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High School Love On Episode 5 Recap/Summary August 16, 2014

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The 5th episode starts with Woo-Hyun about to be run over by Jae-Suk’s motorcycle and Seul-Bi and Sung-Yeol get there in time and she uses her power to turn off his motorcycle. Seul-Bi faints and Sung-Yeol catches her and then goes and starts beating the guys up. Picture 1

A man in the park separates them and starts playing his recorder and gets Woo-Hyun and Sung-Yeol to leave. On the way home Seul-Bi tries to get the guys to get along better. Woo-Hyun looks up why people always fall asleep and finds the condition narcolepsy and finds that kiwi is good for people with that problem. In the morning he makes a whole meal made of kiwi. Picture 2

At the staff meeting it is decided that Jae-Suk is going to get away with it and just has to do volunteer work. Mrs. Ahn tries to fight that it will hurt Sung-Yeol and will be unfair for him but the principal overrules them. Jae-Suk’s homeroom teacher tells Jae-Suk about his community service and Jae-Suk tells him that he knows his father is paying for the new gym floor. Jae-Suk tells Suk-Hoon that he owes him but Suk-Hoon seems to disagree with him. Jae-Suk’s guys are cleaning up the campus for him and the talk to Ye-Ri who is talking about auditioning for Juliet and it seems to be Jae-Suk’s sister. 

Picture 3

(Young-Eun) the girl bully goes up to Jae-Suk and tells him not to beat up Woo-Hyun because she can make sure Ye-Ri can never audition again in her life. Seul-Bi then comes up to him and tells him not to beat up Woo-Hyun and then gives him a band-aid. Seul-Bi and Woo-Hyun have a group project but everyone leaves and it is only the two of them. Ye-Na the other girl bully gets picked up from her mom and whisked off to golf practice. Sung-Yeol’s Dad gets dental surgery and then finds Sung-Yeol and handcuffs himself to him and they go eat that way together.

Picture 4

Seul-Bi makes porridge for Woo-Hyun’s grandmother and he helps put an apron on her and Ye-Na is waiting outside and then comes in.

Picture 5

Woo-Hyun feeds grandmother and he tries to convince her to go to the hospital because he can’t live without her and she avoids answering him. Seul-Bi goes and talks with Ye-Na and Ye-Na tells her that she likes Woo-Hyun and she doesn’t think they are cousins. She tells her not to think of liking Woo-Hyun in the future because he is like oxygen to her and the only escape that she has. Ye-Na’s mother phones her and she tells her that she is sick and her mom won’t let her rest and she starts crying and tells her that she is really sick. At school in PE Ye-Na pretends to trip in front of Woo-Hyun and he takes her to the nurse. The nurse doesn’t come and they talk and she tells him that her mom wants her to go to a prestigious school and is going to do that through sports because she isn’t smart and that she is doing it to fulfill her mom’s dream.Picture 6

When Seul-Bi is going home Sung-Yeol finds her and asks to go for ice cream and she says she will take him and they go look at makeup together. Sung-Yeol meets the guy from the park again and gives him free ice cream. Seul-Bi spills ice cream on Sung-Yeol and her Sunbae shows up and tells her not to fall in love with a human because she won’t be happy because humans can’t live forever and are weak. The man that gave ice cream talks to Sunbae and can see him.  Mrs. Ahn goes to see grandmother and asks her to take Woo-Hyun out of her school because she has a son there and nothing good will come of him knowing her. Grandmother refuses and tells her to send her son somewhere else and Mrs. Ahn gives her money and Grandmother splashes her with water.  Sung-Yeol, Woo-Hyun, and Seul-Bi meet up walking to the restaurant and see Grandmother handing Mrs. Ahn the money and she makes an excuse that she left it behind. 

Picture 7

Grandmother is shown later throwing up. The group from school go riding bike together and Ye-Na asks Seul-Bi to stay away because she wants to confess to Woo-Hyun. Ye-Na asks if Woo-Hyun can give her a ride because her ankle still hurts and he agrees. Picture 8

Sung-Yeol gives Seul-Bi on his bike. Ye-Na on the ride confesses to Woo-Hyun and he says he is sorry. 

Picture 9

When Sung-Yeol and Seul-Bi catch up to them Woo-Hyun stops their bike and says to Seul-Bi to come to his side and this ends the 5th episode.

Picture 10

So it looks like Grandmother is dying since they are showing her get sicker and sicker. Seul-BI is losing her powers and if she falls in love which is most definitely happening she will become human. The man from the park must be a angel that turned human or something because he could see Sunbae. Woo-Hyun seems like he rejects all girls that confess to them because of the lack of trust issues with his mother leaving him but it seems like he is falling in love with Seul-Bi because she is always there for him when he needs her. I wonder why it is so bad for Woo-Hyun to know his mother and why would she want him to transfer, but I kept thinking that if Grandmother is dying he should know who his mother is and he may need help if he is still in high school. Through this episode Jae-Suk’s red bruise on his face looked so face it looked like someone just rubbed some blush on his face!! I have to say I really like Sung-Yeol’s dad he seems fun and silly but he really lets Sung-Yeol act pretty bad in front of Mrs. Ahn.


