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High School Love On Episode 6 Recap/Summary August 24, 2014

The 6th episode starts with Woo-Hyun confessing to Seul-Bi and pulling him to her and she pulls away and then runs away from him and can’t figure out why her heart is beating fast and face is hot. Ye-Na is crying to Young-Eun about being rejected from her confession and they go to a restaurant and are talking about Woo-Hyun’s confession and some girls from their school overhear. The next day Woo-Hyun’s grandmother is all dressed up and closes the shop for the day and tells him that she is going on a vacation.

Picture 1

At school everyone is talking about Woo-Hyun and Seul-Bi not being cousins and that they are a couple and it is really awkward for them. After school Woo-Hyun tries to catch up with Seul-Bi but she is ignoring him and he has to let her into the shop. Grandmother is really going to the hospital and is having a test done. Mrs. Ahn tries to talk to Sung-Yeol and apologizes about the cheating incident and she tells him that she is going to be him and protect him and he protests and she tells him to meet with his real mom more often and she will try her best to become a real mom to him.

.Picture 2

Seul-Bi is really awkward with Woo-Hyun and pretends to go to bed and he sends her a text saying goodnight and she doesn’t reply so he finds her outside and asks if she is ignoring his texts now. She tells him that she is not rejecting him but that she doesn’t know and he tells her he will wait then and she can’t avoid him.
Picture 3

Woo-Hyun takes Seul-Bi to learn how to ride a bike and she tries it and does it perfectly. They then have a picnic together.

Picture 4

At the hospital grandmother learns that she needs to be hospitalized and that her disease is happening more rapidly and she asks for pain meds for a few days to work things out. Woo-Hyun takes Seul-Bi to look at fireworks and jokes with her. At home Woo-Hyun looks up ways to get closer to a girl and he finds watching a horror movie on the cellphone together is the best way so they do that. While they are watching a man breaks in and turns off the electricity and Woo-Hyun faints from the movie and Seul-Bi tries to awaken him but he faints again seeing her with the glow of the cellphone.

Picture 5

The man that broke in was the same man from the park and the icecream man that Sunbae could see. Sunbae comes and recognizes and the man starts dancing and ignoring Sunbae.

Picture 6

Woo-Hyun’s dad and teacher are patrolling the area and they see the guy running around. Jae-Suk and his gang are bothering a kid and the patrol come across them . The man comes and punches the teacher and the kids run away and then apologizes and says he thought it was something else. Seul-Bi goes early to school for classroom duties and there she meets Sunbae and he gives her a book not hers but it was from angels how returned their black notes to become a human and if she chooses to be an angel again then it will become hers. She asks why they became humans and he tells her not to give her heart to humans and asks her to agree to become an angel again after a week.

Picture 7

Seul-Bi does her classroom duties with the girl from the cafe who they helped when her father was trying to get money from her and she sees that she is reading a book about an angel turned human and fallen in love with a human. Seul-Bi asks her questions about the book.Picture 8

Young-Eun and Ye-Na give Seul-Bi a coke and icecream and make her try it together which makes her spit it out on Ye-Na. Ye-Na waits for Woo-Hyun and then acts that she is upset but then acts all forgiving. Woo-Hyun takes Seul-Bi away and says sorry. 

Picture 9

Sung-Yeol warns Woo-Hyun to stop making Seul-Bi’s life hard for her. Ye-Na tries to give Seul-Bi money for the cleaning of her shirt but she doesn’t want to take it because she spit on her uniform. Seul-Bi goes home alone and a man is there saying that their is a buyer for grandmother’s store so she phones grandmother who is in the hospital. Grandmother tells her that she will take care of it and not to tell Woo-Hyun. Grandmother wonders if she should phone Mrs. Ahn but decides against it. Suk-Hoon tricked Woo-Hyun into helping him sew some dolls to help his family make money and Woo-Hyun wants to take a doll in return. Seul-Bi gets a phone call from Ye-Na saying that she doesn’t want to live without Woo-Hyun and gets her to come. Seul-Bi comforts her and Ye-Na makes her get her water and tissues and gives her money and makes her leave her purse and Ye-Na opens the purse.

