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Piece Japanese Drama Episode 2 Summary December 29, 2012

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The second episode of Piece starts with Mizuho talking to Haruka’s mother and she is pleading Mizuho to tell her who was the father of Haruka’s baby. She tells Haruka’s mother that it was a misunderstanding.

Mizuho’s childhood flashes on the screen and a young Mizuho is waiting for the bus on a bench. She gets on and realizes she got on the wrong bus and then becomes excited. A man is next to her in black telling her there are 4 types of people, one type that would never board the wrong bus, one that would always board the wrong bus, then there are the ones that after realizing they boarded the wrong bus would quickly change buses and the last ones are the ones that stay on the bus even though they know it is the wrong one just like she is doing. Then the man disappears. Then it flashes to her mother scolding her for staying on the wrong bus and she is saying sorry and they are both crying.
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It flashes on the screen summer of 2nd Year High School. One of Mizuho’s friend asks what she was doing all summer because her skin is so white. She tells them she was mostly at home. Rumi asks if she went to the beach and she has a flashback of going to the beach with Hikaru and she says she didn’t. They then notice Hikaru with his head on a girls lap and they talk about how he has got another girlfriend. She flashbacks to being kissed by Hikaru, she stands up and says that Hikaru is intensely indecisive and leaves all the girls follow. Hikaru sits up and watches them leave.
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Mizuho is at her desk working and Hikaru comes over and tries to talk to her but she ignores him. He asks if something bad happened over the holidays she doesn’t answer and then he tells her that she really can’t play. He then tells her that he may seem diligent and reliable to those around him and she remember telling him that on the bus when he was sleeping. She asks if he was awake at that time and he teases her by reminding her that she was busy.

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Mizuho is in the bathroom and they are talking about Megu-chi the friend with the long black hair and that she is dated a boy from prep school and that she might have even done it with him. Megu-chi comes out and tells them that it is all true and that she can’t explain but eventually she had already slept with him. They are walking down the hall and see a first year handing a note to Hikaru.

Mizuho goes to the bus stop and meets Hikaru and she asks about his girl friend and he says he doesn’t have one. She asks him about the first year confessing her love and she tells him to choose carefully. He tells her he doesn’t choose but it is the other person. He tells her that a normal woman doesn’t want him and the minute she figures it out she takes it back. She tells him about the different types of people and he says that she is the type that will carry on despite knowing that she is on the wrong bus. The bus comes and he gets on and asks if she is going to get on or not. She gets on the bus and stands next to him and they hold hands while Matchbox 20’s song Parade plays.Picture 4 Picture 5

Mizuho and Hikaru go to his house and are in the bedroom and he hugs her. Her phone starts buzzing and it is Remi phoning. Hikaru asks if she is going to answer it and she says she doesn’t want anyone to know she is with him because it will be a permanant blot in her life. He asks why she came with him and sits her on the bed and calls her an idiot. He lies her down and he starts to kiss her and she pushes him off and tells him to stop it. He tries to get back and she pushes and says stop again. He then asks if she doesn’t want him to touch her and she says not really. He starts to leave and she asks where he is going and he says to sleep. 

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She walks out and finds him on a couch surrounded by clothes and clutter. She asks  what this  is and he says its a bachelor pad. She asks about his mother and he tells her that his mother leaves in an apartment close to her work. She asks him if he feels lonely living alone and he tells her to leave because they aren’t doing anything. She starts laughing and says he is having a tantrum and he throws pillows at her and she throws them back saying she is hungry.
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Mizuho goes to the fridge and there is a lot of food in containers and she asks if he made all of these and he says no, he has a housekeeper. He tells her that the housekeeper is an unsociable old lay Nanao-san and that she used to be a live-in and now she only comes once a week. Mizuho asks if she can have some and the two of them are eating together. She tells him it looks like a kid’s room and that when she was young her room was always messy and that her mom would lose patience and clean it. He says that it is unexpected and that it must have been tidy. She tells him it is tidy now but that she doesn’t think that it matters whether the room is messy or tidy it should be fine as long as you can relax in it. He tells her that he can see her panties and that she is too relaxed. She laughs and then says that this house is comfortable.

