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To The Beautiful You Episode 16 (Final) Summary October 8, 2012

The sixteenth episode starts off with Tae-Joon getting up in the morning and Jae-Hee helping him out of bed because she needs to start his morning practice. She feeds him and he goes off running, he meets up with Hyun-Jae and they race each other and continue their exercises. Tae-Joon makes it over the bar and Hyun-Jae doesn’t so Tae-Joon gives him some pointers and notices that Hyun-Jae’s shoes are a little worn.

Jae-Hee is asking Dr. Jang about massaging and he of course chides her for thinking she could learn that over night. He decides to help her with the leg muscles and he asks her how her bandaged chest is and she says its a bit suffocating but is okay for now.

Ha-Na is putting makeup on and she is siting in a cafe, Seung-Ri comes in and says he stopped by the hospital and heard she was discharged and tells her he had to work so hard for her number. He brings back the cardigan and says he hand washed it and gave it a 100% and she acts a little creeped out by his enthusiasm. She asks if he prepared anything funny today and he tells her that he didn’t have anything ready because he was in such a rush to come. He tells her about the rumor at the school that there is a girl in the dorms. She asks him what he is going to do and he says he will do a shirtless training for his dorm too and she protests loudly and then says because the weather is cold and she doesn’t want him to get sick. Seung-Ri gets very excited because he misinterprets her concern as concern for him. Seung-Ri then rifles through his bag and shows her a wig and geeky glasses and she laughs hard and asks him if he has always been this ugly. He gets upset and quickly takes off his disguise.

Tae-Joon and Jae-Hee are sitting down to eat and they hear students discussing who could be a girl and Tae-Joon assures her that he will protect her. Tae-Joon asks how Eun-Gyeol and she hasn’t talked to him and he says that he will be upset over something like that for awhile.

As Tae-Joon and Jae-Hee walk back Eun-Gyeol comes running to them and asks if Jae-Hee brightly if she wants to go shopping with him tonight and if she doesn’t she isn’t his friend. Jae-Hee agrees and Tae-Joon says he will also go with them because he needs to buy something too.

The three of them are in the shoe section and he picks up a shoe and asks for them in a smaller size. Jae-Hee asks why he is getting it smaller and he says that its not for him to wear. Eun-Gyeol barges between them to show the shoe that he picked up.

They go out to eat at the street vendors and Eun-Gyeol talks about getting hot from eating the spicy food and he and Jae-Hee both take off their jackets. Eun-Gyeol notices that she is wearing the shirt that he gave her and Eun-Gyeol says he is also wearing his. Tae-Joon then tells them that he is going to the washroom.

Jae-Hee and Tae-Joon are back in the dorm and he gives her a gift and its the same bag as his and she says its like a couple bag. She then tells him that she learned how to massage and he protests that he is okay she forces him to lie down and starts massaging him. He stops her and he tells her that she is forbidden from coming within 1 meter from him. She tells him that is ridiculous and goes in for more massage and he grabs her and pushing her by the bed post. He tells her that he told her to stand still and then tells her that he is going for a run.

Dr. Jang comes into his office in the morning and finds Tae-Joon sleeping in the bed. He asks why he was there and Tae-Joon tells him that it was easier for him to fall asleep there. He goes back to his room and Jae-Hee asks where he was and he tells her that he couldn’t sleep.

Tae-Joon and Hyun-Jae are in the change room and they discuss that Coach was going to take them out in afternoon. Hyun-Jae tells him that Tae-Joon is way better than the other guy and that he will make it to Olympics. Tae-Joon tells him that he as no intention in going alone and gives him the shoes that he bought and says lets go together and and walks out.

Jae-Hee and Tae-Joon are packing him up and she finds the shoelaces that she gave him and he tells her that he needs the luck. He tells her that she better make it the day of the competition and not to be late. He gets ready to leave and as he is about to walk out the door and she says wait and gives him a kiss and tells him so he doesn’t hurt himself and tells him to have a nice trip.

Coach is going to his car and he sees Teacher Lee and he thinks that she was waiting for him she protests. She gives him a bag and that she packed food for him and tells its because she doesn’t want him eating ramen. He then tells her that he wants to carpool with her and that he moved so that he would be closer and they could carpool.

Jae-Hee is in her room and she is going through her drawers and she can’t find her diary. She notices that her bandage feels tight.

Jae-Hee is in athletic club and she is having a hard time keeping up.

Ha-Na is in her car and her driver encourages her that after rehab she will get strong.

Tae-Joon and Hyun-Jae are in the car and he sends a text to Eun-Gyeol to take care of Jae-Hee. He then gets a text from Ha-Na that she started her rehab and asks if she can borrow his saying and then wishes him good luck. She also asks how Jae-Hee is. He replies that she is good thanks her for her concern which Ha-Na doesn’t like him saying.

