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Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo Japanese Drama Review July 21, 2013

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I finished watching Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo a Japanese Drama, which is based on the manga. It has been made into a Korean drama in 2010 called Mischievous Kiss/Playful Kiss/Naughty Kiss and also a Taiwanese drama called It Started With a Kiss. I did watch the Korean version when it came out so it has been a while since I watched it and could not remember the details that well to compare. I think that I enjoyed the Korean drama more and not just because I watched it first but I enjoyed how far into the plot they went with the story line as the Love in Tokyo did not go as far into the future. I have not read the manga so I am not sure which one kept to the real plot better.


  I think this is a drama that I love to hate and I felt the same way when I watched the Korean version. The main girl is so needy and she always puts up with the guy who treats her horribly. I had so many instances when I am yelling at her to act differently and to push him back as much as he pushes her. She just takes too much crap and sometimes I just get so irritated with how she acts. At the same time I still need to keep watching and I guess I am just waiting for the point when she melts his heart and his actions become different. zura2

In Love in Tokyo I liked the main girl Kotoko most of the time but I found it weird that in almost every episode she never had her hair cover her ears. Not that I really care about it but to me it just seemed like she had larger ears and I would think you would want to hide it? maybe it was just me? I found that she overacted in this drama and a lot of her scenes were overacted. There were actually a lot of characters in this drama that were also overacters such as the mom, little brother sometimes, and Kin-chan. I found that a little offputting and hard to take serious but maybe that is okay then it was more of a lighter drama than a really serious one.


I liked Naoki as the main lead. He did a very good job at being cold and mean but I did not think there was enough balance because he was never nice. Even when he was supposed to be having a moment with Kotoko there was little warmth from him so it seems very farfetched that he even wants to have anything to do with Kotoko, even at the end. I think I started to dislike him towards the end because I feel like there was not enough growth within him to even be with Kotoko. I mean the ending is disappointing because it feels like we don’t get to see what we were waiting for the two of them just being together like a real couple. I guess I just expected more out of this drama.


I have to say,  I really liked Kin-chan in this version or the other love interest. I did not the other guy in the Korean version very much but Kin-chan was not bad as a character. I wished I could have seen Naoki and Kin-chan fight a little bit more rather than Kin-chan doing all the yelling and Naoki never saying anything.


I enjoyed this drama most of the time but found the ending unfulfilling! I am not sure if they are making a second season or not but if there is a continuation that maybe there is a chance to be fulfilled from that. If you have already watched a version of this drama not why not watch another one! I always love to see my favorite characters reborn in different dramas! If you have never watched it you may enjoy it but I am sure you will become frustrated at some point, but that is the risk you will have to take.


Nails Shop Paris Episode 10 (Final) Summary July 1, 2013

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The tenth episode starts with Alex telling Yeo-Joo that he likes her and Kei phones her and she leaves to answer it.

The next day Yeo-Joo comes in and tells the boss that she wants to quit Paris and the Boss tells her to come with her on her errand. Kei grabs her arm before she leaves and asks why and she tells him that it is because everybody knows. As they are driving the Boss asks why she is quitting and she tells her that she had lied to her and the Boss says it is because she is really a woman and not a man. They get out of the car and Yeo-Joo recognizes the place and the Boss says that 16 years ago Yeo-Joo got lost in that mountain and she was the one that rescued her. The boss says that Yeo-Joo recognized this necklace before and it starts glowing. Yeo-Joo says that it was fake and the Boss says that she had to trick her. The boss tells her that she is trying to help her again like before and that her fictional stories about  their being a mutation born between hum and Gumiho is what Yeo-Joo is.Picture 1

Yeo-Joo is at home and remember what the Boss told her and that she is Gumiho but before she is awakened she is just like a normal person and that if she is awakened past the age of 20 many things will change. Yeo-Joo then phones her dad.

Ji-Soo runs to join Jin because he is being interviewed again by the same paper and they go into the cafe together. The reporter asks who she is and then says that she thought he didn’t have a girlfriend and she wrote that previously. After it is over Ji-Soo is mad and Jin tries to explain he had that written for his fans and she is mad that he chose his fans over her and she says that she even left the hospital for Jin. Jin then gets angry because of that Intern Doctor Jeong that she was having a relationship with. He pulls her in the cab because he can’t walk her home. Ji-Soo cries in the cab.

Yeo-Joo goes to visit her dad who is feeding his sheep. Yeo-Joo scolds him for not being more happy to see her and give her a hug and he acts gruff with her. She asks him what her mom was like because her grandma told her that she died in a car accident when she was a baby. He tells her that she didn’t die but ran away after her birth and he felt sorry he couldn’t be nicer to her because she reminded her of her mother. Yeo-Joo asks if he has any photos of her and he tells her if he finds it he will send it to her. Yeo-Joo is helping her dad with the fence and he tells her that she should clear things up back home because he knew something was wrong because she never phones or comes home. He tells her that no matter what she hears or see she should block it out and do what she wants.
Picture 2

Jin goes to the flower shop to pick out flowers for Ji-Soo and texts her that he is coming with an apology. The Doctor Jeong appears before her outside her house and he tells her that disappearing wouldn’t end things between them and that he doesn’t want to like a girl who has a boyfriend but he knows that she likes him too and that she had already made him fall for her. She tries to protest and he tells her that she needs to clarify things when Jin is walking towards them with flowers.

Picture 3

He tells Dr. Jeong to takes his hands off of her and punches him and Ji-Soo scolds him Jin gets mad and leaves. Ji-Soo stomach hurts and Dr. Jeong asks if she is okay.
Picture 4

Yeo-Joo gets off the bus and she gets a call from the hospital so she goes to see Ji-Soo. Dr. Jeong tells her that the infection got worse and that she will need to stay here a while. Jin comes and Dr. Jeong pulls him out to talk to him. Dr. Jeong punches Jin and tells him that it was for Ji-Soo and that she left the hospital as if she was running away from something and that she did that for him to maintain their relationship and that even when in pain she was calling for him. He tells him that Ji-Soo is too good for Jin.

