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Her Legend Episode 20 (Final) Recap/Summary October 18, 2013

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The 20th and final episode starts with Jin-Hoo calling a shareholder’s meeting and Jin-Hoo wants Director Choi dismissed from his position. Jin-Hoo goes up and tells everyone that Choi has been illegally giving and receiving rebates and in order to receive the rebates he manipulated the sales and embezzled company funds. Jin-Hoo has the evidence and it gets passed to out to everyone. Director Choi defends himself and says that it was necessary for him to do this and if he hadn’t then ShinHwa wouldn’t have made it this far and that the funds were never used for personal use and without the funds the business deals they made wouldn’t have happened. Jin-Hoo tells them that the funds are at a all time low and the Alberto brand was a bust. He pulls out the latest Alberto bag and tells them he bought it at the local market. He tells them that the Alberto line has not met the expected increase in sales so he and Kyung-Hee used the company’s fund by buying the product, resulting in increased sales, and the products being thrown out and some ended up in the market. He then introduces Jung-Soo and she explains she was on the Luna team but was kicked out and the bag she developed has become a success and that it is a brand of ShinHwa and the late President Do helped develop this product. That Joom Chi was what President Do had wanted an independent domestic brand, a brand that can be known worldwide. She asks everyone for their help and then they vote and the majority is in favor of dismissing Director Choi.

Picture 2

Manager Goo tells Kyung-Hee that Director Choi has been dismissed and will be sued for embezzlement and after hearing this Kyung-Hee has another attack and is taken to the hospital.

Picture 1

  Director Choi hears that Kyung-Hee has gone to the hospital and he goes to see her there. Do-Young and her husband come to and the doctor tells them they are going to do a cardiac workup and Director Choi questions why she it was not further investigated earlier. Aunt and Uncle come and Aunt is blaming Do-Young for causing her stress and reveals everything about Kyung-Hee in front of Director Choi. Director Choi goes to see Uncle alone and has figured out that Kyung-Hee is Uncle’s daughter and so then he asks where his niece is then and Uncle doesn’t want to tell him. Jung-Soo comes and she calls out to Uncle and Director Choi figures out that Jung-Soo is the niece and possibly his daughter.

Picture 3

Kyung-Hee is taken past them so they all go to see and Aunt tells everyone to leave because she is going to take care of Kyung-Hee.

Picture 4

Director Choi then recalls his incidents with Jung-Soo and pulls out an old picture of her mother. Jin-Hoo finds Jung-Soo and Jung-Soo asks what will happen to Director Choi and Kyung-Hee and he tells her that the shareholders and the company will prosecute them and after the investigation they will be punished. Jin-Hoo still wonder what kind of person Choi was to keep the secret that he wanted ShinHwa for 30 years. Jung-Soo tells him that is started as a simple secret but as time went by that secrecy turned him into the person he is now and thought it was okay to keep secrets and fool people. Kyung-Hee wakes up in the hospital and finds her mom sleeping there, she gets dressed and takes her car. Aunt wakes up and sees her gone and phones Mr. Woo and he comes down to the hospital, they try her cell but it is in the room. Aunt begs him to find Kyung-Hee because she has a bad feeling. Kyung-Hee is driving and has another heart problem while driving and stops in the traffic.

Picture 5

Director Choi is waiting in his car for Jung-Soo and sees her walking by and he stops her. They sit to talk and she asks if he knows her uncle and mother and he says he does. He asks her if her mom named her and if she knows why and she says that since she didn’t have a father, she took her mom’s last name and that the Jung-Soo is a combo of both her mom and dad’s name. He tells her that the Jung is from Hye-Jung and the Soo is from Choi Soo Ho from his name. He wonders why he couldn’t have figured out that she was his daughter and starts crying and she does as well. She tells him that the day her mom passed away they went to ShinHwa and was supposed to meet someone there and that he was that person. He tells her he saw her then and she asks why he threw them away or even try looking for them. He tells her that her mom threw him away first and told him he was standing in her way and he couldn’t hold onto her and couldn’t give up what he had and didn’t know she existed in this world and then says sorry. She tells him that she never asked about her father because she thought she would when her mom was ready but in the end her mom couldn’t tell her and that she thinks her mom never got over him.

