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To The Beautiful You Episode 12 Summary October 1, 2012

Episode 12 starts off with Eun-Gyeol telling Jae-Hee that he likes her, she thinks its a prank and he tells her its not. Tae-Joon comes walking down the hallway to them and they explain what they were doing and he tells her to come in. Tae-Joon asks if anything happened between her and Eun-Gyeol, she denies nothing was happening. Tae-Joon tells her that his relationship with Ha-Na is not what she thinks. Tae-Joon goes to the bathroom and wonders what Eun-Gyeol sad to Jae-Hee.

Eun-Gyeol in his own room wonders if he did the right thing and he comes to the conclusion he did. He then tells Hyun-Jae who is changing to not do that in front of him anymore and he continues to change not listening. Eun-Gyeol looks at him without a shirt and thinks that he is not very good looking because he doesn’t feel attracted to him at all.

Jae-Hee is in bed and she phones Tae-Joon because she can’t sleep and she discusses how troublesome she must have been for him all this time. He tells her that he has never felt bothered and he tells her thanks for enabling him to jump again. Jae-Hee sticks her head over the edge and he asks her again what Eun-Gyeol said to her, she doesn’t reply and hangs up.

Tae-Joon goes for a run happily. He goes to high jump practice and makes the jump and coach says if he keeps this up he could qualify for the olympics and then he scolds Hyun-Jae for choking when it comes to the critical time.

In the changing room Tae-Joon tries to encourage him, Hyun-Jae tells him not to worry about him and gives lots of attitude. Tae-Joon apologizes and leaves, Hyun-Jae kicks the lockers a couple of times. Hyun-Jae flashbacks to a meeting he had where they told they wanted to sponsor him but the one thing he has to do is beat Tae-Joon at the next nationals.

Eun-Gyeol meets up with Jae-Hee and asks her to go eat, she makes an excuse and leaves. Tae-Joon has watched them from behind.

Jae-Hee goes to see Ha-Na with flowers, she questions Jae-Hee whether she likes Tae-Joon and that is why she is sharing the room. Jae-Hee assures her that they are not romantically involved and Ha-Na agrees to keep the secret from the school. Ha-Na asks why she came in the first place, Jae-Hee grabs her hand and tells her to never give up on her sport. She also gives her a phrase written on a piece of paper that encouraged her and tells Ha-Na she is going to keep visiting her. Ha-Na opens the card and it says that a miracle is another name for effort.

Jae-Hee is in her room and looking at flights to L.A, Tae-Joon comes in quietly and sneaks up on her. Jae-Hee slams her laptop shut and he asks her if she was watching something perverted and she says she wasn’t. He says he will pretend that she wasn’t and continues to bug her. She goes to get ready for bed when her phone rings and Tae-Joon sees that it is Eun-Gyeol, she comes back and grabs her phone and takes it to the washroom.

Seung-Ri is in the hospital and meets up with Ha-Na and tells her that it is fate that they are meeting like this. She asks what he wants and he tells her since they will be meeting they should acknowledge each other at least. A nurse comes up and asks if he has farted yet because he has to before he can eat, she pats him and he lets out a fart. Ha-Na plugs her nose and say congratulations along with the other people in the hallway.

Tae-Joon leaves a box on Jae-Hee’s desk, he hears the shower on and his heart starts beating.He starts doing pull-ups and other random exercises in the room. She comes out and encourages him which makes his heart beat again. She finds the box which is the cosmetic from her last gift, and Tae-Joon says he got it as a free gift when he bought his. She puts some on her hand and she flashbacks to when she got her birthday present and then flashbacks to Eun-Gyeol confessing to her. She tells Tae-Joon that she is going out, he tells her to wait and puts a warm hat on her head because her hair is still wet.

Jae-Hee goes to Dr. Jang and she tells him about Eun-Gyeol and he says he doesn’t have relationship advice since he has been single for eight years. He tells her that it is going to get more difficult as people start finding out one by one. He also tells her that soon she is going to leave and that she needs to start preparing herself and others.

Tae-Joon fixes the streetlight lamp and Eun-Gyeol meets him questioning why he did that. Tae-Joon asks him what he talked to Jae-Hee about and he denies anything happened and a few seconds later he tells him that he confessed to Jae-Hee. As Jae-Hee walks back she gets a text from Dr. Jang saying that if she feels uncomfortable around Eun-Gyeol he has a solution for that. Jae-Hee notices that the light was fixed and feels better that it is working.

Dr. Jang approaches teacher Lee and asks her what she is doing this weekend and he tells her it is to get some work done and she agrees.

