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Nail Shop Paris Episode 2 Summary May 9, 2013

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The second episode of Nail Shop Paris starts off with the staff all in the hospital with Alex. Alex is going to be fine and he flashes back to when she came in with the treats for the staff and right before everyone came she tried to give Alex a watch and she confessed her love for him. He refused and told her that she shouldn’t come in for a while. Jin tries to phone her and she doesn’t answer. Yeo-Joo suggests going to the police and Alex says that he doesn’t want that.

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Yeo-Joo is at home and Ji-Soo asks if she likes Alex because she defends him and then she asks how her story is going. Yeo-Joo imagines her story and she is running away from Kei who is chasing her with a gun. She runs away and finds Alex he hides her out of sight from Kei and Kei leaves, as the two of them are about to kiss Ji-Soo asks if that is going too fast. Yeo-Joo gets mad.

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Yeo-Joo is working and finds Alex’s wallet and snoops through it and Jin almost catches her. Alex comes back and Yeo-Joo and her talk about how it wasn’t her fault, Alex ruffles her hair and her heart starts beating fast.

Kei is waiting outside Tae-Hee’s house and she comes out with her son. She asks how Alex is doing and thinks he will be mad and Kei says no that he thinks he is an angel. Tae-Hee’s husband pulls up and sees her walking with Kei.

Tae-Hee goes to the Nail Salon with Kei and she apologizes to Alex that he told her not to come she got upset and only wanted to scare him. Alex tells her that because of the lines on her nails she feels unsettled so she should tell her husband to get it checked out.

Yeo-Joo is with Tae-Hee’s son at the park and he doesn’t talk to her because when adults are upset he isn’t supposed to talk and looks a little anxious. Yeo-Joo tells him the story of how she met a gumiho. She got lost in the woods, fell and a lady was there and gave her a marble of a fox and that he saw it on the tv. He tells her that she acts like a girl and then touches her chest and she tells him not to say anything. He tells her that his name is Dong-Ah and she promises anything he wants for him not to say anything.

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Yeo-Joo goes with Alex to the hospital to get checked and on the way out they see Tae-Hee on a stretcher going into the hospital. They follow her in and she tells them that her husband saw her leaving with Kei and that she told him the whole story. She tells them it was her fault because she fell down the steps and was too upset. Her husband comes and he gets mad at them because he thinks he seduced his wife and Tae-Hee tell them to leave. Yeo-Joo and Alex go out of sight but listen to the fight. She yells at her husband for having other women and that he never shows her any interest and asks why he ever married her and left her lonely.

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The staff are together and discuss Tae-Hee and how she is going to get better if her husband doesn’t change. Yeo-Joo asks if there is anything that they could do to help and Kei gets mad and says that the husband and the woman are the same because she wanted to have an affair and asks what about the kid. Kei leaves the room upset and flashbacks to him as a teen coming home to finding his mom in bed with another man. The fighting between his parents over the affair the two of them had.

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Yeo-Joo comes in and finds Kei and she asks if he is alright and he corners her and tells her that he is still suspicious of her and that she almost looks like a girl, she pushes him away. Jin and Alex come in and they talk about going to the sauna after work and she agrees. She secretly changes in the bathroom and leaves her clothes in the stall. They are altogether and they mention Tae-Hee, Kei storms off and Jin follows. Alex asks Yeo-Joo to be understanding of him and that the 3 of them are not working at Paris just because they like nail art and everyone has their reasons. Everyone goes to wash up but she says she is tired. She goes to find her clothes but the cleaning lady found them and took them away. She has to run home in the sauna clothes in the cold.

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Yeo-Joo is cleaning the floors the next day and is coughing and sneezing and Kei questions her whether she really left because she was tired. Yeo-Joo picks up the phone and Dong-Ah tells her that his mom is missing. Alex and Yeo-Joo go over to their house and talk to him and his dad. The dad says he has phoned all friends and family and she isn’t there Alex suggests that he goes and looks in the places that he knows of. Yeo-Joo takes Dong-Ah to Paris and Jin and her get Kei to look after him. Alex and the husband go looking in all kinds of places and it seems like he knows them. Kei is at the park with Dong-Ah and he gives him advice that he shouldn’t hate his parents but he should spend his time being his own man and take responsibility for himself and he tells him that he wasted his time doing that. Yeo-Joo goes to see them and leaves as she sees them getting along.

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Jin sends Yeo-Joo to get something from the manager’s office and she sees a necklace that she feels like she has seen somewhere before. Alex and the husband are in a church and the husband tells him to stop. Alex explains that these places are special places for the two of them and that they are cherished. The husband flashbacks to when he proposed to Tae-Hee in the church that they are in right now.

The husband is with Dong-Ah and he cooked him supper and Dong-Ah wants his carrot shaped like a bear like the way his mom did. His dad goes to cut more carrots and he cuts himself. He flashes back to Tae-Hee in the hospital and she is telling him that he never makes time for her or Dong-Ah. He starts to tear up over his wife.

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Yeo-Joo stays late so she can snoop through the manager’s office for the necklace. She can’t find anything and hears a noise and finds Tae-Hee. Tae-Hee explains that this was Alex’s and the managers idea for her to leave home so they could work on him and if he doesn’t have any change by tomorrow she will end it.

The husband comes into the shop and he asks what is urgent and they take him to the back. They want to give him a treatment so he can understand his wife. Kei paints a heart on his nail. Tae-Hee is in the back watching it being recorded from the camera. She decides that if he remember the heart from when she used to paint a heart on his pinky finger because he used to bite his nails she will go back to him.  When the husband sees the nail he gets upset and tries to leave Kei eggs him on saying that he is jealous and other things and then he punches Kei. Jin also attacks him verbally and he tries to swing at Jin but Kei stops him. Tae-Hee comes rushing in and she defends her husband and says that it was also her fault. Alex says that the only one on your side is your family and they tell her that they planned this to get him upset so she would defend him.

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Kei, Jin, Yeo-Jee and Alex go out to their regular restaurant and they are friends with the owner. The owner tells them that he is excited because his favorite fantasy author online is writing again. Yeo-Jee gets nervous because she realizes that he may be talking about her and she asks him who it is and he says her name. The name she changed it to is close to hers so Jin asks her if she is related somehow and she says no nervously. The owner tells them he saw a light on at Paris still so Yeo-Jee says she will go turn it off.

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Yeo-Jee turns off a light and the manager appears and tells her that they need to talk about why Yeo-Jee was there late last night.

There is quite a bit that happened in this one episode! I enjoyed the story line there is a lot that happens which keeps it going and entertaining. It seems like this shop is a place to help people. I wonder if each episode is going to be about someone that they will help? it keeps it fresh if it does and in that sense it reminds me of Biblia which is a Japanese Drama where they would solve mysteries surrounding people and books but with this it surrounds nail care and people. It seems like all the boys have some past that has drawn them to this shop. Yeo-Jee seems to think that the owner could possibly be a gumiho maybe she has picked these people on purpose for some reason? I can’t say that the husband really redeemed himself? he just punched Kei and showed his jealous side? and because they were picking on him Tae-Hee felt protective and therefore still loved him? He really didn’t change much in my eyes. I must say all these boys are very good looking not sure which one I would pick? Which one would you pick??