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Sprout Episode 11 (Final) Summary and Review October 18, 2012

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Sprout episode 12 starts off with Souhei’s wind chime ringing and it is summer one year later. Miku narrates that it has been one year since Souhei has left, she is getting ready for school and her hair is longer.

Miku is walking to school and she is thinking that in the past year nothing has happened that she would have to talk about.

Miyuki is getting asked out by a student and she says sorry and walks away. Takeru and Arata overhear this and they tease each other saying they should ask her out.

Miku, Fumiko and Ami are walking together and they pass Souhei and Hayato and they both reply hello politely. She narrates that they both went back to being normal classmates.

At soccer club Souhei is the new captain and he tells everyone he will do his best, Sou is in the club. Haruka comes over and she says she has just come to watch the new captain speech and chides him for making it so short. He bows and she walks away.


Miku is with her friends and Ami is being all cute on the phone and Fumiko asks if Miku still doesn’t feel like dating and Miku replies that its not like she is popular. Fumiko calls her out and says it because she can’t forget her fated person who is Souhei, she flashbacks to when she held hands with her fated person. As they walk they see the soccer club and Fumiko asks Miku if she thinks that one day she will be able to unite with her fated one someday and Ami asks if she still believes in her eternal first love. Miku says she was wrong that Souhei wasn’t her fated person and that is why they won’t be united.

Souhei watches the girls walk past during practice and Takeru notices and calls him back. Takeru and Arata are talking after practice and they figure that Souhei liked Miku the whole time and that is why he broke up with Miyuki.

Naoharu, Kiyoka and Miku’s parents are preparing to eat outside and Miku’s mom says that it has been awhile. Kiyoka is remembering about coming there last year and she says it s a bit lonely.

Miku comes home and sees Souhei’s bike, Souhei is eating BBQ and Miku’s mom says that if she knew Souhei was coming she would have made more chicken, Naoharu says sorry but he suddenly came over. Miku is with them and her dad notices that this is the first time that Souhei has come over since he left. Miku thinks that even if its like this she is happy, Souhei notices that the wind chime is up and Miku nods that she did.

Souhei gets his bike and is walking out, Miku comes running after him and says that she will walk him to the corner. As they walk Miku tells him congratulations on being captain and she thinks that there is a lot that she wanted to talk about the words won’t come out very well. Souhei says that he is glad to see everyone doing well and she agrees and is glad he is good too. He says bye and she says this is the first going to separate homes, he acknowledges and then says he is going to go. He bikes away and Miku watches and thinks that they can’t go back to the summer when Souhei was here.

Miku is walking in her uniform and meets Miyuki and the stop to sit on a bench. Miku says that it has been awhile since they talked like this, since there sleepover. Miyuki asks if she still likes Souhei, Miku just laughs.

Hayato is waiting in the school and Souhei comes in asking what he wanted to talk about. Hayato asks why Souhei doesn’t go out with Miku, because he likes her.

Miku says that it isn’t that she likes Souhei and that ever since he stopped boarding at her house they have been just like classmates. Miyuki tells her that she is a really bad liar.

Souhei replies that he doesn’t really like Miku, Hayato says that he doesn’t have to lie anymore and to hurry and confess.

Miyuki tells her that at that time she wanted to be Miku and was jealous but now she doesn’t want to be her because she stopped time one year ago and that it is probably the same for Souhei.

Souhei says that it is fine the way it is because he thought he would be with Miyuki forever he wasn’t able to persist with those feelings. Hayato asks if he thought that Miyuki would have been happy like that.

Miyuki asks if she would be okay if Souhei would go out with someone else and she replies that it is something for Souhei to decide and Miyuki replies that she is one to talk and asks why does he think she broke up with Souhei.

Hayato asks Souhei if he would be fine if Miku went out with someone else and Souhei says yeah if she was happy. Hayato asks if he is really thinking like that and he says yeah and Hayato grabs him.

Miyuki grabs Miku and tells her to take one step forward.

Hayato grabs Souhei and punches him in the face and asks him angrily if he had any idea what it felt for Miyuki to break up with him and for him to break up with Miku.