I just want to remind everyone that their is a poll for who you think Seul-Bi should end up with !! Please vote and have fun!! Come up with your own option if you want!!


Her Legend Episode 5 Recap/Summary August 22, 2013

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The 5th episode starts with Jung-Soo calling out to Kyung-Hee and Kyung-Hee recognizes her and walks fastly away not responding. Jung-Soo goes to the stand where her aunt sells bags and tells her aunt that she saw a Kyung-Hee lookalike at the Shin Hwa group. The aunt calls Kyung-Hee and meets ups with her and tells her to stop working there and Kyung-Hee says she will stop Jung-Soo from being hired at the company because she has to work their for the next 6 months. Sae Kyung her fathers business is working with Shin Hwa to launch a new business together. Kyung-Hee goes home and Do-Young has found all the letters Jung-Soo wrote and is emotional over them. She tells Kyung-Hee she is going to write a letter back everyday.

Picture 1

Kyung-Hee tries to see the applicants but then realizes it was a blind test. Jung-Soo made it to the 2nd round and has to with all the other ones draw a new design based off a bag at the company. Kyung-Hee peeks in the window and sees Jung-Soo doing the test.

Picture 2

Jung-Soo gets the call that she made it into the final round and has to do well in an interview. The aunt goes to see Kyung-Hee and meets Do-Young coming to meet Kyung-Hee and they all go out for lunch together.

Picture 3

After Kyung-Hee asks her aunt to try to stop Jung-Soo and she says she can’t because uncle wants her to and won’t let her stop her. Kyung-Hee says that she wants to back to the States because she is worried about Jung-Soo finding out about her. Uncle finds the leather samples Jung-Soo needs for her portfolio and Kyung-Ho gives her a dress for the interview.

Picture 4

Aunt comes clean to uncle and tells him the situation and wants Jung-Soo to still go for the interview because she deserves it. Aunt goes in the middle of the night and pulls off all the leather samples in Jung-Hee’s portfolio except one. Jung-Soo goes the company and then realizes that the samples are missing, she calls Kyung-Ho and he is going to take the leftover samples to the company for her. Aunt finds out what he is doing and tries to stop him but he leaves anyway.

Picture 5

Jung-Soo goes to the store and gets some tools and starts making the samples from the pieces of leather in her purse.Picture 6

Jung-Soo is looking for something to replace the black saffiano sample and runs into Jin-Hoo in the hall and she sees his leather case and takes it away from him and recruits him to help her in the bathroom. After she finishes she gives him her business card and she will compensate him no matter what.  Picture 7

Picture 9

Kyung-Ho gets in an accident and falls off his moped bike. Picture 8

 Jung-Soo goes into the interview and then recognizes Jin-Hoo and then she recognizes Kyung-Hee and sees that they are the judges. They notice she doesn’t have the right samples in  her portfolio and she has to explain it was an emergency and Kyung-Hee tells her there is a penalty for not having the samples.

Picture 10

Jung-Soo meets up with her friend and her friend tells her that the leather tablet case she wrecked was a Fortuna luxury item and that it costs around 1.3 million won (around $1,150)  and that would be for a flawed one. In the Shin Hwa meeting Kyung-Hee fights hard against Jung-Soo and everyone else agrees with her except Manager Kang who still wants her in the competition. Jung-Soo gets a call and goes to see Kyung-Ho and her aunt and that he was not hurt bad but just needed some bandaids for some scratches.

Picture 11

Jung-Soo then gets a call from Jin-Hoo and she meets up with him and he wants compensation and Jung-Soo asks if she could just patch it on and he doesn’t accept so she suggests a monthly installment. Picture 12

Jung-Soo goes to see if she made it at the company but she did not and after goes to visit Do-Young’s house but she doesn’t see her. Jin-Hoo goes to visit Jung-Soo’s shop and this is how the 5th episode ends.
Picture 13

Picture 14

Well this episode did end as exciting as the past episodes but I am still anticipating the next one. So Jin-Ho I think is very intrigued with our little Jung-Soo. I mean he even went  along helping her he could have easily left her working in the bathroom but instead he seemed intrigued with her. I think he is using the cover excuse as a way to keep seeing her! I mean he is rich he could easily buy another one and not deal with the nuisance of dealing with Jung-Soo. So obviously he is going to start liking her and maybe Manager Kang will also develop feelings for her because I think he will somehow get her to work in the company!! Somehow Jung-Soo is going to be able to make it to the company. When Jung-Soo went visiting to Do-Young’s house how could she not see that people where living there again there must have been some signs like recent tire tracks or things moved in the windows. With Jung-Soo’ s portfolio isn’t she a little suspicious of how her samples where missing! I think she would have checked the portfolio before she left the house because if she is anything like me I would be obsessive over what I am handing in and I would also like to admire the work I did multiple times!