Picture 5

Alex and Kei are at Paris and Alex tells Kei that the customers are complaining about him and that he needs to know the line between personal and professional. Kei gets mad that Alex isn’t affected by Yeo-Joo leaving and Alex says that he encouraged his feeling for Yeo-Joo. Kei tells him that he didn’t want Yeo-Joo to be forced to quit. Alex asks him to promise that they can still remain friends no matter who Yeo-Joo chooses and Kei just walks past him.

The next day Jin and Yeo-Joo are at the hospital and Yeo-Joo asks him where he has been and he goes in to talk to Ji-Soo. Jin recalls yesterday and he went out with Alex and was told that he should go back to Ji-Soo and that even if she had felt something for Dr. Jeong she has realized who she really likes now and if he doesn’t stay next to her that she would feel very sad.

Picture 6

Ji-Soo apologizes that she didn’t want to hurt his feelings. He apologizes too for misunderstanding and not trusting her. She says he is a good boyfriend and he kisses her on the lips and then on the cheek. 

Picture 7

Picture 8

Yeo-Joo is watching outside and then sees Dr. Jeong as she turns around and he walks away. Yeo-Joo gets a call from Alex and goes to Paris. Alex asks if she is really quitting and she says that he and Kei are having a hard time because of her. He asks if she is going to take the exam and it would be a waste because she spent so much time preparing. He gets her to promise that she will take it. Alex text Kei to come at 8 to the shop. Alex tells her that no matter how she chooses either him or Kei has to leave here and she says she can’t let it happen. He says he doesn’t want to leave either or leave her and then hugs her. Kei walks in and sees them hugging and walks out. 

Picture 9

Yeo-Joo bows to Alex and then runs after Kei. She begs him to listen to her because it is a misunderstanding. He is angry she was hugging Alex without even talking to him because he has been worried. He asks if the misunderstanding is that she wants to be with Alex and now she can’t because he is bothering her. She tells him that she liked Alex and that she stills does but without him it means nothing. She starts crying and says if she lost Alex it would hurt her heart but if she lost Kei she would die and that she likes him. She starts crying harder and grabs him arms saying not to go and he then pulls her into a hug.

Picture 10

Kei and Yeo-Joo are sitting on a bench and he asks when she is going to give him the ring. She pulls it out and puts it on his hand. He asks about hers and she hasn’t brought it and he tells her that she was supposed to wear it everyday and warns her not to be around any guys.

Picture 11

Jin is feeding Ji-Soo at the hospital and Ji-Soo asks Yeo-Joo is going to go back to Paris and she doesn’t know but she is going to take the test. Jin goes to get ice cream. Yeo-Joo meets Kei at her exam and he didn’t get lost and she shows him her ring. He gives her a nail filer and it is the nail filer he used for his exam and the competitions he has won. She jokes it is old and then he tries to take it back. She jokes about him being so sensitive and mentions if Alex hadn’t told him to come last night she wonders if she wouldn’t have seen him and then it would have been completely over.

At the shop Alex had to tells something to the boss and when Alex comes out Kei asks to talk to him. Kei asks why Alex sent him the text last night and Alex says he thought it would clear things up faster and Kei tells him to stop pretending. Kei tells him that Yeo-Joo said that if he hadn’t called him their relationship would have completely ended and tells him it would’ve been better for Alex to have ignored him. Alex says that Yeo-Joo picked Kei anyways and Kei isn’t happy he did that. Alex tells him that he is going abroad to study and that he has already booked the ticket and is going this next week. Yeo-Joo comes in and has heard it all and Kei says he thought she should know too. Kei is outside and Alex and Yeo-Joo are talking she asks why he did that and he tells her he wanted her to stay with him and not go after Kei and but now he is glad she didn’t because he wanted her to express her feeling and be happy. So he wants to give her a gift and gives her a one of a kind manicure and tells her that by the time the manicure is gone all that happened here will become a beautiful memory.

Picture 12

Jin is at the hospital and calls the reporter to tell her that he want the article changed to say he has a gorgeous girlfriend. The Dr. has overheard and Jin tells him that he is never going to give up Ji-Soo, 2 nurses run by and the Dr. asks what is wrong and Ji-Soo is in danger. They all go in and the Dr. is mad that she was given ice cream to eat. Yeo-Joo comes and she asks the Dr. what has happened and he tells her that she has enterobiasis and it means that there is a hole in her intestine and has made her bleed and they can’t do surgery because her blood pressure is too low. Yeo-Joo holds Ji-Soo’s hand and a light glows from Yeo-Joo and then Ji-Soo’s blood pressure goes up and they order the surgery.Picture 13

Yeo-Joo is waiting and she recalls the Boss telling her that if she is awakened past 20 she will have a strong healing power and the ability to foresee the future and her biorhythm will become different from normal people. Yeo-Joo gets a text from her dad with his wedding picture and it is a picture of the Boss.

Picture 14

Yeo-Joo is at Paris and she confront the Boss about her being her mother and the Boss says that he day she got lost in the mountain she went out following someone and that she went there for a few minutes and then left and when she saw her miss her footing and fell down the mountain she couldn’t stand there and watch. She asks Yeo-Joo if she can forgive her mother and Yeo-Joo says there is no way and that it can’t be happening.

Picture 15

The Boss says that she didn’t want to leave but when she realized that her dad couldn’t turn her into a human she knew that when people got older she would always stay the same and couldn’t stay with her like that. Yeo-Joo then says that she can’t believe what she is saying but she will believe that she is helping her just like 16 years ago and that she will believe that. The Boss then hugs her. The Boss tells Yeo-Joo that she is going into a long hibernation soon and it is unavoidable because she is completely awakened as a gumiho and that she wants to tell her something so that she doesn’t have to live the way she did. In her novels she describes a hunter and a helper and that she wanted to help her meet the hunter so she didn’t have to live as a Gumiho forever. Yeo-Joo ask if she is saying that Alex was really a helper.

Picture 16

In Yeo-Joo’s story Kei has Alex pinned down and is about to kill Alex when Yeo-Joo kills Kei instead. 

Picture 17

Yeo-Joo is upset and says she had no other choice and Alex takes her back to the shop and says he is going to show him who he really is now and they hold hands and he they open the doors and it is a bright light.
Picture 18

It is 6 years later and 2 young guys working at Paris are reading the story online and talking about how it is an open ending. Yeo-Joo is the Boss and they ask her if Alex was really the helper. 