Miyuki says that if she doesn’t it won’t end for her either.

Hayato says to let him be glad that he broke up with Miku and if she doesn’t become happy he won’t be able to feel that way either.

Miku nods to Miyuki and runs away, Miyuki smiles.

Souhei walks out of the gym.

Miku is running down the road and having flashbacks of Souhei. She runs up the steps to the school and trips and hurts her knee, she sits down. A hand appears in front of her and she sees Souhei and grabs his hand and she stands up. She says she likes him and have always liked him. He says Miku and goes in for a hug and tells her that he likes her twice. He then says that he has finally said it, they put there foreheads together. Miku narrates that her love and Souhe’s love overlapped for the first time.

Miku and Souhei are holding hands and walking, shots of the school and them and plants sprouting. She thinks no matter when she can’t let go and if its now she can strongly put into words.

Miku and Souhei go to her house and announce they are home and she thinks my fated person and this is how the final episode ends.

I was so shocked that after one year Miku and Souhei was not really talking or having to do anything with each other. At first I felt sad and was really wondering how this series was going to end and was hoping that it wasn’t going to suck!! I loved that Miyuki and Hayato both had a talk with them and set them straight. I liked that they were on the same page and the switched between scenes to show the different sides. I really felt like Hayato especially was being used in the relationship to help figure out Miku’s feelings which is soo sad for him. I found it odd that they never talk about her fainting and him helping her to the nurse’s office and I mean would it really be that hard to even ask him. I guess they wanted to keep it ambiguous to hide who her real fated one was and I guess the scene where he gives her his hand is supposed to mean that he was the one who originally helped her.

The manga was really different from this drama, they really developed the characters of Naoharu and Kiyoka much more in the manga and I kinda feel a little sad they weren’t given more of a story line. I liked them as a group and feel sad that they didn’t spend more time together. I really liked this one part in the manga when Souhei had left the house and one day they text each other about supper and Souhei still gets the text but he feels sad that he doesn’t get to be there anymore. I would have really liked this to be a part of the drama!! oh well!!

Another interesting thing is that Hayato was a different type of character in the manga and so therefore it really made the drama a lot different and it was just a surprising when things would happen. I did not mind this change and instead really enjoyed it better than the manga.

I really loved this series and thought that it was really well done. I felt that the relationships and feelings that were expressed in this drama was really realistic and the emotions felt so real. I thought it was a really grown up story even though it was targeted for teens it really was the best well down drama I have seen for a long time. I really enjoyed my time with this drama and I hope everyone else did!! thanks for reading and supporting me!!

Oh and Hayato won the vote!! He got 62.5% of the votes!! yikes poor Souhei he really couldn’t compete with the handsome Hayato!! I guess if I had one complaint it would be that Miku didn’t get to be with Hayato!! but I mean Souhei is her fated one so who can really argue with that?? I mean we should be looking at the inside not the outside!! 🙂 right?


Sprout Episode 11 Summary and Review October 17, 2012

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Episode 11 starts with Souhei getting a phone call from his mom telling him to leave the boarding house and Miku is listening in. When he gets off the phone she asks him if he is leaving and he tells her that his mom just wants him to go home and he is going to think about it. Miku then thinks that she hadn’t even thought of a tomorrow without Souhei.

Hayato is kicking the soccer ball with Sou, Souhei comes up to them and asks to speak to Hayato. He tells Hayato that he broke up with Miyuki and Hayato asks why he tells him because when he looks at his parents he doesn’t believe in forever or eternity. He goes on to say he wishes he believed that he thought different and he then tells him he got a call from his mom and she asked him to go home. He also says that his mom was crying and after breaking up with Miyuki he really thought about it and found that he was running away from reality.

Miku is walking with Ami and Fumiko and is distracted and isn’t listening to Ami talk. They ask if something happened with Hayato and she says no. She realizes that her mind had been occupied with Souhei.

