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The Wedding Scheme Korean Drama Review (contains spoilers) July 30, 2012

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The Wedding Scheme/ The Marriage plot is not from the latest season but ended in May this year on tvN broadcast. I recently just finished this drama and I had wanted to watch it because it seemed like a more lighthearted and easy to watch drama. I wanted something that was more fun and less intense than the other dramas I was watching. This drama did not seem to get a lot of interest or hype as compared to Big or I Do I Do and I just happened to pick it up by fluke. I have to say that I really enjoyed it especially because of the disappointment from Big I feel better after watching the ending of this drama.


The plot of this drama is the mother of the four girls is the president of a kimchi factory and she wants to change her four daughters lives radically and come up with a plot for her girls to get married. Yoo Gun Hee the second oldest daughter is working at a rival food company and works with the most annoying guy Lee Kang Jae who is her boss and eventually those roles will change. The mom decides to fake a company crisis and there house becomes a boarding house and 3 men come to live in their house one of them being Lee Kang Jae who Yoo Gun Hee hates.

I found this drama to be very unrealistic and realistic at the same time. Some of the relationships that are portrayed are very realistic and some do not seem as realistic but sometimes I guess even life is unrealistic. I thought that this drama would be more lighthearted but of course cancer has to sneak its way into the story which made me teary. I am happy that it did not make me have a complete bawling session and a little bit of tears are okay.


Some things that I liked about this drama was the variety of relationships that are portrayed and if you did not like one couple there is more chances to enjoy some romance within this drama. I also liked that the episodes were a bit shorter because sometimes I find Kdramas a little bit longer than needed.  I liked that it was predictable in a good way and that there is a happy ending and I was surprised at how well written it is sometimes. I really liked in one of the last episodes the mom says something to the effect that you have to selfish in your love you can not be equal in your love to everyone. That it is okay for some people to be hurt by your love. I think that has touched me the most in the drama it made so much sense in that moment. It is okay to be selfish sometimes and to pick a person over another, it just means that your love is that important. I found this drama very heartwarming and enjoyed it for those reasons.


Some things that I did not enjoy in the drama was there was a little bit too much kimchi business in the drama I found it a little boring sometimes. Another minor thing that annoyed me was Lee Kang Jae was a little bit over the top sometimes and Yoo Gun Hee fashion in the drama was little bit 80’s and not my favorite type of clothing style. Another thing that bothered me in the drama is some parts of the story were a little unrealistic such as the mom wanting the girls to get married, but that sense of urgency in the mother is not really felt all that much in the drama. At one point she does not agree with the matches of the men and I think that she would have done a better background check on the men that she wants her daughters to marry.

I was surprised at how well this drama was made and I would want to watch a couple episodes in a row and found myself really enjoying the drama. I really appreciated it after the disappointing ending in Big and I realized that I like the predictable and satisfying endings in dramas and this drama has really accomplished this well. I would recommend this drama especially if you just finished watching Big!!


Big Review (contains spoilers) July 29, 2012

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The latest drama that I have finished is Big it is centered around Gil Da-Ran who is a high school teacher that is engaged to a doctor Seo Yoon Jae. Da-Ran’s student eighteen year old Kang Kyung-Joon gets into an accident with Yoon Jae and somehow they switched bodies. Yoon Jae is stuck in Kyung-Joon’s body in a coma and Kyung Joon is in Yoon Jae’s body and is alive and awake. This drama focuses on the problems that Kyung-Joon and Da-Ran have as they try to figure out what to do with this problem.
First of all I had loved the drama up to the end and is now dealing with sooo much disappointment in this drama. I would have recommended this drama up until the last episode. The writers really dropped this ball with this drama and they need a smack on the hand because so many people will be disappointed with the outcome. I have been waiting forever for Yoon Jae to wake up in his regular body and see what he thinks about Da-Ran and they do not deal with any of this. There are so many things left that are not dealt with and it is so frustrating after you have watched sixteen hours of this drama. It is not on the same level of Fashion Kings disappointing ending but it is high up there.

Some things I did like about this drama was the acting Seo Yoon Jae’s acting was really good and there were many funny moments that made me laugh out loud. I really like the beginning idea where the bodies are switched it reminded me of Secret Garden it I really liked that drama. I found that they way they fell in love to be interesting and loved that Da-Ran tried to ignore her feelings with sewing. I also liked the side stories. I really liked Da-Ran’s coworkers story where her friends fall in love it was so cute at least someone got a good ending.
What I did not like about this drama was basically the ending I am not sure why they did not want to show the transformation of the men in the end or why Yoon Jae gets an ending. Another thing I did not like was they did not show the proper body of Kang Kyung Joon and instead had a Yoon Jae’s body. I guess in Da Ran’s mind she could have her cake and eat it too? She preferred Yoon Jae’s body and Kyung Joon’s mind and personality. I guess mainly because they spend so much of the drama talking and figuring out what will happen when they switch bodies and it feels so unfulfilling that they do not sure the ending that the characters have been talking about for the entire drama.

I would not recommend this drama mainly because of the ending, it will make people very frustrated and disappointed and therefore even though the rest of the episodes were fun and interesting it makes the ending even more disappointing for the viewer.


I DO I DO Korean Drama Review (contains spoilers) July 27, 2012

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I just finished the korean drama “I do I do” and I have enjoyed this drama immensely. I am going to review this drama as a whole and just talk about the overall aspects of this drama. The story is Hwang Ji An who is the director of a shoe company and meets Park Tae Kang a young punk that has not found his place in the world they meet and have the encounter and Ji An  becomes pregnant. There is quite an age difference between the two. Other rivals make their way into the story Jo Eun Sung who is a doctor and Yeom Na Ri the vice president of the shoe company. This drama mixes the fashion, shoes,pregnancy, family and love together.

Some things that I enjoyed about this drama was first of all it was very unconventional approach to the usual korean romantic dramas. First of all the lead Hwang Ji An is a strong female warrior women that faces the world with no fear. I love how she does not have many hang ups and is easily able to separate her work and personal life. She is not the typical lead and you will rarely find her having a crying session over men breaking her heart. She has a strong grasp on her emotions and is very logical and does not rush into things.  Another aspect is that rival Jo Eun Sung is also a strong person that does not become a weak looking character even if he is not always the lead. Basically every character in this drama is strong and someone that I could admire. The second reason I liked this drama was  I found to be different is that almost none of the relationships were ever really defined or were forced to be defined even in the end I was still confused about definite relationships  between them. The third reason I enjoyed this drama was it showed realistically how hard it is to be a single mom and the hardships that can be faced in the workplace. I realize that it must be even harder than what they portray, but at least they talk about what hardships could possibly happen.Image
Some things I did not like about this drama is that she never looked pregnant and realistically it was hard to think that she was pregnant sometimes. There is a chance for some people that they do not gain much weight and be that far along but for me I just wanted to see more of a stomach. Thankfully in the end she does gain her stomach but it almost seems to much of a jump. Another thing that bothered me was Park Tae Kang I found him harder to accept as a character his acting seemed a bit much at times but he still did a good job. Their age gap was also a harder thing to accept but it still did work. One other thing that bothered me and happens in most dramas is the lead character that does not make it in the end they do not set them up as having someone in the end and for me I always seem to cheer for the underdog like come on Jo Eun Sung is a DOCTOR!! how can you turn down a Doctor he can take care of you and wants to take care of the baby you are having!!! I just wish they could have a good ending as well maybe its just the sappy romanticist within me that hopes their is a partner for every person. Image

I really did enjoy this drama and was never bored while watching it and would recommend it to anyone that like korean dramas and even people who just like dramas.