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Her Legend Episode 3 Recap Summary August 16, 2013

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The third episode starts with the car accident and Jung-Soo wakes up and starts screaming that Do-Young is hurt. They are taken to the hospital and Do-Young’s husband is there and he sends Jung-Soo to treat her arm from the accident

.Picture 1

Do-Young’s husband talks to the doctor and is told that she will be in a vegetative state when she wakes up.

Picture 2

Jung-Soo’s uncle and aunt come and they have to take her home with them. Do-Young’s husband talks to his dad and tells him that he is going to take her to America to be treated and that he has not given any thought to Jung-Soo because Do-Young is his first priority. The aunt and uncle have had Jung-Soo for a month and the aunt is fed up and wants to take her back to them but the uncle says no and slaps her. The aunt is upset and the next day when the uncle is not around she takes Jung-Soo to Do-Young’s husband. Do-Young’s husband eventually agrees to give money to the aunt every month while they are in America. Picture 3

Jung-Soo leaves her wishing bag with Do-Young when she visits her before they leave. Do-Young’s husband reads the note from Jung-Soo on the plane and Jung-Soo had written about their times together and that the pouch will bring her luck.

Picture 4

Kyung-Ho and Jung-Soo have a closer relationship because she makes him bibimbap when he gets in trouble. The aunt goes to the bank and it has been a month and there is still no deposits from America. Jung-Soo is in school now and she got invited to a birthday party but the aunt won’t give her money for a present but the uncle does when the aunt is not looking. Kyung-Hee sees her buy something from the store and when Jung-Soo comes home Kyung-Hee tattles on her and gets her in trouble. Kyung-Ho stops his mom from hitting Jung-Soo and tell her to run away and she does. She runs to visit Do-Young’s old house.  It is 8 years later and Jung-Soo is in high school.

Picture 5

She has been visiting Do-Young’s house and leaving a note every time she comes to visit it. 

Picture 6

 Jung-Soo is selling the bags she designs that her uncle makes a man comes  up to her and complains that she copied Le Mina’s newest bag that hasn’t even come out yet and Jung-Soo says she designed it last year and has proof.

Picture 8

She goes home and finds a picture of her with the bag from date stamped a year ago. She goes to Le Mina’s store and tapes the picture on the glass where there bag sits.

Picture 9

The aunt has been depositing all the money from the state into a college fund for Kyung-Hee’s education.  The aunt shows Kyung-Hee the fund over dinner and the aunt gets a call about Jung-Soo. Jung-Soo gets a package from the states and it is all the letters that she has sent to Do-Young because the owners had moved. The aunt tells Kyung-Hee that Do-Young has come out of a coma and they want Jung-Soo to go to the States immediately. The aunt is upset because she thinks she has to give all the money back and send her to the states and that now if she leaves the will have no money coming in. Kyung-Hee finds Jung-Soo crying over the letters and she remembers when she changed the American address 8 years ago so that it was wrong.

Picture 7

 In the morning they get a call from America and they want to send her today. The aunt and Kyung-Hee discuss what to do and they want to come up with a plan and the uncle overhears that Jung-Soo brought in money. The aunt explained that they did get money for child support it just came late and he is mad at her for the way she treated Jung-Soo. She gets mad because he does not care about Kyung-Hee. The lawyer comes to the house and explains that Do-Young has amnesia and can’t remember before the accident so they need Jung-Soo to help her remember. Kyung-Hee comes home and the aunt introduces her as Jung-Soo and Kyung-Hee and the uncle are both shocked.

Picture 10

Picture 11

This was an exciting episode and kept me wondering what is going to happen!! I thought that Jung-Soo was going to just move into Do-Young’s house and stay there instead of going back to her aunt and uncles but I guess she had to! I do would not think that the uncle would be willing to let Kyung-Hee take Jung-Soo’s place in America. How are they going to explain her absence?? I am finding this quite upsetting that she would be able to take Jung-Soo’s place. I have a feeling that if she does take the place something will go wrong and she won’t be able to play Jung-Soo very well and she also will not remember giving the wishing bag to Do-Young. I am not sure why they are so concerned with the money why can’t they just keep the money for Kyung-Hee that they have already saved up and keep it saved up? I mean they would not have to return the money she could easily say it went for the house expenses?  I have to say that Jung-Soo’ personality through everything she has been through is so positive and I really enjoy her character. Kyung-Hee’s character is just horrible! changing the address for Jung-Soo was so mean and just dirty! she has got major issues. I think Kyung-Hee is going to take the letters and use them as a reference so she can pretend to be Jung-Soo. I just want everything to work out for Jung-Soo the story does a really good job at making you want to root for her!!


