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To The Beautiful You Episode 4 Summary August 25, 2012

The start of episode four of To The Beautiful You is Tae-Jae talking to Seung Ri’s mother and she is looking for Seung Ri’s brother Chang-Young because she didn’t send him on an errand but the van is gone. Tae-Jae flashes back to all the times Chang-Young was being friendly with Jae-Hee and gets on a bike to chase after them.

Jae-Hee is driving with Chang-Young and she realizes she forgot to ask Tae-Jae’s shoe size and wants to use Chang-Young’s phone, he lies and says he forgot it but Jae-Hee finds it. Jae-Hee phones Tae-Joon and he asks where she is and she tells him what she sees and then Chang-Young takes the phone away from her. Jae-Hee asks what’s wrong with him and he says to stay still and that nothing bad will happen as he locks the doors. They stop and Chang-Young tells her that he knows that she is a girl and tries to grab her but she runs out of the van and he follows her.

Tae-Joon has been riding bike and sees the van ahead but he can’t find them. Je-Hee runs out on the docks but Chang-Young catches up to her, grabs her and punches her. Chang-Young tells her to scream for help and Tae-Joon comes and gives him a high kick and they have a tussle.

Tae-Joon gives him one last punch and Jae-Hee tells him he can stop now, Chang-Young runs away. Tae-Joon turns to Jae-Hee and says sorry for being late and hugs her. Chang-Young gets in the van and drives away driving over the bike. Jae-Hee tells Tae-Joon that he hugged to tightly and then tells her to get on his bike for a piggyback while he is bent over he finds the bracelet and picks it up.

Ha-Na is eating on a swing and she wonders where Tae-Joon is because she hasn’t seen him all day. Eun-Gyeol comes up and asks if she has seen Jae-Hee she teases him and hits him again. Seung-Ri’s mom sees them and she asks if they have these love fights all day and they both refute that they are a couple. Dr. Jang comes out and asks them if Tae-Joon and Jae-Hee contacted them that day and wonder where they are. He then says they need to go look around.

Tae-Joon is still giving Jae-Hee a piggyback and they look like they are lost and Tae-Joon falls down. The rest of the guys are in the forest looking for them, they all split into groups. Tae-Joon and Jae-Hee are resting on the ground and he notices the mark on her face, he shows her the bracelets and ask if they are hers, she puts one on and then puts the other on Tae-Joon. Jae-Hee asks him what made him want to high jump, he says it is a noble sport because it doesn’t take much sweat or energy. He asks her if she was born in the states she says no she came with her mom after elementary school when her dad died and her mom remarried. He says it must have been hard and she says no thanks to him.

Tae-Joon carries Jae-Hee in the forest, she says she must be heavy and he agrees. She asks him how he feels while high jumping. He then flashes back to his mom asking the same question when he was little and practicing with his mom and he says it like flying to his mom. Eun-Gyeol and Ha-Na see the two of them piggy backing and finds them.

Dr. Jang is fixing up Jae-Hee’s wounds and its her old wounds which opened up and he tells her to be careful. Everyone is in the room with them and Seung Ri asks where his brother is and what happened. Tae-Joon says that he fought with Chang-Young over something petty. Jae-Hee goes back to the bedroom, Seung-Ri’s mom comes into where Tae-Joon is making a snack and tells him that Jae-Hee has no appetite and Tae-Joon exclaims how annoying for making others worry after she leaves the room. Eun-Gyeol comes into the bedroom and he sings his song for Jae-Hee, Tae-Joon is outside the door with the sandwiches and sees them and leaves.

At breakfast they find out that Dr. Yang went back for a conference. Jae-Hee is by herself after breakfast and Ha-Na comes up to her and says that she keeps getting on her nerves she doesn’t know why but it is her girl instincts and tells her to be careful from now on.