Picture 19

A little girl comes running in calling mom and runs to Yeo-Joo, she tells her that Hoya keeps telling her that she is ugly and Yeo-Joo tells her that they will have to get her dad to scold him. 

Picture 20

Alex and Kei come in the door and the girl goes running to her dad Kei. Yeo-Joo’s mom narrates that she never knows who is the helper and who is the hunter but even if she chooses the wrong guy and live the rest of her life as a Gumiho as long as she has Alex next to her she will never feel lonely because Alex is also half Gumiho like her. 

Picture 21

One of the guys working tells Chief who is Alex that he got a letter from Japan. It is a letter from Jin and Ji-Soo and it is a picture of Ji-Soo and Jin in front of a nail salon in Japan.

Picture 22

They complain they never call and Alex asks if they should call them then and they agree. The little girl sees the cat and looks outside at it and her eyes turn red and then there is no cat.

Picture 23

Well this was an expected and unexpected ending for me! I really wasn’t expecting the Boss to be Yeo-Joo’s mother. I did think that the Boss was going to be a gumihoo but I didn’t expect Yeo-Joo to be half gumiho. It wasn’t quite clear about what that meant for Yeo-Joo, I guessed based on her story if she doesn’t find the human to make her human she will stay as a gumiho. In her story Kei was killed and Alex was the one for her so that was  a bit confusing when in reality she chose Kei and not Alex. I have to say 6 years later and she has a little girl that looks about 6 years!! Her and Kei will have had to have children almost right away? Why did Jin and Ji-Soo have to go to Japan? The boss was going into hibernation I am not exactly sure what that meant?  I didn’t really understand that but does that mean the gumiho part of her was already awakened before she got older? So if her little girl is gumiho does that mean that she wasn’t turned human by Kei? because if Kei had turned her human wouldn’t her child be human as well?? I just have to say poor Alex he sure gets the raw end of the deal! I mean if he finds his true love wouldn’t he turn human as well? He does have the potential to turn human and she got be left leaving as a gumiho alone? The whole living forever part kinda reminds me of twilight! so I kinda felt like a flashback and also with the half human part of everything!! I can’t say I love the comparison! I guess I have to say it was a shocking ending and I have to hand it to the writers for doing that just for the end and not making every episode about it!! I have not enjoyed every part of this drama but I think overall it was fairly entertaining and enjoyable! I never got bored watching it and I have to say that Kei really was a star in this drama!! I found it to be a fulfilling end and I am sooo happy that the writers did not leave an open ending like the ending in Yeo-Joo’s novel! I don’t think I could fully say goodbye to the drama if they did that!! The ending was a bit confusing but overall it seems to answer the basic questions like Yeo-Joo and Kei ending up together and Alex still being able to be around them and stay friends!  One thing is that they never told us if she passed the exam I am assuming that she did because in the future she is working at the shop.  I also didn’t understand that Yeo-Joo doesn’t remember her mother because she was going after her mother and then she saves her and how does she not recognize that the gumiho is her mother? She was literally looking for her mother and then her mother saves her that is just a little too unbelievable!! I also do not understand the ending where her child looks for the cat and then her eyes glow and it shows no cat there? is she seeing an imaginary cat or did she make it leave with her powers???

I am happy that I watched this drama and I will miss it! I did not always agree with the subject matter in this drama but overall I think it was an enjoyable drama. I loved that there was a lot more skinship in this drama Kei kisses Yeo-Joo a good amount of times and they seem like more of what a realistic couple would be like! not just one kiss for the whole drama. I am glad that I was wrong about Alex becoming the final love interest and Kei did not end up getting hurt!!


Nail Shop Paris Episode 7 Summary June 9, 2013

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The seventh episode starts with Yeo-Joo and Kei and he has just confessed his love for her. She pushes him away and tells him his joke has gone too far and she thinks he is doing it because he found out she was a girl. He tells her that was not the reason and that he likes her and gets frustrated. She says sorry and says she has to go. Alex is waiting outside and he now knows that Yeo-Joo is a girl too.

Picture 1

The next day Yeo-Joo is mopping and Jin and Kei comes in and she makes an excuse to get away from Kei. Jin asks Kei if they fought again and Kei asks Jin how to apologize to a girl. Yeo-Joo gets called to the office and the boss and Alex are there and she gives her an application to take the nail exam and she agrees to take it. Alex follows her out and wants to say something but awkwardly tells her to study hard instead. An older woman comes into the shop and pulls a color off the wall and says she wants it, Alex comes and takes her to the back. Alex notices a cell phone around her neck and he takes it and gives it to Yeo-Joo to phone while he gives her a manicure. Alex notices there is something wrong with her nails.

Picture 2

An older man comes in and says he was called they take him to the woman in the back. Alex takes the older man outside and to talk and Alex tells him that she looks unhealthy. The older man tells him that she was fine a couple of days ago but that she has been forgetful and that she may have Alzheimer’s disease. He asks him that if she comes again to phone him because all the speed dial numbers are set for his number.

Picture 3

At the end of the day Jin and Yeo-Joo meet Alex and Kei leaving and Alex suggests getting some beer and Yeo-Joo says she can’t because she has to study for her exams and she leaves. At home Ji-Soo asks her if something happened between her and Alex and guesses that he said something mean. Yeo-Joo then works on her novel. In the story Yeo-Joo and the owner of the restaurant have Kei tied up and he tells them that Alex is the captain of the hunters who kill all of the gumiho’s in the world. Yeo-Joo doesn’t believe him and he tells her that is why the sticker was dropped in the parking lot for her to find. He tells them that he is hired by the hunters to kill gumiho but that doesn’t make him a hunter and he tells them that she is in danger and has been following her for days and that is why he wants to help her. He tells her that the man approached her because he wants to kill more gumiho and that it was not a coincidence her best friend died. He also tells her that the fight won’t be over unless either her or Alex dies. Ji-Soo interrupts and Yeo-Joo won’t give her any spoilers in he novel.