Nail Shop Paris Episode 3 May 15, 2013

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I did not do a full summary of episode 3 because I found that the content was something that I did not agree with and do not want to even write about. I skipped over the parts because I did not full watch them and instead just did a summary of the storyline of the main cast without the side story.

Yeo-Joo writing her story and she has flashbacks to where the boss asked her why she was at the shop so late and that Jin didn’t see her when he locked up. She tells the boss that she forgot to get her phone at home. The boss accepts this and tells her not to stay late at the salon anymore. Ji-Soo comes in and Yeo-Joo tells her that her boss could be the gumiho that she met when she was six.

Picture 1

At the shop Yeo-Joo gives the boss some Sundae (liver) and everyone thinks she is weird for bringing it for breakfast. The boss says that she doesn’t like liver. Yeo-Joo wonders if gumiho’s only like liver when it is fresh. Ji-Soo comes to give Yeo-Joo the key for the apartment and she is holding a kitten. Yeo-Joo shoos her away because she doesn’t want her cover blown. Jin asks Yeo-Joo is she is dating Ji-Soo and she tells him that they are friends. Jin wants to be introduced because Ggong-Chi the kitten doesn’t like anybody else except him and that the kitten liked Ji-Soo. He tells her that the girls he dates have to be 1. cute, 2. like cats, 3. a cute girls that likes a cat.


Picture 2


Picture 3

Yeo-Joo is writing her story and she meets up with Alex and he hides her again from Kei the bad guy. He talks about how it is fate and not a coincidence that they met again. He apologizes for kissing her without her approval and she goes up to him and kisses and says that they are even now. She walks away affected by the kiss. Alex steps out and Kei sees him and they just stare at each other. Ji-Soo interrupts exclaiming that they are on the same side. Yeo-Joo is annoyed and Ji-Soo looks for the remote and Yeo-Joo hands it to her. She decides then that she won’t introduce her to Jin because she is too forgetful and might blow her cover.


Picture 4

Picture 5

The next day Yeo-Joo gives her boss dried squid because the man from the restaurant told her that if a gumiho would eat one there true form would come out. She watches from outside trying to see if the boss will eat one and Kei comes up behind her and notices she is spying and asks if he will get a turn.

Picture 6

He gets her to dust a high shelf while he hold the ladder for her and they argue for a while. Jin talks to Alex and he tells him that Kei is bullying Yeo-Joo and that he doesn’t usually show an interest in people.

Yeo-Joo notices that Jin has eaten all of the squid.
Picture 7

Yeo-Joo is sitting on the nail bench and Alex asks what is wrong and she tells him that she doesn’t know how to help when she hears all of the guys hurts and almost wishes she hadn’t heard it. Alex tells her that the best way to comfort someone is to be beside them even if they show you the ugly part of themselves. He then tells her that she has become a part of the Paris family. He takes her hand and starts working on her nails and that to be a nail artist she has to start by taking care of her own nails. While he is working Yeo-Joo gets uncomfortable and pulls away and she gets cut and is bleeding. Alex puts a band aid on her finger for her.
Picture 8

Picture 9

At home Ji-Soo notices that Yeo-Joo is wearing a dirty band aid and won’t throw it away and she asks if Alex gave it to her. Yeo-Joo says she doesn’t have a crush on him and Ji-Soo freaks out because Alex thinks she is a guy.

At work Yeo-Joo remembers Alex putting on the band aid and she takes it off and sticks it on her locker door while smiling. She goes to speak to Jin but he is giving her a cold shoulder. She tells him that she will always be next to him and he says that she is acting weird and wonders if she has a crush on him, she argues that isn’t true. Kei interrupts them and tells them to go wash the brushes. While washing the brushes she wonders why Kei doesn’t just say he doesn’t like her. Jin suggests drinking and then hitting it out.

