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Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo Japanese Drama Review July 21, 2013

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I finished watching Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo a Japanese Drama, which is based on the manga. It has been made into a Korean drama in 2010 called Mischievous Kiss/Playful Kiss/Naughty Kiss and also a Taiwanese drama called It Started With a Kiss. I did watch the Korean version when it came out so it has been a while since I watched it and could not remember the details that well to compare. I think that I enjoyed the Korean drama more and not just because I watched it first but I enjoyed how far into the plot they went with the story line as the Love in Tokyo did not go as far into the future. I have not read the manga so I am not sure which one kept to the real plot better.


  I think this is a drama that I love to hate and I felt the same way when I watched the Korean version. The main girl is so needy and she always puts up with the guy who treats her horribly. I had so many instances when I am yelling at her to act differently and to push him back as much as he pushes her. She just takes too much crap and sometimes I just get so irritated with how she acts. At the same time I still need to keep watching and I guess I am just waiting for the point when she melts his heart and his actions become different. zura2

In Love in Tokyo I liked the main girl Kotoko most of the time but I found it weird that in almost every episode she never had her hair cover her ears. Not that I really care about it but to me it just seemed like she had larger ears and I would think you would want to hide it? maybe it was just me? I found that she overacted in this drama and a lot of her scenes were overacted. There were actually a lot of characters in this drama that were also overacters such as the mom, little brother sometimes, and Kin-chan. I found that a little offputting and hard to take serious but maybe that is okay then it was more of a lighter drama than a really serious one.


I liked Naoki as the main lead. He did a very good job at being cold and mean but I did not think there was enough balance because he was never nice. Even when he was supposed to be having a moment with Kotoko there was little warmth from him so it seems very farfetched that he even wants to have anything to do with Kotoko, even at the end. I think I started to dislike him towards the end because I feel like there was not enough growth within him to even be with Kotoko. I mean the ending is disappointing because it feels like we don’t get to see what we were waiting for the two of them just being together like a real couple. I guess I just expected more out of this drama.


I have to say,  I really liked Kin-chan in this version or the other love interest. I did not the other guy in the Korean version very much but Kin-chan was not bad as a character. I wished I could have seen Naoki and Kin-chan fight a little bit more rather than Kin-chan doing all the yelling and Naoki never saying anything.


I enjoyed this drama most of the time but found the ending unfulfilling! I am not sure if they are making a second season or not but if there is a continuation that maybe there is a chance to be fulfilled from that. If you have already watched a version of this drama not why not watch another one! I always love to see my favorite characters reborn in different dramas! If you have never watched it you may enjoy it but I am sure you will become frustrated at some point, but that is the risk you will have to take.


6 Responses to “Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo Japanese Drama Review”

  1. Katie Says:

    Can you recommend any dramas like this one? Or any good romantic comedies? Thank you 💕

    • Katie there are so many good dramas! I have not watched as many Japanese dramas as Korean dramas so most of my recommendations are from Korean ones!
      Secret Garden, Personal Taste, Full House 1, Full House 2, You’re Beautiful, Flower Boy Ramen Shop, Boys over Flowers, Switch Girl, Nail Shop Paris, Fated to Love You, Absolute Boyfriend, The Wedding Scheme, The Flower Boy Next Door. There are so many and I have enjoyed all of these ones!!

  2. Z Says:

    The reason why Miki Honoka was casted as Kotoko I think is her large ears, and that was why they didn’t cover it, just like in the manga, if u havent read it. Similar with the 1996’s japanese version, the Kotoko there is much more annoying with the larger ears i reckon lol.
    Anyway, the korean cast doesn’t really show how physically Kotoko supposed to look like

  3. Risa Says:

    Maybe you already know but yes, there’s a second season. Well… In my case I have tosay that I like this version more than the korean one (actually I couldn’t watch more than 2 episodes).
    I watched the taiwanese version years ago and also watched the anime, and when the korean version first come out… well, was weird (and bad acted too?). Actually, I don’t really like when koreans make dramas based on japanese manga, because they tend to mess up everything, and make another typical korean… “drama”

    • Everyone is entitled to their own opinions when it comes to adaptations but I judge them on the individual dramas. I haven’t read the manga or the anime so I enjoyed both versions for different reasons. I find if you want it to be like the manga the anime versions do the best by the manga. I did watch the second season of it and I can’t say I loved it the overacting was very predictable of Kotoko and he was just so cold and I found the character so lacking in any personality. I think when it comes to live action I prefer it to be toned down and not to outrageous. For the anime I like to be more funny and overacting fits in better!?

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