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April May and June 2022 Korean Drama Reviews

The first drama that I finished was My Liberation Diary/ My Liberation Notes. This is a very interesting and unusual drama. It is about one family with adult siblings who live far from where they work in Seoul and have to spend a lot of time commuting. Gi Jeong (Lee El) is the oldest daughter and she is exhausted with her life and wants some romance. Chang-Hee (Lee Min-Ki) is the middle child and wants to live a better life and has dreams but feels crushed by the people around him. The youngest is Mi-Jeong who is introverted and doesn’t really like dealing with people but has a rich inner world that she doesn’t share with anyone. At work she is forced to join a club but instead with a couple of other people she makes her own club Liberation Club to help liberate each other from the things they want liberation from. It also stars Mr. Gu (Son Suk-Ku) who appears one day in Sanpo Village and starts to work for their dad. He never talks and is a known alcoholic that drinks everyday. Mi-Jeong decides to include him in her life and they find relief from life with each other.

This is a hard drama to explain because a lot of times it gives you a lot of feelings without even using a lot of words. This drama can feel monotonous because that is what is trying to be portrayed. It feels so relatable that it hurts at times and sometimes feels like it punches you in the gut with the truths that are revealed in the story. You feel the frustration, anger and sadness with the characters. At times there are silences when the family eats together and it actually would drive me bonkers, you just want them to communicate better with each other. When it focuses on the character of Mi-Jeong because she doesn’t talk much it would actually get frustrating because you just wanted her to speak her truth and what was on her mind. I just felt it was such a compelling drama even though it wasn’t action-packed or had a huge plot line. I like that it wasn’t a typical drama that was so predictable and always the same tropes. The acting is very good as well, they were able to convey deep emotions without even much dialogue at times.

What I didn’t like was the romance story line, I honestly feel that Mi-Jeong deserved someone better to love than someone that was an alcoholic. I would never encourage a friend or loved one to enter into a relationship with someone that had an addiction. I just can’t imagine it being healthy no matter and also being in love or having a loved one cannot be your savior, even though that was what the drama was hinting at. The drama didn’t really take it that far but the ending gave me hope for their relationship to be better. I also didn’t really love the love relationship for Gi-Jeong I thought she had better chemistry with another person in the drama then the one that she ended up with but it is fine. Chang-Hee’s ending is different but I mostly feel bad for him.

This is a great and well made drama! I would highly recommend if you like dramas that are more thought-provoking on the human condition.

The second drama that I finished was Our Blues. It is about a group of people living in a small village on Jeju Island. It focuses on one character for a couple of episodes and then moves onto another character. It had a large cast and no one was completely the main character as they would move on from a newcomer Lee Yeong-Ok (Han Ji-Min) who starts working as a haenyeo (female diver) and has a lot of secrets and is frustrating to the other people she works with. To Jung Eun-Hui who runs a fishing store and other businesses and focuses on the relationships that she has from the past and trying to figure out how to keep her friendship. To a teenage couple that gets themselves in trouble and their Dad’s have a grudge which makes it hard for them to solve their problem. This drama focuses on the hardest and best times of our lives and shows that they are often intermingled. Sadness and happiness are not really something you feel separately it is intermingled and can change quickly and suddenly but you can’t deny either of them. It is about family, friends and relationships and the struggle to keep them and understand the feelings of other people in your life. It is really a heart breaking and heart warming drama all at the same time.

I really was sucked into this drama and wanted to know what was the story between the different feuds and friendships and all the secrets between them. I also liked that there was a large cast so there was variety in the story telling. I think some of the best acting came from the oldest and youngest actors. The little girl Eun-Gi was so good at acting it was shocking. I thought it was really interesting that they were addressing Depression and how it can affect someone’s life. It was good they were talking about it but I’m not sure that they really gave good examples to deal with this disease. She didn’t really go and get help and was almost just supposed to overcome it with her own strength and friendship. I don’t know but that won’t work well for just anyone. I also thought it was good that they highlighted different disabilities in this drama as I think it is good to bring awareness to different issues that lots of people don’t have experience with and this drama seems to help bring understanding and showing how people are different.

What I didn’t like was I didn’t really care for Han-Su story line with Eun-Hui, it was honestly just weird and awkward and then the fact he leaves and doesn’t live there is just like why did we waste that much time on someone that doesn’t live there. It was also hard to watch Eun-Gi’s grandma treat her the way so roughly when she is just a little kid that needed some reassurance. I would never treat kids like that, I honestly couldn’t figure out why she was so harsh on a young child. I would have liked some more resolution on some of the story lines but overall I think they did a good job of wrapping up the loose ends.

I really think this is a worthwhile drama that has something in there for everyone as it covers a lot of ground and age groups.

The last drama that I finished was Love All Play which is about Park Tae-Yang (Park Ju-Hyun) is a badminton athlete and is returning to a professional team after a 3 year break after an incident. She was a contender to a star but because of her break she has to build back her abilities and strength. It also stars Park Tae-Joon (Chae Jong-Hyeop) who also decides to join the same team as Tae-Yang he feels like he is scared to actually know his true potential that if he actually tries his best he won’t measure up. He tries to act like he doesn’t care and it becomes his character.

I thought that this drama would have more badminton playing in it but found it was more focused on the characters and the drama between them. It also focuses on Park Tae-Yang’s guilt about the incident that she was involved in and that she feels guilty to even play badminton. It gets somewhat tiring and I didn’t feel like this drama was that unique or different then the typical drama. Two characters want to be together but because of other people around them they should be the last people that should be together. I kinda got frustrated in the drama and actually wished they would play more sports and I am not the type to like watching sports! Some characters were just the worst like basically all of Tae-Joon’s family and I really wished he would have told them off at some point but he doesn’t really and treats his mom way too well for the way she acted. He treated them all too well and at some point would have just wanted Tae-Joon and Tae-Yang to just be together and excommunicate his family. I don’t really mean it, but I was so frustrated by the situation at times.

I also found Tae-Yang’s character to get on my nerves at times, I don’t know why but I found her annoying at times. Also they have some weird romance moment that was kinda disturbing to me and just skipped over because it seemed so wrong on so many levels, the whole taking advantage of someone that is emotionally traumatized and weak. It just really gave off the wrong message and feel they should not have put that in.

The drama still kept me interested though in how it was going to turn out and was happy that it wasn’t a sad ending and there was some healing that happened. I wish they would have given a better ending of like who won the game at the end, which I thought was weird they didn’t put in there. I wish they would have given us more time with the ending instead of spending so much time with the characters being depressed and moping. It just felt tiring at some point.

Overall it wasn’t the greatest sports drama that I have watched but it was decent.