Episode 5 Piece Japanese Drama Summary January 5, 2013

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The fifth episode of Piece starts off with Yanai-senpai and Mizuho on the phone and tells him that she wants to ask him about Haruka. Yanai looks at the flowers and it flashes back to “High School Days”.

The same flowers he was looking at drops to the floor and the vase breaks, Haruka is apologizing and Yanai-senpai apologizes for startling her. They clean up the broken glass together and she continues to apologize and he tells her that maybe it is better to say thank you instead of sorry at such times because saying sorry too many times may make the other person feel bad and probably the other person was at fault. He then realizes that she has been bringing the lily flowers and he tells her that he always thought it was beautiful.
Picture 1

Yanai-senpai is walking with another guy and the guy notices that he has no worries with studies or that he is good looking and has a pretty girlfriend. A girl is standing waiting for Yanai and they go to the park together. He asks Miku-chan what is the matter and she is upset and she asks him if he even likes her because he doesn’t text and when he does it is short without any emotions. He says that is not true and that he isn’t good at it and there isn’t anything to talk about. She says she wants to break up and that she feels so insecure dating him and that she is not satisfied. She goes on saying he doesn’t understand girls and that she had a crush on him because she thought he was cool but he is just a mere show.

Picture 2

At school Yanai Takashi gets full marks on the third year first year term marks. He thinks that before he knew it his image had taken first priority. The expectations around him turned treacherous and as he tried to keep up and now he is just a mere show.

Yanai is on the roof with his friend and they see Hikaru with a girl below. Yanai says girls must like him because he knows how to handle them. His friend ask what so good about that guy and Yanai replies women are fools. Yanai gets up and walks away his friend joins him. He then thinks that being dumped had crushed his false pride, even though it was an absurd, worthless pride.

Yanai sits at his desk and sees the white lilies. Haruka comes in and gives her greetings Yanai asks if there are many types of lilies. She says that this lily is a Casablanca and it represents purity. He replies that it is very strange and she smiles. He says it is the first time he has seen her smile and that she should do it more often. She tells him that in elementary school a boy in her class told her that her smile was horrible and since then she have never been able smile in front of others. He tells her that maybe the boy actually liked her. She says that she doesn’t think so and he says that she is not horrible and that she can interpret it any way that she likes but altering her memories is not going to cause anyone any inconvenience. He then tells her that he is actually feeling down and that when one’s guard is down, one tends to become easily negative but she was here and he was encouraged. She asks if he has suffered from loss of confidence and he says that is right, occasionally and at times like that all he can tell himself is that he is not hopeless and raise himself up. She repeats that she is not hopeless and he agrees. She says thank you for cheering her up and smiles. He then feels his heart beat and he wonders what is this feeling.


Picture 3

Picture 4

Yanai is with his friend outside and his friend is watching Madoka and wishes he could go out with her. Yanai tells him that he should just tell her how he feels and he says he can’t because Madoka is the most popular girl in not only 2nd year, but the whole school. Yanai hears some girls talking about love  and that it means to want to know, get close to but scary to them. His friend asks him if he was listening and his friend asks if girls like guys who take the initiative but that the pride of looking bad after being rejected gets in the way. He then sees Haruka walking through the school yard and Yanai says that he feels like he understands what he was saying. His friend then asks if there is someone that he likes and he replies that there is no way that he likes anyone. He then thinks that 98% of him is made of pride.

Picture 5

Yanai ending a meeting and looks at Haruka. He ends the meeting and everyone leaves but him and Haruka. He stops her but doesn’t have the courage and they both say goodbye and she leaves.

Picture 6

Yanai is walking and sees a board with a flyer advertising Yokohama Flower Fiesta and notices it is this Sunday. He then thinks if he were to push away his false,foolish pride he wonders what will happen. He thinks that it is scary but he wants to know what lays ahead. He carries the flyer and is about to go into the classroom but hears Haruka on the phone with somebody agreeing to go with them next sunday. He opens the door suddenly and she quickly gets off the phone. He asks if that was her boyfriend on the phone and she says something like that. He then crushes the flyer with his hand.
Picture 7

Picture 8

It is back to current time and Yanai-senpai tells Mizuho that he doesn’t know anything about Haruka only that she was a school committee member. Mizuho asks if there is anything else he could tell her. Yanai flashbacks to the funeral and he thinks that as if nothing happened he joined everyone else and offered flowers at her altar. Before the funeral he sees the lily flowers starts getting choked up, some girls call to him and he thinks that in front of others he is always calm and composed. It is back to him on the phone and he is staring at the lilies and thinks that back then and now he has misunderstood the meaning of that pride. Mizuho says she wants to know her and that it may be too late now but even so she wants to know about her. Yanai is crying.

