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August 2016 Korean Drama Review September 20, 2016


The first drama I finished was Doctors with Park Shin Hye. I enjoyed the drama for a while but I kinda got bored with the revenge plot for Shin Hye. I also found her love story got boring after a while. The kisses were also super awkward. I did enjoy the medical side of the drama and the guest stars were pretty awesome. The side stories made me want to watch the next episodes and found that to keep the drama going. The ending didn’t leave me with a strong impression, the drama was okay, not great and I expected more from Shin Hye, her acting hasn’t really improved.I enjoyed the large cast and all the individual stories which made it much more interesting to me. It just felt like something was missing. I have to say the first couple of episodes were much more interesting because it started when she was younger and it felt more fun and entertaining. When it switched to her being a doctor and an adult it just felt their was something lacking in the story. Of course it had a love triangle but it didn’t really explore that fully and it fell a bit flat. There was some tension with her childhood friend but even that was kinda lame. So in conclusion it was an okay drama, not great or terrible just okay.


The second drama I finished is Uncontrollably Fond. I would say if you don’t like horribly depressing dramas don’t even start this one. You probably can’t even count the number of times one of the main characters has a crying session. The last two episodes were unbearable because of all the sad scenes. The storyline falls a bit flat with again another revenge type plot. I wish they did more with the storyline tho make it more interesting. The love story gets boring with all its on and off moments that I can hardly keep up. I kept asking myself am I watching this if he has an incurable disease? I guess I had some secret hope that they would never let Woo Bin die, even in a drama! Woo Bin did a good job playing his depressing role with style. Suzy’s acting seemed a bit lacking for some reason, or else her character was not that interesting. I thought it was interesting that she seemed makeup less for most of the drama.I think they made her up for the last episode, maybe save her image at least for the end. This drama was also made ahead of time which is more unusual for dramas, so I thought it was going to be really good but I don’t think it really made that much of a difference to me. Overall if you don’t like depressing dramas stay clear of this one!

Picture 1The third drama I finished was W. This was a fascinating drama with the scifi and fantasy genre. Finally it felt like it was breath of fresh air when it came to fresh plots and interesting story lines. I liked how unpredictable this drama was, it just kept me guessing through the whole drama. I think that it was a bit to short to explain everything that happened. There was some logic flaws and confusing parts to this drama. That seems to happen in fantasy genres often though and I wasn’t particularly bothered by it maybe because I was well entertained by this drama. I loved that it would flip from a romance to a action to fantasy all in one episode. I also enjoyed how this drama would discuss the basics of what makes a story, it was an interesting dissection of what makes a good story. The characters were really fun and enjoyable, I have to say Jong-Suk really took the show, he plays his character so well. I can’t blame anyone for falling for him and his charms! Hyo-Joo is also really fun and is a bit quirky and fun in this drama. I got a bit tired of the dad and the killer in the storyline and found that a bit confusing. I really enjoyed this drama and I think it gave other dramas a hard time since it came out at the same time as Uncontrollably Fond. Everyone thought Uncontrollably Fond was going to do so well and then W sweeps in and takes number one spot. I think anyone would find this drama interesting and even if you don’t like sci-fi or fantasy that it would still be found enjoyable.






I also watched an older Web Drama called Nightmare Teacher which is categorized under Mystery and Thriller category. It stars Kim So Hyun who was from Who Are You School 2015 and Lee Min Hyuk from Btob. It is about a teacher who comes in and gives students consultations and gives them solutions to their problems but always come at a price. After watching this drama I am still confused about this drama. I think it needed more time to explain how and why everything happened. I feel like I was left with many unanswered questions and I feel like it had the potential to be so much better. The episodes definitely have a formula each student gets two episodes and then moves to a different problem. I don’t understand what the teacher was trying to do? and I don’t understand the ending. Maybe you guys can watch it and explain it to me!? I think it could have been so much better but I find it fascinating and I still find myself thinking about this drama.





