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July Drama Reviews 2016 July 8, 2016

It felt like a long spring/summer for dramas so far and I finally finished the last batch of dramas to review. The first one that I have finished was Goodbye Mr. Black. This was a long drama or at least it felt really long. I have to tell you it was nothing like the movie the Count of Monte Cristo which made me quite disappointed. I wanted an awesome revenge plot and all I got was a lackluster slightly revenge plot. The romance in the drama was also not that touching or interesting to me. I started shipping the minor characters which I thought was a bit sad. I mean I don’t need romance to enjoy a drama but the other story line of the drawn out revenge plot was too long. I really had hoped for more in this drama but it wasn’t the worst but it wasn’t the great either, it was just kinda meh!


The second drama I watched was Jackpot which I have to say I really did enjoy. If you have been reading my blog you will notice I haven’t really ever done historical dramas so this was really the first one that I tried out. I have to see this was a legitimate historical drama, you feel like you got a history lesson while watching this drama. It is based on historical facts but obviously there are parts to it that are not historically correct. At first I was a little bit like what does gambling have to do with anything seems like a pointless story line but when I really thought about it, in the political sense and in the palace, everything is a gamble. You are gambling on people all the time with you put your trust in. You need to know who is manipulating the game and see through everyone’s intentions which is true in politics and gambling. I have to say I really decided to watch this drama because Jang Keun-Suk was in it and I really just missed his face, lol but he did an awesome job and the drama obviously pushed his acting skills and I was impressed with him. I also really loved the first king who was just awesome! All the actors were great in this drama and I actually really enjoyed this drama. If you are looking for a good love line you will be disappointed. There is really little focus on love in this drama I mean at one point I didn’t even realize that the older son was married! Women are not a huge part of this story line. I enjoyed this drama and I would recommend it to anyone who love the historical dramas especially!!


The third drama I have finished is Refresh Man! Sigh! there were some problems with this drama. First of all a character did a blackface and pretended to be black and go into a store and make it seem like he wanted a product as a way to boost sales. In one way he wasn’t doing it to make it seem like black people were bad but it was a racist thing to do. I really think that was a bad move and the character in the  drama is told by his boss that he shouldn’t have done that but because it got popular on youtube then it was okay. So I definitely think there has been outrage because of this and this contributed to the drama being cut down in episodes, also the low ratings contributed. I have to say I got tired of this drama, it just was lacking in story line or maybe I am tired of Aaron Yan playing a boss and then being tsundrere to the girl he likes. I enjoyed Just You and everything else seems like a cheap copy. I also found all the characters cheesy but not really endearing either. I wouldn’t really recommend this drama.


The fourth drama I finished was Entertainer. It is about  Suk-Ho(Ji-Sung) a manager who loses everything including the famous boy group he wanted to take with him when he wants to start his own entrainment company.  He recruits Ha-Neul who (Min-Hyuk) who is good at singing but was accused of sexual harassment and is placed on probation. His sister Geu-Rin (Hyeri) is trying to take care of him and eventually becomes the manager to the band. This drama has a lot of big names in there Ji-Sung who’s last drama was Kill Me, Heal Me which was impressive.  Min-Hyuk from Heirs. Hyeri who was last in Reply 1988 which I absolutely loved. I expected quite a bit from this drama with all the great actors but sadly it seemed like it was missing something. I found the characters lacking something I didn’t really love any of them. I didn’t really love Hyeri, she played the kinda ditzy girl but I didn’t really find it endearing.  The lovelines in this drama were completely bizarre and from what it seemed most people were not happy with that. I kept waiting for this drama to pick up and it kinda did but the second half was really sad and it will make you cry for a couple of episodes! The ending wasn’t horrible it was okay and maybe a bit predictable but it was satisfying enough for me. It was a disappointing drama but it wasn’t horrible or anything, I think I just had larger expectations.




The first drama that I am watching is Uncontrollably Fond which is a bit different because this drama was full produced before airing which is different from the live-shoot production that most Korean dramas follow. The writers won’t be able to change anything depending on the audience which is why some dramas get a bit off script. This drama stars Joong Young(Woo Bin) and Noh Eul (Suzy) which I think is just a good match of actors. It is about a couple who got separated from childhood due to a bad relationship. They are able to meet again later in life when Joon Young is a top actor and Suzy is a documentary producer. She has to convince Joong Young to do the documentary. I have only watched the first episode so far and it wasn’t the most exciting first episode of a drama but I am hoping that it will pick up. I think it has the potential of being a depressing drama but I hope that it won’t have to go to that story line.




