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High School Love On Episode 14 Recap December 7, 2014

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The 14th episode starts with Mrs. Ahn in the infirmary and Woo-Hyun and Seul-Bi are with her and she calls out for Sung-Yeol and Woo-Hyun leaves the room because she is going to be okay. Seul-Bi goes to the roof and fights with Sunbae and he interfered because he wants things to go back to the way they were. Seul-Bi disagrees with him and tells him that she is never going back to being an angel and he tells her future with Woo-Hyun will not be good. At the shop the kids from school give Seul-Bi and Woo-Hyun a hard time for living together and her arm starts glowing when Jae-Suk gets to close to her. Mrs. Ahn tells Seul-Bi that she wants her to move to her place because the rumors are hard on Woo-Hyun and she doesn’t like them living together alone either. Seul-Bi tells her that she will think about it. Picture 1

Jae-Suk is with his tall friend and they are calling Byeong-Wook the shorter guy and he isn’t answering. He sees Da-Yeol a girl from school go into a club and Jae-Suk tells him to go find Byeong-Wook. Mrs. Ahn is going through Sung-Yeol’s room to find her necklace and he finds her and tells her that he threw it out and she starts hitting him and he grabs her arm and then his dad walks in and gets angry and slaps Sung-Yeol.

Picture 2

Mrs. Ahn tries to calm down his dad and tells him that is was her fault for going through his room and he tells her not to treat him like someone else’s child but her own. Seul-Bi and Woo-Hyun at home get awkward when using the bathroom and watching dramas with kissing.

Picture 3

Sung-Yeol asks his dad if Seul-Bi can live with them because of the rumors and his dad is mad at him and makes him apologize to Mrs. Ahn. Mrs. Ahn talks to Sung-Yeol later and tells him that he doesn’t want him to be hurt but she especially doesn’t want him to hurt Woo-Hyun and Sung-Yeol is upset and tells her that she is finally being honest and that he just wants to hurt Woo-Hyun. At school everyone is talking about Woo-Hyun and Seul-Bi living together and makes them uncomfortable. While cleaning up the gym Seul-Bi tries to help Sung-Yeol but he gets mad and dumps all the balls and she falls. 

Picture 4

Woo-Hyun helps her up and gets mad at Sung-Yeol. Sung-Yeol and Seul-Bi talk and he threatens to tell everyone about Mrs. Ahn and Woo-Hyun and she tells him that it is a secret for Sung-Yeol’s sake so that nothing is taken away from him. Sung-Yeol tells her that she is his weapon now and she should think about how to protect Woo-Hyun. Mrs. Ahn talks to Woo-Hyun and tells him for everyone’s sake he should help convince Seul-Bi to come live with her. Seul-Bi locks a lock on the fence outside the restaurant and tells him that she is locking her heart here and is never going to leave but her body needs to leave. Woo-Hyun tells her not to go and that it hurts if she leaves her heart here and she says she wants to protect him. They go over to Mrs. Ahn’s house to drop off Seul-Bi and Sung-Yeol meets them. 

Picture 5

Jae-Suk and his gang are teasing the student that Byeong-Wook helped before and Byeong-Wook comes up to them and sends her away and they ask why he hasn’t been in school. Jae-Suk is mad at Byeong-Wook for talking back to him and punches him.

Picture 6

Woo-Hyun finds the dolls at home and brings them over to Mrs.Ahn’s and looks for Seul-Bi in the window.
Seul-Bi went to Woo-Hyun’s house but he isn’t there. Jae-Suk finds Da-Yeol walking with older men and he confronts them and they start beating him up. Their old teacher is patrolling and finds Jae-Suk and protects him and gets beat up as well. Da-Yeol pretends she doesn’t know Jae-Suk and runs away. 

Picture 7

Ki-Soo finds Byeong-Wook beat up on the ground and helps him over to Woo-Hyun’s house and they both take care of his wounds. 

Picture 8

Sung-Yeol finds the dolls Woo-Hyun brought and left there and Seul-Bi finds them and Sung-Yeol gets mad at her for always talking about Woo-Hyun and then he tries to see her wrist but Mrs. Ahn interrupts them. Mrs. Ahn tells Seul-Bi that she has to stay away from Woo-Hyun and even takes away her cellphone. Seul-Bi wakes up the next morning and makes breakfast for everyone and Mrs. Ahn tells her not to do it because they have simple breakfast and it makes her feel bad. Sung-Yeol comes and eats the food and tells her to do so and Seul-Bi gets up and stumbles and he figures out she has a fever. 