I just want to highlight a Chinese drama called Reset. It is about a college student Li Shiquing and a video game designer Xiao Heyun who are stuck in a time loop. They are stuck riding a bus that is about to explode and after they die, they wake up in the bus again. They have to find a way to stop the bus from exploding to escape from this endless time loop. I really thought this was a well done drama that actually made a time traveling drama that makes sense and doesn’t just turn into nonsense. It kept me on the edge of my seat a lot of time. They keep working out different simulations to try to stop the explosion. Each time they do a loop they get more and more information and discover the secrets behind the disaster. It really keeps you engaged the whole time and you want to binge it to find out the secrets. I don’t want to say too much in case I give away any of the clues but I highly recommend this drama if you like time traveling dramas.


January February and March Korean Drama Review 2022 April 16, 2022

Warning there are spoilers in this review!


The first drama that I have finished was Moonshine. It is set in the late Joseon period where there was a strict alcohol prohibition and had been going on for a while now. It stars Kang Ro-Seo (Hyeri) who is a poor noblewoman that has to work hard to make money for the family because her brother has been studying. She figures out that she could make a lot more money selling liquor but gets into trouble as the local gangs selling alcohol have the monopoly of the area and want to get rid of her. It also stars Nam Young (Yoo Seung-Ho) who works in the office of the inspector general and his main job is to catch the criminals that are selling alcohol. The two of them are bound to meet in the messy process of doing their jobs.

I didn’t have high hopes for this drama, I just thought that it would be an easy going drama to watch and for the most part it was likeable and relaxing. The first couple of episodes were good and interesting but then it just felt way too long, it had too many episodes and it was hard to get to the final episode. It is also hard because you know who the bad guy is from an early point in the drama and it feels so tedious waiting for the characters to catch on to it. I also felt that the romance was very lacking to me, they just did not have the chemistry that I expected. I really couldn’t feel that they liked each other I think the story did not build up the romance properly at all. My favorite part of the drama when they both liked each other but don’t know it yet and this drama didn’t really get to even this point to me. I just didn’t buy the romance between them at all and I’m not sure if it was the writing or the acting that was at fault, maybe both. I thought the side character of the crown prince and Yae-Jin had more chemistry together than the main romance story. I always feel with historical korean dramas they always focus so much on old guys trying to play politics and take control of the King that it just feels so overdone and boring. I doesn’t feel fresh to me I was hoping that they were going to focus on the prohibition that it would be different plot but it still turned into the typical old guys and politics without even making it fresh.

I did like Ro-Seo’s strong character, her ability to take care of herself and fix her own problems. It really highlighted women’s friendships and that they were able to work together to thwart their enemies. It showed that Women are just as capable of taking care of business and their loved ones as men and they have a role to play. This drama also had some funny comedy at times that made some of the characters pretty lovable. I would say overall this was a decent drama with a happy ending but you may get frustrated with the slow episodes at times. This is a solid drama that won’t make you have to think or feel too much!


The second drama that I finished was Snowdrop. It is set in 1987 during the Democracy Movement which was when there was a mass protest movement to stop the South Korean authoritarian government and demanding that they hold fair elections. It is about a graduate student Lim Soo-Ho (Jung Hae-In) that is being chased by the government because they think he is a spy and hides in a Women’s University dorm. A girl Eun Yeong-Ro (Kim Ji-Soo) hides him because she thinks he is just a simple protester and wants to protect him and they start to develop feelings for each other. There was major controversy with this drama and people were signing petitions to be stopped from airing. They were upset because the fact in history many Korean people were accused of being North Korean spies just because they were protesters for democracy. It was considered very offensive that they were also going to use some historical names of people that were related to the movement which they did change in the drama. It just seemed to be in poor taste to most people but it did not stop the drama from being aired. The drama is fictitious and everything except for the situation of the military regime and presidential election is fictionally created.

This was a very intense drama and it seems to get started right off in the first episode and it feels like you have experienced whiplash the way the emotions go in this drama. By a couple of episodes in you already know that this is not going to end well, there is just no way that there can be happy ending and unfortunately I was correct. You have to not get attached to characters because you can’t really know who is going to make it but you are just hoping for them to get alive and don’t even care if they get to be together you just simply want them to breathe and be alive. This drama is not the best to watch before going to sleep, it is just too stressful and action-packed. It has lots of twist and turns that always keeps you on your toes and engaged in the drama. It does have some boring parts like when the wives are talking I would skip over their boring conversations at times. I also got tired of the politics and actually found it really disturbing at times especially in the times that we are in and the governments across the world becoming tyrannical. I felt like they were speaking a lot of truth and not fiction when it came to politics. Money rules the world and it always has and it really showcased how fixing elections work and manipulating the public with fake news and not speaking the real truth. We know that the government owns and influences all news stations and it really is disturbing how they can lie to the public. The idea that they can arrest anyone in the name of public defense or safety and it feels like how much abuse is and has happened with government stating it is a public safety that no one knows what they are actually doing. Anyway the government I think even though it is fictional really was showing us how governments are truly being run around the world.

I thought they did a good job telling us a story and multiple character stories and the acting was really good. They had frustrating characters but everything was well done with telling the story. I was pleasantly surprised with Ji-Soo’s acting since she is an idol and this was the first big role in a drama. She held her weight and did a good job although she has a bit of a nasally voice that I noticed other people getting annoyed with but I didn’t really mind. The ending is not happy but that was ruled out since almost the beginning and despite that I thought the ending was decent and didn’t try to play on our emotions that hard which I appreciate they didn’t try to devastate us further.

I can’t say that I disliked anything about this drama just the fact that there wasn’t a happy ending and that just wasn’t what the drama was about and realized early in so you could bail on this drama if you felt the need to. I just found the politics and the busybody women to get on my nerves but it was fine and at times could get draggy but was still a decent drama. Overall it was decent drama that was interesting despite the tragedy aspect of the drama.


A story of three female friends who are 39-years-old. Cha Mi Jo (Son Ye-Jin) was born and raised by wealthy parents. She is now 39-years-old and works as a dermatologist at her own clinic in Gangnam, Seoul. Jung Chan Young (Jeon Mi-Do) is one of Cha Mi Jo’s close female friends. She works as an acting coach.

This drama is about the friendship of three women, Cha Mi Jo (Son Ye-Jin) who was adopted as a child and is now a doctor of dermatology and runs her own clinic and loves playing gold. Jung Chan-Young (Jeon Mi-Do) who is an acting coach and Jang Joo-Hee (Kim Ji-Hyun) who works at a beauty counter at department store. They became friends as teens and have stayed together even through their thirties. They go through a crisis together when Chan-Young finds out she has terminal cancer and this drama focuses on coming to terms with death.