The second drama for Summer I am watching is Doctors. This story is about Hye-Jung(Shin Hye) a highschool student who was tough bully and only got into trouble with a troubled past. She meets her mentor Ji Hong (Rae Won) who plays a role in transforming her life from being troubled to becoming a great doctor. Again I chose this drama because I missed Shin-Hye in dramas and I also love medical dramas, not sure why though! So far after a couple of episodes it is really interesting and of course it has a bit of forbidden relationship vibe going on in this drama which is always fun. Of course there will be a love triangle which may be slightly predictable but oh well! I am finding this drama fun so far.




The third drama that I going to watch is W-Two Worlds. It will only start July 20th but I plan to watch it. It is about a couple who live in the same era but in different worlds. Oh Yun Joo (Han Hyo Joo) is a surgeon whose father is a famous comic book creator and he goes missing one day and as she goes to find him she finds Kang Chul( (Lee Jong Suk) bathed in blood. She is kidnapped by him and taken to a different dimension. I love sci-fi genres and this seems like it will be really interesting. The idea seems really cool and I hope they will be able to execute this drama properly.

Picture 1

What dramas are you planning to watch this summer? Or what were your opinions on these dramas if you have watched them?



Ghost in the Shell Controversy April 18, 2016

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Here is a link to an article discussing the controversy if you want more information.

So I just wanted to comment on this controversy as I keep seeing it in the news.I just want to talk about the controversy in the new hollywood remake movie for Ghost in the Shell. This is a live action remake of the anime. First of all I have not watched the anime but this does make me want to watch it. It is one of the most popular anime’s ever and the producers have cast Scarlett Johnansson as Major Motoko Kusanagi who is Japanese in the story. They even considered thinking of digitally altering her to look more Asian, apparently this isn’t true but who really knows. As an Asian actor in America I could not imagine how frustrating it is, the few roles that even have Japanese characters are not even given to you. I just think this is crazy after all that has happened at the Oscars with the boycott because of the lack of roles and oscar nominations for African Americans and other races. For some reason they only focused on African Americans where meanwhile Asians were not even given a mention. Here is a movie where they could help change the way people see Asians by making an amazing anime and making it authentic and they instead dismiss this chance and give the role to white person again.

I think the main problems with this is because it has happened so many times before where movies just cast white people as other races, and frankly it is disrespectful and it has never helped a movie before. It becomes a joke and no one takes it seriously. I really hope the director changes his mind and casts someone that is better suited for the role.


March Korean Drama Reviews 2016 March 25, 2016

So I finally finished Bromance a Taiwanese Drama that only got aired once a week so it takes a lot longer to finish as a drama. I was pleasantly surprised with this drama because for one thing I usually find that they are far too long and things get dragged out, which did happen a bit but not to the extent with some other dramas. I was really shocked at the chemistry in this drama and there are a few steamy scenes that caught me really off guard because it was so unexpected. I thought that it was actually really well done and the storyline pretty much made sense except for the whole part of her dressing like a man because a quack fortune teller told them to do so! At times I really thought Pi Yanou could have been a man with the way she looked and at other times it wasn’t super believable but overall they did a good job with the gender bender theme! I think this was a really enjoyable drama that has a lot of fun in it, although I wished she changed back into a girl a lot earlier in the drama.10

I also finished My Little Lover which is a Japanese Drama and had a hard time with finding subs for this drama. Thankfully Viki did sub it and so if you want to watch it, that is a good place. Well this drama was not the best, I really didn’t think it would be as it seemed a bit gimmicky. A girl turning into the one inch princess. It wasn’t terrible but I had a hard time getting myself to finish the series. Again I wish she would have gone back to normal earlier in the drama and found it got a bit repetitive of the problems she faced while being small. I just thought it would be an interesting drama but I found myself feeling disappointed with this drama.


The third drama I finished was Remember. This was a crazy drama and it did have some problems as the number of episodes kept changing. Boy this is a roller coaster of a drama, I never knew that I could feel so depressed and on edge after watching some episodes in this drama. Honestly this drama had so many problems with the storyline especially his dad with Alzheimer’s being sent to jail and the problems with the lack of evidence and everything. Despite that it was a fun drama to watch and the drama and intrigue was interesting. Also I don’t love Lawyer dramas but I have to say for the first time I think I learned something about court. I didn’t connect that great with the main loveline and didn’t really have a whole lot of interest in them and didn’t feel like I connected with their emotions. I seriously loved Park Dong-Ho the most, I loved his accent in this drama and he just so charismatic in this drama. Also another great reason to watch this drama is to check out Nam Goong Min acting in this drama, I loved watching him in We Got Married and he is seriously a crazy good actor in this drama. I didn’t think I would even enjoy this drama that much and it turns out I was wrong. It not the best lawyer drama out there but it sure is interesting!