Picture 9

She tries to go to school but Sung-Yeol tells her not to and she tries to go but he doesn’t let her out of her room and she agrees to stay home. Woo-Hyun waits for Seul-Bi and when he sees Sung-Yeol he asks but he doesn’t tell him.

Woo-Hyun asks Mrs. Ahn where Seul-Bi is and she doesn’t know and she gives him her cellphone to give back and she tells him that she will check on her and that he shouldn’t. Woo-Hyun finds Sung-Yeol outside and tells him to give Seul-Bi her cellphone back and he sarcastically tells him that he should live there with his mom at his place and Woo-Hyun replies sarcastically that he should live with his biological mom because then he could see Seul-Bi. When they leave a policeman with a mask on takes it off and it is Sung-Yeol’s dad and he overheard everything. Jae-Suk followed Mrs. Ahn and sees Sung-Yeol come out of the same house and he takes a picture. Jae-Suk goes and shows it to Woo-Hyun and Woo-Hyun talks back to him and doesn’t tell him anything and makes him mad. He threatens him that if he lets Byung-Wook stay here again he will destroy the store like he destroyed him.

Picture 10

Woo-Hyun goes to the roof and while he is there Sunbae uses his magic to move the clothes on the line and freaks him out. Sung-Yeol’s dad comes home and confronts Mrs. Ahn and tells her that she is a terrible mother. 

Picture 11

Woo-Hyun comes over and Seul-Bi answers and he is wondering if she is okay and she reassures him. He wrote on his hand that he missed her and Sung-Yeol comes back with her medicine and asks why he is there and Woo-Hyun answers he won’t have what is his taken away from him anymore and this ends episode 14.

Picture 12



Her Legend Episode 14 Recap/Summary September 19, 2013

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The 14th episode starts with Jung-Soo meeting Kyung-Hee at work and shocks her. Kyung-Hee asks why she is here and is told that she is here to slowly destroy Kyung-Hee and enjoy watching her squirm. Kyung-Hee tries to convince Jung-Soo to study abroad and Jung-Soo tells her that it would benefit both of them and therefore doesn’t want to do it. Kyung-Hee is told that by Manager Goo that Jung-Soo was hired by Director Choi and will be working with the Luna team. Kyung-Hee angrily shoves some papers off her desk. Eun-Joo the rookie and Jung-Soo are both of the Luna team and the team’s office is in a old building that hasn’t been used for a while. Jin-Hoo is upset but Jung-Soo stops him and her and Eun-Joo start cleaning it up. Ah-Ra comes in and is also assigned to the Luna team, she asks for forgiveness from Jung-Soo and Jung-Soo is okay and has forgiven her. Kyung-Hee goes to speak to Director Choi about hiring Jung-Soo, he tells her that Luna is the pacemaker and that Alberto the foreign brand will be the one being sold in the stores. He tells her that Luna will be separating from ShinHwa and that they are a lost cause. Kyung-Hee then is trying to figure out how this could be that Jin-Hoo would also want to be a part of the lost cause but she figures the President would never allow it. On the Luna team they talk about taking Jung-Soo’s design and improving it.

Picture 1

The Alberto needs to keep their design with the Rosa line and they need to fit in with the same image. At the Luna meeting Jung-Soo wants to use artificial leather made from different animals. Ah-Ra goes to Manager Goo and tells her about this idea and Manager Goo tells her that she has to continue spying for them. Jung-Soo meets Manager Kang and they try to work out the awkwardness from the last time and she tells him she wasn’t mad but just emotional at that time. She understands that he was also trying to be fair to Kyung-Hee. He thinks that she is upset that Kyung-Hee was the adopted child because Kyung-Hee was mean to her at the company. He asks her why she left home and she doesn’t answer.

Picture 2

Ah-Ra suggests going to a gallery to hunt for an idea and Jin-Hoo eventually agrees. They go to the gallery and Do-Young is also there.