Souhei is in a field and Miyuki comes towards him and he says he is sorry for calling her out and she says its okay and that she brought the things she borrowed. They exchange the bags and she comments that is nice not having to send pointless texts anymore. She asks if he has club after this and he says yes and they say bye and walks away. As she is walking Souhei yells Miyuki and says thank you and she says that she needs to thank him too, he nods no and she says its good to be able to still talk to Souhei normally.

Takeru and Arata are getting dressed for soccer and they are talking about why Souhei and Miyuki broke up and that Souhei had told them it was his fault. Arata asks Takeru if he is going to go for Miyuki now and he says he wouldn’t try to butt in like that. Haruka has been listening to them talk.

Souhei is kicking soccer balls and Haruka is watching him. After practice Souhei goes over to a sitting Haruka and he asks her what she wanted and if something happened. She instead asks him if something happened to him and that it hurts to see him force a smile. He says that it is easier now and that he is fine. She then goes in for a kiss, she then tells him that she likes him. He stands up and says sorry and she says will it not do and he says sorry again and leaves.


Miku has walked home and before she went into her room she stopped and looked at Souhei’s room. She calls Fumiko on the balcony and says that she feels like she doesn’t know anymore and Fumiko tells her to love someone will make you smile when you think of them and to get jealous over little things and it feels so suffocating but you can’t control it. Then Souhei comes onto the yard and tells her that he is back she doesn’t answer and he repeats himself and then she answers. She then realizes that there is only one true love.

Miku’s dad is gardening and Souhei comes out and asks him what he is doing he tells him that he is cutting some excess branches because if he doesn’t then it won’t be able to grow big. Miku’s dad asks him if he wants to try it too and he agrees.

Miku is in the kitchen with her mom and she tells her that Souhei is going back to his mom’s house. She tells her that he is moving next week while it is still summer break.

Souhei is on the balcony and Miku is in her room looking at her phone with the picture of her and Hayato and she thinks that even though she meant to overwrite love with love she still loves Souhei and she cries tears on her phone.

Hayato and Miku are walking and he asks what she wanted to talk about, she pauses and she tries to talk but can’t and so he says lets end this. He asks her if that is what she had wanted to say, she nods her head and he says that he knew it. He tells he knew because everything shows on her face, he tells he that he doesn’t regret it. She says it was all Hayato, he was the one that asked her out and told her that he liked her, dated her and held her hand . He lifts his head toward the sky as if to hold back tears and she says that he was the first for all of those things. She tells him that she was glad that it was Hayato and they both smile.


Everyone is there for dinner and they are cheering Souhei because he is leaving. They ask him to says some things and he stands up and says that he ran away to here because his mom became tense after the divorce and that it was hard to be around her. He then says he thought he would always want to be here forever but when he heard his mom sad, lonely voice on the phone he felt really bad. He goes onto say that he has to face her properly because she is family. Miku’s mom asks him if he will be okay and he says yes because he needs to grow some more. Naoharu starts crying and Kiyoka teases him for crying.

Souhei is sitting on the deck and Miku comes in with barley tea and asks him if he wants some and he does. She sits next to him and he says its good, the wind chime rings and she says that she will have to give him back his wind chime and he says its okay she should put it up again next summer. She says thanks and then thinks that he won’t be here then. She then thinks this close distance, atmosphere and this house with Souhei it all ends today. She then takes his arm into her lap and puts her face against it and starts crying. She asks him to just lend her his arm and she thinks please don’t go, and the chime starts ringing and she realizes that her summer with Souhei is over.

I think that he pruning that Miku’s dad was supposed to be a metaphor for Souhei and that he needed to break up with Miyuki to let himself continue to grow and that she might have been holding him back. I think it could also mean that going back to his mom’s place is another way for him to be able to grow because he is facing reality.

Poor Hayato I just knew that they were not going to make it because Miku was not committed to the relationship and Hayato was the one that pursued her and she seemed mostly flattered that someone gave her that attention. They should have casted Hayato for Souhei’s role like I mean come on how was Souhei really supposed to compete with his good looks!! Anyway I am predicting a very happy ending for Souhei and Miku together!! of course I am hoping for the underdog once again!!

