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Manga Based Dramas August 1, 2012

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One important thing to realize or notice when it comes to Korean dramas or any other Asian drama is that a lot of them are based on manga/manhwa which are comparable to a comic. Many of my most favorite dramas are based on these manga and I find this very exciting because it is like your favorite book being published. This is also the reason that I enjoy anime as well because a lot of the times the manga turned into a drama has also been turned into a anime. manga are made in Japan and manhwas are made in Korea but a lot of Korean dramas are made from manga. Some dramas that are from manga is

Boys Over Flowers: This manga was used a lot I am pretty sure it has been turned into an anime and has been made into a Japanese and Korean drama. It did extremely well as a Korean drama.

Mary Stayed Out All Night: This is made from a manhwa and was turned into a Korean drama

Playful Kiss: this manga was turned into a Taiwanese drama, Korean Drama and a Japanese Drama.

Skip Beat: This is one of my most favorite mangas!! it has been turned into an anime and recently was turned into a Taiwanese drama but they had  Kpop Super Junior Siwon and Donghae play some of the main characters!! I have heard some rumors that there is going to be a Korean drama of Skip-beat which makes me very happy!!

Absolute Boyfriend: is a manga that has been turned into a Japanese Drama, and a Taiwanese Drama. There has been reports that there could be a Korean adaptation.

Fated to Love You: is a little different it started as a drama and then was turned into a manhua but I found it first as a manhua and then found the drama.


Full House: is a manhwa turned into a Korean drama.



To The Beautiful You: is a manga that has been turned into a Taiwanese drama, Japanese drama twice and recently a Korean drama.


Goong: is a manhwa turned into a Korean drama.

goong goong-cover

I am sure there are a lot more manga based dramas and I know that this will continue! I think it is the best thing to read a manga and then find out there is a drama based on it!! or that soon there will be!! its as exciting as Christmas!!


5 Responses to “Manga Based Dramas”

  1. Miaimo Says:

    fated to love you is a drama turned manga not manga turned drama

  2. I didn’t realize this, I guess because I read the manhua first and then found the drama because of it.

  3. bluericeball Says:

    fated to love you of the joe chen-ethan ruan tandem, is also a manhua based drama.. =>

  4. Risa Says:

    Absolute Boyfrend doesn’t have an anime yet, and that picture is from the Japanese drama, not from the taiwanese one.

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