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November and December 2020 Korean Drama Reviews December 28, 2020

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The first drama that I finished was Record of Youth. It stars Sa Hye-Jun (Park Bo-Gum) who is working as a model and wants to become an actor but is struggling at the moment. He meets An Jeong-Ha (Park So-Dam) who is working as make-up artist and they meet and she pretends that she is not his fan. Hye-Jun struggles because his best friend is an up and coming actor that is doing well and has the full support from his family. Hye-Jun is struggling with finding work and then his family isn’t supportive of him and they want to stop trying to make it in the industry.

I really liked how they focused on the family and the dynamics that happen in families because every family has issues and dysfunctional aspects that need to be explored. I like how they portrayed Hye-Jun’s relationship with his father and even what happens even after Hye-Jun is able to excel. It was heart breaking and heart warming at times. I thought this drama started off strong with the different characters and made it seem like it was going to be an interesting drama and it was for the first half of the drama. It felt like the relationship development went really quickly that made me feel concerned. The acting was great in the drama and I really felt their emotions they were portraying in the drama.

I was disappointed since there was so much hype around Park Bo-Gum so I thought it was going to be a great drama because he can afford to be choosy when he picks dramas. Honestly this drama was a disappointment and it really fell flat for me at the end. I feel like it was the writer’s fault with this one because they could have done so much better and ended it properly if they put more effort in writing the script. The ending was just weird and they did not tie up the loose ends in this drama at all!? They had so many side characters in this drama and they really did them dirty but not addressing any of them at the ending! Why did the writers spend so much time giving them a story in the drama and then completely abandon them at the end. I was so confused by what they were trying to tell us with this drama.

The other weird thing was I noticed it said it was funded by the Korean Government and thought it was suspicious when they were introducing getting the HPV vaccines and that disturbed me because there are bad things that have happened with that kind of vaccine. The love story was also strange it happened really fast and then completely stalled in the middle and by the time there was a separation as an audience I didn’t really care if they were together or not anymore. I didn’t really fall for them being a couple so I don’t really get what the drama was trying to tell us. So getting fame good or bad? The ending was also ambiguous. The timeline was also kinda strange like lots of time would go by and it felt weird and then the whole best friend liking Jeong-Ha but nothing really gets resolved. Honestly I don’t think the drama really had figured out what they wanted to show to the audience so therefore it didn’t translate well what they did show us!

If you want to see Bo-Gum in a show again I would watch it for him but be prepared for a lack luster romance and just kinda depressing story line overall!

The second drama that I completed was Start-Up and it starred Seo Dal-Mi (Bae Suzy) who is a part time worker and dreams of becoming a CEO of a start up company and making a name for herself and is spurned on by the competition that is created by her older sister Won In-Jae (Kang Han-Na). Dal-Mi has a childhood friend who she exchanged letters with that she wants to find who is Han Ji-Pyeong (Kim Sun-Ho). There is Nam Do-San (Nam Joo-Hyuk) who is genius and founder of Samsan Tech, the company is not doing well even though he has created new technology and somehow he becomes Dal-Mi’s childhood friend and they start developing and professional and romantic relationship at the same time.

I was scared to try another drama with Suzy because I haven’t always liked the dramas that she has done but it was better than I expected. I actually really liked this drama the story was stable and interesting and the ending wasn’t disappointing. There is hiccups in the story but nothing that really bothered me and thought it was more of a fresh perspective and I really liked all the characters. This felt like a safe and entertaining drama. It had humor and seriousness and it was just a nice drama to relax with and still could surprise me. I thought it was really interesting because most dramas seem to put sooo much emphasis and focus on if you make a childhood connection with a character that seals the deal for the characters to be soulmates. In this drama the childhood connection was important but then gets completely thrown aside. That childhood memories do not trump the relationships that you make as an adult. Honestly I never understood that because childhood memories seem so insignificant to me like the connections I made as a child don’t mean much to me as an adult. Dramas have clutched onto this childhood memories as soo important but in reality they feel so far away from the person I am today.

Honestly though when they get into all the technology the whole self-driving car kinda freaks me out! I just feel like it would be very hard to trust AI to drive for you, it feels unsettling to me and just how to avoid the glitches that could happen, but that is just a personal feeling toward the subject. I feel technology and AI right now feels like a touchy subject because it feels like no one has privacy and when they get hacked feels scary because it is happening currently and we do not have the luxury to have a Do-San in our lives that can solve our problems!

This drama was solid and it has the push and pull feeling and even though you know whats going to happen you really don’t know how it is going to happen and I really just loved the characters in this drama. I think this drama is worth the time!!

The third drama that I watched was BirthCare Center. It stars Oh Hyun-Jin (Uhm Ji-Won) who is successful business woman and the youngest executive at her company and she surprisingly gets pregnant and after giving birth she stays at a postnatal care center and is worried because she is one of the oldest mothers and doesn’t know anything about being a mother. There she meets lots of other women and that includes Jo Eun-Jung (Park Ha-Sun) who is the epitome of a perfect mother and they have some clashes on their ideas.

I didn’t think I would like this drama because it does sound strange to me but I saw a humorous clip and thought I would check it out and I am glad I did. This drama has many humorous moments which was more than I thought for a drama about giving birth. It does deal with some serious issues but I was really watching it for the comedy! I loved the parts with Hyun-Jin’s husband and the different experiences that he has! I am pretty sure there are no birth centers like that in my country or at least where I live there are not any but they seem like a fun and relaxing place to go after giving birth but I am sure not many could afford them!!

The drama brings up some issues that are interesting because they are not talked about much in dramas like being a working mom or stay at home mother and which is correct. They also discuss the idea of breastfeeding or bottle feeding and how moms are shamed for so many of these issues. Also the idea that you don’t know everything after giving birth and that it is okay to ask for help. I don’t know if all the things they teach in the drama are right because of the comedy in the drama but I think there are some lessons to be learned in the drama! It has some sad and shocking elements in this drama as well. Even if you have never been pregnant or given birth I think you can still find a reason to watch this drama! It speaks of fulfilling your dreams and not losing yourself with the responsibilities that you find yourself in. They had different characters going through different things but they could find some common ground after giving birth and I just really enjoyed how the story was told with humor that heart wrenching and heart warming moments.

The only thing that bothered me was in the birth center they did very little caring of their child and would just hand them over to the nurses to do all the caring. I don’t think I saw any of them changing diapers or giving baths to their babies which I thought was strange. I think they didn’t want to do too much acting with the babies which make sense but bothered me logically. Other than that I enjoyed the drama.

I found this drama to be unexpectedly fun and interesting and I would definitely check it out if you need something different!

The fourth drama that I finished was Kairos. It stars Kim Seo-Jin (Shin Sung-Rok) who is a successful executive at his company and is very driven to succeed in his company but has neglected his family in the process. His wife is a violinist and he has a young daughter Da-Bin that gets kidnapped and he falls into despair and has many regrets. He gets contacted by Han Ae-Ri (Lee Se-Young) who is one month in the past and she is a student that works part time to get enough money for her Mom’s operation for a new heart, but her mom goes missing. They need each other to help solve their problems.