Miku crying into his arm, I was expecting more of a reaction from Souhei but he seemed to look at her as if it was completely normal?? so weird! I mean this isn’t the first time that she has touched him does he not see that it shows that she is interested in him?? so odd!!


Sprout Episode 8 Summary and Review September 12, 2012

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The eighth episode starts off with Hayato kissing Miku and Souhei watching in the distance. Souhei realizes something towards Miku but the two of them say goodbye and Sohei hides behind a van. Souhei wonders what is wrong with him and realizes that he has Miyuki and he flashes back to when he kissed her.

Souhei comes in and Miku greets him and he recalls that Miku has Hayato and flashbacks to seeing them on a date. Then he flashbacks to holding Miku in his arms and still wonders what he feels toward Miku.

Souhei comes down the stairs and hears Miku’s parents talking about traveling and they explain they are going to Atami for a trip to celebrate father’s retirement. Her dad asks Souhei to watch the house because they will be gone one night. Naoharu also leaves for the play offs and then Kiyoka also leaves to go to a villa with her boyfriend. Souhei and Miku beg Kiyoka not to leave and she asks why and the two of them look at each other she tells them to get along and leaves. Souhei and Miku move apart from each other and he asks if they should invite them over.


Takeru, Arata and Souhei are playing soccer outside and Arata wonders if he should also rent there and gets excited about the idea of living in the same place as Kiyoka.

Miku is on the steps talking on the phone telling Hayato that Ami and Fumiko couldn’t come and asks him to come and he says he will after his part-time work is done. Souhei comes in and she tells him that Hayato is coming later and he is not excited and then she wonders why he didn’t call him and Souhei wonders the same thing but he tells her that he thought he would have been busy working. Miku then realizes she is the only girl and asks Souhei about Miyuki.

Arata,Takeru, Miyuki,Miku and Souhei are all around the table and she brings out ice cream for everyone. Miku asks if Miyuki if she wants to put her stuff in her room and they go upstairs. Arata teases Takeru about liking Miyuki.

Miyuki and Miku are in her room and Miku is quickly cleaning up her room and Miyuki goes onto the balcony and seems to realize that he balcony is right beside hers and she looks out at the scenery. Miku asks her what she is looking at and she says she looking at the scenery because it is the same as what Souhei sees everyday. Miku says that it is not that nice of a  scenery and she says its because it the same scenery that she shares with Souhei.

Arata tells Souhei that he should sleep in Miyuki’s room and Hayato should sleep in Miku’s room but Takeru and Souhei don’t agree to that idea. The girls come and ask what they are talking about and they say taxes and act silly. Miku then says that they need to pick some stuff up and says that Takeru and Arata have to come with her.

The three are walking with groceries and they stop at the meat place and she tells them that she always meets Kou there and as they turn Kou is sitting there eating.

Arata, Takeru and Kou are at the house playing foosball, Miku and Hayato come in and he asks what Kou is doing and he tells him that barley tea is in the fridge. MIku says that Kou has made himself at home and they go upstairs. Miku tells him that tonight they are having a takoyaki party. Hayato stops by Miku’s room and Miku keeps walking she comes back and asks him what he is looking at and he says that  he thought that they would be in the same room tonight. She says because everyone is here and he says he is just joking and touches her shoulders and keeps walking. She says it sure is hot today.

All of them are around the table having the the takoyaki and have a cheer and all take a bite, they realize it is sour and she says it their special umeboshi. Kou then asks if BS is broadcasted and she says no and Arata and Takeru both say that they want to watch it too. Takeru and Arata say they have to leave soon because Europe is opening and that Takeru says he is going to watch it at Arata’s house and Kou is also invited. The three all then go to leave.

Takeru and Hayato are alone and he asks Takeru to take care of Kou, he agrees. Takeru then asks Hayato if he is dating Miku seriously and he says yes, Takeru goes on to say that he saw him and Miyuki at the bus stop. Hayato flashbacks to the hug and Takeru asks that Hayato won’t hurt anyone and Hayato says yes. The other guys come out and they leave.