Jae-Hee is walking out of club and is looking very sick, Seung-Ri asks if she is okay and she says she is fine. A couple of guys run past and bang into her and  then she faints, Seung-Ri gets on the phone and tells the guys to undo her shirt and tie. A guy starts unbuttoning her shirt and sees the bandage and they ask Seung-Ri what to do and they all find out that she is a girl. He then calls Eun-Gyeol and runs to Seung-Ri he tells him that she was woken up and he wants to talk to him first. He asks if he knew  and who else and he says yes and Tae-Joon knew too, he freaks out because they could get expelled .

Dr. Jang is with Jae-Hee and tells her that it is over now and that she has actually lasted for quite awhile. He tells her that it is not her fault. Eun-Gyeol comes in and she asks him what she should do and starts to cry.

Tae-Joon, Hyun-Jae and Coach arrive at the nationals. Tae-Joon phones Jae-Hee but doesn’t get through. Coach puts his arm around the guys and says in two days they will be competing here.

Seung-Ri is alone and flashbacks to yelling at Jae-Hee asking what kind of joke was she trying to pull on them. She apologizes and he doesn’t accept and she tells him that she will take whatever punishment he wants to give her but that she doesn’t want him to punish Eun-Gyeol or Tae-Joon. She tells him that she knows she shouldn’t have done it and will take responsibility for everything. He gets mad at her again and then asks if she is okay and if she is hurt angrily and she says yes and then cries.

Everyone is talking about Jae-Hee being a girl at the school.

Jae-Hee is walking on campus and Eun-Gyeol goes and gets her and takes her back to her room and he tries to encourage her.

The two other dorm leaders approach Seung-Ri and they go to talk.

Jae-Hee is with Sang-Chu and she thanks him and is saying her good bye to him.

The two dorm are telling Seung-Ri to tell the school about Jae-Hee and they wonder who will take responsibility. He tells them he will take responsibility and asks them to keep it a secret from the school and he wants to be with her until the end.

Jae-Hee is outside the dorm and Seung-Ri comes to her and she says sorry and he tells her not to worry and agrees to keep it a secret from the school because he doesn’t want to mess with things.

Dr. Jang and Jae-Hee talk and he asks her what she is going to do and she tells him that she is going to leave. He tells her she should stay and watch Tae-Joon compete before she leaves. She says no because if she sees it she might not be able to leave and she booked her flight the day of the competition. She starts crying and says thank you, he comes over and puts his hand on her shoulder. He tells her with time passing it can heal any scar.

Jae-Hee packs her bag in her room while crying, her phone starts ringing and it is Tae-Joon and he asks why she hasn’t been answering her phone all day and she says she had it on vibrate. He tells her that he missed her and tells her sweet things and Coach interrupts him and they say good bye.

Jae-Hee walks down the hallway and Eun-Gyeol comes to her and says he has heard that she is leaving and got her transfer papers. He grabs her arm and drags her outside and tells her that he can’t let her leave like this and that they can still find a solution. Jae-Hee hugs him and says she has gotten greedy because everyone has been so good to her.  He goes on saying that she can’t leave him even if they are not dating he wants her to be by his side for a while. Jae-Hee says sorry and he walks away in a huff.

Hyun-Jae and Tae-Joon are practicing and they both make it over the bar. Coach tells them if they keep it up they can make it to the Olympics and he thanks them for letting him coach them.

They both are walking out and Hyun-Jae sees Jae-Hee and makes an excuse to leave and then Tae-Joon sees her and runs over. She says she came to see him because she has missed him. He says he wants to take her to a place and they go rent bikes and ride around a park. Tae-Joon gets them a drink and they sit on some steps, he reaches for her hand and holds it while they watch a fountain show. She tells him that he is her miracle and that everyday she has been with him as been a miracle. She tells him that she is soaking up his image now so that every time she closes her eyes she will see him. He says she is acting weird and asks if something happened she says no that she is just happy and she goes to get her back. He chases after her and gives her a kiss.

They are at the bus stop and he tells her that she has to come tomorrow on time and he tells her that Eun-Gyeol should come and meet her because she shouldn’t walk home alone and that he will call him for her. Jae-Hee holds out her hand and says take care and he shakes her hand thinking she is acting strange. Her bus comes and before she gets on she goes in for a hug and he asks if something is going on and she says she doesn’t want to part with him whether its a second or a year its all the same to her. She says see you tomorrow and gets on the bus and they watch each other as she leaves.

Jae-Hee is in the dorm and sits on Tae-Joon’s bed and flashbacks to them sleeping together and other such times with him.

She walks around the campus and meets her whole dorm waiting for her and Seung-Ri chides her for not saying good bye. He holds out his hand and tells her not to forget them and goes for a hug. She asks where Eun-Gyeol is and he says he hasn’t seen him. They all say goodbye and she tells them thank and they say to come visit again. Jae-Hee keeps walking and Eun-Gyeol calls her with Sang-Chu with him. He tells her he wasn’t going to come and she says thanks and hugs him. He tells her to take care of herself and she tells him to also and he asks if she is going to see Tae-Joon and she says its better this way. He tells her that he won’t forgive me and that he is going to make sure he sees her again. They both say goodbye and she tells Sang-Chu to take care and then she leaves and waves from farther on.

