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Liebster Award April 17, 2015

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Wow I have never even heard of such an award but it sure sounds like a fun one!! I never thought that anyone would be reading my blogging on dramas especially because there are many out there! but thank you everyone!

The thanks goes to . Go check out all of her lovely reviews and posts!

So, a Liebster Award is an award given by a blogger to other blogger/s. It is said that the Liebster award was created to recognize and/or discover new bloggers and welcome them to the world of blogging. In my opinion, this seems like a nice gesture for creating connections among bloggers.

There are 6 rules and they are very easy to follow:
1. Link back to the wonderful person that nominated you
2. List 11 facts about yourself (it’s optional )
3. Answer the 11 questions given to you by the person who nominated you for the award.
4. Nominate 11 blogs/bloggers
5. Think up 11 different questions for the people you are nominating to answer.
6. Then you need to notify your nominees so that they know and can answer and join in!


11 facts about myself

1. Netflix was my start into everything! I watched fruits basket and the rest was history.

2. I am really upset that the manga author of Nana has not continued writing this manga 😦

3. I am currently having a hard time with my health and doctors have not been able to help me 😦

4. I have been currently been listening the music of Oh Wonder.

5. I have two puppies who I adore!

6. I have not been watching too much anime lately maybe someone could recommend some good ones?

7.  I am definitely a sucker for a good romantic drama! too bad life isn’t more like that!

8. I have recently gotten into making thread bracelets!

9. I want to write a book someday!

10. I have long hair ! I have been trying to figure out when I need to cut it?

11. My face is really round!


1. Black or White?

Not sure to what you are referring but I prefer to wear black?

2. If you would star in a drama or movie, which one is it?

I have always liked Personal Taste, the humor with all the love and support through sadness!
3. Printed books or Ebooks?

Printed books are still best to me right now!
4. Favorite Song?

Currently I love You’re my best friend by The Once
5. What do you do when you’re stressed or depressed?

When I’m stressed I try to lose myself in a drama or show?
6. The one skill or talent you wished to be born with?

The skill to make lots of money! lol
7. Who is your favorite actor?

Currently it is Jo In-Sung I basically watched winter that wind blows just for him!
8. Cap or Umbrella?

Probably umbrella?
9. What language do you want to learn?

I would love to learn Korean!! lol
10. Which anime/drama/movie character best describes you or is similar to you?

Probably Dok-Mi(Park Shin-Hye) in Flower Boy Next Door. I don’t get out much!
11. That one place you wish to visit, where is it?

I would love to go to anywhere in Asia would be fun like Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Korea!


Okay I nominate


Okay 11 questions for you now!

1. What is your favorite era?

2. If you could be an animal what would you be?

3. What is your favorite drama?

4. If you could join a Kpop group which one would you join?

5. If you could spend a day with a celebrity who would you choose?

6. Where would you like to study abroad?

7. If you could change anything about yourself what would it be?

8. What is your favorite song currently?

9. What is the last anime you have watched?

10. What is the last drama that you have completed?

11. What drama do you wish you never spent time watching?

Wow this was more work that I thought! but still lots of fun!



11 Responses to “Liebster Award”

  1. snow Says:

    Thanks for nominating me. Loved your answers…get well soon dear! I hope you regain your good health very soon. Fighting!

  2. First of all, get well soon, as soon as possible and i really do hope doctors will help you become a powerful drama warrior once again! 🙂 But yes, some good romantic drama that would appeal in real life would be pretty much awesome, we all know that it’s a world of fantasy where we can feel better, especially when there’s a happy ending despite the difficult parts in between, but if it could turn to life in real life sometimes for us mortals would be pretty much awesome ;D And… i want an autograph on the future book! 😛

    Money doesn’t bring happiness, but in our occasion we need money to be happy: “The skill to make lots of money! lol” because “I would love to go to anywhere in Asia would be fun like Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Korea!” Asian happiness costs and we have to be happy = money! Jo In Sung pretty much owns in It’s OK, that’s Love and That Winter, the Wind Blows!

    Will get back at you with my answers as soon as possible within this week! Thanks a lot for the nomination once again!

    • Thanks I am also trying naturalpathic ways to help because the doctors haven’t helped, especially because the blood tests come back fine and so they can’t explain my symptoms then. Thanks for replying!!

      • You’re welcome, if you feel exhaustion for no apparent reason we’re kind of in the same boat since blood tests are always fine and doctors can’t help either 😛 Haven’t tried naturalpathic ways though yet 😀

      • My blood tests were coming back strange with high cortisol but because I don’t have the worst case scenario disease they automatically think it is nothing. sigh and then just put me on thyroid medication, that has not helped at all! I am going to a lady that does sho tai and it might be helping a little but she thought I was in rough shape and that it would take time!

      • Ah yeah, cortisol sometimes has to do with thyroid, but in your case it didn’t help :/ But i deeply hope that everything gets solved as soon as possible and it will ^-^

  3. Thanks I really hope that I will feel better! I hope that you feel better too!!

  4. thestarkiki Says:

    Printed books, yey! ❤ and with Dok Mi, same here. I don't go out much, and I find peace being alone. Its nice to know someone with the same sentiments, at the least. 🙂
    Thank you for taking time answering, and it was fun reading them! 😀

  5. EBERE Says:

    I enjoy Korean dramas a lot, stumbled upon it during my search for more…love it and well done!

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