Picture 4

Picture 5

The next day Kei is waiting outside the shop for Yeo-Joo, she tries to walk past but he stops her and asks why she is avoiding him and says she hasn’t and he tells her that he avoids eye contact and is never alone with her. Jin comes and Kei tells her that they are going to talk later and leaves. Jin asks what happened and she just nods her head. Kei scolds  Yeo-Joo for not filling the decoration boxes. The same man comes in asking if Soon-Young come and he tells them that she disappeared again when he was busy. Jin and Yeo-Joo go help search the area with her picture and no one has seen her.

 Picture 6

They go back to the shop and Alex tells the man that Mrs. Oh was not able to draw a pentagon as a test and that he thinks that she probably has cerebral infarction and Yeo-Joo went to phone 911. Yeo-Joo gets off the phone and says that she is there.  They go to see Soon-Young in the hospital and the doctor tells them that she probably has cerebral infarction and that they can do a surgery. The man tells them that he is not actually family and a group of people come running calling mom. The son asks why the man is there and threatens that if he does anything to his mother he will not let it slide. The man just apologizes.

 Picture 7 

Picture 8

The man comes to the shop and everyone is there and he tells them he met her at a health department and heard his departed wife’s name Mrs. Oh Soon-Young and he felt bad for not being a nice husband to his departed wife and she acts and looks like his departed wife, so that is why he wants to do everything for her that he couldn’t do for his departed wife. They wanted to marry and her children did not want this and thought that he was just after her money and told her that they don’t approve and won’t see her if she does it. He tells him the promise he made that on her birthday they would go to this place and he takes out a picture that she had cut out. Everyone agrees that they would help make it happen.

 Picture 9

After, as they are getting ready to leave Kei asks Yeo-Joo to talk and that he will be waiting at the bar. Yeo-Joo goes to meet him and he tells her that he is sorry he yelled at her today and about that night but he is not going to take back what he had said about him liking her because it is true. She tells him that she likes Alex and that she is sorry and if he is uncomfortable around her she will quit nonsense. Kei disagrees and says that he will quit Paris because he caused everything.

The man comes back to see Alex and he asks him if he will teach him nail art for Soon-Young. Alex suggests they do nail extensions and paint them here and he can glue them on for her.

The next day Alex notices Kei is late and Jin hands him a note from Kei that says he is resigning for personal reasons. They find that Kei’s locker is empty and that he is not picking up the phone. Yeo-Joo opens her locker and finds a note saying good luck on the exam tomorrow from Kei and a bunny toy for her phone.

 Picture 10

 Picture 11

Kei is walking with a duffel bag and he gets a text from Yeo-Joo asking where he is and he ignores it. Jin asks Yeo-Joo if Kei found out she was a girl and wonders if he wanted her to quit, Yeo-Joo doesn’t answer Jin. Jin tells her that Kei cared a lot about her and even though he understands how she feels that she should care about how others are feeling.

The man is learning how to glue with Alex and Alex asks if it has hard to have the relationship even though everyone opposed and he tells Alex that if he ends the relationship just because it is hard, that’s not love and a selfish thought. That real love is receiving.

 Picture 12

As the man leaves he sees Yeo-Joo sitting outside and realizes that she is drunk. She is upset and starts crying and Alex hugs her and apologizes for not recognizing her feelings and for calling her a younger brother. She then says for Kei not to go.

 Picture 13

The next day they have planned to take Mrs. Oh out of the hospital today. Alex and Yeo-Joo dress up as doctors and wheel Mrs. Oh out of the room when the daughter leaves. As they are leaving with Mrs. Oh Yeo-Joo realizes that she forgot the nail glue and Mrs. Oh pulls some out of the pocket and says the guy with the mean face brought it because he thought she would forget.

 Picture 14

 They drive the couple to the light display place she had always wanted to go and he wheels her around. Jin tells Yeo-Joo that he thinks he knows where Kei is and after that Yeo-Joo starts running. In the display the man pulls out the decorated nails and then Mrs. Oh becomes unconscious. Picture 15

 Picture 16

They get her back to the hospital and her children come in again threatening the old man. Mrs. Oh tells them to stop and the man goes to her and holds her hand and he starts crying.

 Picture 17

He is sitting by her bedside alone and he pulls out the nails again and shows them to her and he puts them on her. After he finishes the first hand she has gone to sleep and he puts them on the next hand while crying.
 Picture 18

Later on, he goes to the Paris and talks with Jin, Alex, and the Boss and he tells them that she passed away in her sleep. He thanks them for what they did for him and shakes each of their hands and leaves. Jin wonders if Yeo-Joo found Kei and that she should phone. He asks Alex why did he want him to tell Yeo-Joo about where he was because he knew that he always go to the place.

 Picture 19

Kei is outside somewhere and is drawing Yeo-Joo’s face, Yeo-Joo asks if that is supposed to be her. She tells him that he shouldn’t have just left and asks if he really does like her. As she looks at the painting she tells him that she missed him, he asks her what she said and she repeats it and tells him not to go anywhere and he hugs her.

 Picture 21

 Picture 23

 Picture 24

They are sitting on a bench and he asks her if she came all this way on the train for him and she says she was worried sick something bad had happened to him. He asks her if he can do that thing and goes in for a kiss she tells him he can’t do that all of a sudden. He then grabs her shoulders and says to tell him if she doesn’t want it but later and goes in for a longer kiss.

 Picture 25

 Picture 26

OH MY!! SOOO CUTE!! I think this has been my most favorite episode so far!! Kei’s face when she comes and when he wants to kiss her! It was just adorable!! I think it has been very fulfilling to see Kei change so much because of love. It just feels so good to see that change in a person. At the beginning of the series they really have me fooled I really did not think Kei and Yeo-Joo would end up together because he was pretty mean and seemed like he would just become this mean character throughout the series! but they really made his personality more interesting to fit the lead role. I really did not expect Yeo-Joo to come around that quickly for Kei and they even kissed twice already. I have to say I enjoyed the first kiss it seemed so innocent, cute, and almost real. The old couple well they were also touching and it made me sad to see her die in the end but I really liked them as a couple and they way he wanted to care for her!
One thing that bothered me was when Alex says he thought that the woman had this problem but didn’t tell the man? why didn’t he tell him? that seems a bit odd?
Alex finding out about Yeo-Joo I would think that he would have been more bothered by this that she was lying. Kei didn’t seem bothered much either but wasn’t it supposed to be only men at the shop? are they going to bend the rules for her?? Kei was going to quit instead of her? that is just weird he is an accomplished nail artist and she hasn’t even passed the exam and she is a girl so she should probably have been the one to quit. I wonder now if the feelings have been awakened in Alex because he knows that she is a girl now? because he seemed a bit bothered that Yeo-Joo was so concerned about Kei and he made Jin tell her where he was, like he wanted to put some distance from her. I have really enjoyed this episode and can’t wait for the next one. I can’t quite picture them as a couple yet and wonder how they are going to make it work in the next one!!


