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Sprout Episode 10 Summary and Review October 6, 2012

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Episode 10 starts with Souhei biking and he goes to to soccer field and asks Takeru and Arata if they have seen Miyuki and they haven’t. They both go looking through the school and tell Souhei that the security guard saw a girl here earlier and that from the description it was probably Miyuki. They figure that she is still there and ask him where a memorable place would be and Souhei takes off running and thinks even though I have decided to be together forever.

Miku is talking to Hayato on the phone telling him about Miyuki and she tells him that Souhei and Miyuki had a fight.

Souhei bikes again and goes to temple and he finds Miyuki there and he asks what she was doing. She tells him that she was waiting for him and she thought that he wouldn’t have found her.

Miku goes to see Hayato working and tells him that Souhei found Miyuki. He asks her if she wants something to drink and seats her. She says that Souhei must be relieved and he points out that she was only worried about Souhei and she says its not like that.

Souhei and Miyuki are talking about the temple being a depressing place for a first date. He flashbacks to their first date and they are making wishes by the temple and he tells her that he wished for him, her and Hayato to go to the same high school and for Miyuki to like him. They make a wish in the current time and Souhei asks what she wished for and she asked to have her previous wish erased. They flashback to Souhei asking what she wished for then and she wouldn’t tell him. In the present he asks what she wished for then back then and she tells him it was for her to be with Souhei forever. He is surprised and asks why she would wish that and she asks to break up.

Miku is leaving the cafe and she asks Hayato when they are going to be going to Tokyo Tower because summer is almost over and he tells her that he will contact her.

Souhei is telling Miyuki that he wants to stay together and she starts to cry and tells him that she doesn’t want him to work hard or force himself. He asks why and she says because that is not the real Souhei and asks if he was trying to keep the promise that he made to stay with her forever and if he has been throwing away his feelings so he wouldn’t betray her. That his real feelings aren’t here anymore and then calls him an idiot. She says that she thought she could live without Souhei and now she is standing on her own feet and that is why she is okay now and that she isn’t troubled now. She then says that their time together wasn’t a waste and he agrees. Souhei then says sorry, Miyuki starts crying.

When they are parting she asks if they can leave with a smile and he says impossible and she says this is where he should force himself and he agrees. She says bye and he says bye, she walks away and he watches her walk down the boardwalk.

Miku is coming back and meets Souhei in the front of the house she asks if Miyuki is okay and he says sorry for making her worry. Naoharu comes out and he tells them he is going to the convenience store and Souhei compliments his shirt.

Later on Souhei is sitting outside and Naoharu shows him some games he should play to clear his head. He says that Souhei is like his best friend from Love Rocket because he pretends nothing is wrong when he breaks up with his girlfriend. Souhei then asks if he could borrow that and Naoharu tells him that if he was an adult he would treat him to beer. Souhei says instead of that could he hear him out, Miku comes with barley tea but waits outside and Souhei goes on saying that he loved Miyuki a lot and she had stayed by his side when he was having a tough time. He goes on saying he couldn’t do anything and in the end he made her feel that way even though he promised her to always stay by his side. He continues that he didn’t think anything would change and he had to force himself to stay true to the promise. Naoharu says if people don’t change they can’t move forward and in order to change we get hurt and hurt others. He goes on that we take in pain and overcome it and that is the adventure or life. He then says that he learned that from Rurika, Souhei starts crying and says sorry, Naoharu puts his arm around him. Meanwhile Miku had heard it all.

The next morning they both get up and go on their balcony at he same time. She asks him if he wants to go somewhere and she is inviting Naoharu too. She then says sorry but she overheard yesterday and asks if there is anything she can do, he says he is fine. He gets a phone call from his mom and he says that she is wanting him to leave the boarding house. Miku’s heard this also and this is the end of episode 10.

I think I was anticipating a break up from Miyuki and Souhei for awhile because she is always seems to be picking up on his intentions and she seems even more distanced than him. I did not feel that sad that they broke up and poor Souhei he was crying with Naoharu that made me feel more sad. So funny that Naoharu is the one giving all the love advice to Miku and Souhei even though he doesn’t have a girlfriend and gets all his advice from Love Rocket. I have to say what he was saying was very true and accurate. Unfortunately that this breakup most likely means that Miku and Souhei are going to have to end up together in the end is the feeling I get.


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