I just finished Cheese In The Trap. Honestly I had such high hopes for this drama since I have been following the Webcomic for a while and was actually really surprised they were going to make a drama of it. I was worried about the ending since I knew the webcomic hasn’t been finished. Seriously though why do they pick up comics and manga as a show and the story isn’t even completed, like it is the worst idea. So the ending will disappoint you, no matter how you look at it. You become so invested in every decision that the characters make and the ending just feels like they wrote it off and it feels like a mess. It would be different if they would continue to do another series of it when the comic would finish the story but we will never get to see anymore and that is why it is so frustrating. I mean always having all endings wrapped up may seem cliche and not realistic or edgy or something but I still find it really disappointing. I think this drama needed more episodes and it just felt so wrong! At least we still have the webcomic that is continuing to make up for it!


I also just finished Moorim School. Now they at least gave us an ending that wouldn’t leave us feeling so unsatisfied. This drama really wasn’t that great but I think what saved this drama was the good looking boys, and it had Hong-Bin from Vixx, so fans probably supported it. This drama too was supposed to have more episodes but it got shortened. I found the storyline to be somewhat redundant and silly at times. Frankly this drama had way too many flashbacks and a lot of cliche moments. I didn’t hate it but I wasn’t that good at all. It was a bit strange with the secret powers and chintamani key or something. It was not well written at all but if you don’t mind things like that you might enjoy it.


The dramas that I am checking out next are Goodbye Mr. Black which is supposed to be about a man who is in the Navy and goes through some friend’s betrayal and is supposed to be a bit like the count of monte cristo which is a movie that I love! and He has to go into a fake marriage to hide his identity. Sounds like it could be a great drama if it is done properly!! Here’s hoping!


The second drama I am going to check out is Jackpot starring Jang Keun-Suk so I pretty much have to watch it now! This is of course a period drama which genre I don’t think I have watched before! So the story is that he is a gambler and a prince and is forced to live as a commoner so he wants to take revenge of the King by using his gambling skills. I hope that it will be interesting enough to watch 24 episodes worth of!!!photo704477

The third drama I will be watching is Refresh Man which of course stars Aaron Yan who has been the star in so many of the Taiwanese Dramas that I have watched. I hope I will not find it redundant because I have watched so much of him but I sure hope it will be good. The storyline is that Aaron has a childhood friend Yu Tang who competed with him in school and always did better than him. When grows up the tables are turned and he becomes a CEO and she becomes his secretary. Then tension between the two of them sounds pretty exciting! I hope this will be a fun drama!!



January 2016 Drama Review January 28, 2016

Okay so I finally have finished some dramas from November.

I finished Because It’s The First Time. I think the story fell flat, there just wasn’t enough substance there to make me feel too many emotions. The ending too fell flat and so I was happy when it was over. I mean it is an okay drama and can be entertaining but I feel that it was trying to hard to make you feel things. I mean dramas where they grow up can be emotional but this just didn’t leave a mark on me.

I also finished Bubblegum and to be honest I was only watching this drama because of Dong-Wook and since I love him so much on Roommates. So this drama, I thought also was a bit dry and tried to be emotional but I just didn’t connect with the characters too much. I just didn’t understand Haeng-Ah and how she could love her aunt who treated her so badly. I don’t really get those lead characters that have so much loyalty to people that treat them so badly. The ending wasn’t terrible but I wouldn’t recommend this drama if you don’t have a lot of patience!