I have been a fan of Shin Sung-Rok for a long time so I was excited he was in a new dram and I was not disappointed by the drama! There is some very good acting in this drama and it is like being on a roller coaster and there are many twists and turns that made it very exciting and fresh kind of drama. At times you feel devastated by the events and then eventually relief comes and it just continues all the way to the end in that fashion. It is like a time travel genre but still felt different because every one stays in their own time line they just have influence over the different timelines. There isn’t really romance in this drama but the side effect of watching so many dramas you still want there to be some connection between the characters but I don’t think it would really make sense anyway. It is exciting and fresh in every episode and everything starts over in the next episode. I thought this drama was really well done and did well with a thriller/fantasy/crime genre!

The one thing that seemed to bother some people was keeping up with the past and future timelines because it could get confusing at times. I didn’t really have much trouble being able to follow except maybe the last two episodes as the future and past were kind of converging. Also towards the end it seems to kinda go in circles around the issues a bit like they were just stalling for time for the finale. Also Seo-Jin’s secretary story line really bothered me and how his story went and it was especially frustrating because he knew the future and yet didn’t change how he dealt with his problem.

I felt like there was a sense of completion and finality at the end, it had a strong beginning, middle and ending and I felt satisfied by how it ended and I would recommend this drama to anyone that likes time travelish, exciting and thriller type dramas!


I tried one episode of Cheat On Me, If You Can and I didn’t want to watch anymore. It is about a thriller writer that focuses on how to kill people and her husband when they got married signed a contract that if he cheats on her that he will die. So the husband is cheating and I guess she will find out and find a way to kill him. I watched one episode and I was just disturbed by him cheating on her with more than one woman and I just was turned off. It doesn’t sound like a very interesting concept and I couldn’t even convince myself to finish watching the first episode.

I also tried one episode of Mr. Queen which is about a playboy man goes back in time into the body of a queen from the Joseon Dynasty. I also couldn’t get past the first episode which is disappointing because I really like Shin Hye Sun. The Queen is a playboy and then the King is also a playboy and I just found it all off-putting. It was disturbing the Queen ogling women and the King also wanting to just focus on women. There is also the whole ambitious rich men trying to control the King and the usual court politics with any historical drama. I didn’t find it funny or terribly interesting so I only watched one episode. I think this drama was doing pretty good ratings but I guess I just simply did not care for it! This just may be my personal preference and it may get better in the next episode but I just simply did not have fun with this drama!?

  1. True Beauty : It is about a high school girl that is bullied because she is considered ugly but she uses the power of make up to change her appearance and now has become the popular pretty girl but struggles with keeping the secret from the people around her. I have watched a couple of episodes and it is very cartoony for the first couple of episodes and overdoing it with her clumsiness but it still seems fun and endearing! Also it is based on a webtoon which you can read on

Please Don’t Date Him : It is about a programmer for smart home appliances and when she works on her smart refrigerator it gets connected to some personal databases and records and it helps her weed out the bad men in her life with the information it provides. She also meets a firefighter that resists the idea of technology. I have watched a few episodes and it seems fun and interesting.

Run On : It is about a sports agent who quit being a sprinter due to legal issues and about a woman who writes translated subtitles for movies and destiny brings them together? Not too sure if it is any good because haven’t watched it yet.

Royal Secret Agent: A young man who placed first in the state examination gets caught gambling and as punishment he is assigned as a secret royal inspector and there is a female inspector who solves cases with him. There goal is to stop illegal acts and corruption by public officers. I haven’t watched an episode yet and I hope that it will be interesting and not boring as bribing and such aren’t the most exciting topics!


August/September/October 2020 Korean Drama Review October 17, 2020

The first drama that I finished was “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay”. It stars Moon Kang-Tae (Kim Soo-Hyun) who works in psychiatric wards but has to keep moving to different hospitals because of his brother who has autism and believes that the butterflies are going to kill him and they have to run away. It also stars Ko Moon-Young (Seo Ye-Ji) who is a successful children book author who has many scars from her childhood. The three of them meet and even when they don’t want to see each other they keep get drawn together.

At this point I was scared to watch another drama that focuses on mental health since I thought the other dramas had not done a great job. This drama was so interesting that even if they didn’t do a great job in the mental health arena it didn’t bother me. Even in the title it explains that even if you are not okay, it’s okay. All the characters are on a journey and even if they aren’t perfect in the moment they lean on each other and allows the space for them to not be okay but it’s okay because you will someday. I really enjoyed the story of this drama it seemed so rich and all the characters felt so dynamic. All the different relationships between each other just really made it a full story. How something in the past felt a certain way to one character would be different to another person, or would go back to the memory with more clarity.

Ko Moon-Young was such a fun character with her outfits and such a different appeal of a heroine of the story, she was really strong and demanded what she wanted and wasn’t scared to be honest. It was a refreshing character played by a female in a drama. She depends on Kang-Tae and Sang-Tae but she also offers a strength to the brothers as well. They are true equal partnership in their relationships. I really like the way Moon-Young becomes best friends with Sang-Tae was just so heart warming and the way that she would act childishly in front of him and treated him like her true older brother was my favourite. Also the drama was filled with serious drama but the comedy was also so great, I really like how they had the balance between them. The mystery part of the drama was pretty good too, I love how it had some plot twists that were unexpected. This drama really is a perfect combo of all my favorite elements.

I really don’t have complaints about this drama, only that I wish that it was longer! One thing was at the beginning it started really dark and made it seem like Moon-Young was kinda evil but it got better after the second episode! I recommend this drama if you like a romcom, drama, murder mystery and family genres.

The second drama is “Train” done by OCN. This drama is a sci-fi/fantasy that focuses on having parallel worlds. Seo Do-Won (Yoon Si-Yoon) who is a detective who gets sucked into investigating a serial killer that dumps bodies from a train. Han Seo-Kyung (Kyung Soo-Jin) is a prosecutor and is childhood friends with Seo Do-Woon but they have had a falling out and she gets involved with this mysterious train and serial killer case and she still loves Seo Do-Woon even though he has put distance between them.

This drama was pretty interesting with the subject of parallel worlds and it really stretched my mind trying to figure out how the two worlds were being affected by this serial killer. I really liked that I had to really think about the story line and figure it all out. It was exciting and interesting all the way through which was good. Surprisingly they allowed for some romance which is unusual for OCN Dramas. So to warn you all it has a happy and good ending so don’t let that stop you if you want to watch this drama.

The rules with the parallel worlds were kinda fuzzy and how they were able to really pass between the worlds which is not unusual for the sci-fi world but can be annoying when the rules can suddenly change. There were moments when I thought what the characters were choosing to do in a situation was so reckless and dangerous and really just them being dumb and unaware of the danger of their decisions. Also when Seo Do-Woon goes into the other world and assumes the Do-Woon’s identity it seemed to easy for him to take over for that role when he has no idea what was happening in that world. The transition was so simple, I would have wanted some obstacles so show how the two of them are from different worlds. Also with OCN dramas they are soo serious, I wish they would add a little more comedy into their dramas just to give a little more pull to watch their dramas!