Picture 10

Ye-Na then goes back to the cafe and talks with  Young-Eun and they discuss the plan that she leave her phone in Seul-Bi’s purse and the girl from the cafe overhears it. Woo-Hyun meets Seul-Bi and he gives her the doll and they both hold one of its hands and walks home and this ends episode 6.
Picture 11

So the next episode looks like Seul-Bi is going to be in trouble with Ye-Na for stealing her phone and Woo-Hyun will possibly be finding out that his grandma is sick and is selling the store. So this episode had some silly parts like Woo-Hyun fainting while watching a horror movie! I have never seen that before and not just once but twice he faints!! lol that would never happen. I think it is pretty hard to faint in real life but it seems like in dramas it happens very often!! All I could think was that would hurt the arm to hold up the phone for like 2 hours !! lol

One thing I don’t quite understand is that Ye-Na says she has been in love with Woo-Hyun for 3 years but he only recently transferred to her school? unless just from going to the restaurant she has been watching him? I am really wondering if we are going to see Seul-Bi as a an angel again? I mean for the love story to work she can’t go back to being an angel so I wonder if she will go back for a little while and then change her mind and realize she is in love with Woo-Hyun? but I am not sure she knows how to become human again because she doesn’t even know how she did it in the first place? I wonder who that weird guy is hanging around them ! I wonder if he was once an angel but became human and somehow had something to do with her turning human? I want to see her turn into an angel again!! lol but at the same time there is not much for her when she is an angel all she does it work and watch dramas on other peoples tvs.

If you guys are enjoying High School Love On! I would also suggest to check out surplus princess because it also has magical elements to it as a mermaid turns into a human!!


Her Legend Episode 6 Recap/Summary August 25, 2013

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The 6th episode starts with Jin-Hoo going to Jung-Soo’s shop and while he is there he sees a photo of a young Jung-Soo and he recalls when he was young and he confronted her about stealing the bag design. He remembers going to Shin Hwa group and seeing the picture taped to the window and he went back to her stand and she wasn’t there because she was busy with exams. He tells her instead of paying him back he wants her to design and make him a new tablet cover and she agrees happily.

Picture 1

At home Jin-Hoo finds the picture of Jung-Soo and then finishes his math problem which helps him relax. Manager Kang goes to meet Jung-Soo and they have coffee and he tells her that she has lots of talent and that the only reason she did pass was because of her lack of presentation with her portfolio. She tells him that he has encouraged her and that if another challenge approaches she feels more confident. She also asks about Jin-Hoo’s tastes but then doesn’t let him answer and leaves it. Picture 2

Kyung-Hee tells her adoptive parents she wants to move into their house in Seoul and they agree that it would be okay. Jung-Soo finishes designing the cover and goes and buys some expensive italian leather and starts working on it. The team is introduced for team Luna.

Picture 3

Jin-Hoo texts Jung-Soo during the meeting asking if she is working on the cover and she texts back that she will finish today and he can come get it. Ah-Ra one of the designers on the team suggests going to clubs  to survey the market and everyone agrees to this. Jung-Soo gets a text to meet him at the golden gate club while she is at her friends rental store and while they are there Ah-Ra comes in and returns the clothes she rented. Ah-Ra gets more clothes and accessories for going to the club tonight. When she leaves her friend tells Jung-Soo that she is obsessed and yearns for expensive items but cannot afford them. Do-Young is writing a letter to Kyung-Hee and writes she will wear the carnation for parent’s day. Everyone is at the club and they go dancing. Jung-Soo goes to the club but is not let in because she is not dressed up. She tries phoning Jin-Hoo and he eventually answers and comes out and drags her into the club room. She gives him the cover and says it is not his style and he refuses to tell her what he likes and suggests she needs to follow fashion and trends and that he wants her to make a new one.

Picture 4

She gets a nose bleed and then runs out of the room with kleenex. As she leaves Ah-Ra sees her and thinks she was crying and then sees Jin-Hoo run after her.

