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To The Beautiful You Episode 5 Summary August 31, 2012

Episode five starts with Jae-Hee walking out of the dorms with her suitcase. Tae-Joon is in  his dorm and he goes to his desk and looks at the bracelet and flashbacks to when he got it. He puts it in his drawer and opens his computer on it says to Mr. Holten and opens up a presentation. Jae-Hee is narrating her story about in high school she was made fun of for being different and wished she could be the same as others. When she saw Tae-Joon and he said miracles are another name for effort then she started to believe in them for the first time. She started to join track and stood up to people instead of hiding away. Jae-Hee recorded herself asking the coach to help Tae-Joon fly again and he finishes watching the presentation looking emotional.

Jae-Hee is with Sang-Chu crying and wondering if this was a mistake. Flashbacks to her finding Tae-Joon hurt on the internet and cutting her hair. Jae-Hee walks away. Tae-Joon is in his room and flashbacks to all his moments with Jae-Hee, he runs out of his room and catches Jae-Hee and grabs her hand. He asks if she is not going to see him jump again because she promised she was going to and asks her not to leave.

Eun-Gyeol is in his bed and he is being bothered by his attraction to Jae-Hee and he is with Hyun-Jae his roommate and he asks him if he has ever had the feeling of wanting to put your lips on a guy and then says never mind. Hyun-Jae is freaked out because he is working out so he pulls his shirt up.

Tae-Joon almost walks in on Jae-Hee in the washroom, he calls her messy. The next morning she gets a call from her brother Daniel but she ignores and wonders where Tae-Joon is. Tae-Joon is running laps, after he is lying on the ground playing with a necklace with a ring and says you will watch over me. Tae-Joon is mapping out his route to jump over the high jump, he tries to jump but knocks it over.

Jae-Hee goes into the bathroom and realizes that she can lock the door completely. Eun-Gyeol tries to get into the washroom, Seung-Ri also comes in Jae-Hee tells them to use a different one because its not a public washroom. Later on Jae-Hee and Eun-Gyeol are walking and he is asking why she didn’t let him into the washroom she says before the lock was broken and that was why she let them in. Someone pushes her and Eun-Gyeol catches her.

Hyun-Jae notices that Tae-Joon locker is open and has his stuff in it again he tells Tae-Joon to move aside in the gym by the bar because he has to practice for his own competition. Hyun-Jae tells him to leave and they get into a fight but the coach comes in and stops them. The coach asks him that he thought he had decided to quit and believed him so he tells him to leave because Tae-Joon has already quit.

Jae-Hee and Eun-Gyeol are walking and she is bringing food to Sang-Chu they both get a call they don’t want to answer. Jae-Hee sees its a girl and asks why he doesn’t answer and he says its a tug of war.

Tae-Joon visits his manager and tells her that he is going to start jumping again and she says she is against it because it will be hard and that he won’t be able to jump like he used to because of Yips. He says he just wants to jump again, she asks if he has talked to his father about it but he replies it has nothing to do with him. She agrees to try it again but she has lots of greed and that he needs to do better than last time.

Ha-Na sneaks into the school again, does some fancy gymnastics tricks to get past some people. She makes it into Jae-Hee’s dorm room, puts a picture of herself on his desk and finds the bracelet. Jae-Hee comes in and they talk and she says its a perverted school because someone stole her uniform.

Eun-Gyeol is waiting for Dong-Mu, they meet up and she is cute.

Ha-Na driver is fixing the car because its having problems and while Ha-Na is busy  Jae-Hee puts the uniform in the car to return it. Jae-Hee is walking back and she gets a phone call from her brother again and she ignores it but he is close by and calls out her name. He has come to take Jae-Hee back to America, she says that she is going to help Tae-Joon jump, she sees Dr. Jang and calls him over.

Seung-Ri is sitting with other dorm leaders and they are discussing that Jae-Hee is good at English and Seung-Ri says that there is a track and field competition coming up in there school and that he will need their help and that it will even be televised.

