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April/May 2018 Korean Drama Review May 23, 2018

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I didn’t watch as many dramas this month as I didn’t find many that caught my eye but I will talk about the ones that I did watch. I was planning on watching Switch Change The World but I watched 3 episodes and it did not hold my attention at all and I felt like it was poorly done story line and none of the characters kept my interest. I am sorry if people out there did enjoy the drama and maybe it did get better but I just couldn’t get through it. It kinda reminded of the drama Man to Man which I did not enjoy that much so I decided to drop Switch and not watch it if I didn’t enjoy it.

1. You Who Forgot Poetry/Poem A Day




The first one that I finished was You Who Forgot Poetry/A Poem A Day which is a romantic comedy drama. The plot of the drama is following the story of people that work more behind the scenes in the hospital. It mainly focuses on the physical therapists and the stories of the different patients that they have to help. It also focuses part of the story line on 2  X-ray radiologists.




It stars Woo Bo-Young (Lee Yoo-Bi) who is a struggling contracted physical therapist who really wants to become full time to have a stable place in the working world. It also stars Shin Min-Ho (Jang Dong-Yoon) Who is a trainee and is working under Woo Bo-Young and the staff at her hospital and they have bad past and history together from college together. It also stars Ye Jae-Wook (Lee Joon-Hyuk) who is a new well known physical therapist who has a new technique of treating patients that comes to their hospital to work and shakes up everyone.




So I really loved the comedy in this drama there are many funny moments that made it so enjoyable to watch. It also had some heart wrenching moments that made you feel all kinds of emotions, since it touched on the various human emotions that we feel through the use of poems. Each episode would highlight a couple of poems and some of them really touched my heart. There was one moment when one of the physical therapist was driving his mother back to the countryside and the song that was played was so touching. I really like how the poetry and was included into the drama since it is able to convey emotion that is hard to put into words.




The love line in the story was okay but I don’t think that it really went deep enough to touch my heart. It just felt like they could have done more with the love line and it felt somewhat disappointing for some reason. Honestly the comedy in the drama was enough to keep me watching and the romance was a bit fluffy. I really liked how they used comedy with the character of Ye Jae-Wook since he is very serious. There are just so many great moments that seem to make up for everything else. I found the ending to be very lacking like they started different story lines and didn’t seem to wrap it up very well. It was like they just focused on the love line and forgot about all the other main characters and I found the ending to be jarring to the story line. This makes me sad because the drama had potential to be a great one. I feel like Min-Ho’s story needed something more to say goodbye and how he became a better person or how he could deal with his family. I feel like there needed to be conclusion with pretty much all of the characters.




I would recommend this drama if you want something silly and lighthearted with a bit of few serious moments mixed in. Even what I didn’t like about the drama doesn’t seem to take away from the fun of the drama. I thought it was a fun spring drama and I am sad that it didn’t have enough time to properly end the drama in my opinion.


2. My Mister




The second drama that I finished was My Mister and I have to say this is a heavy drama. It stars Dong-Hoon (Lee Sun-Kyun) who is struggling in his life of working for a company and is trying to do his best for others around him and seems to forgo his own happiness for those around him. It also stars Lee Ji-An (IU) who is in her twenties and working at the same company as a temp and is struggling to survive in the world with a loan shark after her and having trouble supporting her grandmother. She sees Dong-Hoon receive a bribe and sees that he puts into his drawer and she goes back after hours to take the money because she wants to pay off her debts. She also finds things out about the CEO of the company that could affect everyone’s future and everyone’s life becomes entangled.




I have to say this is one of the most interesting dramas I have seen in a long time. I feel like there are a lot of deep themes in this drama and many that I probably missed or is unable to put into words. I know this drama shocked the viewers because they thought it was going to be a love story and the age difference is quite large but I think the story is more about the realities of the life and that isn’t always something like a fairy tale and I didn’t really expect it to be a love story and it isn’t in a traditional sense. It was also controversial because there is a scene where the money lender beats her quite badly and people felt it was excessive. It was explained it was done so that Ji-An would never be able to have any romantic feelings toward the lender. I think that Ji-An and how she is living is pretty shocking and her character that has been shown so little love in her life is a complex and fascinating character and IU did an amazing job of acting. This drama allows the ugliness of life to show in this drama and I feel the emotions that are portrayed in this drama was really relatable.




I feel like the love in this drama wasn’t really a romantic one instead it felt like he was being like a mentor or father figure and wanting to help someone in true pain that he knew he could help. Ji-An loved him but I think she loved how such a good person he was and wanted to become a part of his warm world. I think the ending was good and realistic and it left you with hope even though the whole dramas feels like a hopeless situation. I think that the acting was so well done in this drama and I think it touched on a lot of topics that people find hard to talk about like failure/success, affairs, family, friendship, loneliness etc. It really seemed to drive home that their is still kindness in people, even though it feels like the world is cruel. That people do want to do the right thing and sometimes it can only be brought out in other people when they really see another person and their vulnerabilities. It felt like a really human story, like the ugliness and realities of life that were shown but also the beauty and kindness of being human was also portrayed. Like humans were can be really ugly and mean but at the same time we can be kind and beautiful and it seems to live within us at the same time, the irony of being human.