Eun-Gyeol is waiting outside Jae-Hee’s door with milk and Tae-joon bugs him about it. He goes in and gives her some strawberry milk and puts his hand on her shoulder which makes her uncomfortable.  Tae-Joon notices Jae-Hee’s packed bag and she tells him Min-Woo is volunteering this weekend and she is going to. Tae-Joon says that he will go too and Eun-Gyeol also volunteers to go with them. Jae-Hee sighs and Tae-Joon asks if she doesn’t want them to go with and she says it isn’t that.

Tae-Joon gets a text from her manager to check his email he goes on Jae-Hee’s computer and sees that she has a flight booked for L.A.

Ha-Na’s manager is with her in the hospital, she tells her that her and Tae-Joon aren’t dating anymore and that she dumped him. Seung-Ri is also in the waiting room and overhears that Tae-Joon and Ha-Na aren’t dating anymore.

Coach, Teacher Lee, Dr. Jang, Jae-Hee, Tae-Joon, and Eun-Gyeol arrive at the place they are going to volunteer. Eun-Gyeol tries to clear the air and tells her to treat him as if nothing has changed. The three of them look at a picture of an old man, the woman comes out and says that the grandfather caused trouble was her nemesis and has gone to a better place. Tae-Joon volunteers himself and Eun-Gyeol to go into town and get food to have for supper.

Dr. Jang is examining different villagers, the boys are thatching the roof and are doing different labor.

Tae-Joon asks Jae-Hee to give help him wash his back with the hose. Jae-Hee notices his pants are ripped and she tells him to take off his pants so she can sew them. Tae-Joon comes in later wearing work pants and gives her the jeans for her to sew and she takes a picture.

Ha-Na is looking at a picture of Tae-Joon, Seung-Ri sees her standing there. Someone knocks into Ha-Na and she drops the picture, Seung-RI sees her leaning over the edge and he thinks she is trying to jump, he runs and holds onto her and tells her there are more guys in the world. She hits him in the spot where he had surgery and it is bleeding, he gets wheeled away.

Eun-Gyeol, Jae-Hee and Tae-Joon are all eating and they are served chicken. Tae-Joon says he doesn’t like chicken, Eun-Gyeol and Jae-Hee realize they are perfect for each other for eating chicken because she only likes breast meat and he only likes the legs.

Tae-Joon and Eun-Gyeol get ready for bed they pull too hard on the blanket and rip it because they are competing with each other. Eun–Gyeol asks what Tae-Joon’s relationship is with Jae-Hee because he feels it is a weird one, more than roommates or friends.

Tae-Joon is petting Sang-Chu and Jae-Hee comes out asking for Tae-Joon to come to the bathroom with her because she is scared of it being outdoor. He gets rid of the bug for her in the washroom and stands guard for her outside. As they walk back he asks her if she is going back to America because he accidentally saw the ticket. She tells him that she isn’t sure what to do because he doesn’t need her help anymore. They see the grandfather from the picture and they both freak out, Tae-Joon calls him a ghost.

The old man and woman tell them that she didn’t tell him that he was dead she told them that he was on a trip. The old man gets upset with them because they thought he was dead and a ghost.

Dr. Jang gives Teacher Lee some pills for digestion and the Coach goes to look for plum extract to help her and doesn’t find any.

Jae-Hee sits outside and Eun-Gyeol joins her and tells her that if she is worried that he can tell her and she teases him. Tae-Joon watches from afar.

The coach goes to the fridge and finds the plum extract after all the looking. He puts some in a cup for her, he feels her head and she tells him that he hand stinks and he tries to make the case that it is fermented soybean paste as he was looking through all the jars.

Eun-Gyeol and Jae-Hee are working in the field and they take a picture together, he gets a call from his coach that tells him that he made the nationals because someone dropped out. Eun-Gyeol tells her to pinch his cheek hard and he tells her that he made the nationals and they all hug.

Tae-Joon is sitting with Sang-Chu and he flashbacks to his time with Eun-Gyeol.

Jae-Hee finds Eun-Gyeol packing because he is going to go back to prepare for nationals.

Jae-Hee is trying to reach a bowl down from a high shelf, Tae-Joon comes in and reaches it for her.

Eun-Gyeol is walking away when he realizes he picked up Jae-Hee’s phone so he goes back.

Tae-Joon is with Jae-Hee and he tells her that he wants to tell her something. Eun-Gyeol starts calling for her and she tries to leave, Tae-Joon blocks the way and tells her not to think about Eun-Gyeol when she is with him. He also says he won’t let her go to America and asks her to stay by his side and this is how the twelfth episode ends.


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