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The Wedding Scheme Korean Drama Review (contains spoilers) July 30, 2012

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The Wedding Scheme/ The Marriage plot is not from the latest season but ended in May this year on tvN broadcast. I recently just finished this drama and I had wanted to watch it because it seemed like a more lighthearted and easy to watch drama. I wanted something that was more fun and less intense than the other dramas I was watching. This drama did not seem to get a lot of interest or hype as compared to Big or I Do I Do and I just happened to pick it up by fluke. I have to say that I really enjoyed it especially because of the disappointment from Big I feel better after watching the ending of this drama.


The plot of this drama is the mother of the four girls is the president of a kimchi factory and she wants to change her four daughters lives radically and come up with a plot for her girls to get married. Yoo Gun Hee the second oldest daughter is working at a rival food company and works with the most annoying guy Lee Kang Jae who is her boss and eventually those roles will change. The mom decides to fake a company crisis and there house becomes a boarding house and 3 men come to live in their house one of them being Lee Kang Jae who Yoo Gun Hee hates.

I found this drama to be very unrealistic and realistic at the same time. Some of the relationships that are portrayed are very realistic and some do not seem as realistic but sometimes I guess even life is unrealistic. I thought that this drama would be more lighthearted but of course cancer has to sneak its way into the story which made me teary. I am happy that it did not make me have a complete bawling session and a little bit of tears are okay.


Some things that I liked about this drama was the variety of relationships that are portrayed and if you did not like one couple there is more chances to enjoy some romance within this drama. I also liked that the episodes were a bit shorter because sometimes I find Kdramas a little bit longer than needed.  I liked that it was predictable in a good way and that there is a happy ending and I was surprised at how well written it is sometimes. I really liked in one of the last episodes the mom says something to the effect that you have to selfish in your love you can not be equal in your love to everyone. That it is okay for some people to be hurt by your love. I think that has touched me the most in the drama it made so much sense in that moment. It is okay to be selfish sometimes and to pick a person over another, it just means that your love is that important. I found this drama very heartwarming and enjoyed it for those reasons.


Some things that I did not enjoy in the drama was there was a little bit too much kimchi business in the drama I found it a little boring sometimes. Another minor thing that annoyed me was Lee Kang Jae was a little bit over the top sometimes and Yoo Gun Hee fashion in the drama was little bit 80’s and not my favorite type of clothing style. Another thing that bothered me in the drama is some parts of the story were a little unrealistic such as the mom wanting the girls to get married, but that sense of urgency in the mother is not really felt all that much in the drama. At one point she does not agree with the matches of the men and I think that she would have done a better background check on the men that she wants her daughters to marry.

I was surprised at how well this drama was made and I would want to watch a couple episodes in a row and found myself really enjoying the drama. I really appreciated it after the disappointing ending in Big and I realized that I like the predictable and satisfying endings in dramas and this drama has really accomplished this well. I would recommend this drama especially if you just finished watching Big!!