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Sprout Episode 8 Summary and Review September 12, 2012

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The eighth episode starts off with Hayato kissing Miku and Souhei watching in the distance. Souhei realizes something towards Miku but the two of them say goodbye and Sohei hides behind a van. Souhei wonders what is wrong with him and realizes that he has Miyuki and he flashes back to when he kissed her.

Souhei comes in and Miku greets him and he recalls that Miku has Hayato and flashbacks to seeing them on a date. Then he flashbacks to holding Miku in his arms and still wonders what he feels toward Miku.

Souhei comes down the stairs and hears Miku’s parents talking about traveling and they explain they are going to Atami for a trip to celebrate father’s retirement. Her dad asks Souhei to watch the house because they will be gone one night. Naoharu also leaves for the play offs and then Kiyoka also leaves to go to a villa with her boyfriend. Souhei and Miku beg Kiyoka not to leave and she asks why and the two of them look at each other she tells them to get along and leaves. Souhei and Miku move apart from each other and he asks if they should invite them over.


Takeru, Arata and Souhei are playing soccer outside and Arata wonders if he should also rent there and gets excited about the idea of living in the same place as Kiyoka.

Miku is on the steps talking on the phone telling Hayato that Ami and Fumiko couldn’t come and asks him to come and he says he will after his part-time work is done. Souhei comes in and she tells him that Hayato is coming later and he is not excited and then she wonders why he didn’t call him and Souhei wonders the same thing but he tells her that he thought he would have been busy working. Miku then realizes she is the only girl and asks Souhei about Miyuki.

Arata,Takeru, Miyuki,Miku and Souhei are all around the table and she brings out ice cream for everyone. Miku asks if Miyuki if she wants to put her stuff in her room and they go upstairs. Arata teases Takeru about liking Miyuki.

Miyuki and Miku are in her room and Miku is quickly cleaning up her room and Miyuki goes onto the balcony and seems to realize that he balcony is right beside hers and she looks out at the scenery. Miku asks her what she is looking at and she says she looking at the scenery because it is the same as what Souhei sees everyday. Miku says that it is not that nice of a  scenery and she says its because it the same scenery that she shares with Souhei.

Arata tells Souhei that he should sleep in Miyuki’s room and Hayato should sleep in Miku’s room but Takeru and Souhei don’t agree to that idea. The girls come and ask what they are talking about and they say taxes and act silly. Miku then says that they need to pick some stuff up and says that Takeru and Arata have to come with her.

The three are walking with groceries and they stop at the meat place and she tells them that she always meets Kou there and as they turn Kou is sitting there eating.

Arata, Takeru and Kou are at the house playing foosball, Miku and Hayato come in and he asks what Kou is doing and he tells him that barley tea is in the fridge. MIku says that Kou has made himself at home and they go upstairs. Miku tells him that tonight they are having a takoyaki party. Hayato stops by Miku’s room and Miku keeps walking she comes back and asks him what he is looking at and he says that  he thought that they would be in the same room tonight. She says because everyone is here and he says he is just joking and touches her shoulders and keeps walking. She says it sure is hot today.

All of them are around the table having the the takoyaki and have a cheer and all take a bite, they realize it is sour and she says it their special umeboshi. Kou then asks if BS is broadcasted and she says no and Arata and Takeru both say that they want to watch it too. Takeru and Arata say they have to leave soon because Europe is opening and that Takeru says he is going to watch it at Arata’s house and Kou is also invited. The three all then go to leave.

Takeru and Hayato are alone and he asks Takeru to take care of Kou, he agrees. Takeru then asks Hayato if he is dating Miku seriously and he says yes, Takeru goes on to say that he saw him and Miyuki at the bus stop. Hayato flashbacks to the hug and Takeru asks that Hayato won’t hurt anyone and Hayato says yes. The other guys come out and they leave.

The four of them are at the table, Miku asks if after they clean up they have baths and that Miyuiki, Miku and then the guys go and they talk about how having one toliet is something to get used to. Souhei says that when he first started living there Miku was scary. Hayato is very quiet and Miyuki notices.

Miyuki is on the floor on a mattress and Miku is in her bed. Miyuki asks if she is awake and asks if she can join her in her bed and Miku agrees. Miyuki asks if Hayato is her first boyfriend and Miku says yes and that is why she might be carried away at times. Miku asks what number is Souhei and Miyuki says that he is her third boyfriend. She goes on saying that Souhei is the first one that she loves this much.

Hayato and Souhei are on mats on the floor and Souhei says that today is pretty fun. Hayato says that it was scary because he never done a group hang out and have a girlfriend. Souhei says it not scary and that it is fine like that.

