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High School Love On Episode 11 Review/Recap October 12, 2014

The 11th episode starts with Sung-Yeol seeing Seul-Bi and Woo-Hyun kiss and he feels upset and leaves. Mrs. Ahn talks to Seul-Bi and she tells her that she has no parents so that is why she lives with Woo-Hyun. Woo-Hyun and Seul-Bi walk home together and he wants to hold her hand and she jumps on the ledge to get away and then he holds her hand anyway.

Picture 1

At school Sung-Yeol is angry and won’t talk to Seul-Bi and instead ignores her. During gym class they are paired and are throwing the ball back and forth to each other. Jae-Suk and his friend who punched him are throwing baseball back and forth and Jae-Suk throws it really hard. Sung-Yeol is also throwing the ball really hard at Woo-Hyun and Woo-Hyun calls him names for acting mean to Seul-Bi and throws the ball at Woo-Hyun’s stomach and Woo-Hyun doesn’t catch it. On the way to the nurse’s office Mrs. Ahn sees them and asks what happened and she scolds Sung-Yeol who is walking behind them. Woo-Hyun explains it wasn’t his fault and Mrs. Ahn asks if Sung-Yeol is also okay.

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Mrs. Ahn comes to the infirmary later and finds Woo-Hyun sleeping and sits and holds his hand and tears up. Woo-Hyun wakes up and questions why she is there and she says she is sorry for Sung-Yeol and offers to take him to the hospital. Sung-Yeol comes in and they ask why he is there and he says he has a headache and lies down. Later Woo-Hyun finds Seul-Bi by the sinks and they splash water at each other and Sung-Yeol also comes and they have a water fight. At lunch Ye-Na tries to sit with Young-Eun and the rest of the girls and they all move when she sits down. Ye-Na finds Young-Eun and tells her she will do anything because she doesn’t want to be alone and Young-Eun tells her to be alone and Ye-Na she will show her. Jae-Suk’s gang member the tall one picks on the cafe girl and pulls the book out of her hand and she tries to grab it back and they rip it. The guy sees Ye-Na go behind Seul-Bi on the stairs and she pushes Seul-Bi and Woo-Hyun sees everything and warns her and she teleports down the stairs and fall on Woo-Hyun. 

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Sung-Yeol chases after Ye-Na and then sees Young-Eun and tells her she is awful for making Ye-Na push Seul-Bi. Sung-Goo is there and says that he had to use his powers. Young-Eun finds Ye-Na and she says she did it for her because she knows Seul-Bi has been around Sung-Yeol. Woo-Hyun comes and says he will never like her and Young-Eun tells her to stay away from her. The tall gang member stares at Seul-Bi and he thinks he saw her teleport down the stairs and suspicious of her now. After school Sung-Yeol sees Jae-Suk’s gang picking on a kid and he stops them by pulling out his phone camera to record and reminds Jae-Suk about the past and they let the kid go. Jae-Suk’s gang cause a ruckus outside of Woo-Hyun’s shop and so they have a game of ball and if Woo-Hyun wins they will stop hanging out at the shop.  Suk-Hoon meets Young-Eun’s sister again and buys her ice cream and Suk-Hoon finds out that her mom is always working and that her dad ran away with someone else. Young-Eun shows up and pays Suk-Hoon for the ice cream and pulls her sister away. Woo-Hyun and the gang play basketball and Woo-Hyun wins. Sung-Yeol is at home and thinks that Seul-Bi and Woo-Hyun are going to be doing romantic things and wants to stop them so he starts packing and is going to stay at their house for a few days. Mrs. Ahn brings him a drink and says sorry for getting mad at him at school and he tells her he wants some food because Woo-Hyun likes it and she agrees. Sung-Yeol comes over and gives him food for rent and Woo-Hyun is mad that he wants to stay over.

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Seul-Bi and Sung-Yeol went out to pick up some more things and Ye-Na goes to visit Woo-Hyun at the shop and tries to make up with Woo-Hyun. She grabs him and hugs him from behind and he pushes her off. She grabs him again and hugs him and to let her hold him for awhile and Seul-Bi and Sung-Yeol come back and see the scene and Sung-Yeol takes her away.

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Woo-Hyun sees them leaving and goes after them. Sung-Yeol tells her it is probably a misunderstanding and she agrees so she goes back so it doesn’t get worse. At home Seul-Bi is mad at Woo-Hyun and she says she is in a bad mood and recognizes it as jealousy. Woo-Hyun and Sung-Yeol are in bed and they talk and Woo-Hyun finds out that Sung-Yeol confessed to Seul-Bi and he is upset because he wants Sung-Yeol as a friend. Sung-Yeol asks about Woo-Hyun’s necklace because he thought it belonged to Seul-Bi. Sung-Yeol goes out of the room and meets Seul-Bi and he tells her it was hard not smiling at her today and she tells him that her love won’t change so he shouldn’t wait for her. Mrs.Ahn shows the gym teacher the next day her papers for transferring to another school and he gets upset. Sung-Yeol overhears this and Mrs.Ahn and him sit down and he tells her that if it is because of him that he would rather transfer because he feels bad for liking Seul-Bi and it is a burden for her. Jae-Suk and his gang make a kid dance and Chun-Shik joins him and then Woo-Hyun walks in and also starts dancing and then everybody joins in.