The four of them are at the table, Miku asks if after they clean up they have baths and that Miyuiki, Miku and then the guys go and they talk about how having one toliet is something to get used to. Souhei says that when he first started living there Miku was scary. Hayato is very quiet and Miyuki notices.

Miyuki is on the floor on a mattress and Miku is in her bed. Miyuki asks if she is awake and asks if she can join her in her bed and Miku agrees. Miyuki asks if Hayato is her first boyfriend and Miku says yes and that is why she might be carried away at times. Miku asks what number is Souhei and Miyuki says that he is her third boyfriend. She goes on saying that Souhei is the first one that she loves this much.

Hayato and Souhei are on mats on the floor and Souhei says that today is pretty fun. Hayato says that it was scary because he never done a group hang out and have a girlfriend. Souhei says it not scary and that it is fine like that.

Miyuki says she hated herself but since she met Souhei she thought she was able to think she was amazing because Souhei liked her. After liking Souhei she changed, Miku says that she knows how she feels. She is not treated like a girl around people but with Hayato she is able to feel like a girl and like it. Miyuki says that she knows how she feels.

Souhei is thinking that he won’t betray Miyuki or Hayato while glancing at Hayato sleeping.

Souhei wakes up, Hayato’s bedding is all folded up.

Hayato is crouched beside the garden, Miyuki comes and they look at the plants and she wonders what these plants will be. Hayato tells her not to do things like that again, she agrees. Souhei comes out but they can’t see him, Miyuki says that she is sorry and that something was wrong with her that day, to do that to Hayato. Hayato then turns around and sees Souhei and he asks what they mean, Miku comes around the corner and asks if its true. Hayato comes toward her and he says yes, Miyuki says sorry and that she liked Hayato.


Okay the eighth episode I have been waiting for this to come out!! finally!! first off I found the ending a tad confusing apparently everyone is a bit upset but it doesn’t seem like Souhei and Miku know what happened. Miyuki and Hayato never say out loud what happened to between them and Souhei just wanted to know what they are talking about and then Miku comes out asking if its true. I am not sure what is she asking is true? my best guess is that she heard them talking about something happening between the two of them and she wants to know if it is true. I mean even Souhei is confused and he was closer to them and I don’t understand why Miyuki doesn’t explain it a bit better to them and say she was upset and ran into Hayato and hugged because she thought she was losing Souhei to Miku. Instead she just says that she liked Hayato and doesn’t say anything else! if I was Souhei I would be thinking the worst like she kissed him or something more?? I was hoping that they were going to explain the hug thing for awhile and here they brought it up again and yet no real clear explanation (sigh). Anyway Souhei seems to be trying to convince himself that he only needs Miyuki even though he is clearly upset that Hayato and Miku are getting along so well and seriously dating. I guess his reaction to the hugging incident will really bring things around and may end up breaking up both couples and forming into new ones. I really want to see what the ninth episode will bring for the couples.


Sprout Episode 7 Summary and Review August 21, 2012

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Episode seven starts off with Hayato and Miku, they are still embracing and Miku  wonders if it is okay to be in the place closest to Hayato. Hayato says that that the place is for her. Souhei and Miyuki are holding hands and he says sorry, Miyuki shakes her head. Souhei says he won’t make her feel uneasy anymore. Hayato grabs Miku’s hands around him, turns to her and says be my girlfriend. Miku smiles and agrees.

The next day Miku is cleaning the floor during this she reenacts the scene with Hayato from last night. Naoharu and Kiyoka watch her from the other room and they figure that she has leveled up. Kiyoka asks Miku if she got a boyfriend, Miku asks can you tell and gets embarrassed. In the next moment Miku gets a text from Hayato saying good morning and that the weather is good today. Miku leaves the room to reply and Kiyoka thinks Miku is too happy. Naoharu says its because when your in love you HP rises.