Picture 3

Jung-Soo and Do-Young run into each other and Do-Young wants to talk to Jung-Soo. She tells her that she had heard her design got stolen and that someone tricked Kyung-Hee and did not do it on purpose. Do-Young asks her if they have met before and she says no and then asks for her name. Jung-Soo tells her that her name is Eun Kyung-Hee and Do-Young thinks Eun is a rare name.

Picture 4

Jung-Soo ends up crying and Jin-Hoo finds her and takes her in his car and lets her cry.

Picture 5

When she is done they do some research of people’s bags on the street. Jung-Soo approaches one guy with an unusual bag and wants to see it and he thinks she is hitting on him. Jin-Hoo gets involved and buys the bag from him and they go back to the office. Jung-Soo works through the night and Jin-Hoo also stays but continually falls asleep.

Picture 6

The next morning they look tired and Kyung-Hee sees them walking to the washrooms together. Jung-Soo has an idea to put velvet on top of the leather. Manager Goo tells Kyung-Hee about the artificial leathers but that it won’t be possible to accomplish it. Jung-Soo and Kyung-Hee run into each other and Kyung-Hee tells her that she has heard about the artificial leather and Jung-Soo tells her that she shouldn’t be treating her this way because she can change her mind about telling Do-Young at any moment. Eun-Joo tells everyone that they have been assigned Manager Kim Dae-Poong to be their technician to make a sample and that he is problematic because he is a drunk. Dae-Pong comes in drunk asking for a iced coffee and Jin-Hoo stops Jung-Soo from getting one and Dae-Pong gets offended and leaves.

Picture 7

Uncle tells Aunt that he wants to tell the Woo’s the truth and that it is a punishment for Kyung-Hee to keep lying. Aunt calls Kyung-Hee that Uncle is going to Sae-Kyung company and she runs over there. Kyung-Hee stops her uncle and tells them that Aunt is sick.

Picture 8

Kyung-Hee and Uncle go to talk and he tries to persuade to end it for her own good. She tells him that she wants to keep it up until the truth comes out and that she will lie as much as she has to stay the way it is. Uncle is upset that Kyung-Hee has turned out like this and cries.

Picture 9

Jung-Soo works late again and Jin-Hoo brings her supper and lies about having to do something and watches her work and takes care of her when she falls asleep.

Picture 10


Kyung-Hee has gone to the bar and doesn’t answer her phone call from Do-Young. Do-Young and her husband talk about Kyung-Hee and how it was strange she came to his work when she was looking for her Uncle. That the Uncle wanted to tell him something and that Kyung-Hee knows what that it is. Do-Young tells him that she found the ripped up picture of her mom. A driver drove to Manager Kang’s house and he pays her and gets in and Kyung-Hee leans on him wanting him to stay still for a bit because she has no one to lean on but that she doesn’t have feelings for him.

Picture 11

Jung-Soo goes to talk to a manufacturer and he tells her that she needs Dae-Poong because he is the real expert and would know how to process the leather the best. Jung-Soo and Jin-Hoo go to see Dae-Poong and they apologize to him and explain what they want. He tells her that he wants her to sing and that is the best way for him to work well and she agrees and sings a song for him. He gives her a thumbs up and they leave.  Jin-Hoo gets mad and tells her not to sing because it makes her look easy. He tells her that he is so mad at himself because he can’t help her and that that he gets angry over nothing and laughs crazily over nothing and he feels pathetic and incompetent because of her.

Picture 12

Jung-Soo then remembers all the times with Jin-Hoo and comes to the realization of his feelings for her. She goes to his house and when he comes home she tells him that she got what he was saying earlier and that she understands his feelings. Jin-Hoo tells her to think of it as an installment just do what she can without burdening herself and if she is willing to come to him and this ends the 14th episode.