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After school Seul-Bi gets a text from Sung-Goo to meet up for a meeting and Jae-Suk and his gang decide to follow her to find out what her secret is and use it against Woo-Hyun. Sung-Yeol leaves and he warns Woo-Hyun that he may come over at any time and stay for the night. Seul-Bi meets up with Sung-Goo and tells her they had to change the place because she was being followed. He tells her that  everyone has a mark showing how long they have been human but only the transformed angels can see it. Hers will be different because she switched contracts humans will be able to see hers. He gives her a paper and tells her to memorize it. Jae-Suk’s gang watches her and see him give her an envelope and touch her hand to give her the mark and they think she is being a prostitute.

Picture 7

Jae-Suk phones Woo-Hyun and tells him about Seul-Bi and he goes running to find her. When Seul-Bi leaves the cafe Jae-Suk’s group steals her envelope and they question how Sung-Goo knows her and he doesn’t have an answer. Woo-Hyun comes up behind the guys and takes the envelope back. The gym teacher is patrolling and comes across the scene and everyone runs away. Woo-Hyun remembers Sung-Goo from before and asks if Sung-Goo is a good guy and she says yes and he pretends not to know about him. Sung-Yeol’s dad and Mrs.Ahn went out to eat and calls him to bring his wallet. Mrs. Ahn tells him that Sung-Yeol wants to transfer and he tells her that he thinks he needs to find Woo-Hyun’s mother and she gets upset. He thinks it is because of her son in America and tells her that she should tell him to come visit and she says she wants to go home.  Sung-Yeol looks for the wallet and comes across the necklace of Mrs. Ahn and Sung-Yeol recognizes it from Woo-Hyun’s necklace. Sung-Yeol goes running over to Woo-Hyun’s house. Seul-Bi opens the note and it says when a suspicious person touches her mark she will disappear from the world and also the memories of her disappear. 

Picture 8

Sung-Yeol comes in and Woo-Hyun is taking a shower and he finds the  necklace and they fit perfectly together. He pulls it apart when Woo-Hyun comes in and Woo-Hyun tries joking around and Sung-Yeol yells at him to stay away from him and this ends episode 11.

Picture 9

Episode 11 was an exciting episode and finally someone else has figured out the Mrs. Ahn’s secret and hopefully he will expose it to his dad! Who again is soo sweet I mean he wants Mrs. Ahn to meet with her son and even offered she send her son from “America” to come to Korea to visit and of course she shuts him down though. He would easily accept her son from her previous marriage and she seems like the one that doesn’t want to have Woo-Hyun as her son. I mean she puts so much effort into a son that doesn’t even want her as a mother and yet she won’t reach out to Woo-Hyun who actually needs her.

I find her mark on her arm seems kinda confusing like hers will be visible for a year but after she has passed the test? I mean how do you hide a shining light on your arm that would be very hard? unless she wears some bracelet that hides it or something? What does it mean she can’t have any suspicious person touch the mark? is that any person or do they have to be suspicious? She has to memorize just that little bit of information? lol how it that really a test to memorize like 1 sentence it seems a little strange to me?

I guess Sung-Yeol is really upset that Woo-Hyun is Mrs. Ahn’s son? I mean he doesn’t seem very attached to her but maybe he is worried that Woo-Hyun is going to take over his place as the only son or something? I mean I am not sure why he is soo upset but maybe this is what worried Mrs. Ahn that Sung-Yeol would be very upset? I am very interested to see what Sung-Yeol is going to do with this secret that he has found out!


Her Legend Episode 11 Recap/Summary September 12, 2013

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The 11th episode starts with Manager Kang asking Kyung-Hee all these questions and Do-Young comes out and Kyung-Hee forces their conversation to end and Kyung-Hee goes in with her. Do-Young thinks that Kyung-Hee is dating Manager Kang and Kyung-Hee corrects her. Aunt comes over and tells Kyung-Hee about Jung-Soo seeing Do-Young. Do-Young overhears a bit of the conversation. Manager Kang meets with Jung-Soo asks her if she knew Kyung-Hee before working with her and she says no because she is protecting Kyung-Hee.