Miyuki says she hated herself but since she met Souhei she thought she was able to think she was amazing because Souhei liked her. After liking Souhei she changed, Miku says that she knows how she feels. She is not treated like a girl around people but with Hayato she is able to feel like a girl and like it. Miyuki says that she knows how she feels.

Souhei is thinking that he won’t betray Miyuki or Hayato while glancing at Hayato sleeping.

Souhei wakes up, Hayato’s bedding is all folded up.

Hayato is crouched beside the garden, Miyuki comes and they look at the plants and she wonders what these plants will be. Hayato tells her not to do things like that again, she agrees. Souhei comes out but they can’t see him, Miyuki says that she is sorry and that something was wrong with her that day, to do that to Hayato. Hayato then turns around and sees Souhei and he asks what they mean, Miku comes around the corner and asks if its true. Hayato comes toward her and he says yes, Miyuki says sorry and that she liked Hayato.


Okay the eighth episode I have been waiting for this to come out!! finally!! first off I found the ending a tad confusing apparently everyone is a bit upset but it doesn’t seem like Souhei and Miku know what happened. Miyuki and Hayato never say out loud what happened to between them and Souhei just wanted to know what they are talking about and then Miku comes out asking if its true. I am not sure what is she asking is true? my best guess is that she heard them talking about something happening between the two of them and she wants to know if it is true. I mean even Souhei is confused and he was closer to them and I don’t understand why Miyuki doesn’t explain it a bit better to them and say she was upset and ran into Hayato and hugged because she thought she was losing Souhei to Miku. Instead she just says that she liked Hayato and doesn’t say anything else! if I was Souhei I would be thinking the worst like she kissed him or something more?? I was hoping that they were going to explain the hug thing for awhile and here they brought it up again and yet no real clear explanation (sigh). Anyway Souhei seems to be trying to convince himself that he only needs Miyuki even though he is clearly upset that Hayato and Miku are getting along so well and seriously dating. I guess his reaction to the hugging incident will really bring things around and may end up breaking up both couples and forming into new ones. I really want to see what the ninth episode will bring for the couples.


Sprout Episode 7 Summary and Review August 21, 2012

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Episode seven starts off with Hayato and Miku, they are still embracing and Miku  wonders if it is okay to be in the place closest to Hayato. Hayato says that that the place is for her. Souhei and Miyuki are holding hands and he says sorry, Miyuki shakes her head. Souhei says he won’t make her feel uneasy anymore. Hayato grabs Miku’s hands around him, turns to her and says be my girlfriend. Miku smiles and agrees.

The next day Miku is cleaning the floor during this she reenacts the scene with Hayato from last night. Naoharu and Kiyoka watch her from the other room and they figure that she has leveled up. Kiyoka asks Miku if she got a boyfriend, Miku asks can you tell and gets embarrassed. In the next moment Miku gets a text from Hayato saying good morning and that the weather is good today. Miku leaves the room to reply and Kiyoka thinks Miku is too happy. Naoharu says its because when your in love you HP rises.

Miku and Souhei meet on the stairs the first time since Miku speaking badly of Miyuki and there is a flashback . Souhei speaks first and says sorry for yesterday and that he said weird things. Miku replies that she should be saying sorry because  she said cruel things. Souhei replies its okay and Miku notices that her heart is tightening. Souhei goes onto say that he was a bit panicked because Miyuki was acting strange. Miku asks with concern if Miyuki was okay and Souhei replies she is fine and Miku is relieved. Miku realizes that she sees Souhei differently from before and then tells Souhei his piece of cake is in the fridge because Kou told them to save it. Souhei says that Kou is such a hot/cold person, Miku says it might be a bit hard Souhei smiles and says its okay, Miku realizes that since she has gotten over Souhei his smile has lost some of the attractiveness and that being friends is just right.

After supplementary class is over Miku bolts out of the room. Takeru and Arata ask her when they are meeting she says 2:00 at the karaoke place and rushes away. Miku rushes over to her friends Ami and Fumiko (with the shorter hair) and they have makeup and clothes ready for her.

Hayato and Souhei are lying in a field and Hayato tells him that he has started to date Miku and he thought he should at least report it to Souhei. Hayato goes on saying that he finally understood what Souhei was saying before that it is nice liking someone and Souhei agrees.

Takeru and Arata go to meet up with Ami and Fumiko and see a girl run past them and they think she looks like Miku. When Takeru and Arata sit down with Ami and Fumiko they ask what they thought of Miku and boys are shocked that the girl was Miku and thought it was someone else. They ask why the makeup and Ami says first date and ask who is it and they reply Hayato and the boys are shocked. Ami and Fumiko go on saying that she has made a good catch and that they are proud of her. Arata and Takeru and shocked and they flashback to Miyuki hugging Hayato.

Hayato is waiting on some steps and Miku appears on the top of the steps wearing a cute red dress, wearing makeup and a clip in her curled hair. Miku asks if he as waited long and he says no and that its 3 minutes before.