I also finished an older korean drama Beautiful Gong Shim. I had wanted to watch this earlier but there were to many dramas going on at the same time. I wanted to watch it because it started Nam Gong-Min and I had been enjoying him in dramas lately although he was always playing the bad guy.In this drama he was playing a goofy romantic lead which made me interested to watch. This drama was a fun, light hearted, and comedic drama. I really enjoyed Minah from Girl’s Day she plays a girl who basically feels like the ugly duckling because her sister is beautiful and successful. I find her relatable and she is really cute. The minute she takes of her wig, she is really pretty so it isn’t super believable that she is thought of as ugly. I wish she could take of her wig earlier in the drama but oh well! There are some things that bother me like her sister storyline, it starts of strong as the manipulative sister but it just fizzles out at the end, it also bothers me that they don’t show the discovery of the two of them being sisters. The other thing that was strange was Gong-Min had this special power to see things in slow motion.I find it a strange addition to the story and not really sure if it is supposed to be going somewhere with it and it just is ignored. I would recommend this drama if you just need a light drama to make you smile.





The new drama I am watching is Moonlight Drawn by Clouds which is another gender bender drama.A girl who has dressed like a boy since she was young is sold to be a eunuch in the palace.She gets the attention of the crown Prince but she is unaware of who she is so the antics continue. I at first was not convinced by this drama since the story line is nothing new but I really liked Park Bo Geum as the crown Prince and it was nice to see him in a different role after reply 1988. This seems like a fun drama so far.


The second drama I am watching is Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo. This drama is based off of a Chinese novel which had been adapted to a Chinese drama before. I have not looked anything up because I don’t want to know the ending yet. I first of all have to say I have really missed IU in dramas!I am happy that she had made a comeback! The storyline is very busy with many characters.Basically it is like a reverse harem IU is surrounded by good looking men which all like her!  IU is taken from modern time to Goryeo time period and she had no idea why or how anything works. I am enjoying this drama way to much! It is do fun and addicting,I think this one will become very popular.


The third drama I want to watch is Shopping King Louie. This drama is about a young rich heir that lives life frivolously because he has lost his memories and a girl that will change his ways. This drama seems pretty stereotypical but I think I will still check it out!

What other dramas are you checking out that you think I should be too?





Fall Dramas Review 2015 October 11, 2015

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The dramas I have been watching this fall have not been that many! I can’t say I have found many that I felt like watching this fall hopefully there will be more coming my way soon.

The first one that I watched was The Eccentric Daughter-in-Law or Virtual Bride. I mainly wanted to check this one out because Dasom from Sistar was in it and was curious about her acting. It is about a failing kpop girl group member that decides to do a reality tv show about living the daughter-in-law experience and how she would feel actually becoming a real daughter-in-law. The show depicts a few mother in law and daughter in law relationships which all seem pretty rough, I am not sure if there is any out there like that but it seemed pretty brutal. So that created a lot of interesting drama. The production of the drama seemed pretty low budget but yet I found the characters to still be pretty enteraining to watch. The main male lead was a bit different but yet he still grew on me. The ending was kinda meh but overall not a bad drama! Just not a great one either.



The second one that I watched was a korean webdrama Dr Ian where a psychiatrist who specializes in hypnosis treatments helps an office girl that is going through a betrayal and break up and is played by Dara from 2NE1. The episodes are super short and the whole series is short. I always love psychology dramas and it is a bit confusing I think because they tried to fit a story into such a short time frame but I still enjoyed it. I thought it was an interesting story!



The third one I watched was also a webdrama called Girl of 0Am which is about a delusioned singer that becomes in charge of a karoke business and a woman shows up after midnight and helps him with his business and also sets him back on his path with singing. Again kinda confusing of I am still unsure what exactly happened in the end. But still an interesting show!


Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 8.14.10 PM

The fourth one that I am currently watching is She Was Pretty which stars Hwang Jung Eum and Park Seo Joon and they played brother and sister in Kill Me, Heal Me and now they get to play new roles in a different drama which I love. The story is about Jung Eum was a pretty girl from a rich family but then her family went bankrupt and she also lost her beauty. Meanwhile Seo Joon was unattractive with low self-esteem and he grows up to be handsome and successful. They meet in unexpected ways and creates a lot of interesting and painful situations. I have to say I am really am enjoying this drama . I am only half way through but have enjoyed all the circumstances and awkwardness of the drama. I think it is a fun drama and would easily recommend it to watch!!



The Fifth drama that I just barely started is  Sassy Go Go or Cheer Up! I have only watched two episodes but I think it will be an amusing drama! I feel like it is a typical high school drama and all the politics happening within schools. It paints a harsh picture of what school is like for students in Korea. I am not sure if I love Eun Ji in this role. I have liked her before but I find this character a less likable one to me. It is about Eun-Ji a student in charge of a dance club which gets shut down and to win it back she has to create a cheer team and work with other students she dislikes. I am not as excited for this drama as I think I am supposed to be but oh well will probably still watch!





Summer Dramas 2015 July 31, 2015


So I can finally update you on Murphy’s Law of Love which wrapped up this week. I found this drama to be a typical taiwanese drama which is the storyline feels dragged out and the endings are typical. There are parts that I really enjoyed in the drama but sometimes I found myself trying to click over parts that were too slow. There were too many flashbacks! I tend to flip through them in every drama though. I mean we saw that scene so recently it is not like I need to rewatch it! It just doesn’t feel really original to me I guess compared to the other taiwanese dramas I have watched. I mean how many times do we have to have a male lead that has mommy issues and is reunited and then the mother runs away again. I guess it really reminds me of Just You. I enjoyed parts of this drama and the lead actors were pretty good. It just felt too long for me and unoriginal.



The drama that I am currently following is “Late Night Restaurant” or “Midnight Diner” which is based on a Japanese manga series and also been adapted into a Japanese tv drama. It is about a chef called Master that opens his restaurant from midnight until 7 am every day and doesn’t have a menu. It is about his diners that come and ask for what they want to eat and he makes it for them. Each episode highlights a different diner and follows their story and delves into their lives and shown a problem or situation that they must overcome and how the restaurant fits into their lives. I personally love these kind of stories where they show a personal story about different people in all episodes. The acting seems a bit amateurish in some episodes I guess for a Korean drama. I assume that it following more to the Japanese manga series story-line where I see fits the overacting and dramatic acting. I am enjoying this drama and is good especially if you want a break from all the romantic dramas and want some other type of story-line. I also enjoy watching other people eating, everything looks delicious!!


The second drama that I am watching is “I Order For You” which is based on a web novel. Each episode is about 20 minutes and is aired monday to thursday, which is so awesome because it moves so fast and you don’t have to wait so long. This drama has Gook-Dae(U-Know Yunho) as a chef who makes lunchboxes and Song-Ah picks up an order from his restaurant and seems to fall in love with him and his food. I think this is an awesome light-hearted (for the most part) drama that is pretty entertaining and moves fast. I wasn’t expecting some of the content in this drama but it has lots of turns and twists to watch for. I have to say that my most favorite character is Han Bi-Ryong! Oh those glasses get me and his big brother atmosphere following him warms my cold heart!! I would recommend this drama, it is fun!

CKZiY7BVEAAV3NS1437635264-당신을주문합니다_EP08.mp4_20150723_112133.843  The-Time-We-Were-Not-In-Love-Wallpaper-korean-dramas-38643480-1280-720

The third drama I am  watching is” The Time We Were Not In Love “,which is a remake of a remake of a Taiwanese drama “In Time With You” which I have not watched or looked up. I want the element of surprise when it comes to watching dramas. Ha-Na(Ha Ji-Won) is a 30-year-old woman who has struggled in the world of love but she always has her childhood friend and neighbor Choi-Won around to comfort her and to take care of her. They are just friends and there significant others have a hard time accepting them as just friends. They both agree that they would never end up together and yet no one seems to believe them. I found this drama intriguing and there seems to be some mystery in Choi-Won’s past that Ha-Na doesn’t know and I am waiting for it to come out. I am in the middle of this drama and my interest is waning a bit and I hope it will pick up again with intrigue. I am enjoying it so far and would encourage others to watch this drama.

