I was happy when it was over. I mean it is an okay drama and can be entertaining but I feel that it was trying to hard to make you feel things. I mean dramas where they grow up can be emotional but this just didn’t leave a mark on me.

I also finished Bubblegum and to be honest I was only watching this drama because of Dong-Wook and since I love him so much on Roommates. So this drama, I thought also was a bit dry and tried to be emotional but I just didn’t connect with the characters too much. I just didn’t understand Haeng-Ah and how she could love her aunt who treated her so badly. I don’t really get those lead characters that have so much loyalty to people that treat them so badly. The ending wasn’t terrible but I wouldn’t recommend this drama if you don’t have a lot of patience!

The third drama I finished was Reply 1988. I have to say when I watched the first episode, I didn’t love it. I thought it was kinda weird and I thought the time period might be weird. I didn’t realize that but there is other reply dramas and they all follow the pattern of a couple in present day talking about the past and you don’t know who the husband is and you watch them growing up. But I was WRONG! This drama wrecked me for all dramas! I am sure I was crying about something in every episode and of course laughing as well. This drama can’t help but hit you deep because it tackles all kinds of issues and feelings that everyone feels as you grow up. The characters are all so lovable in this drama and it is never boring because there is so many characters story lines in one episode. I love full cast ensembles because it never gets boring. Seriously everyone should watch this! But the ending was traumatic and intense and I found this series hard to say goodbye to!! If you love Korean dramas you will love this drama. Remember-03

I have picked up some other dramas from December and January.
The first one is Remember or War of the Son, which is about a son who has hyperthymesia who is able to remember everything in perfect detail. His Dad gets accused of murder and he struggles to prove his Dad’s innocence because his dad gets Alzheimer’s. This is a crazy drama and there is a lot of problems that I can find with it, but it is still an interesting drama. It is very intense drama especially due to the corruptness in the law system. It is a classic battle between rich and poor and trying to find justice within the world. I find it a nice diversion from high school dramas and rom-com dramas. There are problems with it but I still find it interesting. Picture 1 Picture 2

The second drama that I have picked up is Moorim School. It is about a school where students go to learn virtues like honesty, faith, sacrifice, and communication. Two students come to the school one a displaced kpop singer played by Hyun-Woo who is struggling with his hearing. The other student is Hong-Bin who is from Vixx and is a son to a rich man and he sent to this school to become a better person. So first of all this a high school drama type feeling and is cheesy. It is not doing good because it has been shortened from 20 episodes to 16. I don’t think it is too bad and find it interesting but hopefully it won’t get weird and have a bad ending.

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The third drama I am watching is Cheese in the Trap. Which is based on a korean manhwa which I have been reading before I even knew it would be turned into a drama. I have to say I am enjoying this drama and I really enjoy how Korean adapt their dramas. I love the manhwa and even though they have changed parts of the story I am really enjoying the drama as well. It is about Hong-Seol who is a university student who is struggling with money and keeping her grades up. She meets Yoo-Jung who is her senior and he rubs her the wrong way when they first meet. Misunderstandings happen and Seol doesn’t really know what to think of Jung.  I am a little concerned because the manhwa hasn’t been finished yet and I don’t know how they are going to end the drama. I have high hopes for this drama and hope that the story will continue to be entertaining and interesting.

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The fourth drama that I haven’t watched yet but will start watching soon is Madame Antoine. Hye-Rim is a fortune teller and insists that she is spiritually connected to Marie Antoinette but it is a lie and she is able to trick people with her intelligence and keen sense. Soo-Hyun is a psychotherapist and it is his goal to prove that true love doesn’t exist and she signs up to a part of his test project because she believes in love. I think this will be an entertaining drama and I am excited to check it out. Madame-Antoine-tp3