Souhei and Miyuki are walking and he tells her that Hayato and Miku are dating. He tells her that Hayato looked so happy that it made him happy and she smiles and says she is happy too.

Miku and Hayato are walking and she tells him that she thinks she did good on the re-test and he replies that Miku can do it when she tries. Hayato called her by her last name and Miku tells him to call her by her first name and that she will do the same. Miku says they should practice and they turn towards each other, they both cannot do it because they are embarrassed. Miku says they should make this their goal for the day.

Souhei and Miyuki are sitting on a bench and Miyuki says she is relieved because she thought that Miku had someone else that she liked because she didn’t seem to be very affected when Hayato confessed. Souhei then flashbacks to Miku telling him she wanted to see his face. Souhei then tells Miyuki that she was just over thinking it.

Miku and Hayato are walking and as they walk they brush their hands together and Hayato says sorry. Miku flashbacks to the first time they held hands and she stares at her hands as she walks and wonders if its okay for her to be here. Miku then stops and calls Hayato by his first name and offers her hand. Hayato comes closer and holds her hand, Miku smiles and he calls her by her first name and she asks him to say it again teasing him. Miku realizes that the place for her is right here beside Hayato.

Miyuki and Souhei are walking and they are talking about going to the beach yet this summer and then they see Hayato and Miku holding hands and walking. Souhei is watching Miku and looks shocked Miyuki calls them over and the the stop holding hands. Miyuki and Miku wave to each other.

The four of them are in a cafe and Miyuki says that Miku looks cute today that girls become pretty when they are in love and they agree all four of them should do something again. Miku says she wants to go to Tokyo Tower and they talk about going there meanwhile Souhei focuses on Miku and watches her looking dazed.

They separate to go home, Souhei and Miku go towards home and Hayato and Miyuki go to the bus stop. Souhei and Miku start walking and they watch the other two walk away and Miku exclaims that it is lonely to say goodbye. Souhei then says that its better when Miku is just like usual and Miku says she wanted to put in effort since its her first date. She also goes on saying that everyone told her its pretty and he says its better that she stays the way she is. Souhei backtracks a bit and says because the old her is the one Hayato fell in love with and they continue walking.

At the bus stop Miyuki says sorry to Hayato for the other day he says he is happy that she made up with Souhei, she agrees. Miyuki then says that she is happy for him.

Souhei is at soccer club with Haruka the assistant coach when Takeru and Arata come in and say they passed their tests, Souhei asks about Miku and she has also passed. They run out of the room to get changed and Haruka watches Souhei.

Miku is waiting outside and Hayato comes and he notices that Miku is normal and she says are you not happy when she dresses up? No I am happy when you dress up but I feel more comfortable with you as usual and she tells him about what Souhei said about dressing up.

Souhei is by himself hitting the soccer ball into the net and sighing.

Miku is walked home by Hayato and she says next time he doesn’t have to go all the way to her house and he says its okay because I worry and wants to take her home. He then goes onto say that she shouldn’t misunderstand what he is going to say and that she is the only one for him. Before he would date whoever but after meeting her he has stopped that and her number is the only girl number he has. She is happy and pulls her to the side of her house pauses, touches her face and goes in for a kiss. Souhei is walking home and sees this happen, stops and watches them. Souhei realizes that he could towards Miku…. This is how the seventh episode of Sprout ends.


What a great episode I really was not expecting Miku to fall in love with Hayato I thought for sure that she would be forever stuck to Souhei. I think in the end she will end up with Souhei so I really wasn’t expecting Hayato to have a fighting chance!! but this made me soo happy and there where a lot of “ahhh” and tingly moments. My favorite part was when they brushed hands and he says sorry and then Miku offers her hand!! soo sweet!! loved it!!

I love how excited she is to be dating Hayato! I am so happy that they allowed her to fall in like/love with him because I thought the one date at the aquarium was the real end to their relationship!

I am still waiting for Miyuki and Hayato’s relationship to be explained? it seems Takeru and Arata are also confused by it!! lol sorry I don’t have much to say about this episode their was so much romance I am swept away with love and happiness. People vote in my poll for who you think Miku should end up with!?
I also made a chat room if you want to talk !!


Sprout Episode 6 Summary and Review August 17, 2012

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The start of the sixth episode starts with where it was left off the last time with Miyuki hugging Hayato at the bus stop. Souhei wants to go into Miku’s room, but decides against it. Miyuki says sorry to Hayato and to get a firm hold of Miku, Hayato agrees. Across the street Arata and Takeru see the hugging and they agree they should not tell Souhei. Miku is in bed and says that Souhei’s love is not directed towards her. The next day Miku, Arata and Takeru are in supplementary class when Souhei pops his head in the window, it catches Miku off guard and she looks away and Arata tells him it won’t be much longer. Miku watches him walk away with stuff from his soccer club and the manager girl Haruka catches her looking at him.