Overall I thought this was decent drama on the subject matter of parallel worlds, it was interesting and even had some romance without a devastating ending!

The third drama was “Flower Of Evil”. It is about Baek Hee-Sung (Lee Joon-Gi) who is hidign behind another person’s identity and has a past that is being brought to the future which is jeopardizing his present where he is a devoted father and husband. It also stars Cha Ji-Won (Moon Chae-Won) who is his wife and she is working as a detective and starts to get hints of something wrong with Hee-Sung and starts investigating.

I thought that this drama was going to be pretty dark and was worried about how much evil was going to be in it, and at times it does get pretty dark but the story is pretty interesting and I really wanted to see Lee Joon-Gi in a drama again so I held on. Surprisingly it wasn’t as dark as I thought and really found myself on the edge of my seat as I watched this drama. I think this was a really unique drama because you spend a lot of the time questioning the main lead’s intentions and you really are not sure if they are the good guy or the bad guy and this felt really different compared to other dramas. In other dramas you know and expect the main leads to be good or even the best kind of person they are not evil and always do the right thing or fix it when they don’t. This drama just flipped the story and you don’t know who to trust and they keep unravelling the story slowly and with plot twists. I really enjoyed this drama and it really was a great thriller drama with romance. The cast had great chemistry and I really thought it everyone did an amazing job in their roles. I really believed their love for each other as husband and wife and it felt authentic.

The only thing I didn’t like was how the child was kinda pushed off at some parts and she is just not around and that is just not realistic with raising children. She felt a bit like an accessory to the story at times that just kinda bothered me but she still had an important part in the story. I also didn’t really like how they had him hurt at the end and thought it was unnecessary for that to happen but the ending was still good. I also didn’t like the ending for his sister Do Hae-Soo, I think she deserved better for the ending.

Overall it was a compelling and riveting drama that was a thriller and romance. If you can handle a bit of darkness you will definitely enjoy the ride that this drama takes you on!

The Fourth drama I finished was “Stranger 2”, it is a sequel to Stranger or Secret Forest. The second season does not spend any time catching you up from the first season and since its been a couple of years I had to go back and read the recaps and I am still not sure if understood what was always going on. The second season is focused on the fight between the prosecutors and the police. The prosecutors want to protect their discretionary power over investigations and the police want investigative authority that is independent from prosecutors. Prosecutor Hwang Si-Mok (Cho Seung-Woo) and Detective Yeo-Jin (Bae Doo-Na) are both pulled into the committee in opposition against each other.

This is such an interesting drama but at times I have trouble keeping up understanding all the details of what is going on. Even thought it hard to follow at times I noticed that it got high viewer ratings so that hasn’t stopped viewers from watching the drama. There was a few characters that I need refreshers about since I didn’t remember them but overall it is a new drama so you don’t have to know exactly what happened in the first season to watch the second season. When I first started watching it I really didn’t understand why they were focusing on certain cases and I felt frustrated but of course at the end everything ties in beautifully. It was an intricately put together story which I can really appreciate at the end of the drama even if it seems unnecessary at the beginning, it all makes sense at the end. It is funny at times I think I don’t even know this much about how my own country’s prosecution and police work, but I have learned lots about the Korean system. I love how Si-Mok and Yeo-Jin are unwavering in their beliefs and what they believe to be right. They do not bow to any pressure and don’t allow anyone tell them what is right or wrong.

Some things that bothered me was the lack of friendship continued between Hwang Si-Mok and Yeo-Jin. I was waiting for all the warm and fuzzy feelings to happen at some point but felt it was really lacking. Although at the end with Si-Mok and his dream really made me emotional! I felt they didn’t get to work much together which made me sad. Also the ending was so lacking I wanted so much more for these characters. It did feel like they want to do another season and that might be why it felt so unfinished at the ending but if they don’t make a third I feel the the ending was all wrong.

At times I didn’t really understand what was going on but I figure I would get it eventually as the drama went along but I didn’t really understand what was happening with the Hanjo company but I am also not that curious to try and look it up and understand. It was interesting to watch but I didn’t really feel like looking anything up later to better understand so I am fine with it. I guess the drama finished without finishing all the loose ends in the hopes of a third season so it just felt conflicting with how it ends.

I would recommend you watch Stranger 2 if you have watched the first season because it is needed to understand the characters and their interactions. Without watching the first season I don’t think you can appreciate the second season as much. That being said I really hope they make a third season because it is heart breaking to me if they leave the story the way it is without the friendship and connection to each other!

The fifth drama I finished was “When I Was Most Beautiful”. This drama is about two brothers that fall in love with a vulnerable woman who is desiring family. Oh Ye-Ji is working as a student teacher in a rural area and Seo Hwan is her student and falls in love with her at first sight. He tries to help her and introduces her to his family and his older brother Jin also falls in love with her but he also has an ex-girlfriend who can’t let go of him.

This is a strange drama, I am not sure what to make of the story. At times it is interesting and then it can be cringey. It reminds me of a car crash you just can’t look away, you know it is being set up for nothing good but you just finds herself continuing to watch and need to know what happens at the end. I think I have given up on all of the characters and really don’t think they should be with anyone and should move on from each other and find other people. All the characters are frustrating to watch and you want them to make better decisions. They all have unhealthy attachment to each other and they should be severed and let each other all go.

I have a hard time understanding Seo-Hwan, you literally cannot have a crush on someone for that long. Time and distance will make those feelings fade no matter how much you want to believe in true love and soulmates when you haven’t seen or talked to each other for many years you will get over it. All hearts mend and you can move on from people those feeling fade and will not be as strong as they always show! It really was also a weird subject matter with first a teacher and student relationship which feels taboo and then with the two brothers in love with the same women. It just felt like it was awkward material and it was hard to want to support any of the characters in this drama. Also it was so overly serious all the time, I felt like say lighten up already!

I kept watching because I really wanted to know how they were going to clean up the mess that the writer has made and it was a disappointing ending. They were not able to clean up the mess of the story and it was really a terrible ending and at the same time I really wasn’t surprised since the set up was just impossible to have a happy ending. The only thing I enjoyed about this was the cinematography, the scenery and colours were so beautiful.


It was such a horrible ending, Ye-Ji was terrible when she met Hwan and wanted to spend a couple days with him and act out a fantasy life of her and Hwan being in a relationship. She knew Hwan has been struggling with getting over her and she basically fanned the flame in his heart, teased him, and told him that she loved him. How is Hwan ever supposed to get over her now, he knows she loves him and the only reason they can’t be together is his brother. It seemed torturous to do that to Hwan but she did it because she wanted him to always remember her and that seems so selfish to do. Hwan always wanted the best for Ye-Ji but I honestly don’t really think she cared about him that much. She has always known that he has had feelings for her and she just ignored them and let him do things for her, knowing full well that will only make his feelings grow for her. I feel like she could have shut down Hwan’s feeling more and instead she almost seemed to encourage him to have feelings for her. Then there was Jin and he was sooo creepy when he was trying to woo Ye-Ji and I would have been so disturbed by the different things he did and said to her. Their relationship was so weird and they didn’t even seem to love each other once. Hwan also did some controlling things to Ye-Ji which made me think at times that he was just obsessive and needed to get over this unhealthy attachment and crush to Ye-Ji.