Everyone gets in the van and it has come back because Seung Ri’s mom got a call from the police and she picked it up. Eun-Gyeol is walking and notices the wall where he was painting and Jae-Hee’s handprint is still in the painting, Seung Ri’s mom see him looking at it and asks if it okay to leave it like that since it matches the wall and he agrees. Eun-Gyeol tells everyone to take a picture and they all get out to take the picture, his eyes are closed in the picture. As they are driving Jae-Hee asks Tae-Joon if she can borrow his tablet to check her email, as she reads it she stands up and hits her head and says coming this week.

Dr. Yang is in a washroom and washing his hands a well dressed man comes in and he notices how well dressed he is and wonders what he does. In his medical conference the man in the washroom is the speaker Daniel Dawson.

The three stalker girls set up a mini trampoline to jump and take pictures of Tae-Joon doing a CF at the school. The director tells Tae-Joon to say his lines with more enthusiasm and scolds him. The principal or head of the students comes over and scolds the director for scolding Tae-Joon.

Jae-Hee is in her dorm and reading the email from her brother saying that he is in Seoul because of a conference and wants to come visit her for lunch tomorrow and will pick her up at the all girl school Serin. Ha-Na comes in looking for Tae-Joon and she tells him he left for his commercial and she notices that Ha-Na goes to Serin High School and tries to ask a favor of her but she declines.

Ha-Na and Jae-Hee are filming the CF together, Tae-Joon tells the director that saying he is a miracle is a little wrong but Jae-Hee exclaims that from the crowd that he is a miracle. Jae-Hee then steals the uniform and a wig from the truck where Ha-Na used to change clothes.

Teacher Baek is training Hyun-Jae and is trying to beat Tae-Joon record in high jumping. Hyun-Jae can’t get over the jump and is upset,  coach Baek tells him that he is only a sesame leaf short but he is still upset.

Tae-Joon is walking and Ha-Na is hanging on him, Hyun-Jae is running and rubs it in his face that he is only wearing the clothes but not actually using them.

Eun-Gyeol is looking at pictures from the holiday and zooms in on Jae-Hee he catches himself looking and then does a web search looking up gay, he gets the meaning to be merry and cheerful. He then fantasizes about the two of them getting married and then into the marriage where they have a  boy child Jae-Gyeol. He freaks out about it after fantasizing it.

Tae-Joon is approached by his manager and she tells him he did a good job with the CF. His manager goes onto say that they should think about retiring and the next olympics was going to be the last anyway and with the injury they are just pushing it up.

Teacher Baek drives up in front of Teacher Lee and they talk about how they get to school and he offers to carpool with her and she refuses and then finds out they live in different areas and it wouldn’t even make sense.

Dr. Jang is looking up the doctor from his conference Daniel Dawson on the internet and finds an article about Yips Syndrome. Jae-Hee comes in asking for a pass and that its an emergency.

Jae-Hee is wearing a wig and is wearing a girls uniform when her brother Daniel Dawson from the conference calls to her and they run to hug. They have lunch together and he finds out she doesn’t have a phone so they go shopping. While shopping she keeps looking at mens clothing and then she starts shopping for girls stuff. Jae-Hee accidentally goes into the mens washroom out of habit then eventually she goes into the female washroom and meets up with Ha-Na but she isn’t recognized. She goes back to her brother and he tells her that her favorite Tae-Joon is here for a signing event and he drags her to get an autograph. She gets the autograph with a variation on her name and he doesn’t recognize her but Ha-Na comes out and says she wants to see her face because it looks familiar. Tae-Joon says she will know her from school because the uniform is the same and he tells Jae-Hee to just leave. Jae-Hee says goodbye to her brother and then she pretends to go to the school and then leaves.

Tae-Joon is cleaning out his gym locker and finds his scrapbook with all of his articles and pictures of his career and pictures of his mom. His coach comes in and tells him not end his career but Tae-Joon doesn’t agree and leaves.

Tae-Joon goes back to his dorm and Jae-Hee is already there she tells him that she got a cell phone, he doesn’t answer so she goes to her top bunk and onto the computer.