Sprout Episode 11 Summary and Review October 17, 2012

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Episode 11 starts with Souhei getting a phone call from his mom telling him to leave the boarding house and Miku is listening in. When he gets off the phone she asks him if he is leaving and he tells her that his mom just wants him to go home and he is going to think about it. Miku then thinks that she hadn’t even thought of a tomorrow without Souhei.

Hayato is kicking the soccer ball with Sou, Souhei comes up to them and asks to speak to Hayato. He tells Hayato that he broke up with Miyuki and Hayato asks why he tells him because when he looks at his parents he doesn’t believe in forever or eternity. He goes on to say he wishes he believed that he thought different and he then tells him he got a call from his mom and she asked him to go home. He also says that his mom was crying and after breaking up with Miyuki he really thought about it and found that he was running away from reality.

Miku is walking with Ami and Fumiko and is distracted and isn’t listening to Ami talk. They ask if something happened with Hayato and she says no. She realizes that her mind had been occupied with Souhei.

Souhei is in a field and Miyuki comes towards him and he says he is sorry for calling her out and she says its okay and that she brought the things she borrowed. They exchange the bags and she comments that is nice not having to send pointless texts anymore. She asks if he has club after this and he says yes and they say bye and walks away. As she is walking Souhei yells Miyuki and says thank you and she says that she needs to thank him too, he nods no and she says its good to be able to still talk to Souhei normally.

Takeru and Arata are getting dressed for soccer and they are talking about why Souhei and Miyuki broke up and that Souhei had told them it was his fault. Arata asks Takeru if he is going to go for Miyuki now and he says he wouldn’t try to butt in like that. Haruka has been listening to them talk.

Souhei is kicking soccer balls and Haruka is watching him. After practice Souhei goes over to a sitting Haruka and he asks her what she wanted and if something happened. She instead asks him if something happened to him and that it hurts to see him force a smile. He says that it is easier now and that he is fine. She then goes in for a kiss, she then tells him that she likes him. He stands up and says sorry and she says will it not do and he says sorry again and leaves.


Miku has walked home and before she went into her room she stopped and looked at Souhei’s room. She calls Fumiko on the balcony and says that she feels like she doesn’t know anymore and Fumiko tells her to love someone will make you smile when you think of them and to get jealous over little things and it feels so suffocating but you can’t control it. Then Souhei comes onto the yard and tells her that he is back she doesn’t answer and he repeats himself and then she answers. She then realizes that there is only one true love.

Miku’s dad is gardening and Souhei comes out and asks him what he is doing he tells him that he is cutting some excess branches because if he doesn’t then it won’t be able to grow big. Miku’s dad asks him if he wants to try it too and he agrees.

Miku is in the kitchen with her mom and she tells her that Souhei is going back to his mom’s house. She tells her that he is moving next week while it is still summer break.

Souhei is on the balcony and Miku is in her room looking at her phone with the picture of her and Hayato and she thinks that even though she meant to overwrite love with love she still loves Souhei and she cries tears on her phone.

Hayato and Miku are walking and he asks what she wanted to talk about, she pauses and she tries to talk but can’t and so he says lets end this. He asks her if that is what she had wanted to say, she nods her head and he says that he knew it. He tells he knew because everything shows on her face, he tells he that he doesn’t regret it. She says it was all Hayato, he was the one that asked her out and told her that he liked her, dated her and held her hand . He lifts his head toward the sky as if to hold back tears and she says that he was the first for all of those things. She tells him that she was glad that it was Hayato and they both smile.


Everyone is there for dinner and they are cheering Souhei because he is leaving. They ask him to says some things and he stands up and says that he ran away to here because his mom became tense after the divorce and that it was hard to be around her. He then says he thought he would always want to be here forever but when he heard his mom sad, lonely voice on the phone he felt really bad. He goes onto say that he has to face her properly because she is family. Miku’s mom asks him if he will be okay and he says yes because he needs to grow some more. Naoharu starts crying and Kiyoka teases him for crying.

Souhei is sitting on the deck and Miku comes in with barley tea and asks him if he wants some and he does. She sits next to him and he says its good, the wind chime rings and she says that she will have to give him back his wind chime and he says its okay she should put it up again next summer. She says thanks and then thinks that he won’t be here then. She then thinks this close distance, atmosphere and this house with Souhei it all ends today. She then takes his arm into her lap and puts her face against it and starts crying. She asks him to just lend her his arm and she thinks please don’t go, and the chime starts ringing and she realizes that her summer with Souhei is over.

I think that he pruning that Miku’s dad was supposed to be a metaphor for Souhei and that he needed to break up with Miyuki to let himself continue to grow and that she might have been holding him back. I think it could also mean that going back to his mom’s place is another way for him to be able to grow because he is facing reality.

Poor Hayato I just knew that they were not going to make it because Miku was not committed to the relationship and Hayato was the one that pursued her and she seemed mostly flattered that someone gave her that attention. They should have casted Hayato for Souhei’s role like I mean come on how was Souhei really supposed to compete with his good looks!! Anyway I am predicting a very happy ending for Souhei and Miku together!! of course I am hoping for the underdog once again!!

Miku crying into his arm, I was expecting more of a reaction from Souhei but he seemed to look at her as if it was completely normal?? so weird! I mean this isn’t the first time that she has touched him does he not see that it shows that she is interested in him?? so odd!!