Picture 5

Ah-Ra tells everyone when they gather that Jin-Hoo left with a girl who was crying. Kyung-Hee then decides to leave after she heard Jin-Hoo hat left and says she has a migraine. Manager Kang follows her and says he will drive because he knows how she can’t drive with a migraine she refuses and leaves. Jin-Hoo finds Jung-Soo and pulls her in and she falls alseep so he has to look up her address from her resume. As she is sleeping her neck keeps falling so he puts a pillow around her neck.

.Picture 6

When Jin-Hoo takes her home he sees Kyung-Hee by the house and standing outside he recognizes her and she makes up an excuse saying that she likes the view here and then she leaves. Jung-Soo wakes up and leaves. The next day Kyung-Hee tries to suck up to Jin-Hoo but it doesn’t work. Manager Kang sees this and then is reminded of when they used to date and she got a migraine and he gave her a piggyback. 

Picture 7

Jung-Soo at the shop is told by Kyung-Ho that the man that rents out their shop went bankrupt and got involved with loan sharks and that means they are going to lose their shop.

Picture 8

Jin-Hoo is trying to text and phone Jung-Soo but she hasn’t replied to him in a week so he goes down to her shop and finds it is closed down and is told by others what happened. As Jin-Hoo is driving down he sees Jung-Soo and Kyung-Ho selling their bags on the street and they are doing it illegally.

Picture 9

The cops come and she pushes all the bags she can into a big bag and runs and Jin-Hoo pulls up and she gets in. He gives her a hard time for not making him a new cover and she says he will have to wait until her family situation is better.  He drives her home and she thanks him for helping her and he asks if she wants a job at Shin Hwa and she agrees. Manager Kang tells Jin-Hoo that he needs an assistant for the team and Jin-Hoo is then relieved because there is now a job for Jung-Soo. The president of Shin Hwa tells Director Choi that he will be stepping down soon but he wants it to be a secret and the Director Choi is secretly happy about this.  Jung-Soo comes into the company and is hapy for the part time assistant job and when Kyung-Hee sees her working she gets mad at the manager for hiring and then complains to Manager Kang.Picture 10

As Jung-Soo works she runs into Manager Kang and they are happy to see each other. Picture 11

Do-Young is driving and she all of a sudden remembers Jung-Soo runnning down the road to her car begging for help. Do-Young calls her husband and tells him that she remembers. Jung-Soo is called into Kyung-Hee’s office and she says it has been a while Jung-Soo and Jung-Soo asks if she really is Kyung-Hee and this is how the 6th episode ends.

Picture 12

Picture 13
This drama is coming out strong! I really hope that they will be able to keep the interest and drama going for all of the episodes. I just realized that it is not a drama without amnesia !! it seems a bit cliche but yet it is quite effective to keep the plot interesting. I wonder if she got all her memories back or just that one of Jung-Soo. I wonder what Kyung-Hee’s goal is to admit that she is Kyung-Hee to Jung-Soo? maybe she will just pretend that she has come to Korea to work and that she is just living alone as an adult? I mean it would be hard to keep it a secret if they talk about her dad running the company she works for? or maybe she will just tell her the truth and that there is nothing that Jung-Soo can do about it now?

It seems like Kyung-Hee either has a crush on Jin-Hoo or she wants his attention or to get on his good side but she seems to be failing at that because she is too boring. Jung-Soo has obviously left a mark on him by leaving the photo on the window and seems to be interested in her. I wonder if that is the love triangle Kyung-Hee likes Jin-Hoo and Jin-Hoo likes Jung-Soo. I know that Manager Kang has to get in the triangle somewhere. He has hit it off with Jung-Soo and is nice to her so therefore they will not work out together. Manager Kang obviously is hung up on Kyung-Hee but she seems to dislike him now so maybe they will end up together again or Manager Kang will end up alone! It is so hard to wait for the next episode!!


