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High School Love On Episode 8 Summary/Recap September 14, 2014

In the beginning of the 8th episode Seul-Bi decides to go back being an angel and  her Sunbae shows up and tells her that she has 7 days before she goes back to being an angel. At school the girl from the cafe asks Seul-Bi about the 29th and if she saw Ye-Na then because she came to her cafe on the same day. In class Seul-Bi apologizes to everyone for making their lives harder and everyone is shocked.

Picture 1

Woo-Hyun is at school and is writing a letter of apology in a room by himself. Seul-Bi goes to the room and finds Ye-Na there and she wants to return Woo-Hyun the money he gave her before. Seul-Bi tells her that she should ask Woo-Hyun what he wants and gives her advice, and she gives Seul-Bi the money to give to him. Jae-Suk is with his gang and Chun-Shik and they want to keep beating him up and Seul-Bi comes and tries to stop them and she tries to use her powers and Jae-Suk tell her that she can act cute sometimes and goes to touch her head and Sung-Yeol pushes his hand away. The girl from the cafe and Suk-Hoon blow whistles around the corner and Jae-Suk and his gang get scared and run away. Seul-Bi and Sung-Yeol talk later and she says she owes him and tells him if he wants anything or to do something that he should tell her. The girl from the cafe talks to the teacher and explains the situation about Ye-Na planning the whole thief situation and that Jae-Suk bullies Chun-Shik and he tells her he did not know of all this. Seul-Bi and Sung-Yeol both are going to give Woo-Hyun their notes and he finds them together and they squabble a bit and then they go back to class.



Picture 2

Jae-Suk goes to Woo-Hyun room and they get mad at each other and Woo-Hyun grabs his collar and the gym teacher catches them and sends Jae-Suk away. The gym teacher reads the letter of apology and is says that Seul-Bi did not steal it and he doesn’t believe Woo-Hyun. Mrs.Ahn and Grandmother get together and she asks Mrs. Ahn to look out for Woo-Hyun and that he doesn’t have to live with her. Grandmother tells her that if she doesn’t do it she is going to tell her husband and son and that even if she gets divorced she could live with Woo-Hyun then. Mrs. Ahn gets mad and says that even when she was with Woo-Hyun as a baby he only looked for Grandmother and she told her to leave because Grandmother wold take good care of Woo-Hyun and tells her not to see her again.


Picture 3

Woo-Hyun and Seul-Bi go out for supper and they talk about him giving Ye-Na money and her apologizing and he tells her will reveal the truth for her. He complains of his arm hurting from writing the letter and she massages it for him. They then go shopping together and he suggests a couple tee and they like them and Seul-Bi suggests they get one for Grandmother.

Picture 4

They go home and eat with Grandmother and she tells Woo-Hyun that she is selling the store because she wants to go on vacation and he likes that idea so she can rest more. She shows Woo-Hyun all the money that he needs for the future. The homeroom teacher and gym teacher go out for drinks and the homeroom teacher is upset that he didn’t know about what was happening with his students and the gym teacher tells him that he was just seeing what he wanted to see and he thought he knew. Grandmother is getting rid of her clothes and Woo-Hyun gives her a hard time because of it and thinks something suspicious is going on and hugs her and tells her she needs to live long and she gets tears in her eyes. Grandmother gives Seul-Bi all her recipes so in case she forgets she has them and that the secret is thinking about the person she is cooking for. The three of them wear their couple tees and go on a picnic together. At the picnic Seul-Bi and Woo-Hyun are chasing each other and Grandmother starts having more pain and calls out to them and the ambulance comes and they go to the hospital.

Picture 5

The doctor tells them that Grandmother is in the last stage of her cancer and is beyond treatment and that he should get ready for her death. They go see Grandmother and Woo-Hyun is crying and asking why she didn’t tell him. Grandmother wakes up and tells him that she didn’t want to break his heart by telling him. She tells him to go get her bag from home and Seul-Bi stays with her and she tells her to always smile for him. While Woo-Hyun is at home he gets a call and goes running to the hospital. When he gets there Grandmother has flatlined and died. Seul-Bi sees Sunbae taking Grandmother and asks him to give her more time. Grandmother then realizes that Seul-Bi is an angel. Seul-Bi then says that if she knew how much it hurts for someone to die that she would have been kinder when taking a dead person and would have given them time to say goodbye and told them about those left behind. Sunbae tells grandmother it is time to go.

