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High School Love On Episode 6 Recap/Summary August 24, 2014

The 6th episode starts with Woo-Hyun confessing to Seul-Bi and pulling him to her and she pulls away and then runs away from him and can’t figure out why her heart is beating fast and face is hot. Ye-Na is crying to Young-Eun about being rejected from her confession and they go to a restaurant and are talking about Woo-Hyun’s confession and some girls from their school overhear. The next day Woo-Hyun’s grandmother is all dressed up and closes the shop for the day and tells him that she is going on a vacation.

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At school everyone is talking about Woo-Hyun and Seul-Bi not being cousins and that they are a couple and it is really awkward for them. After school Woo-Hyun tries to catch up with Seul-Bi but she is ignoring him and he has to let her into the shop. Grandmother is really going to the hospital and is having a test done. Mrs. Ahn tries to talk to Sung-Yeol and apologizes about the cheating incident and she tells him that she is going to be him and protect him and he protests and she tells him to meet with his real mom more often and she will try her best to become a real mom to him.

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Seul-Bi is really awkward with Woo-Hyun and pretends to go to bed and he sends her a text saying goodnight and she doesn’t reply so he finds her outside and asks if she is ignoring his texts now. She tells him that she is not rejecting him but that she doesn’t know and he tells her he will wait then and she can’t avoid him.
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Woo-Hyun takes Seul-Bi to learn how to ride a bike and she tries it and does it perfectly. They then have a picnic together.

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At the hospital grandmother learns that she needs to be hospitalized and that her disease is happening more rapidly and she asks for pain meds for a few days to work things out. Woo-Hyun takes Seul-Bi to look at fireworks and jokes with her. At home Woo-Hyun looks up ways to get closer to a girl and he finds watching a horror movie on the cellphone together is the best way so they do that. While they are watching a man breaks in and turns off the electricity and Woo-Hyun faints from the movie and Seul-Bi tries to awaken him but he faints again seeing her with the glow of the cellphone.

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The man that broke in was the same man from the park and the icecream man that Sunbae could see. Sunbae comes and recognizes and the man starts dancing and ignoring Sunbae.

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Woo-Hyun’s dad and teacher are patrolling the area and they see the guy running around. Jae-Suk and his gang are bothering a kid and the patrol come across them . The man comes and punches the teacher and the kids run away and then apologizes and says he thought it was something else. Seul-Bi goes early to school for classroom duties and there she meets Sunbae and he gives her a book not hers but it was from angels how returned their black notes to become a human and if she chooses to be an angel again then it will become hers. She asks why they became humans and he tells her not to give her heart to humans and asks her to agree to become an angel again after a week.

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Seul-Bi does her classroom duties with the girl from the cafe who they helped when her father was trying to get money from her and she sees that she is reading a book about an angel turned human and fallen in love with a human. Seul-Bi asks her questions about the book.Picture 8

Young-Eun and Ye-Na give Seul-Bi a coke and icecream and make her try it together which makes her spit it out on Ye-Na. Ye-Na waits for Woo-Hyun and then acts that she is upset but then acts all forgiving. Woo-Hyun takes Seul-Bi away and says sorry. 

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Sung-Yeol warns Woo-Hyun to stop making Seul-Bi’s life hard for her. Ye-Na tries to give Seul-Bi money for the cleaning of her shirt but she doesn’t want to take it because she spit on her uniform. Seul-Bi goes home alone and a man is there saying that their is a buyer for grandmother’s store so she phones grandmother who is in the hospital. Grandmother tells her that she will take care of it and not to tell Woo-Hyun. Grandmother wonders if she should phone Mrs. Ahn but decides against it. Suk-Hoon tricked Woo-Hyun into helping him sew some dolls to help his family make money and Woo-Hyun wants to take a doll in return. Seul-Bi gets a phone call from Ye-Na saying that she doesn’t want to live without Woo-Hyun and gets her to come. Seul-Bi comforts her and Ye-Na makes her get her water and tissues and gives her money and makes her leave her purse and Ye-Na opens the purse.

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Ye-Na then goes back to the cafe and talks with  Young-Eun and they discuss the plan that she leave her phone in Seul-Bi’s purse and the girl from the cafe overhears it. Woo-Hyun meets Seul-Bi and he gives her the doll and they both hold one of its hands and walks home and this ends episode 6.
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So the next episode looks like Seul-Bi is going to be in trouble with Ye-Na for stealing her phone and Woo-Hyun will possibly be finding out that his grandma is sick and is selling the store. So this episode had some silly parts like Woo-Hyun fainting while watching a horror movie! I have never seen that before and not just once but twice he faints!! lol that would never happen. I think it is pretty hard to faint in real life but it seems like in dramas it happens very often!! All I could think was that would hurt the arm to hold up the phone for like 2 hours !! lol

One thing I don’t quite understand is that Ye-Na says she has been in love with Woo-Hyun for 3 years but he only recently transferred to her school? unless just from going to the restaurant she has been watching him? I am really wondering if we are going to see Seul-Bi as a an angel again? I mean for the love story to work she can’t go back to being an angel so I wonder if she will go back for a little while and then change her mind and realize she is in love with Woo-Hyun? but I am not sure she knows how to become human again because she doesn’t even know how she did it in the first place? I wonder who that weird guy is hanging around them ! I wonder if he was once an angel but became human and somehow had something to do with her turning human? I want to see her turn into an angel again!! lol but at the same time there is not much for her when she is an angel all she does it work and watch dramas on other peoples tvs.

If you guys are enjoying High School Love On! I would also suggest to check out surplus princess because it also has magical elements to it as a mermaid turns into a human!!