Picture 13

Aww that was such a sweet way of telling her to start seeing him as a potential boyfriend. I love it that he doesn’t force her to either accept him or reject him right away but to give her time and let them be comfortable with each other. The smile he gives at the end is sooo cute!!! I can’t believe that it took Jung-Soo that long to figure out that Jin-Hoo has feelings for her! sheesh!! I mean of course she is going to have to fall in love with him now!! I also have to say Manager Kang is also looking pretty good when Kyung-Hee rests her head on his shoulder.  If I was Jung-Soo I would let someone onto the secret because it is so frustrating by herself, but if she did that then they may spill the beans before her and she could lose control of the situation. I think she also can’t tell because she knows what she is doing is wrong and that she should stop. I mean even if Do-Young finds out she will have more memories with Kyung-Hee and see her more as a daughter than Jung-Soo because she has been with them longer. I guess because she has parents they would feel uncomfortable and stop being her adoptive parents maybe? When Jung-Soo met Do-Young I wondered if she was going to take on Kyung-Hee identity and introduce her as the cousin of Kyung-Hee! It makes sense Kyung-Hee took her identity so logically she can take Kyung-Hee’s identity. I hope that Ah-Ra isn’t going to keep spying on them because if she still does I wonder if the other team will try to copy their design and then presents theirs first so it looks like Luna copied Alberto’s design? This drama is still exciting and I cannot wait for next week’s episodes!!!


To The Beautiful You Episode 14 Summary October 3, 2012

The fourteenth episode starts with Jae-Hee trying to convince Tae-Joon to go to the hospital to see his father who has collapsed.

Jae-Hee goes to the hospital with Tae-Joon, Jae-Hee goes to get refreshments and leaves Tae-Joon to go in alone. He goes in and sees his father standing and his father says that it isn’t anything serious and that he just got a dizzy spell from his blood pressure. Tae-Joon helps his dad with the bed and his dad comments on how Tae-Joon must have taken care of his mother. Tae-Joon tells his father that he doesn’t think he can forgive his father and says that he is relieved it was nothing serious and then says he is leaving.

Jae-Hee and Tae-Joon are walking to the dorms, Tae-Joon holds Jae-Hee hands and continue to walk.

Seung-Ri visits Ha-Na and tells her that he is being discharged today. He tells her that he will make her smile before he leaves today, he tells some lame jokes and she knows all the answers. He doesn’t make her laugh and says the next time he comes he will make her laugh.

Jae-Hee is writing Tae-Joon’s high jump goal 2m 31cm on the bed post which is a cm better than his best time.

In the athletic club, Seung-Ri is working them very hard and Jong-Min asks if he is doing this because they didn’t visit him the hospital, he disagrees and gives them even more reps to do. As Jae-Hee is doing sit-ups Tae-Joon offers his hand and helps her to do them but he pulls to hard and she goes flying into him. Seung-Ri gives everyone even more reps because she was so full of energy and even else should be too.

Jae-Hee is at her desk and she is thinking back to the sit ups and she wonders if Tae-Joon knows she is a girl because of the look that he gave her when she fly into him. Instead she thinks that maybe Tae-Joon is also attracted to men so she shows a picture of what she thinks is a man but is instead a girl to Tae-Joon and asks what he thinks of it. He tells her that it is very pretty and that he would go on a date and she gets all flustered then she realizes the page fell out. She tells him that she was just joking around after he hits her head.

Hyun-Jae is practicing and he hits the bar but the coach says he is doing better he is just jumping prematurely. Hyun-Jae goes to fix the bar and Tae-Joon says he is doing it but Hyun-Jae tells him to just get ready. Tae-Joon then tells Hyun-Jae that to match the timing it was better to sing a song than to count internally. He asks what song he sang and Tae-Joon says Frog Boy. Tae-Joon is trying and keeps hitting the bar while Jae-Hee is filming with her phone. His coach says that his balance is off and asks if something is wrong or if he is dating. Tae-Joon says that nothing is going on and the coach says that they body needs to be tuned in for him to get over.

Tae-Joon and Jae-Hee are sitting and watching the video and Tae-Joon says that his form is a total mess. She asks if his balance is off because his father is in the hospital and he tells her to not talk about that. They watch another video and in the middle she gets a text from Eun-Gyeol asking if she wants to go watch soccer with him. She tells him that since Eun-Gyeol hurt his leg that is why he promised he would go watch the match today. Dr. Jang walks by sees them together and then sits down. Teacher Lee is walking past and sees Dr. Jang sitting and the Coach sees her watching him and she tells him that Dr. Jang is sexy especially in his forearm with his veins sticking out.

Tae-Joon’s manager is visiting Tae-Joon’s father and she asks him when he will tell Tae-Joon the truth about his mother. He tells her that it is fine now and that she should just let Tae-Joon keep believing what he does.