I thought after a while that every character should just end up alone since they were all terrible with each other. When the ending was actually them all alone, I was shocked but I knew that it made the most sense for them to just end up alone they way the story was going. If I would have written the drama I would have had them declare Jin dead and she would have not been married to him anymore. Then Ye-Ji and Hwan would start dating for a while and then Jin would come back. She would wrestle with the idea of being with Jin or Hwan but when she would find out Jin had betrayed her with Carrie then she would be free to be with Hwan. I feel like it is not unusual when someone is grieving over someone that they find comfort with someone who also had a connection with the person. I am sure this would have been still problematic but I would have preferred this to happen.


Upcoming Dramas

  1. Record of Youth. I have watched quite a few episodes and I like it so far. It is about a model that wants to become a successful actor with just his talent. He meets a makeup artist that also wants to get success by depending on herself.

2. Start-Up. I am unsure how I feel about Suzy in another drama since she hasn’t been my favorite but I am excited to see Nam Joo-Hyuk. It is about Suzy wanting to create her own company and Joo-Hyuk is also starting his own business tech company but is struggling.

3. Kairos. It is about Shin Sung-Rok who has a successful work and family life until his daughter gets kidnapped. Seems like some time travel involved in the story.

4. The Spy Who Loved Me. It is about a man who is a spy and was married to a woman who didn’t know his true identity, they divorce and she remarries an industrial spy. He comes back into his ex-wife’s and her husbands life. I am not totally sure about this one, I may not pick it up!?


June/July Korean Drama Review July 16, 2020

The first drama that I finished this month was Fix You/ Soul Mechanic. It is about a psychiatrist Lee Shi-Joon (Shin Ha-Kyun) who tries to cure people of their emotional traumas in new and inventive ways. He is not always appreciated by the hospital because he is more concerned about the patients then the institution of practicing psychiatry. He meets Han Woo-Joo (Jung So-Min) who is a rising musical star under strange circumstances. He gets to know her and later finds out that she also needs help and he wants to be the one to help her.

I noticed that there are more than one drama that is cover the theme of mental health and psychiatry lately. I know that mental health in South Korea is a tough subject and going to get counseling is a tricky subject so I was hoping that this drama would show it in a positive light. I think it really had the potential to be a positive light to shed on mental health because it shows that psychiatrists suffer from the same problems as the patients. No one can escape from dealing with emotional and personal issues and that counseling is a healthy tool for everyone.

I really like Shi-Joon and the way he would work with his patients because he cared about them and wanted to help them. I wish the drama would have focused more on his skills as a psychiatrist. I really liked Woo-Joo’s character because she was imperfect but she would keep trying and even though she had problems it didn’t stop her from pursuing her dreams. She kept trying and was able to help others even in her own imperfectness. As much as Shi-Joon was helping Woo-Joo, she was also helping him and his own emotional pitfalls.

I really didn’t like how they turned it into a romance drama and it really just didn’t fit together. Shi-Joon and Woo-Joo had good chemistry but it wasn’t really a romantic type of chemistry to me. It just felt wrong and especially because he was her psychiatrist at the time of dating and it just felt sloppy writing to me. Woo-Joo was still going through quite some turbulent time in her life at the time and I think it was a bad message that she needed to be in a romantic relationship. I would have preferred them to both grow as a people and have some character development before they accepted each other in a romantic relationship. It is almost like they wrote it backwards they got together and once they had some character development they slowed down the romantic relationship. So the ending just felt anti-climatic and lacking. Also the politics of the hospital get so boring and I really wish they would have focused on the different patients and the different therapies that they used to help people. I feel like this drama had potential but it just got lost and couldn’t make its way back.

I thought it was a decent drama and had some interesting ideas about counseling but the romance was a bit of a turn off for this drama.

The second drama that I finished was Oh My Baby. It is about Jang Ha-Ri (Jang Na-Ra) who is a deputy manager at a parenting magazine company names “The Baby”. She has given up on finding love and since she is 39 years old she wants to have a baby even if she can’t find love. She has three men in her life that could help her Han Yi Sang (Go Joon) a freelance photographer who has come back into her life after a few bad meetings. The second is Yoon Jae-Young (Park Byung-Eun) who is her childhood friend who she thinks of like a brother. He cut her out of his life when he got married and now that he is divorced and a single dad, he has come back into her life. The third is Choi Kang Eu Ddeum (Jung Gun-Joo) who is a new employee that works in advertising. He is a bit clueless but has a bright friendly personality and is good to her.

This drama was really interesting because this topic is very sensitive to even talk about. Fertility is a tricky topic because I think there are lot of women out there that struggle with this idea. Honestly it is really unfair that women have a expiry date on having children and men can get away with having children until they want to. I really admire that this drama was going to delve into this topic because I think it doesn’t get talked about that much and how heartbreaking it can be. It does also focus on male infertility and the reality of what it means to have children or not. I think it covers some important and interesting concepts in a drama that I haven’t seen before. Also this topic does make me feel uncomfortable because I also fear that I will never meet anyone and never be able to make a family. It also had some humorous scenes in this drama that would help combat the serious topic of this drama. I thought the characters were all fun and had good chemistry between each other.

I didn’t really like how some episodes have dragged some of the plot, it felt like they could have wrapped up the story in less episodes. I also found that they made one love line drag out with the friend and it just seemed somewhat unrealistic. I wish they would have written that love line better and made him more likeable and a viable option for her. If they wanted to drag out that story line that they should have written him as a better rival and have Ha-Ri take him as serious love interest. I also really dislike when they make the characters break up all of a sudden and the reason why they break up is so silly when they have already decided to be with each other. I get they want to create tension but it is just so silly and predictable.

Overall I really enjoyed this drama and thought it was a refreshing drama even if it lags a bit.

The last drama that I watched this month was Dinner Mates/ Would You Like To Have Dinner Together. It a drama that is based on a webcomic which always gets me to want to watch it but somehow adaptations always seem to be lacking. The drama stars Kim Hae-Kyung (Song Seung-Heon) who is a psychiatrist who likes to counsel clients who have had heartbreak over a meal. It also stars Woo Do-Hee (Seo Ji-Hye) who works as a PD for a company that produces content for streaming services. She goes to Jeju to meet her boyfriend and becomes heartbroken she meets Hae-Kyung and get intertwined in each others lives. They decide to let fate bring them together and become someone they can eat together with anonymously.

I thought this was decent drama it had its interesting moments and kept the chemistry going throughout the drama. I really like that they had a nod to Ji-Hye’s character in Crash Landing On You, I love when they have inside jokes in dramas. I think the drama had a good flow to it and it kept me sufficiently entertained when watching it. It was steady drama that you could depend on even if I wasn’t necessarily on edge to watch the next episode every week. It also focused on the exes of the main characters and things got crazy with them that I feel they could have utilized better to break them up but it was still intense. I liked the chemistry between the leads and thought they were well suited for each other. I also like the side character romance with the homeless man and her boss, that was pretty fun.