In class the next day Jae-Hee is yawning in class and Teacher Baek throws his chalk into her mouth and gets called outside. Eun-Gyeol phone goes off in class and the teacher also calls him out in the hallway. As they sit in the hall Eun-Gyeol answers his phone and the teacher catches him and then they have to run laps outside. Eun-Gyeol asks why she is so tired and she says she was making a video and she asks who had phoned him he says it was his Dong- Mu his elementary friend. He flashes back to elementary and a girl who gave him a hard time and would hit him but she moved to America when he was young.

Jae-Hee gets called out by Dr. Yang and he tells her about the guy he met at the conference and that he was an expert in neuropsychology and agreed to help him with Tae-Joon’s case. Dr. Yang asks Jae-Hee to help him with english because he doesn’t know how to speak it very well and she agrees. Her brother comes in the door and recognizes her right away.

Jae-Hee and her brother are in her dorm room and he is yelling at her for doing this and that she shouldn’t be doing this even if she likes Tae-Joon. She explains that because Tae-Joon gave her the motivation to get back on her feet she wanted to give back and see him jump again. Her brother says he won’t jump again because he has Yips and meanwhile Tae-Joon is outside the door listening to them. Her brother tells her that this a crucial time for her as well and reminds her of the promise she made to follow in his footsteps into an ivy league school. Her brother says in Korean that it doesn’t make sense for a girl to be living in a boy’s dorm and that she is just having reckless sympathy. Her brother tells her that he is going to book a flight tomorrow and he leaves the dorm while Jae-Hee follows after him protesting and Tae-Joon hides so she doesn’t see him.

Tae-Joon is with Sang Chu and is realizing how Sang Chu let Jae-Hee near him because Jae-Hee is a girl. Tae-Joon wonders how Jae-Hee can act like a boy so easily and wonders if he should send her back.

Jae-Hee comes back to her dorm and finds her luggage packed and by the door, Jae-Hee questions Tae-Joon and he says that he can’t leave with her anymore. Jae-Hee protests and Tae-Joon says that he will just go find his own room then and that he is giving up his jumping career and that she should stop talking about it and that she should get out of his sight. Jae-Hee starts to cry as Tae-Joon walks away.

Jae-Hee is sitting outside crying and Eun-Gyeol finds her and asks her what’s wrong, she denies she is crying. She tells him that she feels like a burden to everyone because she is impulsive and does what she wants and hurts others. Jae-Hee puts her head on his shoulder and Eun-Gyeol’s heart starts beating fast again, he leans toward her then freaks out and runs away.

Tae-Joon is in bed, Jae-Hee outside crying, Eun-Gyeol running on the soccer field until he falls. Eun-Gyeol phones Dong-Mu and asks to get together with her sometime.

Jae-Hee comes back to the dorm and says sorry for only thinking of herself, and that disappearing will help him, but for that short time she was happy and then says good-bye. Jae-Hee walks out of the school with her suitcase and this is how the fourth episode ends.

The fourth episode of To The Beautiful You was a very exciting episode!! First of all I loved the interaction between Jae-Hee and her brother! I actually liked this english actor because sometimes they are not always the best actors but I thought it was pretty natural. Eun-Gyeol fantasizing about living with Jae-Hee was hilarious!! I feel so bad for him because he thinks he is gay just because he is attracted to Jae-Hee. One thing that confuses me is Chang-Young attacking Jae-Hee like he wanted to molest her because she was dressed up as a boy? I mean was he going to blackmail because he knows she is a girl? I mean how is he supposed to recover from that like what did he think was going to happen in the end? It seems like Hyun-Jae is wanting to take over Tae-Joon role as being the champion high jumper! I almost feel bad for him because he is living in someone else’s shadow and he is obviously jealous of Tae-Joon and is trying to take him down. This drama is really interesting and there are so many story lines and so many different types of interactions between all the characters. There seems to be even more characters being added into the next episode, this can be slightly overwhelming but yet it is very interesting to see different characters react to others


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