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Nail Shop Paris Episode 1 Brief Summary May 7, 2013

In the first episode of the Korean Drama Nail Shop Paris we are introduced to a writer Yeo-Joo who lives with her roommate Ji-Soo. She almost gets a contract for a online story about a gumiho but they withdraw because people online think that she plagiarized. She tries writing again but she feels like everything she writes is similar to a movie.Picture 1

She goes into the world to get a inspiration and there she sees a woman getting attacked by a crazy man, a young man Alex steps in and disables the man carrying the knife and save the day.  Ji-Soo decides to follow him because she thinks he would be perfect for a protagonist in her novel. She follows him and winds up at a nail salon called Nail Shop Paris and goes in and sees that there is only young men who are the nail manicurist. She sees Alex giving a treatment to a lady and listens in and then leaves. As she leaves she sees that there is a sign that says that they need interns.

Picture 2

Yeo-Joo goes home and explains the salon to Ji-Soo and Ji-Soo tells her that it is a famous salon and that they only hire men. Yeo-Joo tells her that she wants to work there and that since Ji-Soo is a makeup artist at a tv station she has to help her. Ji-Soo then cuts her hair short and helps her dress like a boy.

Yeo-Joo goes into Nail Shop Paris and says that she is here for an interview and Jin a blond energetic man takes her to the back to the boss who is a woman. She tells him that it is very important that there only be men in the shop to be manicurists because the women clients come to have their hearts taken care of not just the nails and that they are there to hold the woman’s hand and listen to her. Yeo-Joo gets hired.

Picture 3

A regular comes into the shop and gets Alex to look at her hands. An out of place man comes in asking about the picture of some nail art on the wall and how much it would cost to get it done and Alex tells him and then he leaves. Yeo-Joo comes home to Ji-Soo being asked on a date and turns him down for Ji-Soo and they go into their building together. Yeo-Joo then is inspired and starts writing at night.

Yeo-Joo goes into the nail shop and is introduced to the staff Jin, Kei, Alex and Jin decides that her name doesn’t suit her and that she will be called bunny and it sticks.Picture 4

Kei seems suspicious of Yeo-Joo and seems to wonder why she has come. Yeo-Joo goes to change and she opens Alex’s locker to see what it looks like and Kei finds her doing this and she pretends she didn’t know which was her locker. The regular customer comes in and Yeo-Joo asks who it is and Jin tells her that she is a regular, almost like family, and comes in everyday.

Picture 5

  Tae-Hee the regular brought in dessert for the whole staff but everyone is busy and Yeo-Joo is the only left to eat with her. Tae-Hee tells her that the manicurists here are more popular than some idol celebrities and that they have fans. Jin is known as Smiley Angel, Kei is the Ice Prince and Alex’s fans are all the women over 30 that come to the salon and that he used to study traditional medicine but because of an accident he left and became a manicurist.
Picture 6

The same man comes in and has brought his wife and makes her sit down, she gives Jin her hands and she has marks or burn scars on her hands and pulls away. Alex takes the husband aside and talks to him and the husband tells him that he was saving up for a wedding ring and because of an accident he caused he is unable and wants to get her nails done instead of a ring. As the couple leave Alex lies and tells them that they won the 100th customer prize and that they should come back tomorrow evening for the treatment. They all gather and discuss with the boss that Alex wants to do a special service for the couple so Alex and Kei come up with the ideas and stay late at night. Yeo-Joo and Jin walk home and he tells her more about Alex and how he used to be in traditional medicine.

Picture 7

The couple come back the next day and Kei puts some fancy decorations on her nails that looks like a wedding ring. After that all the men go to the restaurant that they always go to and get tipsy from the beer. Jin suggests that they stay at Alex’s house and Yeo-Joo is in favor of this.

Picture 8

They all go to Alex’s place and when she thinks everyone is sleeping she goes around taking notes into her recorder about his place. Kei catches her doing this and pulls her aside asking what she is doing and he thinks that she could be gay and Yeo-Joo of course argues this and goes back inside and Kei seems to think it could be a possibility that she is a girl.

Picture 9

Yeo-Joo goes into the nail shop the next day thinking if Kei is still suspicious of her that she would quit. She picks up a coffee she finds outside the shop and bring it in, Alex sees this and takes it from her because he wants it. Kei pulls her aside and is going to make her do some heavy lifting when they hear someone yell Alex.Picture 10

Kei and her go running and Alex is on the floor. The boss picks up the cup and says that she thinks glue is in the cup and Kei wants to punch Yeo-Joo. The boss and Jin take Alex to the hospital and tells Kei and Yeo-Joo to check the tape and they see Tae-Hee leaving the cup on the tape.


Picture 11

The first episodes of a new drama are the most exciting and filled with so many possibilities to how the direction of the drama will go and I am looking forward to the rest of the episodes. I was a little worried because they have Yeo-Joo played by  Park Gyulee a singer from Kara and Thunder a singer from MBLAQ. The acting seemed to be fine, although Thunder acting all cute was a bit weird. This drama seems like it a mix of Ouran High School Host Club because the boys are getting paid to not only do a nail service but to also give them special attention and Haruhi like Yeo-Joo go undercover as a man. It also seems to a bit of To The Beautiful You mixed in too because the men in the salon do not know that she is a girl and if they did she would be kicked out. It is not bad because I really enjoyed the 2 different story lines but it really seems like a mix between them.

One thing that I did not particularly like was the way Yeo-Joo was trying to research Alex. She was being way to obvious and it was like no one would act that way and Alex would be a lot more creeped out. I guess that is why Kei is suspicious of her instead and maybe he will keep her secret but I really think he is going to figure it out soon unless he will keep her around to see what she wants. I enjoyed this more light hearted korean drama and I am looking forward to the drama in the next episode.