Yeo-Joo goes to an outdoor tent vendor and has alcohol and phones Kei to come because she wants to talk to him and she is already drunk.  He comes and she stands up on a cement pillar so that he can hit her. He comes really close to her face with his fist and stops. She then falls into him and they almost share a kiss.
Picture 10

Picture 11

Picture 12

She wakes up the next morning at the shop because he doesn’t know where she lives. He becomes more aware of her lips and he apologizes for stressing her out. Picture 13

Ji-Soo is eating the last can of tuna and Yeo-Joo is upset so Ji-Soo goes out to get more tuna. Jin finds their place and comes in, Yeo-Joo is in the shower and Ji-Soo comes back and finds Jin and he figures out they live together. Yeo-Joo comes out of the shower and is so surprised she drops her towel.
Picture 14

Picture 15

Picture 16

Picture 17

I found that the content of this episode was disturbing and surprising that it was taken in such a route because this is a show I am assuming for teens and probably younger audiences.  I do not feel comfortable with the portrayal of ghosts and to mean just seems demonic. I do not like that they had put that in this series. This series almost is starting to be predictable with a person coming in and needing help and only the Nail Shop Paris staff is able to help them which can seem a little silly. They become so involved in these peoples lives it seems unrealistic. It is obvious that Yeo-Joo is in love with Alex and that it will pain her when he will find out that she is a girl but they probably will most likely end up together. I think Kei will most likely find himself liking her but will be mad at himself because he considers her a boy. The time when Kei caught Yeo-Joo and he acted like their lips touched which I definitely did not really see as she fell. I think that it will be very funny in the next episode when Jin will discover she is a girl and all those problems that will go with it. I have to say I did not expect Jin to find out Yeo-Joo was a girl first!!


Piece Japanese Drama Episode 3 Summary December 30, 2012

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The third episode of Piece starts off with Mizuho speaking with Haruka’s mom and explaining that she wasn’t close to Haruka. Haruka’s mom realizes that Haruka pretended to get cards from Mizuho and that they weren’t friends. Her mom leaves and tells her to forget everything they talked about. Hikaru comes up to Mizuho after and says it was cruel of her and that she should have pretended longer. Mizuho agrees with him and he ruffles her head and then says they should go for a walk.


Mizuho and Hikaru have stopped during their walk and he asks her why it was her that was picked to Haruka’s friend. Mizuho says she doesn’t know but she went lent Haruka her handkerchief once when she was being bullied but they didn’t even speak. Hikaru says that’s typical of Mizuho not speaking and giving her the handkerchief. Mizuho replies that she hates how he speaks of others as if he knows everything. It flashes on the screen that Hikaru’s mere existence always provokes her.

Picture 1


It flashes autumn of 2nd year high school. Mizuho is walking down the hall and she sees Hikaru talking to a girl and she is asking whether his remodeling is done yet and he replies it is taking time.


Hikaru and Mizuho are in bed when she hears Hikaru’s phone buzzing and she sees it is Noriko phoning. She gets out of bed and Hikaru wakes up. Mizuho leaves and tries to open up a door and she can’t, she sees a lock by the top of the door.


Mizuho is sitting at the table with Nanao-san and she asks why the door was locked and that she found in search of the bathroom. Nanao-san tells her that it belongs to Hikaru’s mother but that she hasn’t been there in forever. She also tells her that is locked because it is full of important work-related documents and that she works at the Department of Psychosomatic Medicine at the hospital and that she is quite well known. Mizuho then asks what Hikaru was like when he was young because she is interested in knowing how a person like he was raised. Nanao-san cuts her off and asks her if she loves him and that she wants to know because she wants to make him hers.

Picture 2


Mizuho is at the bus stop and she thinks why does she respond to Hikaru and why no one else? She also wonders how she can make Hikaru hers even if it’s just for a little?


Mizuho is at home and she is reading a book, Intro to Clinical Psychology by  Narumi Risako who is Hikaru’s mother. She felt she could not find the answers she wanted from the book.


The girls are eating lunch and teasing Remi about her going on a diet for a group date. They ask if Mizuho is also on a diet and she says no and excuses herself. Mizuho is walking the halls and she wonders and she see two girls talking and one is saying she likes Yanai-senpai and wonders if it is selfish of her to want him to fall in love with her and she says she can’t confess because he is too charming. The girls continue to sit when they see Yanai-Sempai with a boy student and the student notices Madoka (one with hair down) and she smiles at him, bows and he hits his head trying to bow to her.

