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Sprout Episode 9 Summary and Review October 5, 2012

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Episode 9 starts off with Miyuki explaining that she liked Hayato. They are all sitting inside and Miyuki is explaining that in her second year of middle school she confessed to Hayato and he rejected her. Souhei asks if she can forget Hayato and she tells him that when he confessed to her only he was in her heart.  She goes onto explain that on that day it seemed like Souhei was going to leave her and she became uneasy. It flashbacks to her hugging Hayato and she says sorry, Souhei tells her that he understands and thanks her for telling him honestly. Souhei realizes that he will be with Miyuki from now on.

Souhei and Miyuki are walking and he asks when they should go see the movie that she mentioned and she seems distracted. She says thank you and she holds onto his arm.

Miku is watering the garden and she sees Souhei walk very slowly and stop in the doorway. She comes up behind him and surprises him and she tells him that everyone is home already. He walks up to his room.

They are all sitting around the table and everyone is talking about their trips after  supper. Naoharu gives Souhei a rurika phone charms for him and Miyuki to have together. Souhei then excuses himself from the table and her parents wonders if there is something wrong with him because he didn’t even finish his supper which is strange for him.

Miku crosses balconies and waves outside his door she tells him that the stars are pretty. They sit outside on the patio and Souhei says sorry for all that happened and she says it fine it doesn’t bother her at all. She asks if his fake smile is tiring because she can’t do it very well when she tries to fake it. He says its because she is honest and she tells him because he has that character it might be easier for him to smile outside. She tells him that he doesn’t need to fake it when he is at home. She goes on saying he was being cool in front of Miyuki and she acts out what she thinks he would have really wanted to say and that was to tell Miyuki not to hug other guys while dating him. She says didn’t you want to say that and he says that he didn’t jokingly. They both start smiling and she asks if he is faking right now and he says he’s not. She sighs and lies on the patio ground, he watches her.

Takeru and Arata are washing up after soccer practice and Arata asks where Souhei went and Takeru says that he rushed off to a date. They both come to the conclusion that things are going well with him and Miyuki. They tease each other and spray water which ends up hitting another guy probably their coach.

Souhei is running off and he meets Haruka who asks him if Miku is going out with Hayato and he tells her yes. She says that must be part of Miku’s plan to make Souhei jealous and he tells her that she wouldn’t do something like that. He goes on to tell her that Miku doesn’t have any feelings toward him and then leaves.

Souhei and Miyuki come out of the theater talking about the movie and he bought two movie pamphlets. Miyuki asks him why he did that and he tells her he bought the other one for Miku because she watched it with Hayato earlier and was sorry that she didn’t buy one. They then decide they will go for drinks.

Hayato is working in a cafe and Miku comes in with Ami and Fumiko and the other girls in the cafe all talk about how cool he is. Fumiko asks if she is jealous and she says no. She then brings up how she was jealous of Souhei, she says it was because it was unrequited love and there was a girlfriend. Hayato is listening to her speak from a distance while working. Fumiko then asks if you like someone wouldn’t that make you jealous. Hayato is called back to work and can’t hear that Miku says that she doesn’t think you have to be jealous because she really likes Hayato.

Souhei and Miyuki are walking and she thanks him for going shopping with her and he tells her it was interesting shopping from a girl’s point of view. He tells her that the girls at his house don’t really act like girls Kiyoka and Miku act more like guys. He then says that maybe Auntie is the most female-like.

Miku is leaving with her friends and she tells Hayato that she will wait where Kou is and he tells her he will come when he is done.

Souhei asks if he should walk her to her bus stop, she doesn’t answer but instead asks how long he is going to stay at the boarding house and he says he plans to stay a long time. Miyuki tells him that he has become very distant that when he lived farther away he was always in reach and now that he lives closer he seems farther away. He reminds her that when he first started boarding there she told him that he was glad he was in a safe place and he tells her he sees it as his home now. He tells her that if she told him to move it would be very hard, she says that is not what she is trying to say. He says she should tell him what she wants him to do and that he calls, text and gets together so she doesn’t feel uneasy. She says that he was doing it for her sake and that he doesn’t want to do those things and that she is forcing him. She says its fine already and that she doesn’t need those dates, texts or calls and she runs away. Souhei chases after her and tells her to say what she wants to say and she asks if he only thought of her today and asks him if he can say that he loves her overall, she says she can say it that she loves the Souhei that loves only her. She goes onto say that she doesn’t love Souhei of right now and then she runs away leaving Souhei who thinks its not fair.

Miku meets Kou who is playing soccer, she joins in and practices kicking soccer with him. Kou tells her to take care of Hayato for him and she agrees. Souhei comes across Miku and Kou and he says he was looking for Kou. Souhei joins soccer with them and leaves his phone and poster on the side.

Miyuki is walking and she tries phoning Souhei but he is playing soccer and doesn’t hear his phone.

Hayato comes and sees Souhei and Miku sitting together.

Miyuki thinks that its not fair and a train goes by and you see her hat flying in the air.

Souhei is awakened by his phone and Miyuki is mentioned in an urgent voice.

Miku and her dad are in the garden and he is picking weeds, Souhei comes running and grabs his bike. Miku follows him asking where he is going and he says that Miyuki didn’t come home last night  and he tried phoning her many times but she wouldn’t answer. He explains that they had a big fight and he left her in a bad mood. He gets on his bike and starts pedaling.

Okay what a doozy of an episode!! first of all Miyuki hugging Hayato apparently was not such a big deal between Miku and Hayato as it was for Souhei and Miyuki, At the end of episode eight it seemed like it was going to be a much bigger deal!! guess not! I thought finally a reason for her to feel guilty and she can’t keep looming that he doesn’t do enough for her but no she still becomes the victim and goes on that he is not a good boyfriend. I am confused as to how he was being distanced he always seems so happy and he doesn’t seem to be the type that talks about his feelings all the time. Why doesn’t she just say she is jealous of his and Miku’s relationship just for the simple fact that he lives with her and therefore has a relationship with her. Anyways she has gotten very annoying in this episode and now of course she is being even more annoying because she is missing!! with her hat flying in the wind I thought for a second that she jumped in front of the train but it can’t be that !! that would be too dark!!

Miku and Hayato I feel bad for Hayato he thinks that Miku only has feelings for Souhei now because he was overhearing her conversation but didn’t get to hear the end of it!! nooo!! they need to be together and happy!!


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