Some things that bothered me in this drama was when Ji-An wire tapped Dong-Hoon’s phone she was always able to hear everything clearly even if his phone was in his pocket and not close to their mouth. She could always hear his breathing which I don’t think would have been possible unless he had put it up to his mouth.




I thought this was an interesting, intense and thought-provoking drama that I would recommend if you want a drama with more substance and need a break from fluffy dramas.


3. Live




The third drama I finished was Live which is police drama where it follows the story of police officers who work in a dangerous precinct. The drama stars Sang-Soo (Lee Kwang-Soo) who has become a new police officer along with Han Jeong-Oh (Jung Yu-Mi). It follows the struggles of trying to do the right thing and become a police officer with a sense of duty. They start working in a dangerous and busy precinct and quickly have to learn how to deal with the trials of taking care of themselves and citizens in dangerous situations.




I have watched many police shows and dramas and this drama feels very unique and eye opening compared to the ones that I have watched. It showed the struggle that police officers are having while on the job in South Korea. I don’t know how accurate the situations that were being portrayed were but I found them upsetting and frustrating. The thinking is that the citizens have the right to sue and have complaints against cops if they feel like they have been done wrong. How I have grown up the cops have the power and that even touching a cop in any way you could be charged and be penalized. We don’t have the thinking that we are paying their wage through our taxes and that we have a right to complain over anything and jeopardize their career. I don’t know how accurate the situations they were showing but I have never seen police being criticized for taking action against a criminal. It is such a different situation that is happening in the United States where cops are being more excessive with their shooting that they are starting to come down harder on cops which we have not heard about much until now. It is good to have checks in place for cops but is also good to not penalize a cop for trying to protect others. We need to protect the police just as much as the citizens and it is hard to find the balance. I hope that this drama will help to bring about change to the police force in South Korea and show what cops have to face and how it is never an easy decision to use force but at times it is necessary.




The one thing that I didn’t really get in the story line was the divorce between Yang-Chon and his wife. I thought it was a little weird, I mean I get the idea and what she was trying to convey but I don’t really get it. I feel like they needed to express more to each other in this drama and what she was thinking because she seemed to come across as mysterious.




The filming was really great and it felt like I was watching a movie. The friendship and relationships in this drama were well done and it was always interesting to watch. It was a very emotional drama as it dealt with hard issues like rape, murder and prostitution. It was also interesting to see Lee Kwang-Soo in a drama as I usually watch him on Running Man and it was strange to see him always being so serious but I thought he did a really good job on his character. The focus was more on the stories of the people and relationships and less on the cases, which I think made it more of an unique drama. There is romance in this drama but I think the friendships were more touching. I also love how female cops were portrayed in this drama they were empowered and shown as tough and were simply really cool.




I am sad that this drama is over since I really enjoyed the cast. I would recommend this drama to anyone, but especially to those who like police dramas.


Upcoming Dramas


These are the upcoming dramas that I am wanting to watch.



1. Wok of Love

It is about a top rate chef that wants to collaborate with former gangster to take revenge on the fancy chinese restaurant that betrayed him.




2. About Time

This drama is about a woman that can see how much time people have left and she meets a guy that can stop her time.




3. Handsome Guy and Jung Eum/The Undatables

This drama is about two people that are trying to understand about love but seem to be failing until they meet each other. I am excited to see Nam Gong-Min even if I don’t love the female lead.



4. Are You Human?

This drama is about a man who falls into a coma and his mother creates an android that tries to pretend to be him. It seems like robot dramas have been big this year, it seems intriguing!



5. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim


This drama is about a narcissist vice president of a large company and his secretary that has worked for him for 9 years and wants to quit. I feel like there is high expectations for this drama because of Park Seo-Joon.




High School Love On Episode 9 Recap/Summary September 27, 2014


The ninth episode starts with Seul-Bi leaving with Sunbae but she stops and changes her mind and gives back the book and decides to be human. Seul-Bi then goes to Woo-Hyun crying and starts hitting him and tells him to cry and he does and she holds him. Picture 1

They go home together and she tells him she will stay and holds his hand while he sleeps. At school the gym teacher finds the homeroom teacher resignation letter and he lies to the principal that he needs a leave of absence and she then makes the gym teacher the homeroom teacher temporarily. Sung-Yeol doesn’t come to school along with Woo-Hyun and Seul-Bi and he feels upset because his mother is getting remarried. Jae-Suk is beating up Chun-Shik again and he says that he is going to tell that Seul-Bi didn’t steal his phone. Sung-Yeol finds Seul-Bi at the restaurant and helps her clean the tables with her and she tells him that she isn’t leaving and that she has no adults to tell and it reminds him of himself.