Picture 5 Picture 4maxresdefault

The other drama that I have finished recently is Producer. This is a awesome drama especially if you love watching variety shows. This show goes behind the scenes of the variety department and shows the lives of the PD’s that make the shows. It also has a lot of big names in this drama Cha Tae Hyun, Kim Soo Hyun, IU, Gong Hyo Jin and other appearances. It only had 12 episodes but each episode was longer than other dramas. IU is a singer and she goes through some hard times and Soo-Hyun is a fresh PD and is learning the ropes of producing a show. I love the fresh look of Soo-Hyun rookie who is hilarious in his seriousness and enthusiasm. There is still some love lines in this drama that keep it romantic but I enjoyed the humor more in this drama. I could have lived without any love lines in this drama they were not my most favorite part of this drama. I would easily recommend this drama, it was entertaining and fun.

Picture 3 Picture 2 Picture 1


Who Are You? School 2015 Review June 19, 2015

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When this drama first came out I was already watching so many that I couldn’t watch it right away. So when some of the other drama ended I started Who Are You. When I first started watching I became obsessed immediately. I had so many episodes to watch at once that I have to say I pretty much binged on them! Which is so sad when you get to the most recent and it is ending in a week. I really suggest watching dramas when they are happening in real time and make yourself wait every week for them. It gives me more closure when it is time for the drama to end. For me this drama has seemed like it was so short because I finished it in like a week or two! I feel I get to emotionally attached if I can binge on them! Anyway if you haven’t watched this drama I suggest you drop everything that you are doing and start watching immediately!photo586461

It has been a while since I actually was so excited by a drama. I mean who doesn’t love twin mystery dramas. I think I haven’t had enough ever since Lindsay Lohan became a twin! LOL. Okay the summary of this drama is that Lee Eun Bi a girl living in a orphanage is being bullied and has a hard life. Lee Eun Byul is her twin that has a mother and is rich and has a wonderful life. Something happens and Lee Eun Bi ends up living Eun Byul’s life. It is the old switcheroo! kinda!Picture 1

There are a few mysteries in this drama that intrigued me for the whole drama! I was always excited to watch the next episode which is not usually the case in most dramas. I would say most dramas taper off at about the 10th episode and it is harder to feel the excitement when watching. Of course the flashbacks get a bit annoying in all dramas but I always skip those parts.

Picture 2

This drama deals with serious issues like bullying that comes in all forms. From other classmates to parents and educators. It tries to deal with the issues that young adults and teens deal with and it gives the drama more depth.



Picture 3

I loved the love interests in this drama and I thought it was well acted. Tae Kwang I loved him with his orange hair and silliness.

Picture 4


Picture 5

I also loved Han Yi-An who was adorable in this drama! Loved him also in surplus princess! Yes he looks like Jung-Shin from CN Blue which helps me like him as well. I loved his big brother and caring ability in this drama.

Picture 6

Overall I really loved this drama, the focus was not completely on love interests but focused on all types of other issues and has intriguing mysteries throughout the drama. I loved it and I think everybody should go watch this drama RIGHT NOW!!



High School Love On Episode 9 Recap/Summary September 27, 2014


The ninth episode starts with Seul-Bi leaving with Sunbae but she stops and changes her mind and gives back the book and decides to be human. Seul-Bi then goes to Woo-Hyun crying and starts hitting him and tells him to cry and he does and she holds him. Picture 1

They go home together and she tells him she will stay and holds his hand while he sleeps. At school the gym teacher finds the homeroom teacher resignation letter and he lies to the principal that he needs a leave of absence and she then makes the gym teacher the homeroom teacher temporarily. Sung-Yeol doesn’t come to school along with Woo-Hyun and Seul-Bi and he feels upset because his mother is getting remarried. Jae-Suk is beating up Chun-Shik again and he says that he is going to tell that Seul-Bi didn’t steal his phone. Sung-Yeol finds Seul-Bi at the restaurant and helps her clean the tables with her and she tells him that she isn’t leaving and that she has no adults to tell and it reminds him of himself.