I think I cried through almost every episode and I kept asking myself why I am continuing to watch this drama and I don’t know why I wanted to subject myself to so much sadness. If you feel like cancer and death are a trigger for you please do not watch this drama because it will be very triggering because it focuses 100% with death and preparing for it. It is almost like a car crash that you want to look away but you feel compelled to keep watching almost against your own will and this is what the drama is like for me. I really wanted to stop watching but for some reason the characters just kept me watching. I really felt like they really were over the top and almost forcing the sadness on the audience with the continual heart to heart talks about missing each other or how this will be the last time they do something that it felt like they were preying on our emotions. By the last episode it was just too much with the death stuff and they gave us no resolution with the characters left we needed more time with them.

I thought this drama was going to be more light hearted about friendship and even enjoying the time they left to spend together. It would have been better if Chan-Young was the only one that knew the truth so they could at least have enjoyed some time together. Since everyone knew she was dying every time they tried to do something fun every memory became tainted with sadness because they knew they couldn’t grow old together. Honestly just thinking about the characters and the drama causes my eyes to tear up. I just felt like the writer could have done a much better job writing this story and instead just pandered to our emotions and just decided every episode is going to use her death to make the audience sad. It felt like it has hard to even feel the friendship between each other because the drama didn’t even focus on that as much as the impending doom. They really did Joo-Hee’s character wrong because she could so little story line and even the was the less loved friend in the group. Chan-Young’s character really felt one note and didn’t get much variety in her character or growth. Mi-Joo was the only character that gotten the time and the growth. I can’t say I liked this drama but for some reason I felt compelled to keep watching but it made me feel miserable watching it. If you like dramas like that then go for it.

Twenty-Five Twenty-One

This drama is about Na Hee-Do (Kim Tae-Ri) a teen who wants to switch schools to do fencing because her current school shut down their program due to lack of funding and the overall South Korean financial crisis that was happening in her youth. She meets Back Yi-Jin (Nam Joo-Hyuk) in her neighbourhood who is also struggling because his father’s business went bankrupt because of the financial crisis. He has to work odd jobs to try and earn some money for his family who is separated due to the debt their family is in. The two of them become their strength through their struggles and are able to encourage each other through the hardest period of time in their lives.

This was an interesting drama because we are seeing the story through Hee-Do’s daughter who is going through her mom’s old diaries and so we get to see a future Hee-Do and also past Hee-Do which makes for an compelling story. There was so much build up to what happened from the past to make Hee-Do who she was in the current time and unfortunately the writer did not utilize this plot to the best of their ability. The ending was so disappointing and just fell flat on it’s face, most people were complaining because we never get to see who Hee-Do ends up with and never gets to see a reunion between Hee-Do and Yi-Jin. The way it was building up was right on track but they really let the fans down in the end. I also really did not care for the use of covid in the present part of the drama, I just don’t need to see it in fictional dramas it is enough to live it in real life. I think they did because they were making it in our reality with using the 9/11 tragedy in the story which was where the drama was getting weird and just seemed very depressing and sad from that point onward. It seems like Yi-Jin’s character changed so much that he seemed unrecognizable.

I thought the acting was all amazing and I loved all the side characters and the development of their characters. I loved the rivalry to friendship story line and how Hee-Do discovered the meaning of love. The character development was fun to watch and all the characters were lovable. This drama was always interesting and I never found myself getting bored. I also learned more about fencing because I knew nothing about it before watching and now I feel like I have a better understanding on the sport.

Overall I wish they had made some changes to the ending but I thought this was a fun drama to watch for the most part!

Business Proposal

This drama is about Kang Tae-Moo (Ahn Hyo-Seop) who is CEO of a food company that his grandfather founded and his grandfather wants him to go on blind dates and then get married soon. Tae-Moo is not interested in the blind dates and decides he will just marry the next woman he is set up with who is Shin Ha-Ri (Kim Se-Jeong) who is forced to go on the blind date instead of her friend. She goes on the date to try to be the most obnoxious and awful date as possible so her friend won’t have to meet the date. This drama is based on the webtoon Sanae Matsun by Hae Hwa.

So this drama is so funny and endearing it uses all the cliches and overused plot devices but yet it is being delivered in a funny and charming way that I did not mind at all. I kept finding myself smiling through the episodes and it was such a cheerful and fun drama that I loved every episode. Lots of people will find it cliche but for some reason I didn’t mind. It was an easy going drama that didn’t require much thinking it was like a stress reliever. I really needed to watch it especially watching the drama Thirty-Nine at the same time.

The ending did feel a bit rushed and just not a great build up but it wasn’t the worst one either, it is happy. Also I did find it strange the way that Tae-Moo was always deeply in love with Ha-Ri from the beginning it just felt over the top. He did really have a build up into love the way that Ha-Ri did it was always immediate for him and it felt not genuine at times.

Overall it is a highly entertaining drama that I felt was the most fun to watch this round.

Upcoming Dramas

Our Blues

This is a drama about a variety of people that are living on Jeju Island it seems to be about friendship and small town life feel.

My Liberation Diary

It is about three siblings that live in the country and work in the Seoul and are wanting to escape from their mundane lives.

Love All Play

Love and relationships surrounding the sport of Badminton.

Shooting Stars

About a top star who has a tumultuous relationship with his PR team leader.


November and December Korean Drama Review 2021 January 22, 2022

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November and December Korean Drama Review 2021


Jirisan is about the mountain Jiri Mountain National Park and the rangers that work there. It stars Seo Yi-Gang (Gianna Jun) who is a veteran ranger and grew up around the mountain and knows the mountain better than anyone around. She has a big chip on her shoulder because the mountain cost the lives of her parents but at the same time she loves the mountain and wants to protect it and the people visiting the mountain. It also stars Kang Hyun-Ju (Ju Ji-Hoon) who is new ranger and was once an army captain and he feels compelled to come to the mountain because he has been given a gift to see deaths that are happening on the mountain. He wants to help prevent them and calls upon Yi-Gang to trust him and help him stop the bad things happening.

I never really knew about rangers as I don’t live anywhere near a mountain and don’t know much on the subject. It seemed like the drama did a really good job on showing the realities of working as a ranger and the harsh conditions they have to work in. I am sure they did some embellishing because that was a lot of natural disasters within a year or two that they showed but I am sure that they did there best to be authentic. I thought the concept of a murderer using a mountain to kill was a really interesting idea and actually scary how someone could pull this off. The story was very compelling and kept you on the edge of your seat trying to figure out who the killer is and I was thrown off many times. The mountain as a backdrop was also very beautiful and the cinematography was lovely. Of course the acting was also very well done and with many sad parts it really hurt when something happened to one of the characters.