Nailshop Paris Episode 6 Summary June 4, 2013

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The 6th episode starts with Alex going remembering when he was a doctor and another doctor is mad at him for treating a patient without the permission from the other doctor. The doctor fires Alex. Picture 1

Alex is drinking at a bar and the boss comes in and asks him to come help her heal people that can’t be helped in the hospital. She was a former patient of Alex’s and he saw that she had anemia by looking at her nail.

Picture 2

In the present Alex is sitting with the boss as she sleeps in her bed. He asks her if she is dizzy and nauseous and she sends him home.

Picture 3

Yeo-Joo is sulking in her bed and Ji-Soo tries to get her to go to work. Ji-Soo phones Jin and tells him that Yeo-Joo isn’t going to go to work today but she doesn’t know why. Alex overhears and asks if she is sick and Jin just nods his head.

Yeo-Joo then decides that she is going to work on her novel. Yeo-Joo and Ji-Soo as gumihoo’s go to the restaurant and the owner has been hurt by the hunters.

Picture 4

Ji-Soo goes after she hears a shot she kills 2 hunters but she gets shot by one. Yeo-Joo comes to her side and Ji-Soo tells her to never trust a human.

Picture 5

Ji-Soo dies and Yeo-Joo goes to the Kei and he tells her to watch out for the man in the nail shop and the story is interrupted by Alex phoning her and asking if she is going to go to the nail class today and she tells him that she will.
Picture 6

A lady comes into the shop and Jin notices that she didn’t come with her friend and she tells them he is her boyfriend Hee-Cheol and she asks that they do not tell her friend Joon-Young that she came here with her boyfriend.

Picture 7

After nail class Jin is waiting and he tells her that Alex told him to meet her because he thought something was worrying her. They eat and Jin tells her he is thinking of breaking up with Ji-Soo because girls want to talk to him and he cannot say no. Ji-Soo gets mad at him for having a conversation with a girl at the bar. Yeo-Joo gets mad at him because he isn’t talking about her problems she tells him that she saw Alex and the boss go into the apartment together and then waited for Alex to come out 3 hours later. She also tells him that in Alex’s wallet there was a picture of him and the boss. She tells him that she is going to get over Alex.

At work Jin asks Kei if the boss and Alex are really in a relationship but Kei has not heard and then Kei asks if that is why Yeo-Joo is so depressed. Jin laughs it off and says that he wouldn’t care about something like that. Joon-Young comes through the doors with the girl that came in earlier who is Yeon-Hee and asks who she came in with earlier and if it was the boyfriend. They separate the girls and the girl with the boyfriend Yeon-Hee explains to Alex and Jin that they are roommates and have been for a long time and that after she started dating Hee-Cheol all she does is gossip about him. She tells them that she even threw away her ring that Hee-Cheol gave her. Joon-Young is talking with Kei and Yeo-Joo and she tells them that she is doing it for her and Kei tells her that it just sounds like she is jealous. Kei asks what is the problem that he thinks Hee-Cheol’s personality is good and has good manners. Joon-Young says that she hates everything about Hee-Cheol.

Picture 8

The staff are at the restaurant and the boss says that she thinks the friend has a problem and she asks Kei what he thinks and he says he thinks it is one-sided love and Alex says that it probably hurts her more since she saw the man fall in love with somebody she knows. Jin says that she said she hated everything about him and Kei says that 2 negatives makes a positive. They decide they need to see them interact before they can know it that is the problem. They tell Yeon-Hee that they are going to try a double date and Kei is the one going with them.

Jin goes to meet Ji-Soo and tell her they need to talk. They go to a park and he tells her that he thinks they should break up because he admitted his mistake and doesn’t want to fight over little things and that he doesn’t want to cling to somebody who hates him and he starts walking away thinking that he has played her and she tells him that she agrees and starts crying and sends him away. A bunch of punks come up to them and want to play, they punch Jin and grab Ji-Hoo she knocks them all out.

Picture 9

Hee-Cheol, Joon-Young, Kei, Yeon-Hee are all on the date.  Kei tries to talk to Joon-Young and Jin told him a girl with a crush remember everything about the person and Joon-Young doesn’t really tell him anything about Hee-Cheol. Jin also tells him that a girl will keep everything that the guy gives to her and cherishes it so Kei says they should get a souvenir for the girls. Hee-Cheol puts a headband on her and she takes it off and walks away.