Picture 1

As Aunt leaves Kyung-Hee and they are alone she hugs Aunt crying saying she is scared of what could happen. Aunt reassures her that it won’t happen and that she will stop Jung-Soo from finding her and that she was fated to take Jung-Soo’s position and that she should be good to her adoptive parents so that even if Jung-Soo finds out they won’t be able to kick her out.

Picture 2

Picture 3

Kyung-Hee meets with Manager Kang the next day and he asks her if she is adopted and that the person Jung-Soo is looking for his her mother. She clutches her chest in pain, but is alright she tells him she will tell him everything if he can keep a secret. Kyung-Hee then tells him that because of her health they adopted her and that her mom still thinks that she is the child that she originally tried to adopt. That since Jung-Soo is looking for her mom she could be the child that she originally tried to adopt. She asks Manager Kang to not tell Jung-Soo because if her mom found out she could go into shock and harm her mom.

Picture 4

Uncle comes home and says he got them a job which is to make 100 bags for the day after tomorrow because the business that was supposed to got flooded. If they complete the job they may get more orders from the company. Jin-Hoo goes down to Jung-Soo’s house on his motorcycle because he wants to learn how to make bags from her. Jung-Soo and her family are busy making bags and Jung-Soo puts her uncle in charge of teaching him, and he is not pleased because he wanted her to teach him.

Picture 5

They all work together and then the company phones saying they want to see a sample so Jin-Hoo offers to take Jung-Soo on his motorcycle to the company and the company accepts their samples. Manager Kang phones Jung-Soo to meet him and Jin-Hoo gets jealous and takes off on his motorcycle without her. 

Picture 6

Manger Kang and Jung-Soo meet and he tells her that he doesn’t want to tell her because he is afraid she will be more hurt by what he found. She starts crying and wants to know what happened to Do-Young. He tells her that Do-Young adopted someone else who thinks it is her when she came out of the coma. Jung-Soo is just relieved that Do-Young’s health is improving and says she won’t visit her.

Picture 7

Jung-Soo gets driven home by Manager Kang and cries in her room. The next morning her uncle tries to wake her up but she is too sick and gets brought to the hospital.

Picture 8

Kyung-Hee meets Manager Kang at work and tells her that he told Jung-Soo the situation and that he wants her to tell Jung-Soo she was the one that got adopted. She refuses and he tells her that she is very worried about Do-Young. At the hospital she calls out for Do-Young. Jung-Soo leaves the hospital and goes to eat with her uncle and she tells him that Do-Youn from the states tried to contact her. Uncle talks to Aunt and he wants to come clean and she of course refuses. When Aunt is cleaning up she comes across a painting of a young Jung-Soo and decides to take it because Do-Young might be able to recognize Jung-Soo if she saw her. Do-Young’s husband sees her take it and tells his wife and she realizes which painting she took. Kyung-Hee goes over to Jung-Soo’s house and offers to pay for Jung-Soo’s abroad education. Jung-Soo doesn’t really want to go because of the family situation, being a burden, and she feels it is too late. Uncle wants her to go and says she is entitled more than Kyung-Hee to go and use her money. 

Picture 9

Kyung-Hee tells the Aunt alone that she needs Jung-Soo out of the country to be able to breathe and the Aunt is worried about her coming back and treating Kyung-Hee differently. Jin-Hoo is doing his math exercises and is also trying to figure out Jung-Soo’s stealing design situation. He writes an email to the press that ShinHwa stole a design. The press goes crazy and they start hounding ShinHwa.

Picture 10

Director Choi instructs that no one say anything to the press and block them. The President has a meeting and is mad at everyone for not being able to control the press. Jin-Hoo speaks to the press and tells them that there has been a false report given to the press and media and that ShinHwa will be pressing charges against these allegations. Kyung-Hee is mad at Jin-Hoo for his actions and he tells him that he knows that we didn’t copy the design and that the fax was manipulated. He is waiting for a reaction from Red Milanoo and Kyung-Hee is insulted and says that their brand is going to be tainted from this no matter what. Jin-Hoo is called in to see the President and Director Choi and is mad that he interfered and he tells them that the design was not stolen and that the truth will come out.

Picture 11

Director Choi has realized what Jin-Hoo did that the truth will come out because he was the one that sent the info to the press so it will come faster but he is disappointed in his actions. Jin-Hoo at home has a math calculation for his plan and is hoping it will work for his company. Red Milanoo releases a statement the next day that the design was never leaked and Jung-Soo finds out when Kyung-Ho puts the tv on. Jung-Soo goes to Kyung-Hee at the company and wants a confession from Kyung-Hee about planning the whole thing and Kyung-Hee doesn’t really answer her questions. Kyung-Hee gets a call that her mom is here and Kyung-Hee sends Jung-Soo out. 

Picture 12

As Kyung-Hee and her mom leave the company they pass by Jung-Soo who sees them together and this is how the 11th episode ends.