Miku and Souhei meet on the stairs the first time since Miku speaking badly of Miyuki and there is a flashback . Souhei speaks first and says sorry for yesterday and that he said weird things. Miku replies that she should be saying sorry because  she said cruel things. Souhei replies its okay and Miku notices that her heart is tightening. Souhei goes onto say that he was a bit panicked because Miyuki was acting strange. Miku asks with concern if Miyuki was okay and Souhei replies she is fine and Miku is relieved. Miku realizes that she sees Souhei differently from before and then tells Souhei his piece of cake is in the fridge because Kou told them to save it. Souhei says that Kou is such a hot/cold person, Miku says it might be a bit hard Souhei smiles and says its okay, Miku realizes that since she has gotten over Souhei his smile has lost some of the attractiveness and that being friends is just right.

After supplementary class is over Miku bolts out of the room. Takeru and Arata ask her when they are meeting she says 2:00 at the karaoke place and rushes away. Miku rushes over to her friends Ami and Fumiko (with the shorter hair) and they have makeup and clothes ready for her.

Hayato and Souhei are lying in a field and Hayato tells him that he has started to date Miku and he thought he should at least report it to Souhei. Hayato goes on saying that he finally understood what Souhei was saying before that it is nice liking someone and Souhei agrees.

Takeru and Arata go to meet up with Ami and Fumiko and see a girl run past them and they think she looks like Miku. When Takeru and Arata sit down with Ami and Fumiko they ask what they thought of Miku and boys are shocked that the girl was Miku and thought it was someone else. They ask why the makeup and Ami says first date and ask who is it and they reply Hayato and the boys are shocked. Ami and Fumiko go on saying that she has made a good catch and that they are proud of her. Arata and Takeru and shocked and they flashback to Miyuki hugging Hayato.

Hayato is waiting on some steps and Miku appears on the top of the steps wearing a cute red dress, wearing makeup and a clip in her curled hair. Miku asks if he as waited long and he says no and that its 3 minutes before.

Souhei and Miyuki are walking and he tells her that Hayato and Miku are dating. He tells her that Hayato looked so happy that it made him happy and she smiles and says she is happy too.

Miku and Hayato are walking and she tells him that she thinks she did good on the re-test and he replies that Miku can do it when she tries. Hayato called her by her last name and Miku tells him to call her by her first name and that she will do the same. Miku says they should practice and they turn towards each other, they both cannot do it because they are embarrassed. Miku says they should make this their goal for the day.

Souhei and Miyuki are sitting on a bench and Miyuki says she is relieved because she thought that Miku had someone else that she liked because she didn’t seem to be very affected when Hayato confessed. Souhei then flashbacks to Miku telling him she wanted to see his face. Souhei then tells Miyuki that she was just over thinking it.

Miku and Hayato are walking and as they walk they brush their hands together and Hayato says sorry. Miku flashbacks to the first time they held hands and she stares at her hands as she walks and wonders if its okay for her to be here. Miku then stops and calls Hayato by his first name and offers her hand. Hayato comes closer and holds her hand, Miku smiles and he calls her by her first name and she asks him to say it again teasing him. Miku realizes that the place for her is right here beside Hayato.

Miyuki and Souhei are walking and they are talking about going to the beach yet this summer and then they see Hayato and Miku holding hands and walking. Souhei is watching Miku and looks shocked Miyuki calls them over and the the stop holding hands. Miyuki and Miku wave to each other.

The four of them are in a cafe and Miyuki says that Miku looks cute today that girls become pretty when they are in love and they agree all four of them should do something again. Miku says she wants to go to Tokyo Tower and they talk about going there meanwhile Souhei focuses on Miku and watches her looking dazed.

They separate to go home, Souhei and Miku go towards home and Hayato and Miyuki go to the bus stop. Souhei and Miku start walking and they watch the other two walk away and Miku exclaims that it is lonely to say goodbye. Souhei then says that its better when Miku is just like usual and Miku says she wanted to put in effort since its her first date. She also goes on saying that everyone told her its pretty and he says its better that she stays the way she is. Souhei backtracks a bit and says because the old her is the one Hayato fell in love with and they continue walking.

At the bus stop Miyuki says sorry to Hayato for the other day he says he is happy that she made up with Souhei, she agrees. Miyuki then says that she is happy for him.