Jae-Hee is talking to Dr. Jang in the hallway and she is asking him a favor. Dr. Jang and Daniel are alone in his office, Dr. Jang avoids his question and asks him if he likes to drink.

Eun-Gyeol is with Dong-Mu and it has been a year since she came back from the states and that he didn’t know she wanted to become a musician, violinist. Eun-Gyeol doesn’t believe her that she plays the violin so she pull it out and starts to play it well, couple of people gather around to listen.

Jae-Hee hears some guys talking about Tae-Joon trying to get back on the athletic team but was kicked out.

Tae-Joon is cleaning up the gym and putting everything away. He goes back to the dorm and Jae-Hee is hiding and pops a sparkler and brings out a cake made of a shoe. He tells her not to overdo it, she trips and falls and lands up face planting into the cake. He helps her up and wipes up the icing with his finger and licks it saying its delicious. They light a candle on the smashed cake, Tae-Joon blows it out and he chases her around with the cake.

Eun-Gyeol and Dong-Mu are waiting at the bus stop and he wants to carry her bag and she says she doesn’t need that and she finds it weird when guy do that, she says she will let him know if she needs help. She says that they should see each other again and she gets on the bus.

Dr.Jang and Daniel are out drinking, and they are discussing Jae-Hee. Dr. Jang is saying that Daniel hasn’t understood Jae-Hee’s perspective and that he doesn’t believe in her, but he should.


The coach comes into his storage and notices that everything is organized more than ever.

Jae-Hee is in the bathroom wondering what happened to her brother, she picks up a necklace with the ring on it, Tae-Joon barges in and takes the necklace out of her hand. They are walking down the hallway and Jae-Hee asks him about the necklace he says it was his moms. He flash backs to his mom in the hospital and she tells him to wear it in her place, since she can’t go to the competition but he tells her to wear it when she gets better, she still gives it to him. He runs away but Jae-Hee is stopped by her brother Daniel. Her brother tells her that she can stay until Tae-Joon jumps and that after the finals she has to come back.

Jae-Hee goes to her locker and her gym clothes are dripping wet. She is then carrying a bag full of soccer balls and Tae-Joon comes up from behind and takes them from her. Tae-Joon asks her why she isn’t changed for gym and she tells them her clothes are wet.

Eun-Gyeol is practicing soccer and Jong-Min is cheering him on gives him expensive chocolates.

Eun-Gyeol is doing laundy and he gets a text from Dong-Mu saying she wants to go to a movie, he hesitates and looks at pictures from the holiday. Jae-Hee comes in to do laundry and she asks him what he thinks if a boy pretended to be a girl in an all-girl dormitory. Eun-Gyeol imagines being a girl and the idea of getting to change with girls. He says it sounds like fun but that he would probably get caught very easily. Jae-Hee asks how his date went and he says that Dong-Mu already fell in love with him. He offers her the expensive chocolates and they eat them together, Jong-Min sees them doing this and says that they are being too wild.

Jae-Hee is in her dorm and Tae-Joon comes in all dressed up and Jae-Hee asks him to stay here but he says he is going to be out late. Tae-Joon goes to his house and he imagines his mom sitting in the yard. Tae-Joon and his father have a memorial for his mother and have dinner. His father talks about Tae-Joon doing jumping again and Tae-Joon stands up and tries to leave his dad tells him to stay and asks him if he thinks that his mother death was his fault. Ha-Na comes in and asks why they are so serious. Tae-Joon is sitting outside and Ha-Na comes and says that he should spend time with his father and that he shouldn’t fight.

Jae-Hee is in her room and sees that Coach Holten saw her email with the presentation that Tae-Joon also saw, she wonders why there is no reply. Eun-Gyeol comes in asking for toothpaste and he tells her that today is Tae-Joon’s mom death anniversary. Jae-Hee gets a text from Tae-Joon to meet him at the pool and she leaves. As Eun-Gyeol walks back he bumps into Tae-Joon and asks where Jae-Hee is since he called her to the pool. He recalls that her clothes were wet and he runs to the pool. Jae-Hee is at the pool and sees someone on the diving boards waving her up, she goes up and doesn’t see anyone instead a note saying don’t joke around and then she is pushed into the water. Tae-Joon runs to the pool and someone passes him leaving and he sees Jae-Hee in the water and the both of them jump in, he loses his necklace. Eun-Gyeol and Tae-Joon pull her out, they realize she isn’t breathing and Eun-Gyeol goes in but can’t do it so Tae-Joon does mouth to mouth. She spits out water and wakes up.