The third drama I finished was Reply 1988. I have to say when I watched the first episode, I didn’t love it. I thought it was kinda weird and I thought the time period might be weird. I didn’t realize that but there is other reply dramas and they all follow the pattern of a couple in present day talking about the past and you don’t know who the husband is and you watch them growing up. But I was WRONG! This drama wrecked me for all dramas! I am sure I was crying about something in every episode and of course laughing as well. This drama can’t help but hit you deep because it tackles all kinds of issues and feelings that everyone feels as you grow up. The characters are all so lovable in this drama and it is never boring because there is so many characters story lines in one episode. I love full cast ensembles because it never gets boring. Seriously everyone should watch this! But the ending was traumatic and intense and I found this series hard to say goodbye to!! If you love Korean dramas you will love this drama. Remember-03

I have picked up some other dramas from December and January.
The first one is Remember or War of the Son, which is about a son who has hyperthymesia who is able to remember everything in perfect detail. His Dad gets accused of murder and he struggles to prove his Dad’s innocence because his dad gets Alzheimer’s. This is a crazy drama and there is a lot of problems that I can find with it, but it is still an interesting drama. It is very intense drama especially due to the corruptness in the law system. It is a classic battle between rich and poor and trying to find justice within the world. I find it a nice diversion from high school dramas and rom-com dramas. There are problems with it but I still find it interesting. Picture 1 Picture 2

The second drama that I have picked up is Moorim School. It is about a school where students go to learn virtues like honesty, faith, sacrifice, and communication. Two students come to the school one a displaced kpop singer played by Hyun-Woo who is struggling with his hearing. The other student is Hong-Bin who is from Vixx and is a son to a rich man and he sent to this school to become a better person. So first of all this a high school drama type feeling and is cheesy. It is not doing good because it has been shortened from 20 episodes to 16. I don’t think it is too bad and find it interesting but hopefully it won’t get weird and have a bad ending.

index Picture 3 Picture 4

The third drama I am watching is Cheese in the Trap. Which is based on a korean manhwa which I have been reading before I even knew it would be turned into a drama. I have to say I am enjoying this drama and I really enjoy how Korean adapt their dramas. I love the manhwa and even though they have changed parts of the story I am really enjoying the drama as well. It is about Hong-Seol who is a university student who is struggling with money and keeping her grades up. She meets Yoo-Jung who is her senior and he rubs her the wrong way when they first meet. Misunderstandings happen and Seol doesn’t really know what to think of Jung.  I am a little concerned because the manhwa hasn’t been finished yet and I don’t know how they are going to end the drama. I have high hopes for this drama and hope that the story will continue to be entertaining and interesting.

 Picture 5 Picture 6

The fourth drama that I haven’t watched yet but will start watching soon is Madame Antoine. Hye-Rim is a fortune teller and insists that she is spiritually connected to Marie Antoinette but it is a lie and she is able to trick people with her intelligence and keen sense. Soo-Hyun is a psychotherapist and it is his goal to prove that true love doesn’t exist and she signs up to a part of his test project because she believes in love. I think this will be an entertaining drama and I am excited to check it out. Madame-Antoine-tp3


November Dramas 2015 November 21, 2015

I finished She Was Pretty and I have to say it was an awesome drama! It was my favorite one this fall. It has twists and turns and I have to say was pretty fulfilling. I would really suggest if you watch any drama this fall or winter to watch She Was Pretty! It was so much fun and I have to say that Si Won really surprised me with his acting skills! It is worth it just to watch him act!

I also finished Sassy Go Go or Cheer Up. I liked this drama as well even though it was pretty much a typical high school drama but I was okay with that. I am a little tired of Eun Ji playing those type of roles I would like to see her doing other things. All I can say is I really hope that students don’t have to be living like that and dealing with those things in high school!

I am currently watching Because It’s The First Time. It is about a group of friends that live in the same neighborhood and are at college age. Tae-Oh as Min Ho is the lead and is in love with his childhood friend Song-Yi and he doesn’t want to believe it and so is pushing his feelings down. It is a bright drama with interesting characters and it is only on once a week and is shorter than other dramas. I enjoy the interactions between the characters and have been pleasantly surprised by this drama. I think it may have a more realistic bent on relationships and hardships of being a twenty year old.

1 2 3

The second drama I am watching is Bubblegum with Dong-Wook as the lead Ri-Hwan. I have to say I wanted to watch this drama because of him since I loved him a lot in Roommates. It is about Ri-Hwan who is an eastern doctor and his childhood friend Haeng-Ah who grew up with him like a sister because her parents died. It is a struggle to discover their true feelings with others getting in the way. This drama is a bit slower but hopefully it will pick up. I find Dong-Wook’s character not as lovable as I would like but it’s okay. I don’t think this will be the most exciting story and may be a bit more typical but I think it will still be enjoyable.4 5 6

