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Piece Japanese Drama Episode 11 Summary January 18, 2013

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The eleventh episode starts with Yanai talking with Kido and he tells him that they were Hiro and Hikaru were strange brothers, they looked alike but their personalities were opposites and that Hikaru lived in Tokyo and Hiro in Ibaraki and they were living apart.  Kido continues and says that they used to bully Hiro and Hikaru would come from Tokyo and retaliate but around middle school Kouji began to get more and more interested in Hikaru until he started hanging out with him. It flashbacks to 7 years ago. Kouji is passing the ball to Kido and Hikaru tells him to pass and they all play. Hiro is watching from the background and a guy comes up to him and says that is true that his brother has ditched him. There is a yorkshire terrier dog tied to a large piece of stone and Hiro has some sort of iron rod and the guy tells him to kill it. Hiro doesn’t and then the guy kicks him, Hiro gives him a large push. Kido comes and tells Hikaru and Kouji that there is trouble and that Maruo has taken Hiro along with him. Hikaru jumps fences and goes to where Hiro is. Hiro has the rod in his hand and Maruo is grabbing his collar it turns black. Kido and Kouji catch up and they see Maruo on the ground with blood and Hikaru holding the pipe while Hiro who also has blood on him is on the ground crying. Kouji asks him if he did it and Hikaru nods. Kido says that Maruo is not moving and he wants to call an ambulance Kouji stops him and asks if he wants to turn in his friend and says that nothing has happened and Maruo fell on his own. Kouji pushes him off the ledge that drops a large distance into a cement ground.

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Yanai has explained the story to Mizuho and Remi and Mizuho asks what happened to Maruo and he tells her that Maruo survived but he still has serious wounds on his legs. Yanai goes on saying that he told her not to give up but he was a human experiment and he asks her if she can really love a guy like that. He goes on saying that anyone can make a mistake and anyone can lose their way in unfamiliar terrain but make the right choice, choose and resolve to turn back and he refuses to acknowledge drifters. Mizuho starts crying and says sorry and that even so she still likes Hikaru and then continues crying. Yanai picks up his bag and tells her that Hikaru has apparently gone to Yokosuka in search of Maruo. Mizuho asks him why Hikaru would looks for Maruo Yanai says he has no idea but tomorrow they should all got to Yokosuka and try to find out and then walks away.

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Mizuho and Remi are about to cross the street and Remi says that they are the worst Hikaru and Kouji and that yes they didn’t have a proper upbringing but that doesn’t mean they could hurt anyone like that, to throw someone off the cliff like that, it is unforgivable. Mizuho asks her what is wrong and asks her if she knows Kouji. Remi yells she doesn’t angrily and starts crossing the street, Mizuho calls after her and Remi tells her to shut up and to leave her alone since she doesn’t have any interest in her. Remi walks away and she flashbacks to a party and everyone is cheering her on to eat some sort of food and she does. She is later puking outside and someone is behind her and asks if she is alright, she tries to get up but she pukes again. He picks up her tissue on the ground and says whatever she is trying to hold back to just let it out because she will feel better and hands her the tissue and it is Kouji.
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Remi is at the cafe with Kouji and she tells him she goes to G High School and he says he knows Hikaru who also goes there and she says she is in his class. He tells her that they used to hang out together when they were kids.

Remi goes to visit Kouji and she gives him some food and then she gets nervous and he tries it and says that is is delicious. He gets called back to work and she hands him another container of food he leaves and she is excited. 

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Remi and Kouji are walking and they are by a hotel, he says should we and she nods. Remi is back in the present.

Remi comes out of her apartment and Mizuho surprises her and calls to her.

Mizuho and Remi are together and Mizuho says that she couldn’t answer any of her questions properly and that she didn’t understand her own heart. Even though she told her to talk to her if she had any problems, there wasn’t anything she wanted to talk about. Mizuho continues and says that now she understands a little about herself and she can talk better now and that someday Remi should tell her about Kouji and that if she wants to talk about it. Remi asks Mizuho if she is going to visit Maruo, Mizuho nods and says she can’t let it end this way. Mizuho says she is going to leave and Remi stops her and asks her to take her with.

Yanai, Mizuho and Remi are walking and Yanai is telling them that it looks like Kido took care of Maruo’s treatment even after he moved and that it looks like Maruo entered a rehab program in Yokosuka.

They go to Maruo’s house and a girl answers the door asking who they are and Yanai asks her if it is Maruo’s house, she says yes and asks them if they are Maruo’s acquaintances and he answers no they aren’t. She tells them that Maruo is out and that the day before yesterday Hikaru had come to see him. She tells them that Haruka was the one that sent him and that after the two of them had a private talk and Maruo took out a secret letter and then he went with Hikaru to Yokohama. Yanai asks her what the secret letter was and she tells him that a year or so back, he used to get anonymous letters sometimes. Yanai says that in other words the two of them went in search of the sender and she tells him that Maruo didn’t clearly say it but probably.

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Maruo and Hikaru are together, Maruo is talking to a street vendor and Hikaru is looking at all his missed calls from Mizuho on his phone and then he drops it in the garbage. Maruo comes over and tells him to help out and Hikaru says he can’t help because he is too hungry and Maruo follows him. As they walk away Hiro walks by unseen by the two of them.