Picture 9

Hikaru, Yanai and Mizuho are at a cafe and he has told them about Haruka on the phone with a possible boyfriend. He tells them that he has never seen her so happy before. He asks what the ex-boyfriend done for her mother to be looking for him and they only dated half a year in high school. Before Mizuho can say anything Hikaru says he wants to eat something sweet and goes down to pick one out , Yanai goes down too and asks Hikaru what made him think that he liked Haruka. Hikaru answers that he saw something one time when he saw them in the committee room once. Hikaru flashbacks and he is sitting on the roof and can see the two of them in the committee room and sees Yanai watching Haruka when she isn’t looking. Hikaru then says to Yanai that there was overflowing emotions.Picture 10

Picture 11

The three of them are walking out and Mizuho thanks him for today and he says sorry that he wasn’t able to offer much help. She says that it is okay and that she was able to get some hints. Hikaru then says that the bus is here, says bye and runs away. Mizuho notices that Hikaru really does whatever he wants. Yanai asks her if she is going out with him and she says no that he is just an ex-classmate. He says thats good because he is cold and somewhat inhuman and thats a bit scary, but yet girls love guys like that. She says she doesn’t like guys like that and he says she is quite level-headed. She tells him that she doesn’t quite know what it is to like someone yet. She then thinks that she has no confidence in her own feelings.

They have walked together and she asks him if he liked Haruka and he says he doesn’t know that she wasn’t his type, and that he didn’t know much about her but something intrigued him about her and that is why he wants to be sure of his feelings but that it is too late for now but next time and that is why he wants to help find Haruka’s ex-boyfriend. He holds out his hand to Mizuho and she grasps it he tells her he wants to know his unknown girlfriend. She thinks it couldn’t be that even just a little bit they are alike.

Picture 12

Nanao-san is at Hikaru’s house and she picks up some clothing. Hikaru sitting above tells her that he told her not to come again and she says she came back to check whether he was still alive and that he is her job until he is 20. He pretends to fall over and he says just a little more patience and she asks if he is going to leave this house when he is 20. He says who knows that maybe he will just die pitifully somewhere.

Picture 13

Yanai tells Mizuho that it may not be relevant but Koike-senpai a while back said he was feeling uneasy that Madoka seemed unduly troubled at the funeral service.

Madoka is sitting at her home with a metal box, she opens it and pulls out a note that says I will punish Haruka for you.

Picture 14

This episode really gets into the background story of Yanai-senpai and that he had feelings for Haruka but he definitely was not her boyfriend. What this showed was that Yanai is the opposite of Hikaru. He is not hitting on the girls even though all the girls are very friendly to him. He does not know how to control all the girls the way Hikaru is able to and he doesn’t treat them as badly either. Mizuho also realizes that she is very alike to Yanai which means of course they cannot be love interests. Mizuho lies to him that she doesn’t like guys like Hikaru even though it seems like she even now still likes him. One thing that bothers me is why doesn’t Haruka’s mother take Haruka’s cell phone and go through the list of numbers and phone them up? Or at least give it to Mizuho to figure out? I mean her mother could go through Haruka’s room to look for more clues?  What is up with Hikaru is he depressed and does he want to die? Is he feeling depressed because he is with Mizuho and remember the past with her? Next interesting thing is Madoka why did she hate Haruka? was Haruka dating someone that Madoka liked? and who is willing to help hurt Haruka? Did this person get Haruka pregnant to hurt her? cause that would be the most awful thing ever!! This drama just keeps getting interesting!! Let me know what you think of this episode?


To The Beautiful You Episode 5 Summary August 31, 2012

Episode five starts with Jae-Hee walking out of the dorms with her suitcase. Tae-Joon is in  his dorm and he goes to his desk and looks at the bracelet and flashbacks to when he got it. He puts it in his drawer and opens his computer on it says to Mr. Holten and opens up a presentation. Jae-Hee is narrating her story about in high school she was made fun of for being different and wished she could be the same as others. When she saw Tae-Joon and he said miracles are another name for effort then she started to believe in them for the first time. She started to join track and stood up to people instead of hiding away. Jae-Hee recorded herself asking the coach to help Tae-Joon fly again and he finishes watching the presentation looking emotional.