Picture 10
Yeo-Joo is practicing her nail art when Alex comes in and he forgot to bring his book home. He helps her with work and takes her out to eat. When they are done he asks her if she is mad at him and she says no. She asks him if he has a girlfriend and he says he doesn’t. He notices her shoe is untied so he ties it for her. She asks him why he is so nice to her and he says because she is like a younger brother to him. He goes to pat her head and she pushes his hand away and says she needs to go back to the salon. She runs away to the bus stop and starts crying and phones Ji-Soo and tells her that Alex doesn’t have any special feelings for her and that it is breaking her heart.

Picture 11

On the date Kei remember that Jin told him that a girl with a crush like skinship from the crush and that being touched would make them go crazy. Kei takes Yeon-Hee on the ride and Joon-Young goes with Hee-Cheol. Kei tells Hee-Cheol to put his arm around Joon-Young because she was scared and she pushes him off of her. After the ride Joon-Young complains about Hee-Cheol touching her on the ride Kei says that he was just helping her because she was scared. Kei asks if she likes Hee-Cheol and she gets mad and walks away. She had dropped her phone and Kei picked it up and found pictures taken of Yeon-Hee sleeping and everyone comes to the realization that she had a crush on Yeon-Hee.

Picture 12

Joon-Young goes with Kei to Paris because she doesn’t want to go home because Yeon-Hee knows the truth. Yeo-Joo is there practicing and Joon-Youngand Kei go to the back and he sets up a bed for her and she tells him that they knew each other from school and that she was surprised when a pretty and popular girl wanted to be her friend and she then hid her feelings so she could keep staying close to her.

The next day Alex wants to talk to Yeo-Joo but Jin interrupts. Alex talks to Kei and says he did a color personality test on Joon-Young and that it showed she was half dead and needs help desperately and decide to wait to see.

Joon-Young goes back to her place and Yeon-Hee is waiting for her and they talk about why Joon-Young was acting and she tells her that she doesn’t want to lose Joon-Young and invites her to her engagement party. Joon-Young decides to move out instead of Yeon-Hee.

Yeon-Hee goes to Paris and she talks to Alex and Kei about Joon-Young and invites them all to her engagement party.

At the engagement party Jin, Kei, Alex, and Yeo-Joo are all there and Hee-Cheol puts a ring on Yeon-Hee finger and says his vow and she can’t do it because she is upset about leaving Joon-Young alone and she leaves the room.

Picture 13

As she is leaving Joon-Young comes in with flowers and says sorry she is late and they hug and the staff comes out to and sees them.
Picture 14
At the shop Alex and Kei are doing Joon-Young’s and Yeon-Hee’s nails and they do a keep the faith manicure for their eternal friendship. After they are done Hee-Cheol comes and Joon-Young had called them to take them out for lunch and Yeon-Hee is surprised. She says she didn’t want to be the reason that she lost a great guy.

Picture 15

Joon-Young pulls Kei aside and tells asks him if he likes Yeo-Joo and he asks how she knew and she says she could see it from far away. She wants him to release the wild cat of love so it doesn’t scratch up his heart. That after he tells her that he will know what to do next.

Picture 16

Yeo-Joo is practicing nail art and Jin wants her to go out and she doesn’t want to he calls her a girl and she yells at him no to. Kei is watching from above and when Jin leaves he comes out. Yeo-Joo is shocked and Kei asks her if she is a girl and she says she will quit tomorrow if he wants her to.Picture 18

He asks who told her to quit he then pulls her into a hug and tells her that he doesn’t want to have a secret crush anymore and would have told her this even when she was a boy, and that he doesn’t care if she has a crush on Alex or not.
Picture 19