Picture 2

Mrs.Ahn finds Sung-Yeol and asks why he wasn’t at school and he won’t tell her and tells her to do nothing for him and not act like his mom. Seul-Bi tries to bring Woo-Hyun food and he flings it from her hands onto the floor. 

Picture 3

Seul-Bi then tells him that she will tell grandmother what he wanted to say and then she runs to the hospital. She finds Sunbae there and he wants to ignore her but she asks him for a favor and he says he can’t do it and so she settles with having him tell grandmother that Woo-Hyun loves her and that she will be happy as long as Woo-Hyun is happy and Sunbae is angry. Sung-Yeol saw her go the hospital and asks her who she was talking too and she says nobody. Woo-Hyun is at home and tries finding Seul-Bi and starts panicking and then finds her in the restaurant and he tells her he was worried she left without telling him. The next day Seul-Bi gets an order from the restaurant and the weird guy with the ice cream from before comes in and congratulates her on becoming human. He tells her that he was once an angel and now he is the chairman of the human angel committee. He gives her his number and tells her they have meetings and that she should never tell others she is an angel.

Picture 4

Sung-Yeol comes and they talk about parents and tells him that he should be grateful that he has them and can see them whenever. They decide to do some cooking for the restaurant and he puts on the apron for her and remembers when Woo-Hyun did it for her. 

Picture 5

He helps her cook because he taste weird and they make them and send them on delivery. They do the dishes together and touch the same plate and then drop it. Some men come in screaming for Woo-Hyun’s dad and that he took out a loan on the restaurant. They go into their house and make a mess and get violent and Seul-Bi bites his hand. They all end up at the police station with Sung-Yeol’s dad the loan agreement interest rate is illegal. Sung-Yeol is told to take Woo-Hyun home and they leave.

Picture 6

Mrs. Ahn is told by her husband about Woo-Hyun’s situation and that they can’t find his dad and that he will probably lose the house and restaurant and that he should look for his mom as well. Mrs. Ahn makes a bunch of food and puts it in the fridge for Sung-Yeol to take to Woo-Hyun. Woo-Hyun tries phoning his dad but their is no answer. The next morning Seul-Bi asks Ki-Soo to help her find a job so she works a couple of jobs but gets fired from them all. Sung-Yeol’s dad comes and talks to Woo-Hyun and tells him he is looking for his dad and asks if he should look for his mom and Woo-Hyun tells him no that it will make things worse.

Picture 7

Seul-Bi is going home and Sun-Yeol finds her and sees that she bought medicated patches from working so hard. Woo-Hyun tells Seul-Bi to not do anything because it won’t help to work because she can’t find his dad or pay back the loan. The next morning Sung-Yeol packs up the food and takes it to Woo-Hyun. Seul-Bi does some more work and finds a flyer for a lost dog with a reward and she finds the dog and gets hurt from some boxes falling on her.

Picture 8

Sung-Yeol gets mad at Woo-Hyun for acting so childish and being the sorriest person and tells him that he should stay away from Seul-Bi because he feels bad she is working so hard for him. Seul-Bi gets the reward money and goes home and finds the loan sharks there and gives them the money and they laugh at the amount. She says she will pay it back and will work and one of them makes a comment that she could make money other ways because she is pretty and Woo-Hyun stops them.

Picture 9

They dump out the money and Seul-Bi picks it all up. Woo-Hyun gets mad at Seul-Bi for wanting to pay the loan and they fight and he pushes her down and tells him that she gave up everything to stay with him and to stop acting like this. He tells her to go and then a flowerpot is picked up and put over his head invisibly and she pushes him out of the way and this is how the ninth episode ends.