The one thing with this drama was they didn’t focus on Hae-Kyung’s psychiatry practice, I still don’t really understand why he needed to eat a meal with a client and how that was so important. I wish they would have fleshed out this idea better because I kinda forgot by the end what he even did. Also when Do-Hee having to break up with him didn’t really make a lot of sense to me and why she was so upset, I understand but it just didn’t fit with her character.

There was some predictable moments that bothered me, but overall it was decent drama that was entertaining.

Upcoming Dramas

  1. It’s Okay to Not Be Okay- It is about a man who works in the psychiatry department that moves every year with his brother who has autism. He meets a child book author with antisocial personality and they get mixed up with each other.

2. Train- It is a sci fi drama about a man who tries to protect his woman from a serial killer in a parallel universe.

3. Flower of Evil- It is about detective wife that tracks down her husbands cruel past. He is deceiving his wife and she discovers it and tries to figure out his past.


March/April/May 2020 Korean Drama Review June 3, 2020

The first drama that I finished was Hi Bye, Mama! The plot is about Cha Yu-Ri (Kim Tae-Hee) who died 5years ago and was watching over her child and husband as a ghost. She suddenly gets a chance to become human for 49 days and she is given the chance of life again. In the meantime her husband has remarried and her child that she never got to meet has been able to see ghosts and Yu-Ri makes it her mission to fix the problem.

This was an interesting drama because it was focused on Motherly love as opposed to romantic love and what it means to be a mother. I think it had a good message especially because it seems like adoption is kinda of a taboo idea in South Korea. For some reason adoption is not accepted or normal thing in South Korea. I think this drama tries to validate the idea that if you adopt a baby you become the parent and nothing is wrong or abnormal with that and the relationship is the same as any other parent child relationship. Even though Yu-Ri is the blood mother of Seo-Woo doesn’t automatically mean that Seo-Woo will accept her as her mother because she has been raised by Min-Jung and their bond is important. Honestly I wasn’t really expecting the drama to go in the direction that it did, just because it doesn’t seem like a happy ending for everyone and usually Kdramas don’t go in that direction. So this drama has a different feel and is about relationships that tie us all together but not necessarily the ones tied to romantic love. It was honestly refreshing to have a different kind of drama among the usually sweet and sappy love stories that are typically told.

The one thing that bothered me was that Yu-Ri’s parents felt like they had to separate themselves from Seo-Woo and that just seemed so sad and would feel devastating to lose that connection. It didn’t really make sense to me but I assume it had to do with culture and that they didn’t want Seo-Woo to know that Min-Jung wasn’t actually her biological mother but I feel like they could have worked around that. Honestly I don’t think it is healthy for the child to not know who there parents are because I think it messes a kid up if they find out their parents have been lying to them all their lives. I like that they honestly showed Gwang-Hwa struggling with post traumatic stress disorder after losing his wife in surgery. Even after she comes back to life that it doesn’t automatically make him all better and that this will be something he will have to work towards again. I think everyone is always waiting for this one thing to fix everything and there doesn’t seem to be any magical anything that can fix everything wrong and you just have to keep taking one step forward.

I didn’t really care for all the ghost and spiritual stuff because I disagree with all of that in this drama but I felt like there was still a good story about family love and we all struggle with what happens after death and we all wish our loved ones could come back to us, I found it comforting but also made me very sad. I thought it was an interesting story and isn’t a typical love story so if you like more of a family drama this one was pretty interesting and felt fresh.

The second drama I watched was called 365 Repeat The Year. It is a sci-fi genre drama and is about 10 people who are given the chance to travel back one year in time. They are able to reset the year but then bad things start to happen to the people who have reset. It focuses on Ji Hyung-Joo (Lee Joon-Hyuk) who is detective and wants to get to the bottom of the strange events plaguing the people have reset. It also stars Shin Ga-Hyun (Nam Ji-Hyun) who is a crime webtoon writer and she is given the chance to reset and fix an accident that had happened and finds herself trying to solve the mystery with Hyung-Joo.

I really enjoy fantasy and sci-fi dramas and this one exceeded my expectations, there was consistently a plot twist coming around the corner just about every week. Everything would get switched and you would have to adjust your thinking. The acting and story was just great and kept you focused and interested the whole time. I would really recommend this drama if you like trying to figure out mysteries and who really is the culprit. I really had no idea who it was going to be and was really thrown off all the time.

The only logic of it all that bothered me was that they were warned they could die, so I couldn’t figure out why they didn’t all just leave the country or even just go to a different part of the country to get out of their predicted routine? But I don’t know if they thought if they wouldn’t catch the person doing it eventually they would be found to be killed. The ending was a little anti climatic and I wished there was more of a personal connection for Ga-Hyun and Hyung-Joo because this drama does not really have any romance either. I felt like it was getting there but the focus is really not on romance. I also found some scenes a bit gory and disturbing so if you feel squeamish about showing murder then you may not like this drama, or maybe don’t watch it before bed or in the evening.

If you like mysteries and time traveling dramas, I would highly recommend this drama as I found it really interesting and wasn’t disappointed with the drama! It has great pacing and action and always seems to leave you shocked and excited for the next episode!

The third drama I watched was Find Me In Your Memory. It stars Lee Jung-Hoon (Kim Dong-Wook) who is an anchorman and has a condition hyperthymesia that gives him the ability to remember almost every moment of his life, he can’t forget anything including the most painful memories. It also stars Yeo Ha-Jin (Mun Ka-Young) who struggles to remember her past and this allows her to life in a more carefree manner. She is a top actress and meets Jung-Hoon on his news show and triggers painful memories for Jung-Hoon with her words.

This drama was an interesting drama because it goes from romance, tragedy, thriller to even some comedy. It has a lot of versatility and keeps it fresh and interesting as the drama progresses. The whole memory part of the drama and memory loss is not a new topic for Kdramas and yet it was still an interesting take on the idea of memory. I thought this might just be a typical bubblegum type love story but I was happy that it did have some more dimension to the story. I was happy enough with the ending even though it seemed like it could have been more dramatic but it was good enough. I thought Jung-Hoon was going to be this really stiff un-moving character through the drama and was pleased that he grew with the drama and really felt the chemistry between the two of them.

It wasn’t like blow your mind kind of drama but it was steady and entertaining and slowly crept into your heart. The main problem seemed to be with the ending and how they set it up with the type of breakup, it left the audience screaming give me more. It felt like it was cut off right before the big moment. But I can forgive those type of things and felt like this drama was a good drama that maybe wasn’t as flashy as others, but it was certainly entertaining and kept me interested.

It was a decent romantic drama that kept me interested and had some shocking and exciting events that happen to make it more than just about the romantic relationships. It has some edgier moments that make it pretty entertaining.

The last drama I watched was Hospital Playlist. The story is about five doctors who all went to medical university in 1999 and now work together in the same hospital. The director is Shin Won-Ho and screenwriter Lee Woo-Jung previously worked on the Reply dramas. So the focus is on the many friendships and hardships and heartaches of living life. A second season is planned for 2021.