Picture 20
Wow what an exciting ending!! I cannot wait for the next episode!! I have come to like the idea of Kei and Yeo-Joo together!! I think it would be soo good!! I have to say this was one weird episode a girl liking her best friend and then in the end they go back to being friends. It is kinda weird at the engagement party inviting the staff of her nail salon and not for example family and friends!!?? and then she runs out and what she is just going to go back to being friends and not deal with her fiancee?? I don’t know this was just a bad concept the whole way through!! not sure I really love the side stories very much!! I loved how Yeo-Joo finally admits that she has feelings for Alex and then is heartbroken when she knows she can’t really expect anything from him because of the situation. She seemed more honest and real and then Kei finally admits that he has feelings for Yeo-Joo and becomes like her more honest. So funny when Jin thought he could trick Ji-Soo by wanting to break up and then she beats up the guys which makes him love her even more!! I am soo happy that Kei finds out she is a girl and can finally understand why he is having feelings for her. I do not think that she will be able to reciprocate his feeling at first obviously because she thinks he doesn’t even like her. I have to say I love the softening of Kei and how more lovable he has gotten in the more recent episodes!!


To The Beautiful You Summary Episode 6 September 1, 2012

Episode 6 starts off with Tae-Joon reading Jae-Hee’s letter right before the competition and Jae-Hee getting into a taxi to go back to America. Jae-Hee is riding with her brother in the taxi and he asks her if she would want to see Tae-Joon jump because she came all the way for this. Jae-Hee tells him that she shouldn’t have come because Tae-Joon is having a hard time since she came,she doesn’t have the confidence to see him jump.

At the competition Hyun-Jae is taking his turn, he makes the jump and Tae-Joon keeps saying he won’t jump because he is waiting for a higher jump.

Ha-Na is driving in her car and her driver tells her that her uniform was put back, Ha-Na says to get rid of it and throws the bag. As the bag falls a bracelet falls out and she recognizes it from Tae-Joon’s desk.

Hyun-Jae makes another jump, Tae-Joon stands up to also attempt the jump, on his shoe he is wearing Jae-Hee’s red lace in one of his shoes. Tae-Joon knocks the bar down on his jump.

Jae-Hee’s brother drops her off at the competition and tells her that she needs to go because Tae-Joon is jumping again for her. Tae-Joon is about to attempt his second jump and Jae-Hee runs in and encourages him and he sees her. Tae-Joon jumps and he makes it, Jae-Hee is tearing up. Jae-Hee comes to talk to him after he asks why she came and she said because it was her roommate and she was touched that he did well, even though he didn’t win against Hyun-Jae. Jae-Hee gets a text from her brother saying that it won’t hurt her to stay and that she can come back anytime. She tells Tae-Joon this and hugs him he shrugs her off. He tells her that he used her shoelace well and that they must have a memory.

Eun-Gyeol is at the movies with Dong-Wu and she asks him if he wants to go out with her, his heart starts pounding.

Hyun-Jae tells Jae-Hee that one day he will beat his record. The reporter comes in and asks Hyun-Jae for an interview, she then congratulates Tae-Joon.

Ha-Na approaches Jae-Hee asks her if the bracelet is hers and if she stole her uniform. Ha-Na asks that she stole it because she is a girl and Tae-Joon approaches and says thats nonsense. Tae-Joon asks why she thinks this and she says because of the bracelet and Tae-Joon pulls out his bracelet explaining that they sold it in front of the school a while ago. Tae-Joon and Jae-Hee go in and he tells her to be careful because of the underwear and now the uniform that it is making it obvious that she is a pervert. Jae-Hee protests this and then Tae-Joon asks is it because you are a girl and she also refutes this, he settles it as she being a pervert then.

Ha-Na is at school and she hears some girls talking about Tae-Joon going down because Hyun-Jae was able to beat him in her class, Ha-Na pours water on one of the girls tablet because they were talking smack about him.

The principal in charge of the students joins the dorm leader and they talk about a pamphlet and he asks them if they are going to have that strange event again. They say they have to because it is a part of the school tradition, the principal doesn’t want them to do it. Seung-Ri says he has a trump card and that this year’s Miss Genie is going to come from his dormitory.