Picture 3

Picture 4


Hikaru and Mizuho are in his bed again and he goes in for a kiss and she says to him not to touch her. She tells him that she can’t come here again and that it is so stressful being with him.


It flashes 1 month later. Nanao-san is with Hikaru and they are having tea she notices that Mizuho hasn’t been coming around. He tells her she got tired of this house. Nanao-san says that Mizuho is a lot like him and that she is bad at expressing herself and clumsy, cold, self-centered, selfish and immature.

Picture 5

Mizuho is in class and Megu-chi finds her and asks what is wrong and Mizuho says that she isn’t sleeping well. Megu-chi gets a lovey text from her boyfriend and Mizuho asks why she slept with her boyfriend. Megu-chi replies that she found someone she cared about and casually dated but she still didn’t understand and that is why she slept with him. She wasn’t sure what she thought but she is simpler and naive than she thought. Megu-chi says that Mizuho is cute and has good points but that she lacks self-confidence and that if the guy is stupid enough to not want her after she has shown him all that she is then he deserves to be kicked out. She says that she won’t get hurt and then she asks her if she has someone that she likes cause then she would have been laughing at all of this. She goes on saying she uses her head too much and that it is deeper inside. Mizuho then sees that it is Friday.

Picture 6


Mizuho is walking outside and sees her young self in the puddle and has a flashback. Her mom and her are watching some kids play in the mud and her mom praises her for not getting muddy. She then wonders what it takes to fall in love and that she has always thought with her head. She then steps in the puddle and has flashbacks of being with Hikaru. She thinks she wants to be moved by Hikaru deeper and deeper. She then walks through all the puddles.

Picture 7


Mizuho is ringing Hikaru’s doorbell and there is no answer. She goes and opens his door and goes into his bedroom but he isn’t there and she decides to wait for him. She wonders if she falls deeper what will happen and wants to know where this desire will lead her. She hears a door click and walks out and sees that Hikaru’s mom door is open. She goes into the room and no one is there and goes out she wonders if she was worried about running into Hikaru and wonders if before giving in to him there is things she wants to know like how to make him mine and to be needed by him a guy who has no attachment to anyone. She wonders if there is things she could learn from his mother.

Picture 8


She goes back into his mother’s room and reads some of his mothers article about how to raise a child and she is wonders why his mother doesn’t takes care of him. She knocks off a book and sees a child-care journal of Hikaru’s then she notices that all the binders are of Hikaru. She realizes that more than anything she wants to analyze him and that it is a selfish desire of hers. She opens another binder and reads that he broke a camera. She then notices a case full of videotapes of Hikaru. She puts one into the VCR and watches a tape and she sees one where his mother is talking to the housekeeper and she tells him not to give him what he wants and she tells him that this is child abuse. His mom says that she is providing him with safety and food and that there is nothing wrong with parents controlling their children. She then hears her name and sees Hikaru sitting at the table watching her in her chair and he asks what she is doing and that is how episode 3 ends.

Picture 9

Picture 10

Picture 11

Picture 12

Picture 13

Picture 14

Picture 15

Wow what an intense ending we are no closer to figuring out anything about Haruka but I think there is a better understanding of Hikaru. I mean the ending was pretty intense it almost seemed like a thriller when Mizuho was walking around his house and no one is around but the door was unlocked. I mean how long was Hikaru seating there and watching her? Creepy! I mean she really shouldn’t have been going through that and watching the video she should have asked him about it because he is going to freak on her!! I guess it makes sense why he knows how to read people and understand them because of his mom. The whole watching recording him like no wonder he has problems attaching to people because the parent that he is supposed to be attached to does not really let him do that. Hikaru was basically a science project for his mother and was the basis for her research, which is pretty sick and twisted!! Yikes I am soo curious to see what is going to happen!!


To The Beautiful You Episode 3 Summary August 24, 2012

Episode three starts off with the kiss between Tae-Joon and Jae-Hee and someone is taking a picture of the two kissing. Tae-Joon then falls over and Jae-Hee has him in a wheel barrel and takes him back when Sang Chu the dog comes along and licks Tae-Joon and also get a ride in the wheel barrel.

Eun-Gyeol is looking for Jae-Hee when Ha-Na finds him and thinks he is Tae-Joon and they argue for a bit, she kicks him and continues on her way to find Tae-Joon.