What I did not like was the whole spiritual/ghost story line. I thought it kinda cheapened the experience and was entirely unnecessary. I really hated it when they saw the sticks moving on their own that they caught on camera, it was kinda cheesy and I just cringed. The way they made it seem like the mountain was alive and a spirit and the religious stuff I would just skip over. I just wanted to get to the murderer and wanted to move on from the ghosts.

I did like the ending though I just wish they would have given more time to the ending and showing the story line with what happened and what the characters were doing now, it just seemed like they rushed the ending and it certainly left me wanting more. Also if you are expecting romance in this drama, don’t bother because there is none there to find. It is more about friendship and comradeship which is fine but you can’t help shipping characters together! Gianna Jun is a great actress and was one of the reasons that I decided to watch this drama but I still thinks she shines best in comedy! I really wish she would do another comedy because she is in another class when she does comedy!

I would recommend this drama if you like a good murder mystery with a mountain as the backdrop!

Inspector Koo

The second drama is Inspector Koo which is about Koo Kyung-Yi (Lee Young-Ae) who is working as an insurance investigator and private detective after she retired from being a police officer. She is a smart, suspicious and smelly woman who is obsessed with computer games. She had a nervous breakdown after her husband committed suicide and now struggles to live normally. She gets pulled into a case by her old friend Na Je-Hui (Kwak Sun-Young) who work for an insurance company and wants her to find the serial killer labelled “K”. This is reminiscent of a cat and mouse game that happens between Koo and K and they are both trying to outsmart each other.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this drama but the acting was very convincing and the characters were all interesting. This was very interesting to think about especially when it came to the way K made her own moral rules. If you are murdering a bad person and you are stopping them from doing the evil deeds does it make it okay to kill them? This was the dilemma that was the theme throughout the drama. I really made you think and question who really is the evil person in this drama, it almost makes you uncomfortable for a time.

Koo is also an interesting character and how she processes things and what makes her tick and you just feel compelled to keep watching this drama. Koo she honestly smelled bad through the screen, I think it was a turn off for a lot of people but it really gave her character. She was one of the most unique lead characters, she was really out of the box for what is expected from women in society. I thought it was great and it was really great having lots of female characters for the main lead characters and even though we are supposed to hate K, at times I found myself really enjoying her scenes. I thought it was an intelligent, interesting and compelling to watch and well done.

I feel like the ending wasn’t really finished and I am wondering if they left it hanging a bit because they want to do another second season. I have not seen anything about another season happening so if they don’t then I am really frustrated with how they ended Santa’s story line, we never get his backstory even though it has been hinted at something happening and Koo doesn’t get to the bottom of it. This drives me crazy because that is not her character at all, she is the most suspicious and she just lets it go? She never gets to the bottom of Santa’s past? That is why I think they are maybe leaving some room for a second season.

I also am confused why they didn’t also get to the bottom of K’s past and what happened to her when she was lost in the woods? They allude to some supernatural events that someone is telling her to kill and when she has breakdown towards the end of the season she starts killing people for weird reasons and kinda goes back to the time she was lost. They don’t really explain it and honestly that was really weird and seems like a cop out when they use a supernatural approach because then logic gets to fly out of the window which I think is a lazy technique which is similar to how I feel with Jirisan. I would also warn you that this is not a romantic drama so don’t be disappointed if you think it is going to go in this direction.

The Red Sleeve

This drama is about Crown Prince Yi San (Lee Joon-Ho) and his struggle with trying to secure the crown from his grandfather. It also stars Sung Deok-Im (Lee Se-Young) who is his court lady since a child and does her best to serve the Crown Prince. Deok-Im is content with her life of being a court lady and having the freedom to be with her friends who are fellow court lady’s. The Crown Prince falls in love with Deok-Im and she struggles with the implications of his love and resists the change it could cause to her life.

I am still not over this drama, this caused a great emotional distress with watching this drama and I got pulled into the story to strongly. I have to remind you that this drama is based on history and I didn’t want to look up the history because I didn’t want to know what happened, but maybe I should have so I could have prepared myself for it. I know they have embellished the history and isn’t completely truth but I still find it distressing since it isn’t completely fiction. I first of all was excited to watch this drama since Joon-Ho was the the main lead and I have enjoyed him since Chief Kim, Just Between Lovers, and Wok of Love and he definitely didn’t disappoint. He played this character very well and really was the highlight of the drama for me!

I found really interesting about this drama was the fact this really felt like a feminist drama. The females were really in charge of this drama and were pulling the strings in front and behind the scenes. The women were the intelligent that seemed to hold the power in this drama and the power struggle continued until the end and it seemed unusual that the love between the leads didn’t seem to balance the power struggle. It almost was to the point of feeling uncomfortable and felt really bad for Yi-San and the sorrow was felt completely.

What I found frustrating was the character of Deok-Im and what was she really trying to do with her life. She was living as court lady to Yi-San and that already took away much of her freedom. She could never find someone to marry and start a family as that was not allowed and has to spend her life working at the palace which is not exactly a safe place either if someone sees her as their enemy. She somehow thought that she wanted to cling to her life as a court lady because she could have fun with her friends even though there is no guarantee for that to be the case in the future. It was so frustrating to watch her love the Crown Prince but then just hurt him over and over. To me the most logical thing is to be with him and at least she would get some love in her life and even be able to have a children and create love in her life. It wasn’t like she could leave the palace and then have all of her freedom again as she would always be a court lady her whole life. I found her way of thinking to be strange and at times really annoying. There wasn’t much else that I didn’t like about this drama just the ending it was really hard to watch but I did appreciate that the writer tried to soften the blow but it was still just so much emotional damage at this point.

I really thought it was a really well done palace drama that definitely had twists and turns that kept me on my toes and really a heart breaking love story that will really make you feel attached to these characters. So if you want a drama to move your heart with a compelling story I would highly recommend this drama.

Upcoming Korean Dramas


It is about the time of Joseon history where they had an alcohol prohibition law and a newly appointed inspector gets involved with a woman who makes alcohol unknowingly.


It is set in 1987 during the Democracy Movement which was when there was a mass protest movement to stop the South Korean authoritarian government and demanding that they hold fair elections. It is about a graduate student that is being chased by the government and hides in a Women’s University dorm. A girl hides him because she thinks he is just a simple protester and wants to protect him and they start to develop feelings for each other.

Through the Darkness

It is about a criminal profiler who tries to read the minds of serial killers by digging up cases and trying to understand how their mind works and another profiler that struggles to understand the minds of criminals.