Picture 13

This episode brought soo much revelation for Jung-Soo! I thought it was genius how Kyung-Hee could manipulate almost every situation for her benefit and the lie she made up to Manager Kang! She is pretty sly but in the end the truth has caught up with her. The truth always comes out!! Jin-Hoo he is so brave in this episode! the way he is on the path to find truth mainly for Jung-Soo. Manager Kang is also on a path of truth for Jung-Soo, but unfortunately he was caught up in Kyung-Hee’s snare and was not able to deliver the full truth to Jung-Soo. I think that is a defining moment for Manager Kang to be out of the running for Jung-Soo’s love. Jin-Hoo is just so much more dedicated to her and when he was helping making bags it was just sooo cute!! His math calculations are also such a cute quirk but I mean he must be a genius to be able to apply those calculations to real life! He was a genius to leak the info to the press because he knew Red Milano would want to clarify the situation for their benefit. Now Jung-Soo will hopefully figured out that Kyung-Hee is Do-Young’s adopted daughter and now she will know the full truth and that will of course make Manager Kang look bad because he said he had met the adopted daughter. I do not really understand why Kyung-Hee is so afraid of the truth coming out? I mean she is pretty old and can stand on her own 2 feet even if they find out. She has a proper education and could get a job on her own and make her own way. She could even move out into an apartment and have separated herself from them or gone back to the States herself. Oh well it is still exciting nonetheless!! I am not sure what Jung-Soo will do now, I mean she knows it is Kyung-Hee so I think she would have less of a problem telling Do-Young the truth because hurting Kyung-Hee would be easier. So maybe in the next episode she will be able to tell Do-Young?


Sprout Episode 11 (Final) Summary and Review October 18, 2012

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Sprout episode 12 starts off with Souhei’s wind chime ringing and it is summer one year later. Miku narrates that it has been one year since Souhei has left, she is getting ready for school and her hair is longer.

Miku is walking to school and she is thinking that in the past year nothing has happened that she would have to talk about.

Miyuki is getting asked out by a student and she says sorry and walks away. Takeru and Arata overhear this and they tease each other saying they should ask her out.

Miku, Fumiko and Ami are walking together and they pass Souhei and Hayato and they both reply hello politely. She narrates that they both went back to being normal classmates.

At soccer club Souhei is the new captain and he tells everyone he will do his best, Sou is in the club. Haruka comes over and she says she has just come to watch the new captain speech and chides him for making it so short. He bows and she walks away.


Miku is with her friends and Ami is being all cute on the phone and Fumiko asks if Miku still doesn’t feel like dating and Miku replies that its not like she is popular. Fumiko calls her out and says it because she can’t forget her fated person who is Souhei, she flashbacks to when she held hands with her fated person. As they walk they see the soccer club and Fumiko asks Miku if she thinks that one day she will be able to unite with her fated one someday and Ami asks if she still believes in her eternal first love. Miku says she was wrong that Souhei wasn’t her fated person and that is why they won’t be united.

Souhei watches the girls walk past during practice and Takeru notices and calls him back. Takeru and Arata are talking after practice and they figure that Souhei liked Miku the whole time and that is why he broke up with Miyuki.

Naoharu, Kiyoka and Miku’s parents are preparing to eat outside and Miku’s mom says that it has been awhile. Kiyoka is remembering about coming there last year and she says it s a bit lonely.

Miku comes home and sees Souhei’s bike, Souhei is eating BBQ and Miku’s mom says that if she knew Souhei was coming she would have made more chicken, Naoharu says sorry but he suddenly came over. Miku is with them and her dad notices that this is the first time that Souhei has come over since he left. Miku thinks that even if its like this she is happy, Souhei notices that the wind chime is up and Miku nods that she did.

Souhei gets his bike and is walking out, Miku comes running after him and says that she will walk him to the corner. As they walk Miku tells him congratulations on being captain and she thinks that there is a lot that she wanted to talk about the words won’t come out very well. Souhei says that he is glad to see everyone doing well and she agrees and is glad he is good too. He says bye and she says this is the first going to separate homes, he acknowledges and then says he is going to go. He bikes away and Miku watches and thinks that they can’t go back to the summer when Souhei was here.

Miku is walking in her uniform and meets Miyuki and the stop to sit on a bench. Miku says that it has been awhile since they talked like this, since there sleepover. Miyuki asks if she still likes Souhei, Miku just laughs.

Hayato is waiting in the school and Souhei comes in asking what he wanted to talk about. Hayato asks why Souhei doesn’t go out with Miku, because he likes her.

Miku says that it isn’t that she likes Souhei and that ever since he stopped boarding at her house they have been just like classmates. Miyuki tells her that she is a really bad liar.