Picture 2

Mrs.Ahn finds Sung-Yeol and asks why he wasn’t at school and he won’t tell her and tells her to do nothing for him and not act like his mom. Seul-Bi tries to bring Woo-Hyun food and he flings it from her hands onto the floor. 

Picture 3

Seul-Bi then tells him that she will tell grandmother what he wanted to say and then she runs to the hospital. She finds Sunbae there and he wants to ignore her but she asks him for a favor and he says he can’t do it and so she settles with having him tell grandmother that Woo-Hyun loves her and that she will be happy as long as Woo-Hyun is happy and Sunbae is angry. Sung-Yeol saw her go the hospital and asks her who she was talking too and she says nobody. Woo-Hyun is at home and tries finding Seul-Bi and starts panicking and then finds her in the restaurant and he tells her he was worried she left without telling him. The next day Seul-Bi gets an order from the restaurant and the weird guy with the ice cream from before comes in and congratulates her on becoming human. He tells her that he was once an angel and now he is the chairman of the human angel committee. He gives her his number and tells her they have meetings and that she should never tell others she is an angel.

Picture 4

Sung-Yeol comes and they talk about parents and tells him that he should be grateful that he has them and can see them whenever. They decide to do some cooking for the restaurant and he puts on the apron for her and remembers when Woo-Hyun did it for her. 

Picture 5

He helps her cook because he taste weird and they make them and send them on delivery. They do the dishes together and touch the same plate and then drop it. Some men come in screaming for Woo-Hyun’s dad and that he took out a loan on the restaurant. They go into their house and make a mess and get violent and Seul-Bi bites his hand. They all end up at the police station with Sung-Yeol’s dad the loan agreement interest rate is illegal. Sung-Yeol is told to take Woo-Hyun home and they leave.

Picture 6

Mrs. Ahn is told by her husband about Woo-Hyun’s situation and that they can’t find his dad and that he will probably lose the house and restaurant and that he should look for his mom as well. Mrs. Ahn makes a bunch of food and puts it in the fridge for Sung-Yeol to take to Woo-Hyun. Woo-Hyun tries phoning his dad but their is no answer. The next morning Seul-Bi asks Ki-Soo to help her find a job so she works a couple of jobs but gets fired from them all. Sung-Yeol’s dad comes and talks to Woo-Hyun and tells him he is looking for his dad and asks if he should look for his mom and Woo-Hyun tells him no that it will make things worse.

Picture 7

Seul-Bi is going home and Sun-Yeol finds her and sees that she bought medicated patches from working so hard. Woo-Hyun tells Seul-Bi to not do anything because it won’t help to work because she can’t find his dad or pay back the loan. The next morning Sung-Yeol packs up the food and takes it to Woo-Hyun. Seul-Bi does some more work and finds a flyer for a lost dog with a reward and she finds the dog and gets hurt from some boxes falling on her.

Picture 8

Sung-Yeol gets mad at Woo-Hyun for acting so childish and being the sorriest person and tells him that he should stay away from Seul-Bi because he feels bad she is working so hard for him. Seul-Bi gets the reward money and goes home and finds the loan sharks there and gives them the money and they laugh at the amount. She says she will pay it back and will work and one of them makes a comment that she could make money other ways because she is pretty and Woo-Hyun stops them.

Picture 9

They dump out the money and Seul-Bi picks it all up. Woo-Hyun gets mad at Seul-Bi for wanting to pay the loan and they fight and he pushes her down and tells him that she gave up everything to stay with him and to stop acting like this. He tells her to go and then a flowerpot is picked up and put over his head invisibly and she pushes him out of the way and this is how the ninth episode ends.

Picture 10

So finally we get to see the ninth episode! Wow the sadness continues from the previous episode! Poor Woo-Hyun but yet his behavior is becoming too much towards the end to Seul-Bi. Although I am a little confused with Sung-Yeol’s and Woo-Hyun’s relationship like were they friends before or did they only met recently and now are friends because of Seul-BI’s influence? I am not sure why Sung-Yeol doesn’t think that his parents do not love him I mean his dad seems awesome! His mom may not be great but his dad seems to be a good dad but he may just be angry because he got remarried. How could his dad take out a mortgage on someone else’s property without their consent that does not seem to make sense? I thought that Grandmother was selling the shop? I guess she died before she sold it? I mean Woo-Hyun has the money from his mom so he could go live somewhere else with the money because he really couldn’t run a restaurant by himself anyway? What is with the flowerpot I am assuming it is Sunbae because he is angry that Woo-Hyun is treating her so terribly when she gave up being an angel for him. Or it could be the guy from the angel human committee? trying to help the situation! The preview for next week sure looks entertaining and the boys are going to get closer!