At the nationals Tae-Joon asks if there has been any phone calls and he tells him that there hasn’t. Coach’s phone rings and its Eun-Gyeol wanting to talk to Tae-Joon. Eun-Gyeol tells him that Jae-Hee didn’t want to tell him but he would want to hear if it was him and then he tells him that Jae-Hee left for America. Tae-Joon gives the phone back and rushes out of the stadium, Hyun-Jae says he will check on him. Hyun-Jae asks Tae-Joon what he is doing and he says he is going to Seoul and Hyun-Jae grabs him and asks him what he is doing. His bag goes flying and a notebook falls out he opens it up and it has height written down and a picture of him jumping.

Jae-Hee is riding a bus and the person next to him is watching the high jump and she asks if she can listen with her and she agrees. Lee Eun Ho clears 2 m 27 cm and Hyun-Jae has cleared 2m 29 cm. It’s Tae-Joon’s turn and is trying 2m 31 cm, he starts running and makes it over perfectly. Jae-Hee is excited and so is Tae-Joon and his Coach. Jae-Hee starts crying, Tae-Joon tells the camera that she needs to wait for him and she starts crying even harder.

It is one year later in California and Jae-Hee is walking a dog and she is sitting on her front yard on her laptop. She gets a video message from Eun-Gyeol and asks her if she has seen his goal. He goes onto say that Coach and Teacher Lee are getting married are getting married next year. Seung-Ri is in imprisonment and is secretly dating Ha-Na but he is working really hard because he wants to major in physical therapy. He then tells her that Dr. Jang has gone to study fashion in Paris. He also says that Tae-Joon went on a vacation somewhere like Jeju Island because they are on a break. He tells her that he is going to email soon again and says good bye. Jae-Hee wonders how Tae-Joon is doing and wishes she got more information on him. She drops her book and sees some feet, she looks up and sees Tae-Joon and they hug. He asks if she was well and she nods and they hug again and this is how the last episode ends!!

What a touching last episode it was very good!! Tae-Joon and Jae-Hee’s love for each other was really cemented in this episode and believable. I am so happy that he didn’t chase after her though and he fulfilled his own dream which was also hers. They were both so sweet to each other and I am happy that they got a happy ending. This episode really wanted to make me cry and the scene that did it was when her whole dorm came to see her off and encouraged her!! I want to cry again just thinking about it!! I am sad that Eun-Gyeol didn’t find anyone for him and is still hung up on Jae-Hee who he will never have. Seung-Ri and Ha-Na are soo cute together, I love that he tries so hard for her and she secretly loves it.

The only thing that confuses me is what happened to Hyun-Jae? is he going to the olympics? obviously Tae-Joon is going to the olympics but why did it take him a whole year to come visit her? I mean couldn’t Jae-Hee have been able to go to another school in Korea and stay closer to him and Eun-Gyeol? I think there could have been a better game plan than the one that they chose.

Thanks everyone for joining me on the journey of To The Beautiful You!! it has been a lot of fun!! I will miss these characters it has been a very well made drama!! It had a perfect amount of drama, comedic situations, romance and friendships. I would highly recommend this drama to anyone! Oh and Tae-Joon wins the poll of course!! thanks for voting and reading!!


5 Responses to “To The Beautiful You Episode 16 (Final) Summary”

  1. wow sobra talaga akong naadik sa palabas na yo

  2. deza Says:

    ang ganda talagang panoorin;;;kilig

  3. love watchin' Says:

    Tbh I don’t really like the ending… I mean why Jae hee had to book a flight on the day of Tae Joon’s competition (with an unreasonable answer that if she doesn’t go that day she might not be able to leave)? In the drama the reason jae hee went to Korea is to see Tae Joon jumps again but at the end, she wants to leave on the day of the competition which she doesn’t really think about Tae Joon’s feelings (how about if Tae Joon fails or how disappointed he is after knowing that she is gone). The one year later is a bit odd tho, they supposed to make it 3months later or something, it’s too long. jae hee also asked Eun Gyeol about tae joon which means jae hee and tae joon didn’t even contact each other for one year after she left Korea??? if tae joon really likes her, they supposed to contact each other you know. Also, why she has to leave Korea, why she didn’t just go to Seol Han-na school? at the end, they didn’t give us any clue about Hyun Jae ( Tae Joon’s rival) whether he went to the Olympics or what happened to him, like the other supporting character.

    I know I’m not supposed to give my critics here but I just want to express my feelings towards the ending hehe. I think they should have a better plot but overall the drama is really good. it good that you make a whole summary for the drama!! 🙂

  4. zee lee Says:

    d ending is beautiful and sweet but d only annoying thing was that it took a whole year for tae joon to find her! i was hoping dat there wld b a lot of k****** scenes but there weren’t. anyway,i love d drama nd i hope dat minho and sulli will kip on acting.dey make such a cute couple

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