Picture 10

So finally we get to see the ninth episode! Wow the sadness continues from the previous episode! Poor Woo-Hyun but yet his behavior is becoming too much towards the end to Seul-Bi. Although I am a little confused with Sung-Yeol’s and Woo-Hyun’s relationship like were they friends before or did they only met recently and now are friends because of Seul-BI’s influence? I am not sure why Sung-Yeol doesn’t think that his parents do not love him I mean his dad seems awesome! His mom may not be great but his dad seems to be a good dad but he may just be angry because he got remarried. How could his dad take out a mortgage on someone else’s property without their consent that does not seem to make sense? I thought that Grandmother was selling the shop? I guess she died before she sold it? I mean Woo-Hyun has the money from his mom so he could go live somewhere else with the money because he really couldn’t run a restaurant by himself anyway? What is with the flowerpot I am assuming it is Sunbae because he is angry that Woo-Hyun is treating her so terribly when she gave up being an angel for him. Or it could be the guy from the angel human committee? trying to help the situation! The preview for next week sure looks entertaining and the boys are going to get closer!


Doctor Stranger Review July 11, 2014

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index index1

This is a review of the Korean Drama Doctor Stranger. First of all the actors in this drama were awesome! Lee Jong-Suk, Park Hae-Jin, Kang-Sora, Bora. First of all this plot can be a very confusing one! Park Hoon and his father get kidnapped by North Korea. Park Hoon becomes a genius heart surgeon and goes back to South Korea and through all of this he is searching for his first love Jae-Hee. A lot happens in the first couple of episodes and it goes fast. There are so many times I am wondering what exactly is happening but realize if I keep watching things will be explained or at least will make some sense. There are a lot of times I thought that it was not very accurate and that it couldn’t happen in real life. But it was very fun to watch and kept me at the edge of my seat. I know I have watched dramas were the logic was a lot worse.


I think what really kept my interest was Park Hoon! He was just so awesome to watch! His character was just sooo fun!! He was just so playful and yet knew what he needed to do! I also respect the way that he was going to do everything he could to find Jae-Hee because it seems like not all men would be able to be that devoted to one person and go as far as he did to find and save her! I know there was a lot of complaints about the lack of chemistry between Hoon and Jae-Hee but I did not mind that much! I mean she had been through a lot of crap so I mean he less expressive personality may come also with her being in a prison camp for many years. I loved Park Hoon’s sense of right and wrong and being able to care about the patient even if it means he will be in trouble or lose something!

img_201405132209597396What I liked about this drama was that it was nonstop exciting and the characters pulled at the heart strings! I did not find myself getting bored at all even halfway through the series which happens alot in other dramas. I liked it also because it was a medical drama which also seems to keep me interested. I liked that they did try to put some comedy in the drama and found that even with the seriousness it was pretty fun. I loved that there was so many elements happening that all made connections in the end. I think what I learned in this drama is that you need to do the right thing no matter what you could get away with that it only leads to being corrupted. Park-Hoon’s clothing was also very interesting and I thought it was very unique. I thought the ending was very fulfilling and was very pleased with how the drama ended.



DrStranger03-00712What I disliked about this drama was how unrealistic some of the things that happened. I found it a bit frustrating when somethings were not explained very well or fast enough for me. I did really find myself disliking anything else in the drama that was just minor. I know a lot of people were frustrated with Jae-Hee’s character and I agree it was a bit strange but it may have been supposed to be like that and I am perfectly fine with that.

ds3Overall I would easily recommend this drama to anyone that loves some action, romance, and medical thrown into their Korean Dramas! I found it was not as typical as some Korean Dramas and found myself really enjoying the series! I mean who doesn’t find a genius doctor attractive!! I have to say I like him even more when he puts on his glasses!!  This drama did not disappoint me at all!!