Picture 6

Jung-Soo is with Jin-Hoo and she told him that Choi is her biological father and he is upset because he is always going against her and hurting her. She tells him that even if he knew it was her father he wouldn’t have let it go and that he didn’t do it for his own revenge so he shouldn’t feel sorry.

Picture 7

Director Choi is leaving ShinHwa and shaking hands with his coworkers. He goes and shakes his hands with Jin-Hoo and tells him that he is sorry and that he was wrong and he means it even though he lost. Kyung-Hee is at some sort of nunnery and she confesses her sins. A nun brings Kyung-Hee some food and tells her that when she is suffering she should go to her friends or family because that is why people exist for people to be together when they are suffering.

Picture 8

While Kyung-Hee is sitting on a pew Jung-Soo comes in and finds her and tells her that she came here first even though Aunt and Do-Young both wanted to come. Kyung-Hee tells Jung-Soo that she hated her because even though she was an orphan and should have been crying she was always smiling. Even though she had more than her Jung-Soo was happier with less and that made her mad. She thought that Jung-Soo just had good luck and that it didn’t belong to her so she stole it without feeling guilty. Jung-Soo tells her to stop being evil and selfish and Kyung-Hee tells her that she doesn’t know how anymore. Jung-Soo tells her that she better start learning now and that she needs to make sure she doesn’t make the people who love her suffer.

Picture 9

One month later Jin-Hoo has made Lee Seung Do the leader of ShinHwa. Jung-Soo is the team leader at ShinHwa working with some of her old team from before. Jung-Soo goes to visit Jin-Hoo for lunch and they talk jokingly about engagements. He tells her that Manager Kang is going to see Director Choi soon and that she should go with him and she says he told he is doing fine and that is enough. Jin-Hoo asks why she can’t forgive him and if it because of him and she says it is not. Do-Young is with Kyung-Hee and she asks her if she is going to go back to work at Sae Kyung and Kyung-Hee tells her she doesn’t deserve the position. Do-Young tells her that there is no other person that can take her position and not because she is their daughter but because he needs her and that even though she made a mistake she just needs to recognize them and not repeat it again. Kyung-Hee tells her that she wants her to scold her and punish her because she can’t forgive herself and she doesn’t know why Do-Young forgives her either. Do-Young tells her it is because she is punishing herself that she forgives her and that she believes that mother and children even if they are adopted don’t choose each other and she hugs Kyung-Hee. Manager Kang goes to see Director Choi and he is working in a field. Manager Kang tells him that he is going to be leaving for a couple of years and gives him a letter from Jung-Soo.

Picture 10

Jung-Soo tells him in the letter that she at first resented him and then having a father all of a sudden made her hesitant and she needs some time to be more comfortable. Kyung-Hee and Manager Kang are talking and he tells her that he is going to work at Red Milano now and she asks if they can be friends and that she understands his dream now. They shake on it and he invites her to visit him in Italy and she turns him down because her feelings for him are not completely gone. Jung-Soo goes to Jin-Hoo and hands her resignation letter and tells him she wants to go work at the market again because she is more creative there and they need her there. Jin-Hoo invites her out and Jin-Hoo goes and makes a bag. Jin-Hoo and Jung-Soo go out to eat and at dessert Jung-Soo is looking through her icecream for a ring and Jin-Hoo catches her. He then pretends to do some magic and when she turns back around he has a diamond necklace for her in the shape of a bag.

Picture 11

He then pulls out the bag he made and is embarrassed about how it turned out but Jung-Soo loves it. She starts moving her things to the new bag and Jin-Hoo tries to stop her and tells her not to use it and that he will make a new one.