September and October 2021 November 21, 2021

September, October 2021 Korean Drama Reviews

The first drama that I finished was Hospital Playlist 2. So it continues on with the story from the first season, so to enjoy the second season you need to watch the first season. It picks up where things were left off with the different relationships and of course the classic friendships of the doctors. This drama always makes me so sad that I don’t have a group of friends where you have this unbreakable connection. Although in one episode Kim Jun-Wan and Yang Seok-Hyeong are alone together on a trip and they are so awkward and don’t mesh well together which seemed really realistic when it comes to friend groups, not everyone is comfortable being alone with certain members of groups. I feel like I would be the awkward one! Each episode was filled with different patients and story lines mixed with the friendships of the group.

I have to say I was pretty satisfied with the second season even though I know it wasn’t as good as the first season but it definitely filled my heart with warmth watching the characters come together again and just eat, share troubles, and play music together. It just felt like this was a nice comfortable feeling that soothed me. Not all dramas are able to achieve this warm feeling and I really enjoyed each episode.

The only problems that I saw was that at times it felt like it was going slow in some of the relationships and found the patient story lines more boring this season. I think there was a lack of character development for the doctors and I wished they paid more attention to developing their characters instead of riding on the coattails of the first season. It was like the character worked in the first season so we aren’t going to change much for them in the second season.

Overall I really did enjoy getting to have a second season of Hospital Playlist and I am sad that the story is now concluded. I really am a sucker for the friendship dramas!

The second drama that I completed was You are My Spring. It is about Kang Da-Jeong (Seo Hyun-Jin) who had a tough childhood and she is working at a hotel and moves into a new building that her friends dad own and they work in the building running a cafe. Ju Young-Do (Kim Dong-Wook) is a psychiatrist and also works in the same building and is very good at reading people. It also stars Chae Jun (Yoon Park) who is a CEO of an investment company and has been expressing his feelings towards Da-Jeong for a while and she doesn’t know if she can trust him because she has only dated jerks.

I think this was a really interesting drama that was keeping me on the edge of my seat. It is a bit dark and I wasn’t really expecting that from the look of the drama. I thought I would try watching it but was hoping it wasn’t a fluff piece that was not complex enough. I was really wrong this was a intricate and emotionally charged drama that was very compelling. I really like when they mix psychology into the dramas and make the characters more dimensional because humans are interesting and also very complex and it feels more authentic when the characters have interesting sides to them. The acting was also really good I really liked Yoon Park’s acting, I was really impressed with his acting. I love having a mystery in the drama, it always keeps me more engaged in the drama and it was pretty compelling throughout the whole drama.

What I didn’t like was the back and forth in the romantic relationship it was somewhat unnecessary to be breaking up and getting back together that much. It just felt a bit overdone and I thought it was a bit redundant and was tiring. I also thought Da-Jeong was going to have more of a journey with counselling and that she would need more fixing that what they did, I wished they would have focused more on inner healing. The way they just addressed some of her past and how simple and easy it was to get over her past felt ridiculous and really did not do justice to those who are actually suffering with these problems. I just thought they made counseling seem to simplistic and I think they could have focused more on these issues instead of the whole breaking up aspect. Actually they needed to deal with inner problems with more characters but it felt like they are telling people just sweep those emotions under the rug and ignore it and overcome it on your own and if not sharing your past with someone will be enough to make the problem go away which is clearly not true. I get it was just a drama but I wish they would have tried a little harder in that area.

It was a really interesting drama that I feel was underrated and is really not expected from the summary and it would say it is pretty edgy and yet would hit you in all the feels.

The third drama that I finished was Police University. This drama is about Yoo Dong-Man (Cha Tae-Hyun) who is a former detective and got in trouble after not being able to solve cyber crime involving illegal gambling and now has to work as professor at the police university. It also stars Kang Sun-Ho (Jin Young) who is a rookie at the university and excels at hacking and gets involved with Dong-Man’s continued investigation into the illegal gambling. It also stars Oh Kang-Hee (Krystal) who is doing her best to become a honest and righteous police officer despite her family background.

I was concerned watching a drama with Krystal as one of the leads because I don’t think she is very good at acting but I thought I can’t go wrong with Tae-Hyun as one of the leads since he is pretty humorous but I was let down. I did not like this drama and it wasn’t necessarily that Krystal had terrible acting it was the script. It was just boring and I did not feel much of anything for any of the characters. I was expecting a funny and exciting drama filled with great friendship moments but it was just so disappointing. I though Jin Young did a really good job with his acting and he probably was the only reason that I completed the drama but it was not compelling and even though there was interesting mystery to solve it just did not play on my emotions or feelings at all. I watched the drama sped up so I could get through each episode faster. I know it is bad if I speed it up and the sound gets all weird but I am so bored! The ending was not that great either just kinda weird.

I would stay away from this drama, it is really lacking but if you like an okay police drama then go for it!

The fourth drama I finished was Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha. It stars Yoon Hye-Jin (Shin Min-A) who is a black listed dentist and finds herself in the small seaside village of Gongjin and an offer to set up a clinic comes her way and she reluctantly agrees to set up her own practice. It also stars Hong Du-Sik (Kim Sun-Ho) who is considered the handyman of the village and does all kinds of jobs around the village without being officially employed and lives a more carefree life and is content helping those that need help.

This is a very lovable drama with all the village characters along with the main characters it seems so filled with love and friendship. I think it is so heart warming because now a days it feels like we are really disconnected from the people around us and we struggle to have relationships with family never mind a community. I think this drama just feels really nice to imagine a place where you can find help and have a sense of pride and connection and purpose in a community and this is really reflected through Chief Hong’s character. I really like all the villagers and characters and how they had true character development and even if you mess up, it really is the best to learn from and how to become better. Everyone was giving second, third or fourth chances and sometimes people need time to become a better person. I thought it was really a lovely drama and deserved the hype that it got. It was a really good story.

The only thing that bothered me was of course Yoon Hye-Jin’s personality at the beginning, but that was okay in the end because she needed to grow and stop putting up walls to protect herself. Also not sure if this is a spoiler but dramas need to stop adding childhood connections into the love story. It has been so overdone for years that I am annoyed already. The more I think about it who remembers random moments from childhood with a person it does not make the connection deeper or better. As a child you are not thinking romantic stuff like that it is honestly just weird when I think about it. The only other thing that I thought didn’t really work was Chief Hong’s secret and that the whole scenario that happened was portrayed as his fault when clearly that was not the case. I think it wasn’t very believable that everyone would have believed that to be the case.