If you have watched any of the Reply Dramas you know that the dramas will be a large cast and show the intricacies of every day life of a group of people, that you will fall in love with and wish you could be a part of their friendships. I absolutely adore this drama and it made me laugh and cry all the time. I really want to be in a friendship that is portrayed in this drama, it almost makes me sad that I can’t be apart of something like that. I think it works so well because they have a very large cast and it show the intricacies of how everyone is connected to each other. It also keeps it interesting because they have different patient stories in every episode. There are a lot of moving parts but it keeps it interesting and shows the different sides of the 5 main doctors.

I love how the director and writer make their characters, they are so full of life, they show their faults and their talents and it just makes you love them more. They portray the characters in such a relatable way that you can feel for them in the serious moments and the comedy is also so perfect and lightens the heavy moments. Their dramas are about life and living but it also has the perfect amount of romance and questioning of who is going to end up with each other.

One quote really stood out to me when I finished this drama and it goes something like this; “There are three types of people in this world, people who are the happiest when they are eating good food, people who are happiest eating alone, and third type are people who are happiest watching other people eating good food.” This really stuck with me because I think everyone can find where they are themselves in these three types. I just really admire the friendships in this drama and I enjoy the romance but I think showing what it means to be a friend is so important and meaningful to watch. It makes me feel lonely not having some close friends that will always be there for you in the happy and sad moments of their lives. The ability to not have to explain something for someone to understand you and able to comfort you without even having to talk about it.

When I first started watching the first episode or two, I had trouble trying to figure out who everybody was and I was a little bit lost to what was going on but I realized that is usually how the director sets it up. I knew that if I kept watching it was going to get good and thankfully it got so much better. Also the series ends with lots of questions up in the air because there is going to be a second season just in case you don’t want to watch it and then have to wait until 2021 to find out the answers. The characters all became so lovable and memorable that I really think everyone can find something to enjoy in this drama. Hospital Playlist has easily become my favorite drama this round!

Upcoming Dramas

1. Soul Mechanic/ Fix You

It is about a Psychiatrist that is trying to heal people and he meets a woman who needs his help but he also needs her help to fix his problems/traumas as well.

2. Oh My Baby

It about a woman who fertility is in jeopardy and she wants to have baby quickly since her time is running out. She has given up on finding a man to marry so she wants to find a sperm donor among the men in her life since it is illegal for a single women to get a sperm donor through the medical system.

3. Dinner Mate/ Would You Like To Have Dinner Together

It is about a woman who is a content creator for streaming services and she gets her heart broken and meets a mysterious stranger who is a psychiatrist that specializes in dealing with heartbreak. They keep meeting each other without sharing their details and the woman doesn’t know that he is the man she is trying to get to work on a show together.


December/January/February 2020 Korean Drama Reviews March 6, 2020

Well it has been a while since I last did a review, not sure if anyone really cares at anymore, not sure if I should bother to keep reviewing but for some reason it felt like it has hard to finish some dramas and it feels dragged out! I have to warn you that there are spoilers in these reviews so read at your own risk.

The first drama that I finished was Psychopath Diary that stars Yook Dong-Sik (Yoon Si-Yoon) who is a very timid and gentle person that gets picked on for his personality. He one day witnesses a murder and gets into an accident and has a diary in his possession that belongs to a serial killer and Dong-Sik believes it to be his and thinks that he is a serial killer and psychopath.

I think this was an interesting drama because it questions what does our personality really mean, if you lost your memory and was told you were a completely different person would you be able to change or would you still be the same person after. It is almost like a personality experiment and I found the thought to be intriguing since I have always wondered if I would go to this other place with different people would I become different and I have realized that I have a default and nothing really changes me even in a different environment.

I liked the comedy in this drama and thought it really had some great moments when he was acting like could really be a serial killer. I thought the real serial killer had an interesting character and thought it was acted really well. It kept you on your toes until the very end and I think that it was pretty entertaining all the way through. It seemed like it could really be believable that he believed to be a serial killer because when I first read the summary I had doubts whether they could pull it off so it wasn’t completely ridiculous and unbelievable.

The one thing that bothered me was his memory loss, I feel like that was glazed over quite a bit. He didn’t tell people around him but I think it would be pretty hard to hide that from people at work. It would hard to remember all the people he worked with and hard to situate yourself. I feel like you would want to spend the time trying to remember instead of trying to hold onto the job and planning revenges. Also I found the Bo-Kyung detective character to be a bit dull and there was not much chemistry between her and Dong-Sik but it doesn’t go into the romance category at all so it was fine.

Overall this was a pretty good drama and had me guessing to the end. I would recommend this drama to those who like psychological thrillers!

The second drama that I finished was Chocolate. It is about Lee Kang (Yoon Kye-Sang) who grew up poor with his mother who cooked in a restaurant and he wanted to become a chef like her. He then grew up with his father’s family and started working as a neurosurgeon in the family business. It also stars Moon Cha-Young (Ha Ji-Won) who met Lee Kang as a hungry child and spurred her on to develop a love of food and leads to her becoming a chef. They both end up working at an end of life hospice where they clash with their personalities and hard pasts.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to start this drama because of the whole hospice part because I knew it would have me in tears and it did, every episode, my eyes were wet with tears every episode. I really did enjoy the show because the stories feel so rich and sad yet somehow they felt memorable. I really liked that it went slow and showed the progress between the two main characters and didn’t mind that. I really think it was kept interesting because of the story lines of the many characters kept it interesting and all the food storylines were also a fun thing to watch.

I had problems with the ending, it really bothered me how Cha-Young just randomly leaves because she needs space, it felt out of character and completely unnecessary for her to do this, they didn’t need to build up any more tension and suspense in that way. It wasn’t a good ending and I am frustrated how they didn’t resolve or even let us know what happened with her disease and how can she cook now, it felt like they forgot about that development. Also it seems wrong that Lee Kang didn’t tell her the truth about his mother and I feel like that would have made more sense for her to run away than anything. Also I didn’t like how she revealed her past to him, I was expecting something more exciting and thrilling or just the reactions were ho-hum. I think I had really high expectations for this drama after watching it for a while and I was disappointed by the outcome of the drama. It was still a good drama but I think my expectations for it made me feel let down by this drama.

I think it was a good drama and I was entertained and comforted by the characters in this drama so I do still think it would be worth watching and enjoying.

The third drama that I watched was The War Between Women. It starred Kang Eun-Bo (Jin Se-Yun) as a women who wants to find her twin sister’s killer and will do anything to achieve the goal even if it means she has to become Queen. It also stars Lee Kyung (Kim Min-Kyu) who is the King who comes back from death with the ability to dream about the future of one woman. The story focuses on the selection of a Queen and the politics that surround the throne and who is going to use their power to accomplish their own goals.

I thought it was interesting because of the whole twin story line and seeing how they select a Queen in deeper detail was also something that I found to peak my interest. I didn’t know before that if you made it to the end of the selection you would still live as one of the King’s women. I thought the chemistry was pretty good between the leads and found that the drama did keep my interest because I didn’t know how they were going to resolve the different issues that came up and thought it did have a little bit more of a fresh take for a historical drama.