Haruka asks Souhei who is his true love Miyuki or Miku and Souhei asks why Miku comes up and she tells him because Miku likes him. She says that none of them suit him and the one that suits him but gets cut off and is called by the coach. Souhei is drinking water and remebers holding Miku then he is scrubbing soccer balls when Miyuki appears and says she came to watch and that they should do something after practice. Arata, Takeru and Miku come as they have finished their lesson and Arata talks about wanting to date Kiyoka. Miyuki and Souhei talk about their own date and Takeru watches Miyuki awkwardly then they get ready for practice. Miku then leaves but still watches the pair thinking that she was going to be the closest to Souhei during the summer break, Miyuki says that she hopes it works out between Miku and Hayato because she wants them to be happy.


As Miku walks home she meets Kou and he tells her that he is having cutlet because its his birthday. The next scene Kou and Hayato are at Miku’s house and Hayato is asking why this happened and Kou says that Miku thought it was better to have more people for the celebration and Hayato says Kou is shameless. Miku’s mom comes in the room and welcomes them and says she is glad to have them because Hayato helps Miku study and also because Hayato is Souhei’s best friend so he is a member of the family too.


Hayato then wrestles Kou on the ground and Miku comes in and watches them play and she says its rare to see Hayato in high spirits and Kou says Hayato has a cute side too and they wrestle some more. The next scene Miku’s father and Kou are working in the garden and Hayato and Miku are sitting in the porch and Hayato says this house is relaxing and calming Miku says Souhei said that once before too. Back to Souhei he is with Miyuki after practice and they make plans to go to a hamburger place and Souhei gets a text from Miku inviting him to Kou’s birthday. Souhei tells Miyuki about the party and says sorry maybe next time for hamburgers Miyuki gets mad and says she going home and Souhei questions her and she says she won’t tell, she walks away saying Souhei is an idiot. Next scene is back at Miku’s house and everyone is there eating supper and they are enjoying the meal and they have a cake for Kou.


Souhei gets a text from Miyuki saying sorry and that she wants to meet him and he leaves the room, Miku notices and follows him out. Miku asks him where he is going and he says to Miyuki and she says even though its Kou birthday and that Miyuki knows this. Miku says this is why they call her annoying because she can’t read the atmosphere. Souhei defends Miyuki and that its been like that since middle school Souhei flashes back to middle school where he saved her from the girls talking about her and how they became friends.


 When he was feeling depressed because of his parents divorce she could see he was unhappy one day and decided that they would ditch school that day to cheer him up. That even if the world hates her he would be her ally and Miku realizes that her love can’t reach Souhei and that she will never win against Miyuki. Miku sits outside and Hayato joins her saying he is sorry and that he had sort of overheard and if he should lend her a place to cry.


Hayato then says to pretend he is a stuffed animal and close her eyes because she doesn’t like it when its him. Miku realizes that he is conveying his love to her and Hayato stands up facing away from her. Souhei has met up with Miyuki and says sorry for being late she nods her head no.


 Back to Miku she gets up and hugs Hayato’s back and this is how the sixth episode of Sprout ends.


The sixth episode is pretty good it seems like it is more of a filler episode and does not really deal with anyones problems or emotions yet. It does not explain what is happening with Miyuki and Hayato and why they were hugging. I think that Miyuki has figured out that Miku likes Souhei and so she feels jealous of the attention that Souhei is giving to Miku and gets mad when she is mentioned. Souhei seems to be having a hard time dealing with his feelings for Miku and does not want to recognize them. I think he feels more loyalty towards Miyuki then love and feels he needs to protect her and that since she needs him the more than Miku. One thing that confused me was why she wanted to have a birthday party for Kou? because he wasn’t having a party and it made it seem like he had never had a birthday party before? I just thought it was a little strange and Souhei also seemed confused as to why that was happening. It was soo sweet to see Hayato and Kou rolling on the ground and wrestling!! ahhh! I mean how could anyone not love Hayato after that and also offering her a place to cry !! ahh!! if that was offered to me I hold on and never let go of him!! I am enjoying this series it seems like it is very different from other Japanese dramas it has a lot of emotion and seriousness and does not have much over acting which I have seen more often in Japanese dramas. It feels closer to a Korean drama which I really like it seems like it is a mature drama which deals with emotions in a serious and interesting way.


Sprout Episode 5 Summary and Review August 12, 2012

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The fifth episode starts with Miku and Souhei together and she is telling him that she wanted to see his face. Souhei looks surprised and Miku says sorry and Souhei says its okay. She says she is especially sorry because she had never called him Souhei before. Miku stomach grumbles because she didn’t have supper and they laugh then Souhei gets a text from Miyuki saying thanks for today.He smiles while looking at it. Miku watches Souhei and flashes back to when Hayato held her hand and to when Souhei held her hand.