They are back in the room and Tae-Joon gives her something warm to drink and they wonder who did it to her. Jae-Hee tells him that his necklace is missing and he looks around for it and she thinks its in the pool and he says its okay and she shouldn’t worry about it.Eun-Gyeol is in his room and he remembers not being able to mouth to mouth and sighs.

The next morning Tae-Joon is in bed and hears Jae-Hee’s alarm going and he realizes that she isn’t in bed. Jae-Hee is in the pool looking for the necklace and Tae-Joon dives in and pulls her up. He yells at her and she says that it is special, he says that she shouldn’t have done it and that it wasn’t her fault. He says that it should be his fault and that even though she is feeling bad she shouldn’t have to feel sorry.

Tae-Joon is in the gym setting up the mats and high jump, coach comes in and says that he shouldn’t be doing this, Tae-Joon says he wants to jump again and has a reason to jump again. Coach says he will give him a test and it is winning the high jump competition coming up and if he wins he will let him back on the team.

Jae-Hee goes into the gym and sees Tae-Joon practicing jumping and not getting over the bar and he is frustrated.

Jae-Hee is in her room and she is packing her clothes, she finds some shoes and recalls running the race the first time. She walks down the hallway and meets Eun-Gyeol he tells her to cheer Tae-Joon on tomorrow at the competition because he can’t come. Jae-Hee hugs him from back and says thanks because without him she would have had a really tough time.

Tae-Joon is in the changing room at the competition and finds Jae-Hee’s shoelaces and a note saying that she is going back to America and that she might miss his competition because of her flight and that the laces was from her first competition and that she wants to share some of her hard work with him. Jae-Hee is picked up by her brother in a taxi and loads her suitcase up. This is how the fifth episode ends.

Firstly I am not sure how Tae-Joon got the presentation from Jae-Hee I am assuming that she must have sent it to him but it is never mentioned. Secondly, I am assuming that Tae-Joon wants to jump again because he watched that video and Jae-Hee reminded him of what it was like when he first started jumping. Thirdly, the person that pushed Jae-Hee in is I am assuming Jong-Min because he is jealous of the attention that Eun-Gyeol gives her. I am not too sure what type of relationship he is going for with Eun-Gyeol especially because he is blowing him kisses and giving him chocolate it almost seems like he wants to date him. One scene I thought was hard to believe was when Jae-Hee “fell” into the cake, it looked a little forced. One other thing that bothered me was when Jae-Hee fell into the pool off the diving board and passed out and was drowning? I am pretty sure that just from falling she wouldn’t become unconscious but they have not really explained if she could swim or not but then again the next day she was looking in the pool for the necklace and swimming just fine. I am not too sure why Tae-Joon was getting all mad at her for looking in the pool for the necklace? I mean it wasn’t going to hurt her to look for it and I think it probably wouldn’t take too long to look through the entire pool for it because its not that big. One other thing I am not to sure about is why Jae-Hee was leaving all of a sudden at the end since her brother gave her until the end of finals and it didn’t seem that had happened yet so I am not sure why she was all of a sudden leaving? They showed Ha-Na visiting Tae-Joon’s house for the anniversary of his mom’s death and she was really familiar with his father and his house, I am assuming that she is a family friend or even relatives but that would make the whole I am marrying Tae-Joon really awkward. It seems like Tae-Joon is blaming his father for his mother death possibly that he wasn’t around enough and wasn’t there for them. Anyway I guess I mean leaving you with more questions that answers so if you guys have any insights feel free to leave a comment. Don’t forget to vote in my poll of who you think Jae-Hee will end up with I appreciate the opinions that you guys have given so far!! ♥