The third drama I picked up is Reply 1988, I have only watched one episode so far, so I am still unsure if I will like this drama. The drama is about five families that live on the same street. The focus seems to be on the Seoul Olympics this year and a bit of a tribute to that year. It seems like this will be an interesting drama because there is a lot of people that the storyline can focus on. It seems like the main focus will be on the kids from the families but there is still a lot of focus on the parents too. Maybe it would strike more a chord if you grew up in the 80’s and also have been from Korea. I will keep sticking with this drama because it seems like it will be heartwarming.7 8 9

The fourth drama I am watching is a Taiwanese Drama called Bromance. The storyline is about Pi Ya Nuo who when she was born was told her fortune and that since she was born a girl she would not survive childhood unless she would live a as a boy for the next 25 years. So now that she is going to be 26 she has to decide whether she will continue as a boy or change to a girl. She also saves Zi Feng who is a powerful man and becomes his sworn brother which complicates her life. So this a typical girl dressed up a boy drama to some extent. I have to say all that craziness is still fun no matter how many times it has been done. Again since it is a Taiwanese drama there is some overacting that is involved. I hope it will not be dragged out too long as I find some of their dramas have the tendency to do so. I am pleasantly surprised by this drama and Ya Nuo actually seems pretty convincing as a boy compared to other girls. It is a fun drama and I am enjoying the fun of it.

10 11 12


I am also checking out a Japanese Drama  My Little Lover. Again I have only watched the first episode but it looks like an amusing drama. It is about Horikiri a girl who has a childhood friend who is her neighbor Minami. They are in high school and have grown apart and one day when she is upset about this she wishes she could go back to when they were friends. Instead she becomes 15 cm tall and is found by Minami. It looks like a fun drama but it seems a bit cheesy and unrealistic but that is what makes it a charming drama. I feel like Jdramas don’t get as much love so I hope everyone can check this drama out!

13 14 15


Fall Dramas Review 2015 October 11, 2015

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The dramas I have been watching this fall have not been that many! I can’t say I have found many that I felt like watching this fall hopefully there will be more coming my way soon.

The first one that I watched was The Eccentric Daughter-in-Law or Virtual Bride. I mainly wanted to check this one out because Dasom from Sistar was in it and was curious about her acting. It is about a failing kpop girl group member that decides to do a reality tv show about living the daughter-in-law experience and how she would feel actually becoming a real daughter-in-law. The show depicts a few mother in law and daughter in law relationships which all seem pretty rough, I am not sure if there is any out there like that but it seemed pretty brutal. So that created a lot of interesting drama. The production of the drama seemed pretty low budget but yet I found the characters to still be pretty enteraining to watch. The main male lead was a bit different but yet he still grew on me. The ending was kinda meh but overall not a bad drama! Just not a great one either.



The second one that I watched was a korean webdrama Dr Ian where a psychiatrist who specializes in hypnosis treatments helps an office girl that is going through a betrayal and break up and is played by Dara from 2NE1. The episodes are super short and the whole series is short. I always love psychology dramas and it is a bit confusing I think because they tried to fit a story into such a short time frame but I still enjoyed it. I thought it was an interesting story!



The third one I watched was also a webdrama called Girl of 0Am which is about a delusioned singer that becomes in charge of a karoke business and a woman shows up after midnight and helps him with his business and also sets him back on his path with singing. Again kinda confusing of I am still unsure what exactly happened in the end. But still an interesting show!


Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 8.14.10 PM

The fourth one that I am currently watching is She Was Pretty which stars Hwang Jung Eum and Park Seo Joon and they played brother and sister in Kill Me, Heal Me and now they get to play new roles in a different drama which I love. The story is about Jung Eum was a pretty girl from a rich family but then her family went bankrupt and she also lost her beauty. Meanwhile Seo Joon was unattractive with low self-esteem and he grows up to be handsome and successful. They meet in unexpected ways and creates a lot of interesting and painful situations. I have to say I am really am enjoying this drama . I am only half way through but have enjoyed all the circumstances and awkwardness of the drama. I think it is a fun drama and would easily recommend it to watch!!



The Fifth drama that I just barely started is  Sassy Go Go or Cheer Up! I have only watched two episodes but I think it will be an amusing drama! I feel like it is a typical high school drama and all the politics happening within schools. It paints a harsh picture of what school is like for students in Korea. I am not sure if I love Eun Ji in this role. I have liked her before but I find this character a less likable one to me. It is about Eun-Ji a student in charge of a dance club which gets shut down and to win it back she has to create a cheer team and work with other students she dislikes. I am not as excited for this drama as I think I am supposed to be but oh well will probably still watch!