Jae-Hee has gotten Tae-Joon into bed and takes off his socks and then goes to her own bed. She questions the sleeping Tae-Joon whether he knew she was a girl, but the only thing she wants from him is to see him jump again.

Tae-Joon wakes up the next day in his full suit and remembers drinking the champagne and realizing it had alcohol in it. Jae-Hee is in the bathroom and says she needs to clear up the misunderstanding.

Tae-Joon is walking and Jae-Hee follows behind, him but hiding when he turns around. Tae-Joon catches her and asks her what she wants and if he did something wrong. Jae-Hee says vaguely yesterday and kiss, Tae-Joon remembers Sang Chu licking him and says that she should have stopped him. Jae-Hee thinks Tae-Joon figured out that he kissed her and says that she had no time to stop him. Tae-Joon goes onto say that she probably enjoyed it and it was gross, Jae-Hee gets mad and Tae-Joon can’t figure out why she would be mad. Tae-Joon asks if the kiss was with Sang Chu and Jae-Hee then agrees with him.

Students at school are all getting text messages and looking at their phones. Tae-Joon walks through and people are looking at him, he gets a text. The next scene is Eun-Gyeol and he also got the text it is of Tae-Joon kissing Jae-Hee, he gets hit by a soccer ball and falls on the ground. The fan girls also get the text and they are upset, but happy it was with a guy instead of a girl.

Eun-Gyeol is walking and Jae-Hee catches up to him and he asks her if she was taken by Tae-Joon and if they have kissed because there are rumors all over the school.

Tae-Joon is approached by Hyun-Jae and says congratulations on being the first campus couple. Tae-Joon gets angry and throws his can down and goes to grab him, Eun-Gyeol and Jae-Hee walk in and she interrupts the fight. Hyun-Jae says that Jae-Hee was the victim and she should report it, Jae-Hee retorts that she was the one that kissed him and that when she is bored she kisses, she was called Kissing Master in America. She goes onto say that a kiss is nothing, its a greeting and then she kisses the shocked Eun-Gyeol on the cheek. She tells Hyun-Jae to stop spreading rumors around now, the crowd calls her an American psycho and a pervert.

Hyun-Jae is practicing high jump and the bar falls, the reporter Yang comes in she thanks him because she got a good story and she is concerned about how serious Yips Syndrome is and how Tae-Joon is doing. Hyun-Jae says she should go ask him she replies after the last story that he probably wouldn’t want to talk to her. He says that she just wants to know about Tae-Joon she says that of course she is rooting for Hyun-Jae and is on his side. He says that he never thought of himself being on her side.

Eun-Gyeol is sitting in the centre store watching a lady walking, Jong-Min and Seung-Ri come up to him and make fun of him for staring. Eun-Gyeol tells them not to joke and that he has a very important problem but the answer has arrived and that is he is perfect. Seung-Ri and Eun-Gyeol both look back at the lady again and they both pretend to drop their fork so they can stare at her legs under the table.

Eun-Gyeol drags Jae-Hee to his moped and they both get on to go to a double date. They meet up with two girls for supper have hamburgers and then do a lie detector test with a machine they brought on first Eun-Gyeol who fails all the tests and get zapped. They try it on Jae-Hee and she passes all the tests and then is asked whether she has ever liked a guy before and doesn’t answer.

They both split up on a date, one girl thinks Jae-Hee doesn’t like her because she is sighing but Jae-Hee explains that it is because of a problem with a friend. The girl gives her advice to just help him the way she wants, Jae-Hee says its good to discuss things with a girlfriend and leaves. The girl than thinks that Jae-Hee meant that she wanted her to be Jae-Hee’s girlfriend.

On Eun-Gyeol’s date the girl tells him that she actually has a boyfriend but because she was mad at him she came on the date to get back at him. She is amazed that he is not mad but Eun-Gyeol says that because of her he had fun and that she should get along with her boyfriend.

Tae-Joon takes Sang Chu to the vet and he has a cold and is given medicine for him. Sang Chu sees a cat outside and follows it to chase it. Tae-Joon then runs after Sang Chu to get him but loses sight of him.