Souhei is at soccer club with Haruka the assistant coach when Takeru and Arata come in and say they passed their tests, Souhei asks about Miku and she has also passed. They run out of the room to get changed and Haruka watches Souhei.

Miku is waiting outside and Hayato comes and he notices that Miku is normal and she says are you not happy when she dresses up? No I am happy when you dress up but I feel more comfortable with you as usual and she tells him about what Souhei said about dressing up.

Souhei is by himself hitting the soccer ball into the net and sighing.

Miku is walked home by Hayato and she says next time he doesn’t have to go all the way to her house and he says its okay because I worry and wants to take her home. He then goes onto say that she shouldn’t misunderstand what he is going to say and that she is the only one for him. Before he would date whoever but after meeting her he has stopped that and her number is the only girl number he has. She is happy and pulls her to the side of her house pauses, touches her face and goes in for a kiss. Souhei is walking home and sees this happen, stops and watches them. Souhei realizes that he could towards Miku…. This is how the seventh episode of Sprout ends.


What a great episode I really was not expecting Miku to fall in love with Hayato I thought for sure that she would be forever stuck to Souhei. I think in the end she will end up with Souhei so I really wasn’t expecting Hayato to have a fighting chance!! but this made me soo happy and there where a lot of “ahhh” and tingly moments. My favorite part was when they brushed hands and he says sorry and then Miku offers her hand!! soo sweet!! loved it!!

I love how excited she is to be dating Hayato! I am so happy that they allowed her to fall in like/love with him because I thought the one date at the aquarium was the real end to their relationship!

I am still waiting for Miyuki and Hayato’s relationship to be explained? it seems Takeru and Arata are also confused by it!! lol sorry I don’t have much to say about this episode their was so much romance I am swept away with love and happiness. People vote in my poll for who you think Miku should end up with!?
I also made a chat room if you want to talk !!


Sprout episode 4 Summary and Review August 9, 2012

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the start of episode four Miku is brushing her teeth and remembering Hayato saying he likes her and then he goes on further saying she doesn’t have to answer right away because he knows that she likes Souhei. Hayato also says that it is okay for now but he can’t wait forever though and that he will be waiting. Back to Miku she is in a really good mood and talking to Kiyoka in an excited tone saying it was okay she didn’t come and that love is great. Then she runs into Souhei and is still in a good mood, but she wishes she could overwrite her love.

The next scene Hayato and Souhei are lying on the school roof and Hayato is explaining that he confessed to Miku and that he doesn’t understand it himself. Hayato then says its unrequited love and Souhei says that Miku will start to like him eventually. Miku is with her friends explaining that Hayato confessed to her and they are excited for her. They ask if she will date him and she says no because she likes Souhei. They tell her that if she goes out with him that she will like him and that if she doesn’t go out with him they won’t forgive her. Miyuki walks by and waves to Miku and Miku waves back.

 Later Miku is walking in the hall and she hears a group of girls walking behind her saying that Hayato has put a stop to all dates, texts and calls. The girls find this odd because he has never refused and they say that he has someone that he likes this makes Miku smile. Miku then happily goes to the roof and finds Souhei and Hayato lying on the roof she says sorry for interrupting and Souhei says maybe I’m the one interrupting, then Souhei invites the two of them out. After school they are all walking to the Aquarium and Miku is walking behind Hayato, Souhei and Miyuki as Miku runs to catch up she falls. Miku finds her heart beating fast, but she is not sure for which person she feels this way.

At the Aquarium as Hayato and Miku ride up the escalator, he says sorry for it having to be so awkward with Souhei and him both here, but he wanted to come to a place like this with her. Miyuki and Miku are standing together and Miyuki asks Miku if she is dating Hayato and Miku says she is not sure since she has never dated anyone. Hayato and Souhei are walking together and Hayato says he didn’t have to separate them and Souhei says that Hayato is easy to misunderstand and that he should talk a lot. Hayato says that he didn’t know that Souhei was so meddlesome and Souhei says its because he never thought that Hayato would like anyone and that makes him want to help out. (the way Hayato holds his bag is soo cool). Miku then says that she thinks Miyuki would have always been popular Miyuki says that is not true she has had unrequited love and even rejections. Miku asks if she was able to forget the unrequited love right away and Miyuki says she is not sure.

