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Full House 2 Review (Spoilers) you can touch, be my girl December 24, 2012

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  I first have to say that I would have done episode reviews on Full House 2, but I wasn’t sure if I was going to stick to this drama and therefore did not start doing reviews. I am sorry that I did not because this drama was amazing!! I loved it more than to the beautiful you! 

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I recently watched Full House, the first one because I really wanted to see Rain act and so I watched it and it was not bad but I would not say that it my favorite drama so far. I found the story line start to get old after awhile because it seemed so predictable and the characters did not seem to have much depth. I think because I was not really attached to the characters in the first one I had no problems with the second one being very different.

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I realize that people seemed to not want to watch the drama because of Jang Man Ok’s hairstyle which was a short perm! I agree it was not the best look for her but I could look past it. I had seen a previous drama and knew that she could act so I was willing to still watch. Halfway through they did change her hairstyle and get rid of her perm and it did look a lot better but I didn’t really care. The other problem that I tended to hear was that the story line was too similar to You’re Beautiful and I also agree there are some similarities but I did not feel that it was ripping off the other drama it was still quite a bit different. I think that I have enjoyed this drama even more than You’re Beautiful but it is hard to tell because i haven’t seen that drama in awhile. From what I remember the characters where not as developed as the characters in Full House 2. I mean everything intermingled and the relationships are messy in this series which always kept me at the edge of my seat. I found in You’re Beautiful I never really found that i believed that Jeremy and Shin Woo were madly in love with Go Ni Mam. I found Tae-Kyung way more scary than Tae-Ik. Of course there is no gender reversals.

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I really found this drama to be worth watching and what I enjoyed was the character depth, first of all and they show different aspects of Kwang-Hwi and Tae-Ik with their family past and the heartbreaks they have had. Secondly I enjoyed the friendship story line throughout the drama and loved that they focused on this aspect as it always makes me more weepy than even love lines. Thirdly I love that they seemed like they were singers and well the dancing could have been better but I loved their singing!! I also really liked that there was romance but this was not the complete focus as that can get stale if they focus on that too much for all the episodes. I also really liked that they split the episodes up it made it easier to watch and made me want to keep watching as if I didn’t get enough. I have to say there was a lot less flashbacks than I was expecting through the series! or maybe their was less romantic ones I’m not sure but I guess I was not bothered by this as much. There is just soo much going on in each episode I was never disappointed!! The lead men were cute and handsome and a joy to watch!! The ending is perfect I could not have asked for a better one!! I needed it to be a good one!!

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What I didn’t like about this drama was that some parts did not exactly make sense and that was the Grandpa’s role. The way he acted was not exactly what I thought he was going to for example he comes home after all that time and does not get mad about no one coming to the classes and  I am sure he would have found out sooner or later about the stuff that went on at his place while he was gone from he neighbors. He lets her go one time easily and the next he is so upset? I just found that his character was inconsistent. Another thing I didn’t understand was that Kwang-Hwi was going to lose his eyesight and never see again but if he goes to China then he can have the surgery?? It was weird he should have just gone to China then right away and the President should have just got him the surgery rather than making him wait?? not sure if I was missing something but that seemed odd. Also I didn’t really care for Man Ok fashion I realize that she is supposed to design her own clothes, but I really did not care for the style of her clothes!!

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Overall I recommend that all of you go watch Full House 2 right now if you have not watched it yet!! I have thoroughly enjoyed it and now feel soo sad that it is over!!!