Souhei replies that he doesn’t really like Miku, Hayato says that he doesn’t have to lie anymore and to hurry and confess.

Miyuki tells her that at that time she wanted to be Miku and was jealous but now she doesn’t want to be her because she stopped time one year ago and that it is probably the same for Souhei.

Souhei says that it is fine the way it is because he thought he would be with Miyuki forever he wasn’t able to persist with those feelings. Hayato asks if he thought that Miyuki would have been happy like that.

Miyuki asks if she would be okay if Souhei would go out with someone else and she replies that it is something for Souhei to decide and Miyuki replies that she is one to talk and asks why does he think she broke up with Souhei.

Hayato asks Souhei if he would be fine if Miku went out with someone else and Souhei says yeah if she was happy. Hayato asks if he is really thinking like that and he says yeah and Hayato grabs him.

Miyuki grabs Miku and tells her to take one step forward.

Hayato grabs Souhei and punches him in the face and asks him angrily if he had any idea what it felt for Miyuki to break up with him and for him to break up with Miku.

Miyuki says that if she doesn’t it won’t end for her either.

Hayato says to let him be glad that he broke up with Miku and if she doesn’t become happy he won’t be able to feel that way either.

Miku nods to Miyuki and runs away, Miyuki smiles.

Souhei walks out of the gym.

Miku is running down the road and having flashbacks of Souhei. She runs up the steps to the school and trips and hurts her knee, she sits down. A hand appears in front of her and she sees Souhei and grabs his hand and she stands up. She says she likes him and have always liked him. He says Miku and goes in for a hug and tells her that he likes her twice. He then says that he has finally said it, they put there foreheads together. Miku narrates that her love and Souhe’s love overlapped for the first time.

Miku and Souhei are holding hands and walking, shots of the school and them and plants sprouting. She thinks no matter when she can’t let go and if its now she can strongly put into words.

Miku and Souhei go to her house and announce they are home and she thinks my fated person and this is how the final episode ends.

I was so shocked that after one year Miku and Souhei was not really talking or having to do anything with each other. At first I felt sad and was really wondering how this series was going to end and was hoping that it wasn’t going to suck!! I loved that Miyuki and Hayato both had a talk with them and set them straight. I liked that they were on the same page and the switched between scenes to show the different sides. I really felt like Hayato especially was being used in the relationship to help figure out Miku’s feelings which is soo sad for him. I found it odd that they never talk about her fainting and him helping her to the nurse’s office and I mean would it really be that hard to even ask him. I guess they wanted to keep it ambiguous to hide who her real fated one was and I guess the scene where he gives her his hand is supposed to mean that he was the one who originally helped her.

The manga was really different from this drama, they really developed the characters of Naoharu and Kiyoka much more in the manga and I kinda feel a little sad they weren’t given more of a story line. I liked them as a group and feel sad that they didn’t spend more time together. I really liked this one part in the manga when Souhei had left the house and one day they text each other about supper and Souhei still gets the text but he feels sad that he doesn’t get to be there anymore. I would have really liked this to be a part of the drama!! oh well!!

Another interesting thing is that Hayato was a different type of character in the manga and so therefore it really made the drama a lot different and it was just a surprising when things would happen. I did not mind this change and instead really enjoyed it better than the manga.

I really loved this series and thought that it was really well done. I felt that the relationships and feelings that were expressed in this drama was really realistic and the emotions felt so real. I thought it was a really grown up story even though it was targeted for teens it really was the best well down drama I have seen for a long time. I really enjoyed my time with this drama and I hope everyone else did!! thanks for reading and supporting me!!

Oh and Hayato won the vote!! He got 62.5% of the votes!! yikes poor Souhei he really couldn’t compete with the handsome Hayato!! I guess if I had one complaint it would be that Miku didn’t get to be with Hayato!! but I mean Souhei is her fated one so who can really argue with that?? I mean we should be looking at the inside not the outside!! 🙂 right?


Sprout Episode 11 Summary and Review October 17, 2012

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Episode 11 starts with Souhei getting a phone call from his mom telling him to leave the boarding house and Miku is listening in. When he gets off the phone she asks him if he is leaving and he tells her that his mom just wants him to go home and he is going to think about it. Miku then thinks that she hadn’t even thought of a tomorrow without Souhei.

Hayato is kicking the soccer ball with Sou, Souhei comes up to them and asks to speak to Hayato. He tells Hayato that he broke up with Miyuki and Hayato asks why he tells him because when he looks at his parents he doesn’t believe in forever or eternity. He goes on to say he wishes he believed that he thought different and he then tells him he got a call from his mom and she asked him to go home. He also says that his mom was crying and after breaking up with Miyuki he really thought about it and found that he was running away from reality.