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She is getting ready to leave and she asks is she could come again. He says sure but to not come on Fridays because they won’t be able to do anything with his housekeeper here. He then says that until then to decide how far she wants to go and then asks if she will complain if it is just kissing. She answers that she understands and that she will make sure to come on a Friday and leaves quickly.

She is walking away and Hikaru comes running after her and he says that he will walk her to the bus because it is getting late. She says that it is like they are on a date or something and then says that he doesn’t have girlfriends though. She thanks him and they stare at each other, she closes her eyes and he just laughs. He tells her that it is payback for before and gives her an air kiss and  Matchbox Twenty song I Will plays in this scene.

Mizuho is rushing to her classroom saying that she forgot about the homework handouts. She opens the door to the class and finds Haruka and they greet each other. She walks about Haruka and sees her cleaning the words creepy and die on Haruka’s desk. Mizuho does her homework and takes some tissues and brings it over to Haruka. Then Mizuho goes back to her own desk and Haruka keeps cleaning.
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It is Friday and Remi comes up to Mizuho and asks where she goes every Friday because she can’t reach her on the phone. Mizuho tells her that she goes to a friends to study and then doesn’t answer her phone. Remi asks her if it is a boy and Mizuho says that she does not have a boyfriend angrily. Hikaru laughs and she kicks his seat.

Hikaru is at the bus stop waiting and Mizuho comes out of the bus and he asks why they have to take different buses. She tells him that she doesn’t want anyone from school to find out and to label her as a slut but not  she has done it. Hikaru asks if a girl who doesn’t do that great and who does it help.

They go into his house and she says hello to his housekeeper Nanao-san. Nano-san asks what kind of boys has the girl been seeing? The body remembers very well and that one must treat oneself with care. She answers that she understands as far as someone who cannot take my responsibility is able to understand and that she will be fine.
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Hikaru and Mizuho are in his room and he asks how far she is willing to go and she says kiss are okay and nothing more than that are okay. He says to go home and and she holds out her hands and says hug. He then tells her that he can’t tell is she is obstinate or careless and then he gives her a back hug and asks if she is nervous and tells her to relax. She then thinks that this is the first time that she has realized that she has always lived her life with lots of stress on her shoulders to the point she can’t bear it. He then turns her to see him and goes to kiss her and Nanao-san starts vacuuming. They stop and says that it is a mood killer he lies down and tells her to lie down next to him and she does.  He closes his eyes and she turns to look at him and thinks that even though she considers herself to be indifferent, she understands the feelings of those who get themselves in too deep. That she feels a twinge of regret.

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Mizuho is walking down the school hall and sees and hears Hikaru and a girl talking and she asks him if she can come over and he tells her that his house is being remodeled. Mizuho walks fast past them and she asks when it will be over and he says he doesn’t know.

Mizuho and Hikaru are in bed and he puts his pillow close to hers and says that lately he has trouble sleeping without her, she smiles and they snuggle together. Mizuho is about to talk to him but realizes he is sleeping. She thinks that that she can’t help but want to be spoiled by Hikaru and she wonders if he will accept everything about her and that is how the second episode ends.
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I find this episode very intriguing but it sure didn’t focus on Haruka very much or really go back to the funeral in the present day. It focused more on Hikaru and Mizuho’s relationship that is undefined. I mean Mizuho doesn’t want to allow herself to fall in love with Hikaru because he is a womanizer and she doesn’t want to be just one of the girls in his long line up of women. Hikaru seems really childish just wanting to do be physical with her and test her out like every woman he comes in contact with. He obviously has issues with his mother which means also with other woman almost a self-fulfilling prophecy. His mother left him therefore he will treat woman badly and they will leave him again therefore proving to himself that he was right. Mizuho is smart and doesn’t let him get what he wants all the time because she realizes that she wants to be treated differently and wants to just be around him because she likes him beyond his looks. She is intrigued by not just his looks but who he is and what makes him tick. I am not sure how Haruka is going to be at the center of the story but I guess I will have to keep watching to figure it out!!