Jae-Hee meets back up with Eun-Gyeol and they both give each other a hard time for the date being so short. Eun-Geyol puts her in a head lock and his heart starts beating fast again and gets uncomfortable. Eun-Gyeol runs to the bathroom to splash water on his face wondering why he is feeling that way. As Jae-Hee waits she sees Sang Chu running and runs after the dog. She grabs him the middle of an the intersection almost causing a car crash. It starts raining and they sit under a shelter on a bench. Tae-Joon is walking with an umbrella looking when Sang Chu when the dog gets away from Jae-Hee her and runs to Tae-Joon and the two of them also meet.

Jae-Hee and Tae-Joon are walking and Tae-Joon apologizes for yesterday and thanks her for today. Jae-Hee then realizes she left Eun-Gyeol and asks Jae-Hee to phone him but he can’t get through because Eun-Gyeol’s phone died. Tae-Joon says he probably went back to the dorm. They wait at a bus stop and a bus comes by about to splash the water when Tae-Joon grabs Jae-Hee and protects her from the splash.

Eun-Gyeol keeps waiting and a worker of the store he is beside has charged his phone and gets a call from Jae-Hee wondering where he is and she hopes he is still not waiting for her. Eun-Gyeol pretends he is a pc rooms and that he didn’t wait for her.

The next day the principal gives teacher Baek a hard time because he saw the article about Tae-Joon having Yips Syndrome and that it is bad for the school image. Teacher Baek replies that he doesn’t think that Tae-Joon has Yips syndrome but the reporter Yang just wrote a speculative story.

Eun-Gyeol, Jae-Hee, and Jong-Min are walking and talking about the break and that Jae-Hee says that she has no where to go because she doesn’t know anyone here. Jong-Min says that she should just sleep on the streets meanwhile Eun-Gyeol is wondering if he should bring her home. The next scene Jae-Hee has come home with Eun-Gyeol and he has brought her into his room and tells her that she is the first friend to be in his room. Jae-Hee asks if she can wash up and he says yes, she then asks if they can wash up together since their friends and that she is the kiss master.Eun-Gyeol has hit his head on a mailbox and his nose is bleeding and he tells Jae-Hee that she can come stay with him. Seung-Ri then comes up to the group and invites them all to his house because they opened up a pension or a spa. He goes on to tell them girls will be coming and that there is even a nude beach next to it. They all agree to go.

Jae-Hee is watching Tae-Joon asking if he is going home and then invites him to Seung-Ri’s place of course he refuses the invitation.

Eun-Gyeol is packing and Hyun-Jae tells him that he is also going to Seung-Ri’s because it will be a bikini paradise.

They are all waiting with their luggage and a van pulls up and a Seung-Ri’s brother gets out and helps them pack up the van and he notices Jae-Hee and watches her. They are singing and having fun driving there.

Tae-Joon ride pulls up and the president has sent for him to go home but Tae-Joon says he is not going and to come up with something evasive. Tae-Joon pushes him and runs, he jumps into the doctors car as he happened to be driving along.

The group arrive at Seung-Ri’s pension and they find out that they were brought here to work. They are all painting the house and Jae-Hee is having fun, when Jae-Hee slips off the ladder because her hands are wet with paint and Eun-Gyeol catches her. The rest complain to Seung-Ri for tricking them to come here and he says that there are some girls here.

Everyone is at the beach playing except Jae-Hee meanwhile the doctor drives Tae-Joon to the same pension without realizing that everyone else is here. Tae-Joon takes photo of the place and the beach and wanders around, he finds wings drawn on the house which reminds him of high jumping. Jae-Hee walks past him and finds him here, Tae-Joon realizes and says he has been kidnapped. Jae-Hee asks for his phone, pushes up on the wall with the wings and takes a picture with his phone. Jae-Hee is inside and she is changing her clothes, Seung Ri’s brother is on a ladder working on the house and looks in the window and sees her with a bandage around her chest and is surprised.

Everyone is at a BBQ and Seung Ri’s brother is barbecuing and Jae-Hee offers to take over for him and he instead talks to her almost flirting and Tae-Joon takes notice of this. Eun-Gyeol asks why Tae-Joon came and why the doctor Yang came and he comes over and they find out that he is Seung-Ri’s uncle. Ha-Na found out where Tae-Joon was staying for vacation from his manager and then shows up at this time.

Jae-Hee is going for a walk alone and an old lady wants her to buy bracelets for her girlfriend, she says she doesn’t have one and the lady persists that even though it has happened yet it will and that she should buy them.