Sprout Episode 8 Summary and Review September 12, 2012

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The eighth episode starts off with Hayato kissing Miku and Souhei watching in the distance. Souhei realizes something towards Miku but the two of them say goodbye and Sohei hides behind a van. Souhei wonders what is wrong with him and realizes that he has Miyuki and he flashes back to when he kissed her.

Souhei comes in and Miku greets him and he recalls that Miku has Hayato and flashbacks to seeing them on a date. Then he flashbacks to holding Miku in his arms and still wonders what he feels toward Miku.

Souhei comes down the stairs and hears Miku’s parents talking about traveling and they explain they are going to Atami for a trip to celebrate father’s retirement. Her dad asks Souhei to watch the house because they will be gone one night. Naoharu also leaves for the play offs and then Kiyoka also leaves to go to a villa with her boyfriend. Souhei and Miku beg Kiyoka not to leave and she asks why and the two of them look at each other she tells them to get along and leaves. Souhei and Miku move apart from each other and he asks if they should invite them over.


Takeru, Arata and Souhei are playing soccer outside and Arata wonders if he should also rent there and gets excited about the idea of living in the same place as Kiyoka.

Miku is on the steps talking on the phone telling Hayato that Ami and Fumiko couldn’t come and asks him to come and he says he will after his part-time work is done. Souhei comes in and she tells him that Hayato is coming later and he is not excited and then she wonders why he didn’t call him and Souhei wonders the same thing but he tells her that he thought he would have been busy working. Miku then realizes she is the only girl and asks Souhei about Miyuki.

Arata,Takeru, Miyuki,Miku and Souhei are all around the table and she brings out ice cream for everyone. Miku asks if Miyuki if she wants to put her stuff in her room and they go upstairs. Arata teases Takeru about liking Miyuki.

Miyuki and Miku are in her room and Miku is quickly cleaning up her room and Miyuki goes onto the balcony and seems to realize that he balcony is right beside hers and she looks out at the scenery. Miku asks her what she is looking at and she says she looking at the scenery because it is the same as what Souhei sees everyday. Miku says that it is not that nice of a  scenery and she says its because it the same scenery that she shares with Souhei.

Arata tells Souhei that he should sleep in Miyuki’s room and Hayato should sleep in Miku’s room but Takeru and Souhei don’t agree to that idea. The girls come and ask what they are talking about and they say taxes and act silly. Miku then says that they need to pick some stuff up and says that Takeru and Arata have to come with her.

The three are walking with groceries and they stop at the meat place and she tells them that she always meets Kou there and as they turn Kou is sitting there eating.

Arata, Takeru and Kou are at the house playing foosball, Miku and Hayato come in and he asks what Kou is doing and he tells him that barley tea is in the fridge. MIku says that Kou has made himself at home and they go upstairs. Miku tells him that tonight they are having a takoyaki party. Hayato stops by Miku’s room and Miku keeps walking she comes back and asks him what he is looking at and he says that  he thought that they would be in the same room tonight. She says because everyone is here and he says he is just joking and touches her shoulders and keeps walking. She says it sure is hot today.

All of them are around the table having the the takoyaki and have a cheer and all take a bite, they realize it is sour and she says it their special umeboshi. Kou then asks if BS is broadcasted and she says no and Arata and Takeru both say that they want to watch it too. Takeru and Arata say they have to leave soon because Europe is opening and that Takeru says he is going to watch it at Arata’s house and Kou is also invited. The three all then go to leave.

Takeru and Hayato are alone and he asks Takeru to take care of Kou, he agrees. Takeru then asks Hayato if he is dating Miku seriously and he says yes, Takeru goes on to say that he saw him and Miyuki at the bus stop. Hayato flashbacks to the hug and Takeru asks that Hayato won’t hurt anyone and Hayato says yes. The other guys come out and they leave.

The four of them are at the table, Miku asks if after they clean up they have baths and that Miyuiki, Miku and then the guys go and they talk about how having one toliet is something to get used to. Souhei says that when he first started living there Miku was scary. Hayato is very quiet and Miyuki notices.

Miyuki is on the floor on a mattress and Miku is in her bed. Miyuki asks if she is awake and asks if she can join her in her bed and Miku agrees. Miyuki asks if Hayato is her first boyfriend and Miku says yes and that is why she might be carried away at times. Miku asks what number is Souhei and Miyuki says that he is her third boyfriend. She goes on saying that Souhei is the first one that she loves this much.

Hayato and Souhei are on mats on the floor and Souhei says that today is pretty fun. Hayato says that it was scary because he never done a group hang out and have a girlfriend. Souhei says it not scary and that it is fine like that.

Miyuki says she hated herself but since she met Souhei she thought she was able to think she was amazing because Souhei liked her. After liking Souhei she changed, Miku says that she knows how she feels. She is not treated like a girl around people but with Hayato she is able to feel like a girl and like it. Miyuki says that she knows how she feels.

Souhei is thinking that he won’t betray Miyuki or Hayato while glancing at Hayato sleeping.

Souhei wakes up, Hayato’s bedding is all folded up.

Hayato is crouched beside the garden, Miyuki comes and they look at the plants and she wonders what these plants will be. Hayato tells her not to do things like that again, she agrees. Souhei comes out but they can’t see him, Miyuki says that she is sorry and that something was wrong with her that day, to do that to Hayato. Hayato then turns around and sees Souhei and he asks what they mean, Miku comes around the corner and asks if its true. Hayato comes toward her and he says yes, Miyuki says sorry and that she liked Hayato.


Okay the eighth episode I have been waiting for this to come out!! finally!! first off I found the ending a tad confusing apparently everyone is a bit upset but it doesn’t seem like Souhei and Miku know what happened. Miyuki and Hayato never say out loud what happened to between them and Souhei just wanted to know what they are talking about and then Miku comes out asking if its true. I am not sure what is she asking is true? my best guess is that she heard them talking about something happening between the two of them and she wants to know if it is true. I mean even Souhei is confused and he was closer to them and I don’t understand why Miyuki doesn’t explain it a bit better to them and say she was upset and ran into Hayato and hugged because she thought she was losing Souhei to Miku. Instead she just says that she liked Hayato and doesn’t say anything else! if I was Souhei I would be thinking the worst like she kissed him or something more?? I was hoping that they were going to explain the hug thing for awhile and here they brought it up again and yet no real clear explanation (sigh). Anyway Souhei seems to be trying to convince himself that he only needs Miyuki even though he is clearly upset that Hayato and Miku are getting along so well and seriously dating. I guess his reaction to the hugging incident will really bring things around and may end up breaking up both couples and forming into new ones. I really want to see what the ninth episode will bring for the couples.