The next day Souhei and Hayato are walking to school and Souhel tells him that he found Miku yesterday and Hayato asks if she said anything and Souhei flashes back to Miku telling him that she wanted to see his face. Souhei tells Hayato that she didn’t say anything. Souhei runs into Miyuki and she asks him if something happened because he didn’t reply to her text and that it was unusual for him not to reply. Souhei explains that Miku didn’t come home and it caused a fuss, Miyuki grills him a bit asking if he searched for her and if he was the one who found her and he says yes. Then Miyuki says its good that nothing happened to Miku and she wonders if anything happened between Miku and Hayato yesterday because it looked like it was going well. The next scene Miku is in class and they got their grades back her two guy friends Takeru and Arata in her class need supplementary lessons and Miku says she needs them in math and science. Arata says that if he needed good grades to go out with Miyuki he would be able to study and Miku says she’s got a good idea.

The next day Souhei gets up and is on the patio he says it sure is summer and he says it sure is summer then Miku joins him and says it sure looks like it going to be hot. Then Souhei looks at Miku’s hand and remembers yesterday when Miku put her hand over his. They both say they want to play this summer and Miku realizes that she is not his girlfriend but she is a much closer distance. Souhei reminds her that she has supplementary lessons. Later that day Souhei is playing soccer with Hayato’s younger brother Kou while Hayato lies in the grass. Kou and Souhei take a break and Kou asks about Hayato and if he found a girl he likes. He also asks if Hayato will be able to properly fall in love because Hayato often creates a wall between himself and others. Souhei reassuresKou that Hayato will be okay and that his feelings will reach her also that Souhei will help him out.

Souhei gets a phone call from Naoharu and the next scene is Naoharu showing Miku, Takeru and Arata how to do math formulas at Miku’s house and they are catching onto it. Kiyoka complains that she wasn’t able to be a good teacher, but Arata runs over to her and says its valuable just to have her here. Then Souhei comes home with Hayato, and says Hayato is here to teach physics because Naoharu is good at math and science but bad with physics so he called Souhei who then suggested Hayato. Souhei and Hayato are walking in the house and Hayato says he is bad at teaching others Souhei says he will be fine then Hayato grabs him and says don’t run away. Then Souhei asks if something happened between him and Miku? and says that if he leaves it like this summer will be depressing for the both of them.

The next scene Miku is in her room with Hayato by themselves (ohhhh)and he is teaching her physics, but they are both quiet when Souhei comes in bringing drinks. Souhei says that its his first time in Miku’s room and she says don’t look too much. Souhei pulls down a figurine and says he has the same one its cute but ugly and they both say they couldn’t throw it away. Then Souhei says that Hayato has some weird figurine at his house he didn’t know if it was a fish or a bird then Hayato says oh the dog and Miku laughs. Hayato says he will draw it and Miku tries to guess what he is drawing when Souhei walks out of the room. It gets awkward and Hayato says he wants it to go back to the time before the aquarium and if it would be possible to do that . Miku asks him why he is so nice? since he always takes the initiative and Hayato answers because it is her. The next scene her dad is watering his garden and Souhei comes out and says he sees a sprout and her dad says that depending on how you raise it during the sprouting period it’s growth will change. Souhei says its like a person and then Miyuki appears and she has brought a watermelon over to surprise him for everyone.

Next Miku’s mom has cut up the watermelon and calls everyone over and they all sit on the porch area eating watermelon. Miku is holding her watermelon and not eating it and Hayato asks her if she is going to eat it, she says she full. Then he asks her if he can eat it, she says yes as this happens Souhei is watching the two of them and Miyuki is watching Souhei. The next scene Souhei and Miyuki are playing a game and Souhei says that it looks like things are going well for Miku and Hayato she agrees. Souhei then goes onto say that its fresh to see a girl that can’t study since Miku has to take supplementary lessons Miyuki freezes at these words.

The next scene Miku says goodbye to Hayato at the end of her street and Souhei walks Miyuki to her bus stop. As they walk over the bridge Miyuki hugs Souhei he asks what’s wrong and she says do I need a reason to hug you, he says no standing with his hands at his sides. Miyuki says that he is her boyfriend right? he replies yes and she says if he leaves her she might die (overreacting much?). Souhei pulls her back to look at her and says he will never leave and will always be by her side. Miyuki embraces him again and tells him she loves him and he replies that he loves her too.

Souhei walks home when he sees Miku on the yard bent over and he runs over to her, she stands up and then fall into his arms. Souhei picks her up and puts his forehead to hers and says she seriously has a fever then carries her into the house. Miku’s mom comes over and goes to measure her temperature then Souhei leaves.