Miku is walking with Ami and Fumiko and is distracted and isn’t listening to Ami talk. They ask if something happened with Hayato and she says no. She realizes that her mind had been occupied with Souhei.

Souhei is in a field and Miyuki comes towards him and he says he is sorry for calling her out and she says its okay and that she brought the things she borrowed. They exchange the bags and she comments that is nice not having to send pointless texts anymore. She asks if he has club after this and he says yes and they say bye and walks away. As she is walking Souhei yells Miyuki and says thank you and she says that she needs to thank him too, he nods no and she says its good to be able to still talk to Souhei normally.

Takeru and Arata are getting dressed for soccer and they are talking about why Souhei and Miyuki broke up and that Souhei had told them it was his fault. Arata asks Takeru if he is going to go for Miyuki now and he says he wouldn’t try to butt in like that. Haruka has been listening to them talk.

Souhei is kicking soccer balls and Haruka is watching him. After practice Souhei goes over to a sitting Haruka and he asks her what she wanted and if something happened. She instead asks him if something happened to him and that it hurts to see him force a smile. He says that it is easier now and that he is fine. She then goes in for a kiss, she then tells him that she likes him. He stands up and says sorry and she says will it not do and he says sorry again and leaves.


Miku has walked home and before she went into her room she stopped and looked at Souhei’s room. She calls Fumiko on the balcony and says that she feels like she doesn’t know anymore and Fumiko tells her to love someone will make you smile when you think of them and to get jealous over little things and it feels so suffocating but you can’t control it. Then Souhei comes onto the yard and tells her that he is back she doesn’t answer and he repeats himself and then she answers. She then realizes that there is only one true love.

Miku’s dad is gardening and Souhei comes out and asks him what he is doing he tells him that he is cutting some excess branches because if he doesn’t then it won’t be able to grow big. Miku’s dad asks him if he wants to try it too and he agrees.

Miku is in the kitchen with her mom and she tells her that Souhei is going back to his mom’s house. She tells her that he is moving next week while it is still summer break.

Souhei is on the balcony and Miku is in her room looking at her phone with the picture of her and Hayato and she thinks that even though she meant to overwrite love with love she still loves Souhei and she cries tears on her phone.

Hayato and Miku are walking and he asks what she wanted to talk about, she pauses and she tries to talk but can’t and so he says lets end this. He asks her if that is what she had wanted to say, she nods her head and he says that he knew it. He tells he knew because everything shows on her face, he tells he that he doesn’t regret it. She says it was all Hayato, he was the one that asked her out and told her that he liked her, dated her and held her hand . He lifts his head toward the sky as if to hold back tears and she says that he was the first for all of those things. She tells him that she was glad that it was Hayato and they both smile.


Everyone is there for dinner and they are cheering Souhei because he is leaving. They ask him to says some things and he stands up and says that he ran away to here because his mom became tense after the divorce and that it was hard to be around her. He then says he thought he would always want to be here forever but when he heard his mom sad, lonely voice on the phone he felt really bad. He goes onto say that he has to face her properly because she is family. Miku’s mom asks him if he will be okay and he says yes because he needs to grow some more. Naoharu starts crying and Kiyoka teases him for crying.

Souhei is sitting on the deck and Miku comes in with barley tea and asks him if he wants some and he does. She sits next to him and he says its good, the wind chime rings and she says that she will have to give him back his wind chime and he says its okay she should put it up again next summer. She says thanks and then thinks that he won’t be here then. She then thinks this close distance, atmosphere and this house with Souhei it all ends today. She then takes his arm into her lap and puts her face against it and starts crying. She asks him to just lend her his arm and she thinks please don’t go, and the chime starts ringing and she realizes that her summer with Souhei is over.

I think that he pruning that Miku’s dad was supposed to be a metaphor for Souhei and that he needed to break up with Miyuki to let himself continue to grow and that she might have been holding him back. I think it could also mean that going back to his mom’s place is another way for him to be able to grow because he is facing reality.

Poor Hayato I just knew that they were not going to make it because Miku was not committed to the relationship and Hayato was the one that pursued her and she seemed mostly flattered that someone gave her that attention. They should have casted Hayato for Souhei’s role like I mean come on how was Souhei really supposed to compete with his good looks!! Anyway I am predicting a very happy ending for Souhei and Miku together!! of course I am hoping for the underdog once again!!

Miku crying into his arm, I was expecting more of a reaction from Souhei but he seemed to look at her as if it was completely normal?? so weird! I mean this isn’t the first time that she has touched him does he not see that it shows that she is interested in him?? so odd!!


To The Beautiful You Episode 11 Summary September 29, 2012


The eleventh episode starts off with Jae-Hee trying to hold back Tae-Joon because he wants to go talk to Ha-Na about her telling everyone that him and Ha-Na are dating. Jae-Hee also tries to tell Tae-joon that she is a girl but he tells her to tell him later.