Tae-Joon is alone listening to music and looking at the photo that Jae-Hee took of him that day. Jae-Hee sees Tae-Joon sitting there and looks like she wants to give him one of the bracelet. Before Jae-Hee can come over Ha-Na comes and gives him a gift of macadamia cookies that she made herself that were similar to the “ahjumma’s” cookies that she used to make when she was alive because she wants to give him strength.

Jae-Hee meets Hyun-Jae and confronts him about him taking the picture and circulating it. Hyun-Jae says that she has no proof and to not do anything about it. Jae-Hee leaves to go to the spa because there is no one in it. Eun-Gyeol meets Hyun-Jae asking where Jae-Hee is and he tells him he is the spa. Eun-Gyeol wants to go naked in the spa with Jae-Hee to confirm his feelings toward her.

Jae-Hee goes into the spa and locks the door behind her, Seung Ri’s brother tries to open the door with the keys and when he opens the door, Ha-Na wants to use the spa and goes in. Ha-Na finds Jae-Hee’s bindings and is confused, Je-Hee is hiding in the towel laundry bin.  Eun-Gyeol goes into the spa and thinks that Ha-Na is Jae-Hee and instead Ha-Na freaks out on him. Eun-Gyeol then is all of a sudden walking in a forest where he meets his grandma and she sends him back and Ha-Na hits him again and goes back to his grandma.

Eun-Gyeol wakes up with everyone around him and asking him if he really didn’t know that it was Ha-Na in the spa. Ha-Na is upset that he saw her naked and wants to send him to the police and she eventually hits him again sending him unconscious.

The next morning Tae-Joon finds the bracelet on the bed and wonders what it is. Everyone is up and working for the mom painting and other chores. They are all having watermelon, Ha-Na comes and Eun-Gyeol and her bicker which ends in a water gun fight. Tae-Joon walks away and as he does this one of his flip flops break and he turns around. Jae-Hee is approached by Seung Ri’s brother and he wants to go to the grocery store with her and she agrees, Tae-Joon has heard all of this. Tae-Joon comes over to Jae-Hee and says he has noticed the two of them being close she agrees since he is nice to her. Tae-Joon says to pick up some flip flops while she is at the store. Jae-Hee finds one bracelet in her pocket but can’t find the other one and then is interrupted by Seung Ri’s brother and she gets in the van and drives away, this is how the third episode ends.

This was a very interesting episode I love the way they had Eun-Gyeol have fantasies and really get into what he is dreaming about. I love the comedic humor of Eun-Gyeol visiting his dead grandma and it happening more than once. I found this episode to be the most humorous one yet and even Jae-Hee being the American Kissing Master lol!! I am not sure exactly what Seung Ri’s brother understands about Jae-Hee and whether she is a girl or what exactly he is trying to find out about her but he definitely seems creepy. They still haven’t explained who Ha-Na is to Tae-Joon and what the cookies were about. Jae-Hee obviously bought the bracelet for Tae-Joon but not sure exactly why she did because I don’t think she is willing to admit that she likes him yet. Jae-Hee is protected by the splash from Tae-Joon and I’m not really sure why he did that I am pretty sure there was an easier way to get out of the way of the splash by moving back or even putting the umbrella in the way?? I guess it was more dramatic that way? but it might also show subconsciously that he feel like Jae-Hee is a girl? This plot is getting more interesting and I am looking forward to the next episode!!


Sprout episode 3 summary and review August 7, 2012

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In Sprout episode 3 it starts with Miku making shaved ice and she is recalling the memory of Hayato kissing her when Souohei comes in and starts using the machine as well and he makes too much ice he asks her to save it because he has soccer practice and she is sad that she can’t turn off the switch of love for him. The next scene Souhei is at soccer practice and they have a match coming up and his friends want him to invite Kiyoka to the match meanwhile the assistant female coach looks on at them.

    The next scene Miku is grocery shopping and a boy ahead of her is sitting by the window when someone calls out to him and Miku looks over and sees Hayato and it is awkward. The next scene the three of them are sitting eating a snack and Sou-chan makes conversation with Miku and Hayato leaves to get drinks. Sou-chan asks Miku if she likes his brother and she says she doesn’t understand him and he goes onto tell her that Hayato is not good with girls, Miku doesn’t believe him and he replies that Hayato has never approached a girl himself. The next scene is at Miku’s house and they are all eating supper and Souhei invites everyone to his soccer match, Kiyoka says she will go because she used to be a cheerleader. Naoharu ask if Miyuki is going and Souhei says she can’t come so Souhei doesn’t want to go because he only wanted to go if she was going as she looks like Rurika and Miku is happy at this information.