Jae-Hee is with Sang-Chu crying and wondering if this was a mistake. Flashbacks to her finding Tae-Joon hurt on the internet and cutting her hair. Jae-Hee walks away. Tae-Joon is in his room and flashbacks to all his moments with Jae-Hee, he runs out of his room and catches Jae-Hee and grabs her hand. He asks if she is not going to see him jump again because she promised she was going to and asks her not to leave.

Eun-Gyeol is in his bed and he is being bothered by his attraction to Jae-Hee and he is with Hyun-Jae his roommate and he asks him if he has ever had the feeling of wanting to put your lips on a guy and then says never mind. Hyun-Jae is freaked out because he is working out so he pulls his shirt up.

Tae-Joon almost walks in on Jae-Hee in the washroom, he calls her messy. The next morning she gets a call from her brother Daniel but she ignores and wonders where Tae-Joon is. Tae-Joon is running laps, after he is lying on the ground playing with a necklace with a ring and says you will watch over me. Tae-Joon is mapping out his route to jump over the high jump, he tries to jump but knocks it over.

Jae-Hee goes into the bathroom and realizes that she can lock the door completely. Eun-Gyeol tries to get into the washroom, Seung-Ri also comes in Jae-Hee tells them to use a different one because its not a public washroom. Later on Jae-Hee and Eun-Gyeol are walking and he is asking why she didn’t let him into the washroom she says before the lock was broken and that was why she let them in. Someone pushes her and Eun-Gyeol catches her.

Hyun-Jae notices that Tae-Joon locker is open and has his stuff in it again he tells Tae-Joon to move aside in the gym by the bar because he has to practice for his own competition. Hyun-Jae tells him to leave and they get into a fight but the coach comes in and stops them. The coach asks him that he thought he had decided to quit and believed him so he tells him to leave because Tae-Joon has already quit.

Jae-Hee and Eun-Gyeol are walking and she is bringing food to Sang-Chu they both get a call they don’t want to answer. Jae-Hee sees its a girl and asks why he doesn’t answer and he says its a tug of war.

Tae-Joon visits his manager and tells her that he is going to start jumping again and she says she is against it because it will be hard and that he won’t be able to jump like he used to because of Yips. He says he just wants to jump again, she asks if he has talked to his father about it but he replies it has nothing to do with him. She agrees to try it again but she has lots of greed and that he needs to do better than last time.

Ha-Na sneaks into the school again, does some fancy gymnastics tricks to get past some people. She makes it into Jae-Hee’s dorm room, puts a picture of herself on his desk and finds the bracelet. Jae-Hee comes in and they talk and she says its a perverted school because someone stole her uniform.

Eun-Gyeol is waiting for Dong-Mu, they meet up and she is cute.

Ha-Na driver is fixing the car because its having problems and while Ha-Na is busy  Jae-Hee puts the uniform in the car to return it. Jae-Hee is walking back and she gets a phone call from her brother again and she ignores it but he is close by and calls out her name. He has come to take Jae-Hee back to America, she says that she is going to help Tae-Joon jump, she sees Dr. Jang and calls him over.

Seung-Ri is sitting with other dorm leaders and they are discussing that Jae-Hee is good at English and Seung-Ri says that there is a track and field competition coming up in there school and that he will need their help and that it will even be televised.

Jae-Hee is talking to Dr. Jang in the hallway and she is asking him a favor. Dr. Jang and Daniel are alone in his office, Dr. Jang avoids his question and asks him if he likes to drink.

Eun-Gyeol is with Dong-Mu and it has been a year since she came back from the states and that he didn’t know she wanted to become a musician, violinist. Eun-Gyeol doesn’t believe her that she plays the violin so she pull it out and starts to play it well, couple of people gather around to listen.

Jae-Hee hears some guys talking about Tae-Joon trying to get back on the athletic team but was kicked out.

Tae-Joon is cleaning up the gym and putting everything away. He goes back to the dorm and Jae-Hee is hiding and pops a sparkler and brings out a cake made of a shoe. He tells her not to overdo it, she trips and falls and lands up face planting into the cake. He helps her up and wipes up the icing with his finger and licks it saying its delicious. They light a candle on the smashed cake, Tae-Joon blows it out and he chases her around with the cake.

Eun-Gyeol and Dong-Mu are waiting at the bus stop and he wants to carry her bag and she says she doesn’t need that and she finds it weird when guy do that, she says she will let him know if she needs help. She says that they should see each other again and she gets on the bus.

Dr.Jang and Daniel are out drinking, and they are discussing Jae-Hee. Dr. Jang is saying that Daniel hasn’t understood Jae-Hee’s perspective and that he doesn’t believe in her, but he should.


The coach comes into his storage and notices that everything is organized more than ever.