There are things that bothered me about this drama, first of all Kim Min-Kyu’s voice and acting did feel very fake, I don’t know if I just didn’t like the tone of his voice or what but it just felt like he when he would have to act nice and sweet it just didn’t feel right and seemed to make me think he was very fake. Also the old men politics trying to bring in a new king is just so overdone that I just wanted to skip over the scheming parts because it just was so boring. I also found the whole meeting as kids and falling in love story line needs to die already, I am so sick of it, they need to invent another one already. I keep thinking about my childhood and I feel like even if something would have happened back then, I. don’t think I would carry a torch for anyone when I was that young. I don’t know maybe that is just me, maybe I am dead inside and I feel like it is ridiculous? Also the whole dead back to being alive feels like a very shaky idea and highly unlikely, also the shaman getting rid of his precognition is just weird.

I think there are interesting and at time had good storytelling but as a whole I don’t think this is the best historical drama that I have seen. It is fine but wasn’t great.

The fourth drama that I finished was Crash Landing On You. It starred Yoon Se-Ri (Son Ye-Jin) who is a heiress to a company that she started. She doesn’t get along with her family and everyone is trying to fight for her father’s company. She goes to test some paragliding equipment and she hits some strong winds and ends up landing in North Korea. There she meets Ri Jeong-Hyeok (Hyun-Bin) who is a North Korean Army Captain and he finds her in a tree. She creates a mess and Jeon-Hyeok feels responsible for her and he wants to help her get back to South Korea.

I have never really watched a drama that focused on North Korea and wasn’t sure what to expect because I don’t know very much about North Korea only that the living conditions there are terrible. This drama was interesting because it showed different classes within North Korea. I don’t know how accurate any of the portrayals are in North Korea but I feel like they didn’t fully show how bad the conditions can be but they did give us a small glimpse into how hard it would be because they showed Se-Ri struggling to live there. I really loved the military ensemble cast and thought they added so much to the humanity of the story. I think that it was good that they tried to go with more of a comedy focus then just action and spies and trying to cross the border.

I love how at the end of the episode they give you an extra scene that is usually funny or adorable. The love story is really heart wrenching because you know it feels impossible for the two of them to be together and every time they say good bye your heart breaks more each time. The episodes were extra long but it never felt like the story was being dragged out too much. They move from the North and South and it keeps it interesting and compelling. Hyun-Bin’s character is so fictional it hurts, I really love him for this role and the strong silent type that actually is super sweet and worried and thinking about her and what she told him is really the best.

I know that people would say for Se-Ri’s escape into South Korea was really too simple and unrealistic that she could just cross over all alone. That there would only be one troop watching the border between countries doesn’t seem likely because people are always trying to leave. Also when Jeong-Hyeok’s troop is taken in South Korea I find it unlikely that all of them would agree to go back to the North. I get some of them had family but I think it was unrealistic that all of them would choose to go back. I also didn’t really understand how Jeon-Hyeok and the bad guy were able to send messages to North Korea but he couldn’t contact Se-Ri when he went back. Why didn’t he just teach her the program to be able to have contact. Honestly the ending makes me sad how little they get to see each other. How are they going to really start their lives together if they only get to meet once a year?

Overall it was a really good entertaining drama that had a pretty good love story with a good amount of comedy.

The last drama that I finished was Dr. Romantic 2/ Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2. So this is the second season of Dr. Romantic which I have previously watched. Even if you didn’t watch the first season you would be fine to watch the second season but the story is about new doctors that come to work at the Doldam Hospital. I honestly had trouble remembering everything and I still don’t from the first season but it didn’t stop me from enjoying the second season. It stars Boo Yong-Joo (Han Suk-Kyu) who calls himself a romantic and is known as Master Kim and is considered a risky, eccentric doctor that can fix problematic doctors. This season he recruits Cha Eun-Jae (Lee Sung-Kyung) who is a cardiac surgeon who is a perfectionist but can’t seem to stay awake during her surgeries. It also stars Seo Woo-Jin (Ahn Hyo-Seop) who is a general surgeon but faces problems in the workplace because of his past and his need to always do the right thing.

I was actually surprised that this drama got a second season because it feels really rare that Korean Dramas get second seasons as I have not watched many of them over the years. I can’t really understand how this drama has gotten the special attention, I mean it is a good drama but there have been many great dramas I have watched that never got a second season. I am not complaining, I have enjoyed this second season with the new and old characters. I love Master Kim’s character and the way he is always trying to do the smart and right thing. He knows how to help others but he still lets them find the path all on their own. He seems like a great mentor and I love to see how other characters around him interact and change because of him. I really hope that they will do a season 3 now because it feels like they have more stories that they want to tell and I know I will miss this drama. I love how this drama has different mysteries that unravel over time, or sometimes what you first see isn’t what really happened and they go back and you get to see the whole picture. This drama is good and leading in a direction and then showing you were wrong and it goes somewhere else. It has the touching, comedic, and satisfying moments in this drama.

The one thing I found a bit much was the head nurse Oh Myung-Sim who was always yelling so much, her character started to get on my nerves a bit. I get that she is tough and running the show but sometimes I felt like it was just all too much at times and could have been toned down. Also the ending felt like it wasn’t as finished as it could be and that might just be because they want to leave room for another season which is fine. Sometimes the politics in this drama but a bit boring but it still was interesting but it felt like there was a lot of attention paid to that part which I didn’t find terribly exciting. I really enjoyed this drama and found that I think I enjoyed even more than the first season.

Overall this was a solid medical drama that is worth getting a second season!

Upcoming Dramas

Hi Bye, Mama!

The plot is that a woman who died while pregnant and is given a chance to come back to life for 49 days. I have watched a few episodes and it is interesting and entertaining so far.

Hospital Playlist

Hospital Playlist. It is about 5 doctors who went to the same medical school in 1999 and work together now at the same hospital in different fields and are friends. Apparently the drama is planning for three seasons! I hope it will be a great drama

365: Repeat the Year

365: Repeat the Year. It is about 10 people who get the chance to go back to one year and are given a chance to reset their lives but the people that get to travel back in time face unexpected problems and are involved in mysterious cases. Looks like an interesting story.

Yoobyeolna! Chef Moon

Yoobyeolna! Chef Moon. It is about a star chef who moves back to his village after his parents have died and there meets a famous fashion designer who move to the village after she lost her memory and starts acting different from her usual famous lifestyle. She earns a nickname oddball among the locals. This looks like a fun easy going drama.


October/ November 2019 Korean Drama Review December 7, 2019

I was going to watch Strangers From Hell but it honestly started getting too gruesome after two episodes so I decided to not continue watching it.


The first drama I completed was Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency. It is about Gae-Tong (Gong Seung-Yeon) who is woman that has lost her family and is looking for her lost brother. She doesn’t have much and does odd jobs to make money. Lee Soo (Seo Ji-Hoon) is a blacksmith who lives with his father and wants to marry Gae-Tong and he wants to do it the right way so he hires The Flower Crew Matchmaking Agency who is the best agency and when they finally accepts him he disappears on his wedding day. Gae-Tong starts to work at the agency with Ma Hoon (Kim Min-Jae) who is the leader and Do Joon (Byeon Woo-Seok) who is an information broker and lastly Ko Young-Soo (Park Ji-Hoon) who is in charge of the fashion and makeup.