Souhei replays holding her in his arms and her telling him she wanted to see his face in his room. Souhei says whats wrong with me.

Miyuki is waiting at the bus stop when Hayato from around the corner. The next scene Miku is in bed also replaying everything about Souhei. Back to Miyuki, Hayato asks her what is wrong and she walks/runs over to him and hugs him crying, Hayato stands there. Miku is in bed and distressed because she knows Souhei is not her fated person, but yet she loves him and this is the end of episode 5.

Sprout episode 5 WOW!!! that was a very dynamic episode and many things took me off guard. Firstly Souhei does not recognize Miku’s feelings right away and Miku immediately backtracks after herself but it seems at the end of the episode Souhei seems to recognize his feelings for Miku. She keeps saying she wants to see Souhei’s face which makes me think that she keeps talking about when he first brought her to the nurses office and in that moment she wanted to see his face. Secondly I was so surprised that it continued with Hayato and Miku’s story line at all I thought the two of them would be avoiding each other from then on but I was happy that those two could be friendly to each other. Thirdly I forgot to mention in the last episode how Miyuki and Miku’s relationship has changed Miku is not feeling so hostile to Miyuki anymore probably because Hayato is with her. I also think that in this episode it becomes apparent that Miku feels more at ease because she lives with Souhei and gets to spend that extra time that Miyuki doesn’t get because she is not there. I also was surprised that Miyuki went into Hayato’s arms even though she was already comforted by Souhei so therefore she should have been okay already, but I guess that means that she doesn’t really believe or trust Souhei. I mean Miyuki hugged Souhei but he did not even hug her back which I think is weird usually if someone you like is hugging such as your girlfriend it would be normal to hug them back. Maybe it is a cultural thing but it could also be showing that Souhei’s feelings towards Miyuki is not that strong or there is something missing in their relationship. Miyuki then must be able to recognize Souhei’s feelings for Miku herself and she must sense that Miku likes him as well. Although in the episodes they do not show Souhei having any feelings for Miku he has always been attentive to Miyuki when she was there and not giving Miku any special attention. It seems to be that Miyuki has feelings for Hayato and must have been rejected by him but she still cannot get over him. What this show has so far taught me is that when you fall in love you cannot get over this no matter the circumstance Miku, Miyuki and Hayato have all fallen in love and cannot get over this and seem to be stuck. Souhei is the only one that has not seemed to fall in love or at least is unaware of his own feelings even though he is trying to help others he still seem oblivious to it. One thing I find funny in the show is that Hayato is soo much taller than Souhei and when they are standing next to each other Souhei looks soo tiny!! anyway can’t wait for episode 6 its getting good!! Sorry for the bad screen shots!!


Sprout episode 4 Summary and Review August 9, 2012

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the start of episode four Miku is brushing her teeth and remembering Hayato saying he likes her and then he goes on further saying she doesn’t have to answer right away because he knows that she likes Souhei. Hayato also says that it is okay for now but he can’t wait forever though and that he will be waiting. Back to Miku she is in a really good mood and talking to Kiyoka in an excited tone saying it was okay she didn’t come and that love is great. Then she runs into Souhei and is still in a good mood, but she wishes she could overwrite her love.

The next scene Hayato and Souhei are lying on the school roof and Hayato is explaining that he confessed to Miku and that he doesn’t understand it himself. Hayato then says its unrequited love and Souhei says that Miku will start to like him eventually. Miku is with her friends explaining that Hayato confessed to her and they are excited for her. They ask if she will date him and she says no because she likes Souhei. They tell her that if she goes out with him that she will like him and that if she doesn’t go out with him they won’t forgive her. Miyuki walks by and waves to Miku and Miku waves back.

 Later Miku is walking in the hall and she hears a group of girls walking behind her saying that Hayato has put a stop to all dates, texts and calls. The girls find this odd because he has never refused and they say that he has someone that he likes this makes Miku smile. Miku then happily goes to the roof and finds Souhei and Hayato lying on the roof she says sorry for interrupting and Souhei says maybe I’m the one interrupting, then Souhei invites the two of them out. After school they are all walking to the Aquarium and Miku is walking behind Hayato, Souhei and Miyuki as Miku runs to catch up she falls. Miku finds her heart beating fast, but she is not sure for which person she feels this way.