Jae-Hee is in the bathroom wondering what happened to her brother, she picks up a necklace with the ring on it, Tae-Joon barges in and takes the necklace out of her hand. They are walking down the hallway and Jae-Hee asks him about the necklace he says it was his moms. He flash backs to his mom in the hospital and she tells him to wear it in her place, since she can’t go to the competition but he tells her to wear it when she gets better, she still gives it to him. He runs away but Jae-Hee is stopped by her brother Daniel. Her brother tells her that she can stay until Tae-Joon jumps and that after the finals she has to come back.

Jae-Hee goes to her locker and her gym clothes are dripping wet. She is then carrying a bag full of soccer balls and Tae-Joon comes up from behind and takes them from her. Tae-Joon asks her why she isn’t changed for gym and she tells them her clothes are wet.

Eun-Gyeol is practicing soccer and Jong-Min is cheering him on gives him expensive chocolates.

Eun-Gyeol is doing laundy and he gets a text from Dong-Mu saying she wants to go to a movie, he hesitates and looks at pictures from the holiday. Jae-Hee comes in to do laundry and she asks him what he thinks if a boy pretended to be a girl in an all-girl dormitory. Eun-Gyeol imagines being a girl and the idea of getting to change with girls. He says it sounds like fun but that he would probably get caught very easily. Jae-Hee asks how his date went and he says that Dong-Mu already fell in love with him. He offers her the expensive chocolates and they eat them together, Jong-Min sees them doing this and says that they are being too wild.

Jae-Hee is in her dorm and Tae-Joon comes in all dressed up and Jae-Hee asks him to stay here but he says he is going to be out late. Tae-Joon goes to his house and he imagines his mom sitting in the yard. Tae-Joon and his father have a memorial for his mother and have dinner. His father talks about Tae-Joon doing jumping again and Tae-Joon stands up and tries to leave his dad tells him to stay and asks him if he thinks that his mother death was his fault. Ha-Na comes in and asks why they are so serious. Tae-Joon is sitting outside and Ha-Na comes and says that he should spend time with his father and that he shouldn’t fight.

Jae-Hee is in her room and sees that Coach Holten saw her email with the presentation that Tae-Joon also saw, she wonders why there is no reply. Eun-Gyeol comes in asking for toothpaste and he tells her that today is Tae-Joon’s mom death anniversary. Jae-Hee gets a text from Tae-Joon to meet him at the pool and she leaves. As Eun-Gyeol walks back he bumps into Tae-Joon and asks where Jae-Hee is since he called her to the pool. He recalls that her clothes were wet and he runs to the pool. Jae-Hee is at the pool and sees someone on the diving boards waving her up, she goes up and doesn’t see anyone instead a note saying don’t joke around and then she is pushed into the water. Tae-Joon runs to the pool and someone passes him leaving and he sees Jae-Hee in the water and the both of them jump in, he loses his necklace. Eun-Gyeol and Tae-Joon pull her out, they realize she isn’t breathing and Eun-Gyeol goes in but can’t do it so Tae-Joon does mouth to mouth. She spits out water and wakes up.


They are back in the room and Tae-Joon gives her something warm to drink and they wonder who did it to her. Jae-Hee tells him that his necklace is missing and he looks around for it and she thinks its in the pool and he says its okay and she shouldn’t worry about it.Eun-Gyeol is in his room and he remembers not being able to mouth to mouth and sighs.

The next morning Tae-Joon is in bed and hears Jae-Hee’s alarm going and he realizes that she isn’t in bed. Jae-Hee is in the pool looking for the necklace and Tae-Joon dives in and pulls her up. He yells at her and she says that it is special, he says that she shouldn’t have done it and that it wasn’t her fault. He says that it should be his fault and that even though she is feeling bad she shouldn’t have to feel sorry.

Tae-Joon is in the gym setting up the mats and high jump, coach comes in and says that he shouldn’t be doing this, Tae-Joon says he wants to jump again and has a reason to jump again. Coach says he will give him a test and it is winning the high jump competition coming up and if he wins he will let him back on the team.

Jae-Hee goes into the gym and sees Tae-Joon practicing jumping and not getting over the bar and he is frustrated.

Jae-Hee is in her room and she is packing her clothes, she finds some shoes and recalls running the race the first time. She walks down the hallway and meets Eun-Gyeol he tells her to cheer Tae-Joon on tomorrow at the competition because he can’t come. Jae-Hee hugs him from back and says thanks because without him she would have had a really tough time.

Tae-Joon is in the changing room at the competition and finds Jae-Hee’s shoelaces and a note saying that she is going back to America and that she might miss his competition because of her flight and that the laces was from her first competition and that she wants to share some of her hard work with him. Jae-Hee is picked up by her brother in a taxi and loads her suitcase up. This is how the fifth episode ends.