    The next scene Miku is with Naoharu outside asking what her friend should do because she fell in love with a guy who has a girlfriend and his advice is that the jealousy causes too much energy so she should reset. Miku goes out on her rooms patio and hears Souhei on the phone and he waves to her but she goes in directly. The next scene is Miku at school and one of her guy friends Arata wants her to invite Kiyoka because he thinks she will fall in love with him if she sees him playing soccer. The next scene is Souhei and Hayato talking about Hayato’s younger brother Kou and that he wants to come to their high school and play soccer in his club Hayato says that he won’t get in because he doesn’t study. The next scene is everyone eating supper and Souhei is stuffing his mouth with karaage which is fried chicken and when Miku and her mom are doing the dishes she says that Miku should make and bring some to his match on Sunday since his girlfriend won’t be there.

    On Sunday Miku gets her mom to help her make fried chicken to bring to Souhei match and then Miyuki ditches her because she is going to the beach with her boyfriend so Miku has to go by herself. Miku is by herself at the match on a bench and Souhei comes and talks to her and they ask about Miyuki and his friends are disappointed, Souhei thanks her for coming. Miku gets approached by the female assistant coach and warns Miku that Souhei is nice to everyone and that she should not misunderstand and Miku says she doesn’t.

Kou says hit to Miku and joins her and Hayto is with him but Miku just ignores him and they sit with her. Kou goes over to Souhei during a break an tells him to make a goal in the second half and Souhei agrees. Miku gets up to go over to Souhei but then Miyuki calls Souhei and she comes running over to him and said she finished her errands as fast as she could to make it to his game, Miku is really disappointed that she comes. Miku watches Miyuki cheer for Souhei and Hayato watches Miku. Souhei scores a goal, does a back flip and they win the game. They all go over to the team and as Miku goes to take out her food for Souhei instead Miyuki pulls out hers and everyone is excited, Miku decides to leave. Miku walks away looking like she is about to cry and walks away over to a bench and starts to eat the food she packed.

Hayato meanwhile has followed Miku and joins her at the table asking if he could eat she asks why and he says because I’m hungry. He says its delicious and Miku starts to cry she says she sorry because she doesn’t cry in front of people very often and that it was foul play and her timing was too good obviously talking about Miyuki.

The next scene is Souhei and Miyuki walking home and they are talking and he says thanks for coming and the food when he grabs her hand and kisses Miyuki. Then it goes back to Miku and Hayato he says sorry for the other day and Miku says its okay since he ate her lunch for and that it probably wasn’t anything special that day for him. He says no that was the first time that he ever took the initiative and has been asking himself why he did it ever since that day. Then he says he knows its because he likes her and that is how the third episode ends.


    The third episode is also very interesting as the other two episodes I am happy that the plot still going at a fast pace. First of all Hayato’s younger brother is so cute and I love that he is pushing Miku and Hayato together and gives more dimension to Hayato. From this episode and the past ones it seems like Hayato doesn’t like Miyuki very much and act like strangers even though they were in middle school together. I loved the scene where Miku is talking to Naoharu about her “friend” having a problem and he relates solving the problem to his video game. Hayato really looks like someone from tv or movies but I cannot figure it out the closest I could figure was Jonathon Taylor Thomas? oh it makes me frustrated! I like that Hayato likes Miku they are so cute together but unfortunately I do not think that Miku is going to get over Souhei, which makes me sad because I like the two of them together. Now Kiyoka goes to meet her boyfriend I wish they would show us who he is? Of course they make good use of Grouploves music in this episode again and I enjoy how they use it in the episode.

One thing that bothers me or I find strange is the assistant coach lady not sure who she is if she is a student or a coach but how would she know who Miku is and to be as bold as to warn her about not liking Souhei. Is she a friend of Miyuki’s? or does she like Souhei or herself and then if that is so she should be the most jealous of Miyuki or maybe she doesn’t know that Souhei is dating anyone? I am not sure but this is a strange development. anyway not really any complaints from this episode I found it very interesting and I am again looking forward to the next episode.