At the Aquarium as Hayato and Miku ride up the escalator, he says sorry for it having to be so awkward with Souhei and him both here, but he wanted to come to a place like this with her. Miyuki and Miku are standing together and Miyuki asks Miku if she is dating Hayato and Miku says she is not sure since she has never dated anyone. Hayato and Souhei are walking together and Hayato says he didn’t have to separate them and Souhei says that Hayato is easy to misunderstand and that he should talk a lot. Hayato says that he didn’t know that Souhei was so meddlesome and Souhei says its because he never thought that Hayato would like anyone and that makes him want to help out. (the way Hayato holds his bag is soo cool). Miku then says that she thinks Miyuki would have always been popular Miyuki says that is not true she has had unrequited love and even rejections. Miku asks if she was able to forget the unrequited love right away and Miyuki says she is not sure.

Hayato and Souhei are sitting together and Souhei asks when he became interested in Miku and he says that it was a while ago he says it was around April. He flashbacks to April and he is lying on a ledge close to Miku and her friends talking who are on some steps and her one friends was confessed to and her other friend says she should accept it. Miku says that she wants to have an eternal first love and that they should be together forever. Hayato jumps off of the ledge to see who says this and watches Miku talking about having a fated one. Hayato goes on to tell Souhei that he doesn’t believe in the first love stuff and that is why he is fascinated by Miku and chased her with his eyes. Hayato then asks Souhei if he believes in that and Souhei says maybe not since his parents are split up, but a part of him thinks he would be different, then says he could only talk about this stuff with Hayato. Miyuki then grabs Souhei to go look at some fish leaving Miku and Hayato together and he says that she doesn’t have to force a smile and to not mind him Miku smiles at him. Later on Miyuki is sitting and having a drink and Hayato sits down with her and the other two are looking for souvenirs.

Miku and Souhei are looking at phone charms and both go for the same one they decide to buy four of them the other two for Kiyoka and Naoharu. It goes back to Miyuki and Hayato and she asks him if he likes someone, he says yes and she says she might be a bit frustrated and he says what are you saying.

The four of them then start to go home and then Souhei and Miyuki leave and Miku and Hayato decide to go for a walk. As they are walking Miku asks why Hayato likes her and he replies because he doesn’t get tired of looking at her face and everything she is thinking shows on her face and he can always tell what she is thinking. Miku says that she is happy and she thinks he could be her fated one and there hands brush together and he offers her his hand. Miku takes his hand as they walk she flashbacks to the first day, she can tell its not the same and she pulls her hand away. Miku says sorry and Hayato says its okay and sorry and he says he can’t take her home and leaves.

Miku knows she hurt him and continues walking at the park. Later one at 10:00 her mom and dad are waiting for her and Souhei is with them waiting for Miku he calls Hayato asking about Miku and is told that they left at the park . Souhei goes on his bike to the park and finds Miku sitting on a bench Souhei tells her not to make them worry and Miku says sorry. They start to walk home and Hayato shows up behind them watching them as they walk away.

Souhei asks Miku if Hayato did something to forward to her she says no its her fault that she made him make a face and she is the worst. Souhei asks her if Hayato is no good she says its not that and puts her hand on his hand and says I wanted to see Souhei’s face. This is the end of episode 4.

    This episode makes me sad because poor Hayato’s love is crushed and Miku still wants to be with Souhei. Finally they explain why and how Hayato knows Miku and why he is fascinated by her. Throughout the episodes they always showed him watching her and it makes more sense now. OOOHH the tension between Miyuki and Hayato so it seems more obvious that the unrequited love or rejection was Hayato rejecting Miyuki. Miyuki says that she is bothered by Hayato liking someone and I guess she wanted to be the one that he liked. Basically the four of them should switch partners but of course poor Hayato will probably be stuck by himself in the end. Miku just liked Hayato for that moment because he was complimenting her I mean who wouldn’t like that but she still couldn’t get over Souhei. It seemed like when Hayato was talking about his feelings of love and what they were like  Souhei did not really explain how love feels for him and of course it makes me wonder how much does he like Miyuki because they have not really explained how they fell in love. It is clear now that Miyuki obivously had feelings in the past and possibly the present for Hayato and this of course makes me think that she doesn’t feel as strongly for Souhei as she pretends to be. Yes Miku finally confessed or at least I think she confessed to Souhei! either Souhei will not understand what she means or he will pretend to not understand. I do not think that he will be able to accept what Miku is wanting right away because he has not noticed her feelings and of course will be too shocked to even know how to deal with this new development. Overall I enjoyed this episode and can’t wait to watch the fifth episode!!


Sprout episode 3 summary and review August 7, 2012

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In Sprout episode 3 it starts with Miku making shaved ice and she is recalling the memory of Hayato kissing her when Souohei comes in and starts using the machine as well and he makes too much ice he asks her to save it because he has soccer practice and she is sad that she can’t turn off the switch of love for him. The next scene Souhei is at soccer practice and they have a match coming up and his friends want him to invite Kiyoka to the match meanwhile the assistant female coach looks on at them.