Also it was all in the news that Kim Sun-Ho had apparently forced his ex girlfriend to have an abortion and then dumped her and this came out from the girlfriend and so it seemed like everyone was trying to cancel him and he had to leave his variety show. Honestly all I could think about was the case of Kim Hyun-Joong and his girlfriend tried to smear him and said that he assaulted her and caused her to miscarry. In the end she was the one that was found to have lied and sued for defamation and it caused so much damage to his career. So I find it super suspicious that when Kim Sun-Ho got really famous that she would start releasing all these allegations against him the timing is super suspicious! I think when one gets famous the crazies come out of the woodwork and would never trust these allegations that come out. My first reaction is to be reminded of Kim Hyun-Joong’s case and understand that people can try to damage others especially if they are jealous which celebrity has the tendency to do. You should never treat someone like a criminal until they are proven guilty!

I think this was a really sweet, funny and lovable drama and definitely recommend Hometown Cha Cha Cha.

The last drama was Yumi’s Cells which is based on the Webtoon with the same name. It is about Yu-Mi (Kim Go-Eun) who is single and is interested in getting in a new relationship since she has been single for a long time after a bad relationship in her last one. The story exists on the outside of Yumi and on the inside of Yumi’s head with her cells. There is a town of cells in Yumi that help deal with her emotions and problems. They all have a purpose and personality and we see exactly what is going on inside Yumi’s head. Part of the drama with the cells is animation in her head and outside of her head is live action. It has an Inside Out feel to it but is still very different and this is for a more mature audience. Just to say it, I don’t think this webtoon came out after Inside Out so no one is copying each other. There is a season 2 already confirmed because the story is far from over after the first season.

I read the webtoon before watching the drama and I thought that might be problematic but also they usually change so much from the webtoon I didn’t think it really mattered. In this case they are sticking very close to the webtoon which I really am happy about since I think it doesn’t need to be changed. I really wish other dramas would take the time to tell the story the way the webtoon or book told it, sometimes it is the small things that really make a drama/story great. I know for some people that the animation might be a turn off in a drama but if you have read the webtoon it actually really fits perfectly fine into the story.

I really like how all the cells have different purposes and just having different jobs and to help explain the human condition was interesting. It really gives depths to how our brain works and gives an interesting way of explaining the differences in people’s minds and why sometimes you can’t get on the same page. It just gives you a different perspective to how people’s brains work even if it fictitious, I think we can all see ourselves or parts of ourselves in the different cells and how we deal with life. I didn’t mind the changes that they did make from the webtoon and honestly I can’t always remember if what happened was in the webtoon or not because I think the overall message portrayed is accurate. I also like how when Yumi is dealing with tough social situations and you want to be mad at someone and just the little things that go through your head when dealing with it, so many situations feel relatable. I think that this drama really gets you feeling that you can relate to these different circumstances and shows the little details that you maybe even never noticed. It shows you the little things that can happen in relationships that you can’t always put into words and how your feelings can change. It really feels like a unique drama even though it is a typical story line of getting into a relationship but it just seems deeper and more intricate.

Although I don’t really like how they did the ending of the first season, I felt the webtoon made it more dramatic and it didn’t seem so weak of a reason for what happened. They didn’t really sell me on the reason that it had to happen but I mean I am excited to see a second season and I hope they can finish the webtoon in that amount of time since there is a part three in the webtoon. I can’t really complain about this drama I really liked it and it seemed really short but that is okay because we know we are getting another season.

I would really recommend this drama if you like a quirky, romantic story.

Upcoming Dramas


It is drama about park rangers that are working on Jiri Mountain and they focus on trying to save people. It turns into a serial killer on the lose on the mountain and one park ranger that has been given a gift of sight of seeing the murders happen beforehand.

Inspector Koo

It is about a retired police officer who works as a personal detective and is contracting work with an insurance company on a team that her friend is in charge of, she starts off with insurance fraud mystery cases and then starts to realize there is a serial killer mystery she needs to solve.

Red Sleeve

It is about a girl who has been a court lady since a child and has no where else to go and enjoys being a storyteller and a King of Joseon who is serious about his duties and doesn’t want to think about love.


June, July, August 2021 Korean Drama Reviews August 11, 2021

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The first drama that I watched was Youth Of May. This drama is based on true events the Gwangju Uprising in May 1980. It was a democratic movement that began with an assassination of the president in 1979 and when the next president Choi Kyu-Hah stepped in he had no dominant control over the government and military. The South Korean Army major general Chun Doo-Hwan seized military power through Coup d’etat of December Twelfth and tried to intervene in domestic issues. Students started creating democratization movements and protests of martial law. The Gwangju uprising was when Chonnam University Students were demonstrating against the martial law government were fired upon, raped, beaten, and killed by government troops and the citizens took up arms against the troops and around 600 people were killed.

So this is the backdrop of the story about Hee-Tae (Lee Do-Hyun) who is a medical student and has a lot of baggage and trauma but yet is still an optimist and believes in the good of people. Myung-Hee (Go Min-Si) is a nurse and had dreams of going abroad to go and study to be a doctor, she doesn’t want to get involved in a relationship before she leaves but she promises her friend to go on a blind date for her to get money for the plane ride.

I had not looked up the history of the uprising until about half way through the drama and realized that the terrible event was going to take place was when I realized that this was not going to be a happy ending for everyone and it turns out I was correct. Warning if you like happy endings then please do not torture yourself and watch this drama. Even though I was so sad at the end and cried more tears than I thought, I believe this was a timely drama to remember past events and how bad things can get. I think with the climate of this year with covid and governments 100% overstepping bounds and calling in emergency orders that are questionable is something to think about how badly things can get if we don’t remember the past. It actually scared me when I watching the shootings happen and that they would even shoot at doctors and nurses, how terrifying would that have been.

It is strange because it was such a sweet love story being told and yet it seemed sweeter due to the horrible things around them. Honestly I tear up just remembering the scenes from this drama, that is how sad the drama made me feel. It does an amazing job of showing the events and it really made me think and imagine how terrible the events that happened. The drama did a great job of showing the past and intertwining a compelling love story which made the events feel alive and real even though we didn’t live through the events.

I didn’t love the ending, I understand why they did the ending that way but it was just so sad. I don’t think I was bothered by much of the drama I thought they did a good job and it was a well-told story.

The second drama that I finished was Mine, it focuses on the main woman that have married into a rich chaebol family that runs the Hyowon Group. It follows Seo Hi-Soo (Lee Bo-Young) who is a retired actress that married the second son and adopted his son as hers. She is confident and tries to do the best for her son. Jung Seo-Hyun (Kim Seo-Hyung) is the main leader since she has married the first son of the Hyowon Group and nothing escapes her, she always knows what is going on and is intelligent and quick witted.