Picture 12

Jung-Soo goes back to her old office and starts cleaning it when designers start coming for a meeting. She addresses the group and talks about how they are all there to make bags and together they will make a product with passion and love and this is how the final episode ends.

Picture 13

The actual ending was a bit flat! I was expecting more drama between Jung-Soo and Kyung-Hee over Do-Young. I mean there was no ending for Jung-Soo and Do-Young? Did she end up living with Do-Young? was she adopted by her? or was her father now supposed to replace all of that? Did Kyung-Hee change? and was there actually something wrong with her heart? I mean it is kinda weird that Kyung-Hee and Do-Young are talking about being mother and child, I mean she grew up longer in the care of her real parents! I mean she should have been reconciling with them and have a stronger connection with them seeing as her real mother really loves Kyung-Hee and wants the best for her.  I didn’t feel sorry for her at all throughout the series! even when she was crying and sad, she never learned and just kept trying to tear Jung-Soo down. Jung-Soo pretty much rose above all that and was more focused and using the talents that she had and believing in herself. I was fine with the ending of Jung-Soo and Jin-Hoo, they ended up together and seem happy. I thought it was so funny that Jin-Hoo was now the one making the luxury products instead of Jung-Soo making them for him. It is a little weird that Director Choi was working in a field like that is a drastic change of careers! I wonder if his wife was with him because she seemed like she wouldn’t want to move out in the country and have a cut in her expense account? He seemed like a pretty terrible husband to her though! I have enjoyed this drama and thought it was pretty interesting! of course I had more hopes for the ending but it was still satisfying to me and I would have watched again! Thanks everyone for voting on the poll! Ofcourse Jin-Hoo has one the first spot for Jung-Soo’s heart, but I have to say Kyung-Hee to feel pain was only 13 votes away from winning!! I am not sure if Kyung-Hee felt adequate pain in the series to the amount that she caused but she sure squirmed a lot!


9 Responses to “Her Legend Episode 20 (Final) Recap/Summary”

  1. Jolin Says:

    the supposedly “villain” had a good ending, she ended up with 2 sets of parents.. one adoptive and one real.. she never learnt her lesson.. maybe they should have sent her away in exile and she comes back changed. but noo.. all throughout the drama she gets to wear nice clothes n carry nice bags.. jung soo didnt step up to ultimately become “HER legend” kyung hee’s mom and dad got away scott free.. so many loose ends.. i think a better ending would have been kyung hee learning her lesson one way or another by loosing her adoptive parent and reconciling towards the end.. jung soo could have been more successful in her career.

    ALL in all i feel like my 20 eps of time placed in was nullified. ARG

  2. Adam Says:

    In the end i felt so terrible why jung soo couldn’t stay or living with her biological father but kyung hee. Atleast if jung soo should living with parents is more fulfilled to the viewer. Kyung hee should not be forgive and should kick out from the house. Mrs. Woo should take back jung soo.

  3. bpyosheyi Says:

    u,m,mm it was okay in a way i guess

  4. Olamide Says:

    Flat ending

  5. carmen Says:

    It was great but not rili to my liking


    i real like it, it was good

  7. Neal Gaylor Says:

    Crappy ending! No resolution of Jung So/Do Young relationship! I really hate in these dramas that the evil criminal characters NEVER get the punishment they deserve!!! Choi and Kyung Hee should have gone to prison!!! These dramas ars not very real life oriented.

  8. Edwin Obando Says:

    I agree too with most comments, that you dont see enough regret from the villains.
    At least four people on the main protagonist should be send to jail, the mother of Kyung hee never asked for forgiveness to Jung Soo or anyone else.
    Also Kyung Hee was never clear about apologizing to Jung Soo, it just was “I was too jealous of you”
    The sentimental part was clear enough for me, Jung Soo would get married with Do Young eventually.
    But yeah, I think forgiveness could not be possible without a punishment here and nobody were punished properly.
    So bad because the rest of the Dorama was really good, except the ending.

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