Ha-Na is in her car and she is getting lots of phone calls and the director is angry with her announcement. Tae-Joon finds her at her house before she goes in and he tells her that they need to talk he drags her to a cafe. He asks her why she did it and gets angry with her and tells her to stop it. She says she won’t and she gets mad about his relationship with Jae-Hee. Ha-Na asks him if he likes Jae-Hee, he can’t answer so she gives him an ultimatum to date her or kick Jae-Hee out.

Jae-Hee is visiting Sang-Chu and she discusses that Tae-Joon will be angry with her for not telling him that she is a girl and she cries.

Eun-Gyeol is kicking soccer balls, he flashbacks to his time with Jae-Hee and the time he would tell her something after he makes the team. Jae-Hee and Eun-Gyeol meet up walking she asks how the match went and he says good. He asks if she has been crying and she says no.

Jae-Hee goes back to her dorm and it starts raining, she goes out with her umbrella and waits for Tae-Joon. They meet in the rain and they go back to their dorm room and go to bed.

In Ha-Na’s classroom everyone is looking at the tablet and reading the news of Tae-Joon and Ha-Na dating. This spreads to the rest of Korea and to a group of girls protesting their relationship.

Tae-Joon gets a lot of attention with the news of the two dating as he walks down the hallway at school.

Jae-Hee is doing the laundry, she flashbacks to Johnny and he wants to know the answer to his question of them dating. Jae-Hee tells him he has been like a brother to her and he tells her that he knows what she is trying to say. He tells her that he will always be on her side and they end things amiably.

Eun-Gyeol sees her in the laundry room so he puts faces on his sock and does a sock puppet show for her. He joins her and she asks why he wasn’t in class he tells her because he slept it because of the match yesterday. He asks her why she does her laundry everyday and he helps pull out the clothes and notices they are Tae-Joon’s clothing. He asks her if she likes Tae-Joon, she gets slightly mad and so he says he was just joking.

Tae-Joon meets Ha-Na at their managers office, she threatens that if he doesn’t tell the manager that they are dating then she will tell her about Jae-Hee. Their manager freaks out at them and that everything will be relayed through their office.

Eun-Gyeol hears guys talking about Tae-Joon dating and he finally finds out about Tae-Joon and Ha-Na.

Ha-Na gets a text from Jae-Hee asking to meet to talk.

Eun-Gyeol remembers the day before when Jae-Hee was crying and realizes that if was probably the reason she was crying. Eun-Gyeol pulls Tae-Joon aside and asks if he likes Jae-Hee, Tae-Joon tells him not to get involved. Eun-Gyeol tells him not to make Jae-Hee cry anymore because he likes her.

Jae-Hee and Ha-Na meet, Jae-Hee tells her that she is sorry and asks why she didn’t tell Tae-Joon that she is a girl. Ha-Na asks why she even pretended to be a boy. Jae-Hee asks if she can tell Tae-Joon she is a girl and Ha-Na tells Jae-Hee that she doesn’t have permission to tell him yet.

Tae-Joon is in the dorm and Jae-Hee comes in he asks her where she was and if she was with Eun-Gyeol. She says no and he tells her to not stay out so late. Tae-Joon goes to grab her and ends up touching her on her chest and he awkwardly says he is going for a run. Jae-Hee winces in pain, he asks if her stomach hurts and she says no so Tae-Joon leaves the room. Tae-Joon is in the hall and holds his beating heart. Tae-Joon wonders what the date is and pulls out her calendar.

Jae-Hee goes to see Dr. Jang, she asks him if he has any pads because she used all of hers up.

Tae-Joon comes back and gives her some medicine for better digestion.

Seung-Ri and Jong-Min are waiting for Eun-Gyeol in his room. Hyun-Jae tells them to leave and that he will text them when Eun-Gyeol comes back.

Tae-Joon goes to feed Sang-Chu and talks about what to do with Ha-Na.

Ha-Na is in practice and gets a text from Tae-Joon that he is going to her school to talk to her. She practices her ribbon and flashbacks to her earlier discussions with Tae-Joon and she hurts her foot in practices. Tae-Joon tries calling her from the car.

Jae-Hee texts Eun-Gyeol is call her, Tae-Joon comes in and says he didn’t get to meet with Ha-Na. He says that they should go out and eat, he gets a call and finds out Ha-Na is hurt.

Tae-Joon goes to the hospital he meets his manager and she goes to talk to him. He goes into her room and he asks if she is okay and in pain, she says its just a sprain and that she isn’t in any pain. Tae-Joon flashbacks to the manager explaining that Ha-Na may have extensive damage to the ligaments in her ankle and that they will know after the results come out. She also explains that they haven’t told Ha-Na about it yet and he shouldn’t either. Back in her room ,he asks where her parents are and she says that are in Europe vacationing, she asks if he can spend the night here because she is scared and he agrees. Tae-Joon texts Jae-Hee that he will stay the night and not to wait up for him.