Obviously revenge among the wealthy and who is going to inherit the company seems to be a common theme right now in kdramas and Penthouse has become pretty famous even getting a second season. I have not watched Penthouse but I am assuming Mine is pretty close in the theme and style and probably even a bit of a rip off to a lot of people. I can’t say if that is really true but I can’t say I really love this style of drama and that is probably why I haven’t watched Penthouse either.

I thought it was an okay drama but it seemed to kinda turn boring and predictable half way through. I have to say that the representation of the wealthy family was somewhat disturbing and there was nothing about their lives that made me envious of them and their wealth. If anything I was completely turned off by this whole disturbing family. Basically all the men in this drama are garbage and they don’t deserve the opportunities that have been given to them. The only exception was Han Soo-Hyuk (Cha Hak-Yeon) the oldest grandson of the group, he was a decent person and didn’t want the money the family had. He still had a strange relationship with the maid and they start off exchanging bedrooms to sleep in at night, I can’t say I really was excited about their relationship either. I don’t know the atmosphere of the drama seemed very dark and disturbing.

It was an interesting plot for the first half when you don’t quite get what is happening but halfway through you kinda get what is going to happen and found that the plot just kinda fell flat for me at the end. Some plot twists but overall I found it a somewhat disappointing ending and with the usual who is going to take over the company and to what lengths will they go to accomplish their goals. It had some cliche elements that was predictable to me. Sometimes the secrets that the different characters had were kinda lame and did not really mean that in the overall plot and I thought were kinda lame at times. Also Hi-Soo’s obsession with protecting her son from everything seemed somewhat over the top. Kids aren’t dumb and you lying to them does more harm than just being honest with kids. You can’t just pretend something away, if anything that will drive your kid to not trust you at all if they know you lie to them about huge issues.

I can’t say I really liked this drama it could be partly I don’t really care for this type of drama which is why I haven’t watched many of them like this style but I didn’t think this was a good drama. It was fine but I feel like people have been more loyal and excited about Penthouse and SkyCastle so I would question that this wasn’t as well done as other ones. Lately it has been hard finding more than one kdrama to watch at a time! I thought this was a weird, dark drama and I feel like their are better versions of this type genre. I feel like they are going to continue with this genre for a while since they seem to think if one is good many is better.

The third drama that I finished is Racket Boys which is about Yoon Hyeon-Jong (Kim Sang-Kyung) who is a badminton coach that takes a coaching job in the country. He brings his family and his teenage son Yoon Hae-Kang (Tang Joon-Sang) who is baseball fan and wants to do baseball but gets convinced to join his Dad’s badminton team to help them out because they are lacking players. This is a heartwarming story about friendship and family and badminton. I don’t think I would normally be interested in a sport drama but the writer is Jung Bo-Hoon who also wrote Prison Playbook and I knew that he would write a good drama, so I took the chance and decided to watch the drama and I wasn’t disappointed.

It was a well written drama with a lot of heartwarming and friendship feels! I love these kind of dramas with lots of characters where there is a lot of room for character development. There is nothing I love more in a drama where a character learns something and changes for the better. It is alright to fail because it means you have learned something. Surprisingly I found the badminton scenes actually interesting and was completely invested in the drama. I wouldn’t be surprised if Badminton gets more popular with school kids because of this drama which I hope will be true because it doesn’t get much attention in a worldwide scale. The drama had plenty of comedic scenes and sometimes it was pretty corny but not in a bad way. It also had many serious and sad scenes that could easily make me tear up. It was a fun ride and I wish they would have a second season, I feel like there is more story to be told. I also loved the village people and they added so much hear to the story.

The one thing I found lacking in the drama is the coaching, I feel like the coaches were lacking to me and seemed like they needed more character development as well. I actually felt annoyed by Hyeon-Jong throughout the drama and really felt like the story was lacking a strong parental leader that could lead the kids well and have a truly important role in the drama. I was craving a strong leader and I thought that the Head Coach Bae was going to step up and start to lead and be this really cool character but he kinda disappeared in the drama and didn’t really get the point and felt it could have been better. To me it seemed like the boys were better at leading each other than the adults. Even Ra Yeong-Ja Coach was super disappointing to me in how she acted at times and I get that there was supposed to be some character development even for the adults but I don’t feel like it really got there even for her. I was also super disappointed in how she acted toward Hae-Kang and didn’t even help him out and only looked out for her students and Han Se-Yoon. I think she did get better but wow Hae-Kang’s parents were really unlikable to me for most of the drama!

I would definitely recommend Racket Boys to everyone! It is a lovely drama that is hard not to enjoy and love. This was my favorite drama this time,if you only watch one drama, I would pick Racket Boys!

Upcoming Korean Dramas

You Are My Spring

A psychiatrist moves into a new building where a murder takes place and another tenant is a hotel concierge manager who has become a target to a man that is a CEO of an investment company and she wants to deny him but is swayed by him. They all become tied to the murderer. I am halfway through this drama and I thought at first this was going to be a fluff drama but definitely is grittier and full of plot twists.

Police University

A former detective who loved beating up criminals becomes a professor and has a student who is a genius hacker and another student who is righteous and honest. Seems like a good ensemble cast with friendships and romance.

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

It is a remake of a movie Mr. Hong and about a romance between a handyman and dentist in a seaside village.


It is about people that worked hard to see the spotlight and now realized that nothing has happened and everything is just downhill from there. Sounds like a midlife crisis, will check out but if it is overwhelmingly depressive I might not watch it.

Yumi’s Cells

Based on a webcomic and is about an ordinary office worker and the story switches from her real life to inside her mind where cells represents her emotions and will focus on her love cells as they have gone into a coma after a failed relationship. This seems quirky and fun.


March, April and May 2021 Korean Drama Review May 25, 2021

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The first drama that I finished was Sisyphus: The Myth. It is a time travel drama and it stars Han Tae-Sul (Cho Seung-Woo) who is a genius founder of a innovative company called Quantum and Time Company. He is struggling with his mental health after the suspicious death of his brother and he starts to question the death after finding a mysterious suitcase. It also stars Gang Seo-Hae (Park Shin-Hye) who is a trained warrior, she is skilled in surviving in a hostile world. She time travels to because she has an important mission to save the country and she needs Tae-Sul to accomplish this mission.