To The Beautiful You Episode 5 Summary August 31, 2012

Episode five starts with Jae-Hee walking out of the dorms with her suitcase. Tae-Joon is in  his dorm and he goes to his desk and looks at the bracelet and flashbacks to when he got it. He puts it in his drawer and opens his computer on it says to Mr. Holten and opens up a presentation. Jae-Hee is narrating her story about in high school she was made fun of for being different and wished she could be the same as others. When she saw Tae-Joon and he said miracles are another name for effort then she started to believe in them for the first time. She started to join track and stood up to people instead of hiding away. Jae-Hee recorded herself asking the coach to help Tae-Joon fly again and he finishes watching the presentation looking emotional.

Jae-Hee is with Sang-Chu crying and wondering if this was a mistake. Flashbacks to her finding Tae-Joon hurt on the internet and cutting her hair. Jae-Hee walks away. Tae-Joon is in his room and flashbacks to all his moments with Jae-Hee, he runs out of his room and catches Jae-Hee and grabs her hand. He asks if she is not going to see him jump again because she promised she was going to and asks her not to leave.

Eun-Gyeol is in his bed and he is being bothered by his attraction to Jae-Hee and he is with Hyun-Jae his roommate and he asks him if he has ever had the feeling of wanting to put your lips on a guy and then says never mind. Hyun-Jae is freaked out because he is working out so he pulls his shirt up.

Tae-Joon almost walks in on Jae-Hee in the washroom, he calls her messy. The next morning she gets a call from her brother Daniel but she ignores and wonders where Tae-Joon is. Tae-Joon is running laps, after he is lying on the ground playing with a necklace with a ring and says you will watch over me. Tae-Joon is mapping out his route to jump over the high jump, he tries to jump but knocks it over.

Jae-Hee goes into the bathroom and realizes that she can lock the door completely. Eun-Gyeol tries to get into the washroom, Seung-Ri also comes in Jae-Hee tells them to use a different one because its not a public washroom. Later on Jae-Hee and Eun-Gyeol are walking and he is asking why she didn’t let him into the washroom she says before the lock was broken and that was why she let them in. Someone pushes her and Eun-Gyeol catches her.

Hyun-Jae notices that Tae-Joon locker is open and has his stuff in it again he tells Tae-Joon to move aside in the gym by the bar because he has to practice for his own competition. Hyun-Jae tells him to leave and they get into a fight but the coach comes in and stops them. The coach asks him that he thought he had decided to quit and believed him so he tells him to leave because Tae-Joon has already quit.

Jae-Hee and Eun-Gyeol are walking and she is bringing food to Sang-Chu they both get a call they don’t want to answer. Jae-Hee sees its a girl and asks why he doesn’t answer and he says its a tug of war.

Tae-Joon visits his manager and tells her that he is going to start jumping again and she says she is against it because it will be hard and that he won’t be able to jump like he used to because of Yips. He says he just wants to jump again, she asks if he has talked to his father about it but he replies it has nothing to do with him. She agrees to try it again but she has lots of greed and that he needs to do better than last time.

Ha-Na sneaks into the school again, does some fancy gymnastics tricks to get past some people. She makes it into Jae-Hee’s dorm room, puts a picture of herself on his desk and finds the bracelet. Jae-Hee comes in and they talk and she says its a perverted school because someone stole her uniform.

Eun-Gyeol is waiting for Dong-Mu, they meet up and she is cute.

Ha-Na driver is fixing the car because its having problems and while Ha-Na is busy  Jae-Hee puts the uniform in the car to return it. Jae-Hee is walking back and she gets a phone call from her brother again and she ignores it but he is close by and calls out her name. He has come to take Jae-Hee back to America, she says that she is going to help Tae-Joon jump, she sees Dr. Jang and calls him over.

Seung-Ri is sitting with other dorm leaders and they are discussing that Jae-Hee is good at English and Seung-Ri says that there is a track and field competition coming up in there school and that he will need their help and that it will even be televised.

Jae-Hee is talking to Dr. Jang in the hallway and she is asking him a favor. Dr. Jang and Daniel are alone in his office, Dr. Jang avoids his question and asks him if he likes to drink.

Eun-Gyeol is with Dong-Mu and it has been a year since she came back from the states and that he didn’t know she wanted to become a musician, violinist. Eun-Gyeol doesn’t believe her that she plays the violin so she pull it out and starts to play it well, couple of people gather around to listen.

Jae-Hee hears some guys talking about Tae-Joon trying to get back on the athletic team but was kicked out.

Tae-Joon is cleaning up the gym and putting everything away. He goes back to the dorm and Jae-Hee is hiding and pops a sparkler and brings out a cake made of a shoe. He tells her not to overdo it, she trips and falls and lands up face planting into the cake. He helps her up and wipes up the icing with his finger and licks it saying its delicious. They light a candle on the smashed cake, Tae-Joon blows it out and he chases her around with the cake.

Eun-Gyeol and Dong-Mu are waiting at the bus stop and he wants to carry her bag and she says she doesn’t need that and she finds it weird when guy do that, she says she will let him know if she needs help. She says that they should see each other again and she gets on the bus.

Dr.Jang and Daniel are out drinking, and they are discussing Jae-Hee. Dr. Jang is saying that Daniel hasn’t understood Jae-Hee’s perspective and that he doesn’t believe in her, but he should.


The coach comes into his storage and notices that everything is organized more than ever.

Jae-Hee is in the bathroom wondering what happened to her brother, she picks up a necklace with the ring on it, Tae-Joon barges in and takes the necklace out of her hand. They are walking down the hallway and Jae-Hee asks him about the necklace he says it was his moms. He flash backs to his mom in the hospital and she tells him to wear it in her place, since she can’t go to the competition but he tells her to wear it when she gets better, she still gives it to him. He runs away but Jae-Hee is stopped by her brother Daniel. Her brother tells her that she can stay until Tae-Joon jumps and that after the finals she has to come back.