    The next scene Miku is grocery shopping and a boy ahead of her is sitting by the window when someone calls out to him and Miku looks over and sees Hayato and it is awkward. The next scene the three of them are sitting eating a snack and Sou-chan makes conversation with Miku and Hayato leaves to get drinks. Sou-chan asks Miku if she likes his brother and she says she doesn’t understand him and he goes onto tell her that Hayato is not good with girls, Miku doesn’t believe him and he replies that Hayato has never approached a girl himself. The next scene is at Miku’s house and they are all eating supper and Souhei invites everyone to his soccer match, Kiyoka says she will go because she used to be a cheerleader. Naoharu ask if Miyuki is going and Souhei says she can’t come so Souhei doesn’t want to go because he only wanted to go if she was going as she looks like Rurika and Miku is happy at this information.

    The next scene Miku is with Naoharu outside asking what her friend should do because she fell in love with a guy who has a girlfriend and his advice is that the jealousy causes too much energy so she should reset. Miku goes out on her rooms patio and hears Souhei on the phone and he waves to her but she goes in directly. The next scene is Miku at school and one of her guy friends Arata wants her to invite Kiyoka because he thinks she will fall in love with him if she sees him playing soccer. The next scene is Souhei and Hayato talking about Hayato’s younger brother Kou and that he wants to come to their high school and play soccer in his club Hayato says that he won’t get in because he doesn’t study. The next scene is everyone eating supper and Souhei is stuffing his mouth with karaage which is fried chicken and when Miku and her mom are doing the dishes she says that Miku should make and bring some to his match on Sunday since his girlfriend won’t be there.

    On Sunday Miku gets her mom to help her make fried chicken to bring to Souhei match and then Miyuki ditches her because she is going to the beach with her boyfriend so Miku has to go by herself. Miku is by herself at the match on a bench and Souhei comes and talks to her and they ask about Miyuki and his friends are disappointed, Souhei thanks her for coming. Miku gets approached by the female assistant coach and warns Miku that Souhei is nice to everyone and that she should not misunderstand and Miku says she doesn’t.

Kou says hit to Miku and joins her and Hayto is with him but Miku just ignores him and they sit with her. Kou goes over to Souhei during a break an tells him to make a goal in the second half and Souhei agrees. Miku gets up to go over to Souhei but then Miyuki calls Souhei and she comes running over to him and said she finished her errands as fast as she could to make it to his game, Miku is really disappointed that she comes. Miku watches Miyuki cheer for Souhei and Hayato watches Miku. Souhei scores a goal, does a back flip and they win the game. They all go over to the team and as Miku goes to take out her food for Souhei instead Miyuki pulls out hers and everyone is excited, Miku decides to leave. Miku walks away looking like she is about to cry and walks away over to a bench and starts to eat the food she packed.

Hayato meanwhile has followed Miku and joins her at the table asking if he could eat she asks why and he says because I’m hungry. He says its delicious and Miku starts to cry she says she sorry because she doesn’t cry in front of people very often and that it was foul play and her timing was too good obviously talking about Miyuki.

The next scene is Souhei and Miyuki walking home and they are talking and he says thanks for coming and the food when he grabs her hand and kisses Miyuki. Then it goes back to Miku and Hayato he says sorry for the other day and Miku says its okay since he ate her lunch for and that it probably wasn’t anything special that day for him. He says no that was the first time that he ever took the initiative and has been asking himself why he did it ever since that day. Then he says he knows its because he likes her and that is how the third episode ends.


    The third episode is also very interesting as the other two episodes I am happy that the plot still going at a fast pace. First of all Hayato’s younger brother is so cute and I love that he is pushing Miku and Hayato together and gives more dimension to Hayato. From this episode and the past ones it seems like Hayato doesn’t like Miyuki very much and act like strangers even though they were in middle school together. I loved the scene where Miku is talking to Naoharu about her “friend” having a problem and he relates solving the problem to his video game. Hayato really looks like someone from tv or movies but I cannot figure it out the closest I could figure was Jonathon Taylor Thomas? oh it makes me frustrated! I like that Hayato likes Miku they are so cute together but unfortunately I do not think that Miku is going to get over Souhei, which makes me sad because I like the two of them together. Now Kiyoka goes to meet her boyfriend I wish they would show us who he is? Of course they make good use of Grouploves music in this episode again and I enjoy how they use it in the episode.

One thing that bothers me or I find strange is the assistant coach lady not sure who she is if she is a student or a coach but how would she know who Miku is and to be as bold as to warn her about not liking Souhei. Is she a friend of Miyuki’s? or does she like Souhei or herself and then if that is so she should be the most jealous of Miyuki or maybe she doesn’t know that Souhei is dating anyone? I am not sure but this is a strange development. anyway not really any complaints from this episode I found it very interesting and I am again looking forward to the next episode.