Firstly I am not sure how Tae-Joon got the presentation from Jae-Hee I am assuming that she must have sent it to him but it is never mentioned. Secondly, I am assuming that Tae-Joon wants to jump again because he watched that video and Jae-Hee reminded him of what it was like when he first started jumping. Thirdly, the person that pushed Jae-Hee in is I am assuming Jong-Min because he is jealous of the attention that Eun-Gyeol gives her. I am not too sure what type of relationship he is going for with Eun-Gyeol especially because he is blowing him kisses and giving him chocolate it almost seems like he wants to date him. One scene I thought was hard to believe was when Jae-Hee “fell” into the cake, it looked a little forced. One other thing that bothered me was when Jae-Hee fell into the pool off the diving board and passed out and was drowning? I am pretty sure that just from falling she wouldn’t become unconscious but they have not really explained if she could swim or not but then again the next day she was looking in the pool for the necklace and swimming just fine. I am not too sure why Tae-Joon was getting all mad at her for looking in the pool for the necklace? I mean it wasn’t going to hurt her to look for it and I think it probably wouldn’t take too long to look through the entire pool for it because its not that big. One other thing I am not to sure about is why Jae-Hee was leaving all of a sudden at the end since her brother gave her until the end of finals and it didn’t seem that had happened yet so I am not sure why she was all of a sudden leaving? They showed Ha-Na visiting Tae-Joon’s house for the anniversary of his mom’s death and she was really familiar with his father and his house, I am assuming that she is a family friend or even relatives but that would make the whole I am marrying Tae-Joon really awkward. It seems like Tae-Joon is blaming his father for his mother death possibly that he wasn’t around enough and wasn’t there for them. Anyway I guess I mean leaving you with more questions that answers so if you guys have any insights feel free to leave a comment. Don’t forget to vote in my poll of who you think Jae-Hee will end up with I appreciate the opinions that you guys have given so far!! ♥


Sprout Episode 5 Summary and Review August 12, 2012

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The fifth episode starts with Miku and Souhei together and she is telling him that she wanted to see his face. Souhei looks surprised and Miku says sorry and Souhei says its okay. She says she is especially sorry because she had never called him Souhei before. Miku stomach grumbles because she didn’t have supper and they laugh then Souhei gets a text from Miyuki saying thanks for today.He smiles while looking at it. Miku watches Souhei and flashes back to when Hayato held her hand and to when Souhei held her hand.

The next day Souhei and Hayato are walking to school and Souhel tells him that he found Miku yesterday and Hayato asks if she said anything and Souhei flashes back to Miku telling him that she wanted to see his face. Souhei tells Hayato that she didn’t say anything. Souhei runs into Miyuki and she asks him if something happened because he didn’t reply to her text and that it was unusual for him not to reply. Souhei explains that Miku didn’t come home and it caused a fuss, Miyuki grills him a bit asking if he searched for her and if he was the one who found her and he says yes. Then Miyuki says its good that nothing happened to Miku and she wonders if anything happened between Miku and Hayato yesterday because it looked like it was going well. The next scene Miku is in class and they got their grades back her two guy friends Takeru and Arata in her class need supplementary lessons and Miku says she needs them in math and science. Arata says that if he needed good grades to go out with Miyuki he would be able to study and Miku says she’s got a good idea.

The next day Souhei gets up and is on the patio he says it sure is summer and he says it sure is summer then Miku joins him and says it sure looks like it going to be hot. Then Souhei looks at Miku’s hand and remembers yesterday when Miku put her hand over his. They both say they want to play this summer and Miku realizes that she is not his girlfriend but she is a much closer distance. Souhei reminds her that she has supplementary lessons. Later that day Souhei is playing soccer with Hayato’s younger brother Kou while Hayato lies in the grass. Kou and Souhei take a break and Kou asks about Hayato and if he found a girl he likes. He also asks if Hayato will be able to properly fall in love because Hayato often creates a wall between himself and others. Souhei reassuresKou that Hayato will be okay and that his feelings will reach her also that Souhei will help him out.

Souhei gets a phone call from Naoharu and the next scene is Naoharu showing Miku, Takeru and Arata how to do math formulas at Miku’s house and they are catching onto it. Kiyoka complains that she wasn’t able to be a good teacher, but Arata runs over to her and says its valuable just to have her here. Then Souhei comes home with Hayato, and says Hayato is here to teach physics because Naoharu is good at math and science but bad with physics so he called Souhei who then suggested Hayato. Souhei and Hayato are walking in the house and Hayato says he is bad at teaching others Souhei says he will be fine then Hayato grabs him and says don’t run away. Then Souhei asks if something happened between him and Miku? and says that if he leaves it like this summer will be depressing for the both of them.