Eun-Gyeol is with Jae-Hee in the laundry room and he is showing her last year’s Miss Genie Yeon Ma who is Seung-Ri’s sunbae, Eun-Gyeol explains that each dormitory tries to get their best Miss Genie out there, Jae-Hee asks how its going with Dong-Mu and he says its nothing special. Eun-Gyeol asks how Tae-Joon is because he got kicked off the athletic team and pushed by Hyun-Jae. Jae-Hee says that she is worried about that.
Tae-Joon is in his room exercising and he notices its 11:00 and wonders where Jae-Hee has gone and then he ask himself why he even cares. He walks down the hallway and meets with Jae-Hee and she asks him if he is going somewhere and makes something up.

Seung-Ri has Jae-Hee’s picture and is drawing long hair on her and says that she is red-handed.

Jong-Min approaches Jae-Hee in class and asks how she is doing because he heard that she fell into the pool. She asks him how he knew and he says the students were talking about it. He then says that she seems fine even though she is allergic to chlorine and she says she almost died. He then asks if she saw the face of the person that pushed her in and she says no, she just slipped herself. Seung-Ri then comes and calls Jae-Hee out  and mysteriously talks about the weird event and shows her the picture he drew on of her with long hair. He then ask her to be a girl and she freaks out and leaves.

Eun-Gyeol is with Dong-Mu and he is wanting to get his cleats fixed but the man says that he will need to buy new ones. They are eating dinner and she asks why he wanted to fix those ones and he says because he goaled 3 free kicks and had other good things happen to him in those shoes. He realizes that she doesn’t know much about soccer and they joke around. She cuts his burger for him because he struggled with the first cut. As he leaves the restaurant he drops his shoes near the garbage.

Tae-Joon is doing pull ups using the floor on the second level and Jae-Hee comes in and says that if he ever needs anything that he should call her. Tae-Joon says he doesn’t need help and Jae-Hee teases him by saying she can’t hear him. She puts her head between the bars where he is doing the pull-ups and they meet face to face, they both freak out, he falls off and she hits her head on the bar. Tae-Joon says he doesn’t need anything and goes into the washroom, and calls Jae-Hee dangerous.

In class the teacher Lee volunteers Tae-Joon to be a barista for the upcoming fundraiser, Jae-Hee then volunteers, Eun-Gyeol, and then Jong-Min volunteers. Jong-Min then is told he has to serve and he asks why and she says because he is the prettiest.

Jae-Hee is running beside Tae-Joon with two small fans and he says to stop but she says he needs to stay cool. She accidentally hits him in the face and he takes one from her and chases her with it. He hears the whistle, sees the athletic team and watches them.

Jae-Hee goes to Seung-Ri and says that she will be a girl but she has a favor.

Teacher Lee is giving Eun-Gyeol the money for the cafe and he has to go buy things that they will need and he is able to bring a friend with him. He takes Jae-Hee and they are at the grocery store, Jae-Hee is told by a worker that lemon is good for fatigue recovery and she tries one, so she gets a pack.

Jae-Hee is in the lounge and is making a lemon snack with honey and on her way back she meets the delivery man with many boxes for Tae-Joon. She puts them in the room and puts her lemon snack next to all the packages because she doesn’t want special treatment. Tae-Joon comes in and sees her note and recognizes it as Jae-Hee right away and takes one slice of lemon out to eat.

Seung-Ri is working the athletic team when he flashes back to Jae-Hee saying she will be a girl and that her favor is for Tae-Joon to go back on the athletic team. Seung-Ri goes to the coach and asks him as the captain of the team.

After class Jong-Min comes up to Jae-Hee and says that he was elected as Miss Genie since a hundred years ago and he heard that she was trying out, she should just forfeit, she replies she can’t.

Tae-Joon is practicing his high jump and the coach comes in saying there is no reason for him to be here anymore. Tae-Joon says that if he takes him back he will jump again and knees in front of the coach.  The coach says he can come back if he is Hyun-Jae’s training partner and Tae-Joon agrees. Coach then tells him that Seung-Ri just barely asked him to let Tae-Joon back on the team.