Okay I fell for another time travel drama, I don’t know why I keep watching them thinking that they will do a good job. The logic of the drama always gets skewed and this drama wasn’t any different. The motives and reasons why the characters are choosing these decisions gets murky as the rules of the world seem to change with the wind. I honestly don’t even understand what the ending was, it seemed like it was almost a happy ending but it doesn’t make sense, so it must be their imagination. One thing that bothered me was they really don’t explain what the brother was doing and how he really fit into the story, I thought they would explain what he was doing behind the scenes but its like they forgot about his plot.

There are parts of this drama that made me feel really uncomfortable, such as the team of secret operatives that are coming and taking these time traveler and it just seems creepy with the climate of the world and how people’s rights seem to be nonexistent at this time. A small group of people that can wreck the world and they get away with it and live like Kings, seeing how there seems to be only a few companies that are taking over the free market and not much choice, I could see something like this happening in reality. The post apocalyptic time that Seo-Hae grows up in is very disturbing and pretty violent. Overall this is a pretty dark drama in my opinion and yet it still made me curious.

I have to say although I didn’t like how they ended it, they had some interesting ideas about time travel and there are lots of twists and turns that made you think and kept you on your toes and trying to guess what happens next. I really liked the actors and they did a good job in playing their roles, even if the age difference was a bit off to me, I was still buying the chemistry between them. This drama had a lot of characters and their own stories which kept it more interesting. I am sad that they couldn’t wrap it up better with the main characters getting a proper ending especially since Seo-Hae had such a crappy life. It was exciting, entertaining and frustrating but it was at least an interesting ride of a drama.

The second drama that I watched was Hello, Me!/ Hello? It’s Me. It stars Ban Ha-Ni (Choi Gang-Hee) who is a miserable single woman without a stable job or really anything going for her in her life. She keeps getting into unnecessary trouble and at her lowest point she meets a 17-year-old Ban Ha-Ni (Lee Re) who has come from the past to set things right. The younger version of herself is bright and hopeful and is the exact opposite of the current version and they need to work together to try to fix what has happened. It also stars HanYu-Hyeon (Kim Young-Kwang) who comes from a rich family that has indulged in his hobbies and now his father wants him to grow up so they cut him off from money and he needs to prove himself.

I guess this is another type of time travel drama but the focus is not really on the subject. They aren’t trying to change anything in the past or make sure something happens for the future. It was more about a sentimental type feel of a drama. It’s focus is on how we can change or circumstances can affect who we are and taint us but we need to remind ourselves of how we all at one time was an innocent child that had dreams and ambitions that we had without fear. How interesting would it be if we got to meet our younger selves and the idea that they could help us become who we would like to be without all the responsibilities and guilt of being considered selfish for having dreams. I thought it was interesting concept to explore and I thought it was a decent drama and was pretty satisfied by the drama.

They have some fortune telling magic aspect which I pretty much skipped over which I felt was unnecessary for the drama. I find Gang-Hee the actor playing Ha-Ni has a very unique voice and thought that the teenager version was not very similar to each other. Their voices did not sound alike at all and I think it would be very hard to find someone with a similar voice to Gang-Hee. So I found it hard to buy that they were actually a younger and older version of each other. By teenage years you don’t change that much so I thought it was an odd choice of actors. I wish they could have picked out more of a doppelganger match for the actors. We know that many actors can look similar so that was disappointing to me.

Overall I thought the story was pretty good and nothing bothered me that much in the logic of the drama. I liked the story and the changes of the characters. I would recommend this drama if you like watching a fantasy/romcom type of drama that is pretty lighthearted.

The third drama that I watched was Oh! Master/ Oh My Ladylord. It stars Han Bi-Soo (Lee Min-Ki) who is a popular drama writer that only writes thrillers. It also stars Oh Joo-In (Nana) who is a rising actress who wants to star in one of Bi-Soo’s dramas but he turns her down arrogantly. Bi-Soo then has to convince Joo-In to let him live in her house to write his script and convince her to star in his drama or else he won’t be able to get his drama onto TV.

Only the first couple of episodes are good and it just goes downhill from there. I thought the actors and their acting skills were good it was just a shame that this drama was a flop. The writer really messed it up for them, it could have been a decent drama with the actors but it was just not good.

This drama was okay for awhile and I honestly thought it only had 12 episodes from the way the story was going but I realized it had 16 episodes and I really wanted to drop this drama. They should have wrapped it up in 12 episodes it would have been much better but instead they painfully continued on and the ratings really dipped and was probably one of the lowest rated dramas. I thought it was going to be a lighthearted drama where they are forced to live with each other eventually fall in love and it had that but then they had to create this supernatural weirdness of him disappearing and it just was so terrible. Also they both had awfully tragic pasts and then it continued into their futures, it was just so bizarre. I really wanted to stop around the 7/8 episode when I realized where it was heading.

The character of Bi-Soo and his actions were actually atrocious that I would have dumped him so hard and kicked him out of Nana’s house and would have moved on with the second lead who was clingy and annoying but at least wasn’t abusive. I don’t care what you are going through or dying the way Bi-Soo treated Nana was abusive and I was annoyed at her character for putting up with his mood swings and would have had more respect for her as a character if she would have left him. I was actually watched the drama from the 10 episode on with 2x the speed so I could skip through the drama quicker but at least finish it. The logic of the drama with Bi-Soo disappearing was also so bizarre and we don’t even really know what happened to him, did he die or he stuck in this invisible state which sounds so horrible to me.

Also the ending extremely disturbed me that Nana was acting like he went on a trip and people around her believe that he is still alive, like how long can you keep that charade going. She is just going to keep that lie going, at some point you have to say that he is missing and she will seem utterly insane. I get frustrated even thinking about this drama, this is probably the worst drama of the whole year. Please don’t bother with this drama you will be annoyed, angry, disappointed, and depressed if you attempt to watch this drama!

Upcoming Dramas

I was going to watch Dear M., it seems to be cancelled or at least postponed so not sure if this drama will be aired. It was cancelled because of the school violence allegations made against the actress Park Hye Su and she has denied these allegations.

Youth of May

It is about the turbulent times of the Gwangju Uprising in May 1980. A medical student falls in love with a nurse that he meets at a blind date. She wants to leave to study abroad and he suggests dating for the month of may.


It is about a rich family that lives in another world then regular people. A star actress gave up her career to join this family and take care of her stepson and find her place without losing herself. Another daughter-in-law is married to the first son and she manipulates the family in a way that no one notices what she is doing. There is a mysterious death that is slowly being unraveled in each episode. There is a maid that is being drawn into an unusual relationship with the oldest grandchild.

Racket Boys

It is about the badminton team in a rural middle school that dream of becoming stars. A legendary badminton player becomes the coach and she helps them grow to be able to take part in a junior athletic competition.

Hospital Playlist 2

This is the second season of hospital playlist and will continue with the same characters.