The next scene Miku is in her room with Hayato by themselves (ohhhh)and he is teaching her physics, but they are both quiet when Souhei comes in bringing drinks. Souhei says that its his first time in Miku’s room and she says don’t look too much. Souhei pulls down a figurine and says he has the same one its cute but ugly and they both say they couldn’t throw it away. Then Souhei says that Hayato has some weird figurine at his house he didn’t know if it was a fish or a bird then Hayato says oh the dog and Miku laughs. Hayato says he will draw it and Miku tries to guess what he is drawing when Souhei walks out of the room. It gets awkward and Hayato says he wants it to go back to the time before the aquarium and if it would be possible to do that . Miku asks him why he is so nice? since he always takes the initiative and Hayato answers because it is her. The next scene her dad is watering his garden and Souhei comes out and says he sees a sprout and her dad says that depending on how you raise it during the sprouting period it’s growth will change. Souhei says its like a person and then Miyuki appears and she has brought a watermelon over to surprise him for everyone.

Next Miku’s mom has cut up the watermelon and calls everyone over and they all sit on the porch area eating watermelon. Miku is holding her watermelon and not eating it and Hayato asks her if she is going to eat it, she says she full. Then he asks her if he can eat it, she says yes as this happens Souhei is watching the two of them and Miyuki is watching Souhei. The next scene Souhei and Miyuki are playing a game and Souhei says that it looks like things are going well for Miku and Hayato she agrees. Souhei then goes onto say that its fresh to see a girl that can’t study since Miku has to take supplementary lessons Miyuki freezes at these words.

The next scene Miku says goodbye to Hayato at the end of her street and Souhei walks Miyuki to her bus stop. As they walk over the bridge Miyuki hugs Souhei he asks what’s wrong and she says do I need a reason to hug you, he says no standing with his hands at his sides. Miyuki says that he is her boyfriend right? he replies yes and she says if he leaves her she might die (overreacting much?). Souhei pulls her back to look at her and says he will never leave and will always be by her side. Miyuki embraces him again and tells him she loves him and he replies that he loves her too.

Souhei walks home when he sees Miku on the yard bent over and he runs over to her, she stands up and then fall into his arms. Souhei picks her up and puts his forehead to hers and says she seriously has a fever then carries her into the house. Miku’s mom comes over and goes to measure her temperature then Souhei leaves.

Souhei replays holding her in his arms and her telling him she wanted to see his face in his room. Souhei says whats wrong with me.

Miyuki is waiting at the bus stop when Hayato from around the corner. The next scene Miku is in bed also replaying everything about Souhei. Back to Miyuki, Hayato asks her what is wrong and she walks/runs over to him and hugs him crying, Hayato stands there. Miku is in bed and distressed because she knows Souhei is not her fated person, but yet she loves him and this is the end of episode 5.

Sprout episode 5 WOW!!! that was a very dynamic episode and many things took me off guard. Firstly Souhei does not recognize Miku’s feelings right away and Miku immediately backtracks after herself but it seems at the end of the episode Souhei seems to recognize his feelings for Miku. She keeps saying she wants to see Souhei’s face which makes me think that she keeps talking about when he first brought her to the nurses office and in that moment she wanted to see his face. Secondly I was so surprised that it continued with Hayato and Miku’s story line at all I thought the two of them would be avoiding each other from then on but I was happy that those two could be friendly to each other. Thirdly I forgot to mention in the last episode how Miyuki and Miku’s relationship has changed Miku is not feeling so hostile to Miyuki anymore probably because Hayato is with her. I also think that in this episode it becomes apparent that Miku feels more at ease because she lives with Souhei and gets to spend that extra time that Miyuki doesn’t get because she is not there. I also was surprised that Miyuki went into Hayato’s arms even though she was already comforted by Souhei so therefore she should have been okay already, but I guess that means that she doesn’t really believe or trust Souhei. I mean Miyuki hugged Souhei but he did not even hug her back which I think is weird usually if someone you like is hugging such as your girlfriend it would be normal to hug them back. Maybe it is a cultural thing but it could also be showing that Souhei’s feelings towards Miyuki is not that strong or there is something missing in their relationship. Miyuki then must be able to recognize Souhei’s feelings for Miku herself and she must sense that Miku likes him as well. Although in the episodes they do not show Souhei having any feelings for Miku he has always been attentive to Miyuki when she was there and not giving Miku any special attention. It seems to be that Miyuki has feelings for Hayato and must have been rejected by him but she still cannot get over him. What this show has so far taught me is that when you fall in love you cannot get over this no matter the circumstance Miku, Miyuki and Hayato have all fallen in love and cannot get over this and seem to be stuck. Souhei is the only one that has not seemed to fall in love or at least is unaware of his own feelings even though he is trying to help others he still seem oblivious to it. One thing I find funny in the show is that Hayato is soo much taller than Souhei and when they are standing next to each other Souhei looks soo tiny!! anyway can’t wait for episode 6 its getting good!! Sorry for the bad screen shots!!