Tae-Joon and the others are getting their cafe ready, Jong-Min brings a white tiger costume to wear and Jae-Hee agrees to wear it. Eun-Gyeol takes a picture with Jae-Hee and his heart starts beating even with her in it. Later Eun-Gyeol takes over the costume so Jae-Hee can have a break. Dong-Mu comes to the cafe asking about Eun-Gyeol and they tell her to wait and have a seat. Tae-Joon made an iced coffee and goes to Eun-Gyeol in costume and tells him to have this because a customer didn’t want it thinking that he is Jae-Hee. Jae-Hee finds Eun-Gyeol and tells him that someone is waiting for him at the cafe, he goes back and joins Dong-Mu and he goes to get her a waffle. Everyone asks him if she is his girlfriend, Eun-Gyeol says she is not and they tease him for a bit. Jae-Hee comes back in to cool off and Eun-Gyeol makes the waffle.

Eun-Gyeol and Dong-Mu walk to the soccer field and talk about soccer and she has memorized many facts for Eun-Gyeol. She gives him a gift which is his old soccer shoes which look like they have been repaired, and he invites her to a soccer game and she asks if this means they are dating. He doesn’t answer but instead offers his hand and they walk away.

Its the Miss Genie showcase, Tae-Joon leaves and talks to Seung-Ri and thanks him for talking to the coach. Seung-Ri says that he should be thanking Jae-Hee because she asked him to do it if she would compete in Miss Genie.

Jae-Hee is changing her clothes when it looks like the guy from the bathroom incident takes all her clothes. Jae-Hee is called on stage and no one comes out. Jae-Hee locks the door and turns out the light and everyone is banging on the door for her to come out. Tae-Joon sees the guy with her clothes running and trips him, Tae-Joon tells him that those clothes aren’t his and that he shouldn’t be messing with Jae-Hee from the other times. The guys says that she started it first when she pulled down his pants, Tae-Joon grabs him and pushes him up against the wall and tells him off. He takes the clothes and walks away, he opens the door with a key and puts Jae-Hee’s clothes inside and she says thank-you Tae-Joon.

All the guys run back with the key and open the door but Jae-Hee is already dressed. They then call her on stage, and of course beautiful and looking like a girl and sings a song. Dr. Jang is watching and wonders why she doesn’t just tell them that she is a girl because it is really stupid of her. Eun-Gyeol is watching and completely  loving watching Jae-Hee as a girl.

Tae-Joon is practicing again and Ha-Na texts him that she is coming to the party. Ha-Na meets Eun-Gyeol and asks where the gym is and says she shouldn’t be here and that he is going to report her but she says she will just say that he is the pervert. Eun-Gyeol gives in and says he will take her.

Jae-Hee comes to Tae-Joon in full girl clothing and she says thanks for before for helping her and that she could tell by his hand. He asks if she won and she says no they said that she lacked femininity. She asks if she is really that bad and he comes over and pulls a confetti out of her hair and he says its not like he wouldn’t want to look at her and that he needs to practice. Jae-Hee trips over the bar on the ground and dumps all the confetti and falls into Tae-Joon into the mat. Eun-Gyeol and Ha-Na has watched them fall and this is how the sixth episode ends.

Okay so I was wrong the person that has been harassing Jae-Hee was the guy from the first episode when they were in the bathroom and Jong-Min tripped her and she accidentally fell into his pants and pulled them down. I completely forgot about that guy I guess that was on purpose to make it a surprise for the viewers. For some reason I don’t really like Dong-Mu even though there is no reason to not like her I just don’t. I think that the moments between Eun-Gyeol and Jae-Hee are so cute and heart warming. The moments between Jae-Hee and Tae-Joon are more explosive but just as cute I love the moments for all of them. I really feel like I cannot  choose between the two of them. The best moment was when Tae-Joon was doing the pull ups and they both got really close to each other faces!! Nothing really bothers me in this episode, I really enjoyed it!! Again thank you for voting for who Jae-Hee should end up with and the last time I checked Eun-Gyeol was winning!! exciting!! Keep Voting!!