Ha-Na is taken care of by Tae-Joon and he leaves to go to the bathroom, she says she is happy that she got hurt. Tae-Joon’s phone gets a text from Jae-Hee saying that Ha-Na is probably okay and that he will probably be uncomfortable sleeping there, Ha-Na erases the message.

Tae-Joon walking back meets Seung-Ri who says that he has appendicitis and why did he come visit him. Tae-Joon says he didn’t come to see him but another friend. The doctor scolds him for walking around Seung-Ri says this is his father and he asks if he was the one in Ha-Na’s room. Seung-Ri freaks out and asks what happened to her and his father pulls him away.

Jae-Hee is checking her phone at the dorm and Tae-Joon is checking his phone at the hospital both wondering why they haven’t received a text message. Jae-Hee wakes up and hears Tae-Joon filling up a backpack, he tells her that he will have to stay in the hospital again and that there is a chance she won’t be able to do gymnastics again. She says that he should take care of himself too, he hesitates and then says goodbye.

Jae-Hee is in class and they ask her where Tae-Joon is and where Eun-Gyeol is.

Tae-Joon and his manager are talking and she says she will have to tell Ha-Na already and he volunteers to tell her.

Jae-Hee goes to the hospital with flowers and meets Seung-Ri and he tries to take the flowers from her thinking that she came to visit him. Tae-Joon goes into the room and says he has to tell her something about her injury and goes to hold her hand. Jae-Hee opens the door and sees Ha-Na crying into Tae-Joon’s shoulder, so she closes the door and walks away.

Jae-Hee cleans the dorm room and then goes on the computer, Seung-Ri comes in wondering if she has heard from Eun-Gyeol because he had told him that he was going home. Seung-Ri explains that he has really been down because he didn’t make the nationals and he gets mad at her for not knowing this about him. She asks him if he knows where he lives.

Eun-Gyeol is on a patio, throwing a ball to his dog, his mom sticks her head out asking if he is not going to school and he says he is staying one more day since he came because she is sick.

The doorbell rings and Jae-Hee is at the door they go sit on a bench, she asks why he didn’t tell her that he didn’t make the nationals and he says because he was embarrassed. He says sorry and she also says sorry because she didn’t pay enough attention to him. He tells her that he didn’t go to school because his mom has been a little sick and he lost is cell on the bus ride. He says that those are all excuses and that he needed time to think, he then asks how Tae-Joon and Ha-Na are. She tells him that Ha-Na is really sick and that she is thinking that she maybe shouldn’t have come here for Tae-Joon. Eun-Gyeol heart starts beating and he moves closer to her almost puts his hand around her but doesn’t.

Ha-Na is watching a video of her doing gymnastics on her laptop. Tae-Joon comes in saying she should stop watching that and she asks him to get her a glass of water. She goes through is phone pictures and finds a picture of Jae-Hee. Tae-Joon comes back and she asks him that he decided to jump again was because of Jae-Hee. He nods his head and she asks why he is doing this to her and that she has nothing left and that she won’t let him go.

Eun-Gyeol is watching Jae-Hee play with his dog, Jae-Hee sits with her phone and looks at the old text message from Tae-Joon. Eun-Gyeol says to himself that he can’t stand watching her in pain anymore. Eun-Gyeol hugs his mom and says sorry because he might do something that will shame her in the future and she tries to figure it out. His dad overhears and takes out his golf club and chases him around the house with it.

Ha-Na tells Tae-Joon that there is somewhere that she needs to go out of the hospital. He takes her in a wheel chair to a gym, she tells him if she hadn’t been hurt she would have competed here today. He tells her if she works hard on her rehab she will be able to do it again, she says she really liked her program this time and decides to show him it even with her sore foot. She flashbacks to her as a kid and she is explaining that she is going to do gymnastics because he said that gymnastics girls are pretty and they make a promise for her to win a medal. While performing she falls and cries, she touches the floor and says thanks for everything and then goodbye.

Tae-Joon brings Ha-Na back, he tells her that its better when she is honest with him. She tells him to leave and that she wants to be alone, her parents are coming back today. She tells him that she doesn’t want to chase someone who doesn’t like her and that she had liked him because he was a good athlete and now he isn’t that good anymore. She says sorry and that she is going to get over him and get someone better.

Eun-Gyeol and Jae-Hee drive back silently and go into the dorm. Eun-Gyeol stops her and says he has something to tell her. Tae-Joon comes back and sees the two of them talking. Eun-Gyeol tells her that he likes her and this is how the eleventh episode ends.