Jae-Hee goes to her locker and her gym clothes are dripping wet. She is then carrying a bag full of soccer balls and Tae-Joon comes up from behind and takes them from her. Tae-Joon asks her why she isn’t changed for gym and she tells them her clothes are wet.

Eun-Gyeol is practicing soccer and Jong-Min is cheering him on gives him expensive chocolates.

Eun-Gyeol is doing laundy and he gets a text from Dong-Mu saying she wants to go to a movie, he hesitates and looks at pictures from the holiday. Jae-Hee comes in to do laundry and she asks him what he thinks if a boy pretended to be a girl in an all-girl dormitory. Eun-Gyeol imagines being a girl and the idea of getting to change with girls. He says it sounds like fun but that he would probably get caught very easily. Jae-Hee asks how his date went and he says that Dong-Mu already fell in love with him. He offers her the expensive chocolates and they eat them together, Jong-Min sees them doing this and says that they are being too wild.

Jae-Hee is in her dorm and Tae-Joon comes in all dressed up and Jae-Hee asks him to stay here but he says he is going to be out late. Tae-Joon goes to his house and he imagines his mom sitting in the yard. Tae-Joon and his father have a memorial for his mother and have dinner. His father talks about Tae-Joon doing jumping again and Tae-Joon stands up and tries to leave his dad tells him to stay and asks him if he thinks that his mother death was his fault. Ha-Na comes in and asks why they are so serious. Tae-Joon is sitting outside and Ha-Na comes and says that he should spend time with his father and that he shouldn’t fight.

Jae-Hee is in her room and sees that Coach Holten saw her email with the presentation that Tae-Joon also saw, she wonders why there is no reply. Eun-Gyeol comes in asking for toothpaste and he tells her that today is Tae-Joon’s mom death anniversary. Jae-Hee gets a text from Tae-Joon to meet him at the pool and she leaves. As Eun-Gyeol walks back he bumps into Tae-Joon and asks where Jae-Hee is since he called her to the pool. He recalls that her clothes were wet and he runs to the pool. Jae-Hee is at the pool and sees someone on the diving boards waving her up, she goes up and doesn’t see anyone instead a note saying don’t joke around and then she is pushed into the water. Tae-Joon runs to the pool and someone passes him leaving and he sees Jae-Hee in the water and the both of them jump in, he loses his necklace. Eun-Gyeol and Tae-Joon pull her out, they realize she isn’t breathing and Eun-Gyeol goes in but can’t do it so Tae-Joon does mouth to mouth. She spits out water and wakes up.


They are back in the room and Tae-Joon gives her something warm to drink and they wonder who did it to her. Jae-Hee tells him that his necklace is missing and he looks around for it and she thinks its in the pool and he says its okay and she shouldn’t worry about it.Eun-Gyeol is in his room and he remembers not being able to mouth to mouth and sighs.

The next morning Tae-Joon is in bed and hears Jae-Hee’s alarm going and he realizes that she isn’t in bed. Jae-Hee is in the pool looking for the necklace and Tae-Joon dives in and pulls her up. He yells at her and she says that it is special, he says that she shouldn’t have done it and that it wasn’t her fault. He says that it should be his fault and that even though she is feeling bad she shouldn’t have to feel sorry.

Tae-Joon is in the gym setting up the mats and high jump, coach comes in and says that he shouldn’t be doing this, Tae-Joon says he wants to jump again and has a reason to jump again. Coach says he will give him a test and it is winning the high jump competition coming up and if he wins he will let him back on the team.

Jae-Hee goes into the gym and sees Tae-Joon practicing jumping and not getting over the bar and he is frustrated.

Jae-Hee is in her room and she is packing her clothes, she finds some shoes and recalls running the race the first time. She walks down the hallway and meets Eun-Gyeol he tells her to cheer Tae-Joon on tomorrow at the competition because he can’t come. Jae-Hee hugs him from back and says thanks because without him she would have had a really tough time.

Tae-Joon is in the changing room at the competition and finds Jae-Hee’s shoelaces and a note saying that she is going back to America and that she might miss his competition because of her flight and that the laces was from her first competition and that she wants to share some of her hard work with him. Jae-Hee is picked up by her brother in a taxi and loads her suitcase up. This is how the fifth episode ends.

Firstly I am not sure how Tae-Joon got the presentation from Jae-Hee I am assuming that she must have sent it to him but it is never mentioned. Secondly, I am assuming that Tae-Joon wants to jump again because he watched that video and Jae-Hee reminded him of what it was like when he first started jumping. Thirdly, the person that pushed Jae-Hee in is I am assuming Jong-Min because he is jealous of the attention that Eun-Gyeol gives her. I am not too sure what type of relationship he is going for with Eun-Gyeol especially because he is blowing him kisses and giving him chocolate it almost seems like he wants to date him. One scene I thought was hard to believe was when Jae-Hee “fell” into the cake, it looked a little forced. One other thing that bothered me was when Jae-Hee fell into the pool off the diving board and passed out and was drowning? I am pretty sure that just from falling she wouldn’t become unconscious but they have not really explained if she could swim or not but then again the next day she was looking in the pool for the necklace and swimming just fine. I am not too sure why Tae-Joon was getting all mad at her for looking in the pool for the necklace? I mean it wasn’t going to hurt her to look for it and I think it probably wouldn’t take too long to look through the entire pool for it because its not that big. One other thing I am not to sure about is why Jae-Hee was leaving all of a sudden at the end since her brother gave her until the end of finals and it didn’t seem that had happened yet so I am not sure why she was all of a sudden leaving? They showed Ha-Na visiting Tae-Joon’s house for the anniversary of his mom’s death and she was really familiar with his father and his house, I am assuming that she is a family friend or even relatives but that would make the whole I am marrying Tae-Joon really awkward. It seems like Tae-Joon is blaming his father for his mother death possibly that he wasn’t around enough and wasn’t there for them. Anyway I guess I mean leaving you with more questions that answers so if you guys have any insights feel free to leave a comment. Don’t forget to vote in my poll of who you think Jae-Hee will end up with I appreciate the opinions that you guys have given so far!! ♥