Hayato and Souhei are sitting together and Souhei asks when he became interested in Miku and he says that it was a while ago he says it was around April. He flashbacks to April and he is lying on a ledge close to Miku and her friends talking who are on some steps and her one friends was confessed to and her other friend says she should accept it. Miku says that she wants to have an eternal first love and that they should be together forever. Hayato jumps off of the ledge to see who says this and watches Miku talking about having a fated one. Hayato goes on to tell Souhei that he doesn’t believe in the first love stuff and that is why he is fascinated by Miku and chased her with his eyes. Hayato then asks Souhei if he believes in that and Souhei says maybe not since his parents are split up, but a part of him thinks he would be different, then says he could only talk about this stuff with Hayato. Miyuki then grabs Souhei to go look at some fish leaving Miku and Hayato together and he says that she doesn’t have to force a smile and to not mind him Miku smiles at him. Later on Miyuki is sitting and having a drink and Hayato sits down with her and the other two are looking for souvenirs.

Miku and Souhei are looking at phone charms and both go for the same one they decide to buy four of them the other two for Kiyoka and Naoharu. It goes back to Miyuki and Hayato and she asks him if he likes someone, he says yes and she says she might be a bit frustrated and he says what are you saying.

The four of them then start to go home and then Souhei and Miyuki leave and Miku and Hayato decide to go for a walk. As they are walking Miku asks why Hayato likes her and he replies because he doesn’t get tired of looking at her face and everything she is thinking shows on her face and he can always tell what she is thinking. Miku says that she is happy and she thinks he could be her fated one and there hands brush together and he offers her his hand. Miku takes his hand as they walk she flashbacks to the first day, she can tell its not the same and she pulls her hand away. Miku says sorry and Hayato says its okay and sorry and he says he can’t take her home and leaves.

Miku knows she hurt him and continues walking at the park. Later one at 10:00 her mom and dad are waiting for her and Souhei is with them waiting for Miku he calls Hayato asking about Miku and is told that they left at the park . Souhei goes on his bike to the park and finds Miku sitting on a bench Souhei tells her not to make them worry and Miku says sorry. They start to walk home and Hayato shows up behind them watching them as they walk away.

Souhei asks Miku if Hayato did something to forward to her she says no its her fault that she made him make a face and she is the worst. Souhei asks her if Hayato is no good she says its not that and puts her hand on his hand and says I wanted to see Souhei’s face. This is the end of episode 4.

    This episode makes me sad because poor Hayato’s love is crushed and Miku still wants to be with Souhei. Finally they explain why and how Hayato knows Miku and why he is fascinated by her. Throughout the episodes they always showed him watching her and it makes more sense now. OOOHH the tension between Miyuki and Hayato so it seems more obvious that the unrequited love or rejection was Hayato rejecting Miyuki. Miyuki says that she is bothered by Hayato liking someone and I guess she wanted to be the one that he liked. Basically the four of them should switch partners but of course poor Hayato will probably be stuck by himself in the end. Miku just liked Hayato for that moment because he was complimenting her I mean who wouldn’t like that but she still couldn’t get over Souhei. It seemed like when Hayato was talking about his feelings of love and what they were like  Souhei did not really explain how love feels for him and of course it makes me wonder how much does he like Miyuki because they have not really explained how they fell in love. It is clear now that Miyuki obivously had feelings in the past and possibly the present for Hayato and this of course makes me think that she doesn’t feel as strongly for Souhei as she pretends to be. Yes Miku finally confessed or at least I think she confessed to Souhei! either Souhei will not understand what she means or he will pretend to not understand. I do not think that he will be able to accept what Miku is wanting right away because he has not noticed her feelings and of course will be too shocked to even know how to deal with this new development. Overall I enjoyed this episode and can’t wait to watch the fifth episode!!