The drama started with Gae-Tong having a character that seemed over the top and somewhat overacted but I figured her character would change with time and she does calm down after a few episodes. It seemed more like a comedy in the first few episodes but the comedy doesn’t seem to stay throughout the rest of the drama. The theme then gets serious and the whole political games that come through with the palace affairs. I feel like they didn’t really want to pick a genre so they tried all of the them. Or they just had a hard time balancing the genres.



Honestly I couldn’t connect to the characters and nothing felt sincere and I just couldn’t buy into the emotions that they were trying to portray. I think the only story that almost made me feel something was Ko Young-Soo but they didn’t even spend much time on it because he is a side character and I feel like they could have gone more into his story. I just feel like this was a typical type drama that just didn’t have much heart.


The second drama I completed was Melting Me Softly. It is about a Ma Dong-Chan (Ji Chang-Wook) who is a PD on a variety show and decides he wants to do a experiment Cryonic Freezing and decides to take part and gets Ko Mi-Ran (Won Jin-A) to participate with him to be frozen for 24 hours. Problems arise and they only become unfrozen 20 years later and they must keep their average core body temperature at 31.5 degrees Celsius.


Honestly this drama made me feel uncomfortable with them waking up 20 years later and him meeting his girlfriend who is 20 years older and it just is weird. Maybe the idea of waking up and everyone you know has aged and they keep pointed it out the whole drama just made me feel weird because it really makes you aware of how cruel aging really is. It made me think about things that I don’t really want to and the whole science stuff seemed weak and got a bit boring after a while.



Again I could not connect to any of the characters. I just couldn’t really feel their pain or felt like their characters were not fleshed out that much and everything felt shallow. I got bored in this drama and the whole separation that happens at the end just felt like the show was never going to end.


I have to say they did have one shower scene that I thought was wow and kinda impressed with the kissing that was happening. It was certainly unexpected and got my attention compared to a lot of dramas where I forget that they even kissed.


It wasn’t a terrible drama but I didn’t think it was a very good drama. I could not connect well with the characters and I feel like it didn’t delve deep enough into the issues have being gone for 20 years. I guess it was supposed to be a more light hearted drama but I feel like it was a bit hollow and empty with the main characters. I was disappointed with this drama.


The third drama I watched was The Tale of Nokdu is about Jeon Nok-Du (Jang Dong-Yoon) who has been kept very sheltered and wasn’t allowed to go to the mainland and forced to stay on the island and is well learned in martial arts and is a good swordsman. Nokdu and his family gets attacked by a group of female assassins and he chases her to the capital and eventually finds himself in the widow village and has to dress up as a woman to stay and try to find the secret that his father has been keeping from him. It also stars Dong Dong-Ju (Kim So-Hyun) who meets Nok-Du in the capital because she wants to kill the King but is unable to so she meets Nok-Du back in the widow village where she lives next to in a gisaeng house because she is an apprentice gisaeng.



I really thought that this drama would be a good comedy as Nok-Du has to dress up as a woman and try to hide that he is a man. Unfortunately I feel like the comedy was so short and then went into trying to be another drama surrounding the palace politics and it just felt same old, same old story line. In theory it seemed like it was a good, interesting drama but again I couldn’t really connect to any of the characters and didn’t feel much empathy or sympathy for the characters.


Even the romance just fell flat for me and it just felt like it was boring and I almost started preferring the bad guy to win. It felt like it was hard to really understand the characters and the reasons they did things just didn’t seem terribly believable and somewhat forced. The chemistry between the main characters wasn’t terribly electric either. It is a fine drama but I just couldn’t get very invested into this drama as well.


The fourth drama I watched was Extraordinary You. It is about the world of comic books. Eun Dan-Oh (Kim Hye-Yoon) is a student of a rich family and goes to an elite school. There she is in love with her fiancé Baek Kyung (Lee Jae-Wook) who does not like her back and even treats her cruelly. Dan-Oh has a heart condition that causes her problems as she can’t be like regular students and she starts getting weird symptoms such as memory loss and being able to see what is going to happen in the future. She meets Jinmiche who tells her that she is in a comic called “Secret” and shows her the book and she finds out she is not even the main character but an extra. Dan-Oh becomes aware that she has her mind and it differs from the book and goes on a quest to to try to change the comic book. This drama is based on a webcomic called July Found By Chance and I have read part of the comic that is translated online. So I was really excited because the webcomic is really interesting to have read so far so I don’t know how the webcomic ends.



I really enjoyed this drama, I think it was the only drama that I actually looked forward to this past two months. I felt connected to the characters and could feel an emotional connection and the unfairness that the characters were feeling. I really enjoyed the fantasy of the story and felt like it was a fresh idea. I know that people will say that it is similar to W but only the part of it being a comic is similar but the story was not the same at all. I really liked both of these dramas but it focused on completely different aspects of being inside a comic book. I feel like the story was well done and kept you interested throughout the whole drama. I thought it was able to have humor and serious themes well done and was well balanced. The acting was good and it was fun to make fun of the typical romantic comic as it dealt with all the cheesy lines that the characters would have to say. It was fun that some of the characters had become self aware and whether or not they had to agree with what they were saying.


I am not sure what to think about the ending because it seems sad even though it was technically happy and I wonder what happens to the characters between comic books. What if the author doesn’t decide to draw some of the characters anymore. That was the only plot hole that I feel like needed to be explained or dealt with. Also I don’t think they ever explained what happened to Baek Kyung in the ending? or maybe I missed it? Not sure but I wished they would have had an ending for him that could have left him happy.


I think this is the only drama that I would recommend from this round of dramas. After the dramas I was wondering if I had become tired of Korean Dramas because I wanted to quit so many and wasn’t sure if I would be able to continue but I started watching some new ones and I think it was just a coincidence that I didn’t enjoy this round of dramas!

Upcoming Dramas

1. Psychopath Diary

It is about a office worker that witnesses a murder and picks up the diary of the murderer and while running away he gets into a an accident and loses his memory. He then finds the diary and starts to believe that he is a psychopathic serial killer. I have watched a few episodes and it captured my attention, I think it is an interesting concept of what happens when we don’t have any memories how could we be shaped if you become a clean slate.


2. Chocolate

The drama is about a boy that gave a girl a meal and later inspired the girl to become a chef. He wanted to become a chef but because of different circumstances he grew up to be a neurosurgeon and they get to meet again as adults and strangers. I have seen two episodes and it is an intense drama and I have been completely sucked into it!


3. Crash Landing On You

An heiress to a conglomerate ends up in North Korea after a paragliding incident and there she meet a North Korean army officer and he helps hide her and take care of her. I am a bit nervous that there won’t be enough of a story for this drama but I hope since it has some big names that it will be an interesting drama.


4. Selection: The War Between Women

This drama is about a woman who is murdered and her twin sister decides to take her place as Queen to find out who is killed her sister. This drama I am most scared to start as I am not sure since I have watched the whole switcheroo so many times in movies and tv and feel like it has been overdone and if it isn’t done well, I scared I will become bored very quickly.