Picture 6

Woo-Hyun catches Seul-Bi talking about leaving and she tells him she has to go back and he thinks her memory has come back and that it is soon and he tells her to go now instead. The funeral happens and Sung-Yeol comes and sits with Woo-Hyun. Some of Jae-Suk’s gang members come to the funeral and Suk-Hoon at first won’t let them in but one of them says that it takes a real man to come to funerals.

Picture 7

Mrs. Ahn is there and finds her husband because Sung-Yeol phoned him. An older lady recognizes Mrs. Ahn as Woo-Hyun’s mother in front of her husband and she tells her she got the wrong person. Sung-Yeol gets a phone call from his real mother and she tells him that she is getting married and he gets upset and wants to know why everyone is only concerned about their happiness and not his and Mrs. Ahn overhears the conversation. Mrs. Ahn tries to comfort him later and tells him adults are bad and they don’t leave because they don’t like him but that they think he will understand. Sung-Yeol’s dad talks about helping Woo-Hyun and finding his mother and Mrs. Ahn jumps in against that idea. Woo-Hyun is at the funeral with Sung-Yeol and is upset that he didn’t realize that she was sick and is blaming himself and Grandmother and Sunbae are there watching them and is feeling bad for him. Seul-Bi’s book tells her it is the last day and she gives Sung-Yeol a cd and tells him that she is leaving and he is upset that everyone is leaving him and when they shake hands he pulls her into a hug.

Picture 8

Seul-Bi tells Woo-Hyun that she is leaving he tells her to go. Sunbae, Grandmother and Seul-Bi all watch Woo-Hyun sit outside and Grandmother tells her to take care of Woo-Hyun and hit him hard so he can cry easier. Sunbae takes Grandmother away and when Seul-Bi goes to talk to Woo-Hyun Sunbae stops her and tells her quick goodbyes are better and she decides to leave with him.
Picture 9

Wow what a sad episode! I definitely shed some tears throughout this episode! I recently found out that Seul-Bi (Kim Sae-Ron) is only 14 years old! Wow her acting is awesome and I didn’t even know she was that young and I am sure a lot of the actors around her are a lot older and she is able to carry the drama as a lead!! I am highly impressed! Did anyone else realize how young she was? It was hard to have to wait an extra week for this episode!! Why is it only this series that seems to keep being bumped!?

It really seems like Mrs. Ahn’s husband has realized that she is Woo-Hyun’s mother and he wants to help the situation but she is so shut off and doesn’t want to tell him which is silly because he seems like the most understanding and empathetic man in this drama!! I would love to see them all living as a family that would be awesome! I mean Woo-Hyun can’t just live by himself now! It is so sweet that Sung-Yeol is taking care of Woo-Hyun and supporting him!

I mean we are halfway through the drama and she is going back to being an angel already! or is she? I mean that seems to early for her to go back and stay as an angel for the rest of the drama so she must go back to being human after an episode or 2 or she is going to change her mind and not go back with Sunbae yet? I am not sure but it definitely is a fun drama well I guess this episode wasn’t that fun? more depressing!


4 Responses to “High School Love On Episode 8 Summary/Recap”

  1. memoona ejaz Says:

    Reblogged this on monaejaz and commented:
    Don’t go back 😢

  2. rebeccag Says:

    Why is he mad at Seul Bi and tell her to leave??

    • I think the reason he gets mad at Seul-Bi is because he is angry with her for leaving. His grandmother just died and he is hurt and sad and is taking out his frustration on Seul-Bi. He doesn’t want her to really leave but because she has to he is going to make sure she is also feeling hurt for doing that to him!

      • JT Says:

        bcz he was in a very misserabe situation after his grand mom’s departure.and i think he didnt want seul bi to get hurt bcz of him.bcz he really loves her more than anything.

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