Mizuho is trying to call Hikaru and the no one is answering. The girl tells them that Haruka once came to visit Maruo about a year back and that it was a surprise visit and that she wanted to blame herself for what she had done to her boyfriend. Mizuho asks her if her boyfriend was Hiro and she says she didn’t know his name. Yanai asks if something happened between that boyfriend and Maruo and she tells them that she heard he was the one who injured Maru’s legs. Remi questions that Hikaru was the one that hurt Maruo and Yanai says yes that he did it to protect his brother Hiro. Yanai wonders then if Haruka’s ex boyfriend was Hikaru and he asks her to tell them what they talked about.

It flashbacks to Haruka at their door and she tells Maruo that he told her everything about wanting to keep it a secret and that for the first time he was able to open his heart to someone but she was scared and she couldn’t accept him and that is why he disappeared from her sight. She tells him that she regrets the fact that she got scared and ran away and that she doesn’t want to avert her eyes from what he had done. Maruo asks her if that is true and she says yes, she loves him and even now he is the most beloved person to her. 

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Back to the present Yanai asks her if Haruka really said that she loved him and she nods. Mizuho says that it can’t be that Hikaru was Haruka’s boyfriend.

Mizuho is on a bed and Remi comes in and says she bought croquettes. Remi sees that she is depressed and tries to cheer her up. Remi asks her if she was shocked that Haruka’s ex-boyfriend was Hikaru and she says that Hikaru opened his heart to Haruka and somehow that was surprising and she thought that it didn’t matter that he didn’t love her but she just wanted to be with him. Remi says that love isn’t as pretty as she makes it look that when you love you want to be loved in return and if it is that serious about love then she doesn’t know what she is supposed to do.

Maruo’s girl is talking to him on the phone and she tells him that someone named Mizuho and her friends came from Tokyo and said she knew Hikaru and that she keeps getting his answering machine and that he should tell him to phone her back they say they love each other and hang up, Hikaru interrupts. Maruo tells him that Mizuho is trying to get ahold of him and to call her back immediately, Hikaru says he threw away his phone. Maruo asks why and he says for some reason or another and that it became too troublesome. Maruo asks if it is the girl and Hikaru says yes and Maruo tells him that if he doesn’t like her to turn her down properly. He says that is is not like he doesn’t like her and that she is kind of useful and sometimes it is interesting and that it is sometimes nice to have her near. Maruo asks then why and he says they are all serious everyone one of them so he ends up running away.

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Mizuho is on the bed and Remi is sleeping on the floor and Mizuho says that one day it would be nice if they could love someone properly and then says good night.

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Mizuho wakes up because her phone is ringing and it is Maruo’s girlfriend and she says she got a call from Maruo and she says that they are still in Yokohama and that she had told Maruo that Mizuho had come to Yokosuka and for Hikaru to call her and she asks if he did. Mizuho says no but thanks her for the information and that she will go to Yokohoma.

Mizuho is walking and she walks past Hiro and she recognizes him and this is how the eleventh episode ends.

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OH MY!! what a complicated episode!! so first of all I think that Hiro was the one that  hit Maruo with the rod and took the fall for Hiro because he knew that Hiro wouldn’t be able to handle that pressure as well. I think that Hiro is the ex-boyfriend of Haruka’s and that after he told her what happened she couldn’t handle it right away and he ran away from those problems. Second it was so stupid to push Maruo off the ledge!! they didn’t even check to see if he was breathing!! I mean they should have called for an ambulance and then run away or something?? that was just idiotic what they did!! I am amazed that Maruo and Hikaru can even see each other and go looking for Hiro together I mean I wouldn’t want to have anything to do with those brothers after that!! I think that Haruka wants them to resolve the issues between the three of them and especially between Hiro and Maruo because I think that Hiro is having a hard time living with the guilt from almost killing Maruo and she couldn’t help them when they were dating and she ran out of time so she gave that task to Hikaru. Hikaru is having issues with Mizuho he doesn’t want to take her calls and maybe he is scared that she won’t be able to love him if she truly knew who he was and so therefore is just pushing her away before she could do that to him. Remi she is obviously tied into this story as well, she must have a vested interest in Haruka’s ex-boyfriend as well because she almost begs to come along and this obviously has to do with her at one time boyfriend Kouji. I am not sure what happened there but it seems like she is disturbed with Kouji and Hikaru now? maybe she found out that he had pushed Maruo off the ledge when they thought he was dead? I don’t know but it seems like it will continue with her story in the next episode?! I mean how epic was it when Mizuho passes Hiro on the street!! what a great moment and cliff hanger!! I can’t wait to see what happens in the next episode!!


One Response to “Piece Japanese Drama Episode 11 Summary”

  1. koinakasan Says:

    I think that you have left some important facts out. The instigator of the trouble and also the bully was Maruo who hit Hikaru in an effort to get him to kill the dog (why?). We dont know who beat Maruo up, circumstantially it looked more likely it was Hikaru rather than Hiro who was probably likewise bullied by Maruo. It wasn’t Hikaru who pushed him down the embankment but the other boy (is it Kouji?) to avid anyone being held responsible havig jumped to the conclusion Maruo was dead. Remi is a very suspicious character and her treatment of Mizuho changes from hot to cold and back again. She clearly had a fling with Kouji but did she also with Hikaru and is she actually jealous of Mizuho? I thought Hikaru was taking the letter from Haruka to give to Maruo, not as the girl with Maruo described, Maruo giving it to Hikaru. Are Maruo and Hikaro being blackmailed?

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