Jae-Hee is about to leave for the soccer match and invites him to come and she wishes he would come and just when he was about to agree she says bye and takes her phone out of his hand.

Jae-Hee and Eun-Gyeol are sitting in the bleachers watching the game from his phone. Jae-Hee apologizes about his leg and he tells her that she is her best friend and that he has been greedy and getting greedier all the time. He wishes she could just stay by his side forever. Jae-Hee says sorry again for everything and that later on if he is disappointed she hopes he won’t hate her.

Tae-Joon is practicing and still not getting over the bar and Hyun-Jae is not getting over it either. Coach tells them to stop and he calls Tae-Joon over and tells him not to come back in the gym until tomorrow because he is over practicing and that he should rest and have fun. He tells him its his heart and that he needs a rest. He tells Jae-Hee to take Tae-Joon away and to take pictures to prove it or he will give her a training from hell.

Tae-Joon is doing push ups and Jae-Hee sits on him so he can’t do anymore he decides to just some more with her on him until he collapses.

Coach invites Teacher Lee and he has made hand drip coffee and he shows off his forearms for her and she notices how the veins stick out. He tries to pick up the coffee but he can’t and then she notices something on his upper arm. It is rubber bands to make his veins stick out, and he tells her he wears it for concentration. He then tries to drink the coffee without hands and promptly spills it on himself.

Jae-Hee is going through her date book and realizes that Tae-Joon has not been doing well since his father went into the hospital. She then tries to convince Tae-Joon to go out with her. They go out shopping and enjoy themselves at the arcade and other places. She takes him to his old elementary school and they play on the playground. He has a flashback to him younger greeting his dad happily.

They take Sang-Chu for a walk and Jae-Hee talks about her old neighborhood fondly. He asks her if she regretted coming this far and she says no and he tells her its weird that him jumping gives her strength. He says if he starts jumping like before that she will then leave and she says probably. She says she is cold and he takes off his jacket and gives it to her. Tae-Joon then shockingly goes in for a kiss to a very surprised Jae-Hee. Jae-Hee asks if the chocolate he had earlier had alcohol in it and he agrees.

Jae-Hee sees Dr. Jang who tells her it is no big deal and that he does it to women on the subway all the time. He asks what she would do if Tae-Joon found out, she says that she would have to leave but that she wants to be a girl to Tae-Joon. He tells her when she first came here he saw a sense of desperation and wondered how she was going to resolve it. She says before she makes a decision to leave there is still something left she has to do.

Jae-Hee has a flashback to the problem with Tae-Joon’s father and then gets up and meets Tae-Joon she tells them that they are going out to eat for supper today.

Hyun-Jae brings Eun-Gyeol water and he asks Eun-Gyeol how his dating life is going and if its a guy. Hyun-Jae asks if its him and he of course says no and they joke around more.

Tae-Joon goes into the dorm and he sees his goal again and thinks he can accomplish it. He wonders if she is going to tell him that she is a girl.

Jae-Hee goes to visit Tae-Joon’s father at the hospital she tells him she has a request.

Jae-Hee is walking on campus and Eun-Gyeol comes up to her and he asks what’s wrong and she tells him that she did something that Tae-Joon is going to yell at her about. Eun-Gyeol encourages her and tells her to be strong and she thanks him.

Tae-Joon is waiting in the dorm and Jae-Hee comes in and they go out to eat and when they get there she tells him that his dad is coming. As Tae-Joon is about to leave his dad walks in and his father tells him to sit down because he has something to tell him. Jae-Hee tries to leave but Tae-Joon tells her to stay and his father tells her that she can leave. They sit down and his father tells him that he doesn’t know everything about his mother’s death.

Tae-Joon is walking and then sits by the water crying. He flashbacks to his father telling him that his mother knew about her illness from the beginning and hid it from them. She was in last stage liver cancer and treatment was impossible but a transplant was suggested. His mother didn’t want him to know because she didn’t want to be a burden and he thought it was better that he blamed him instead of his mother. He tells Tae-Joon that he is sorry and Tae-Joon is crying alone.

Jae-Hee flashbacks to her talk with Tae-Joon’s father and she tells him that Tae-Joon still needs someone to lean on. If it was her her heart would be hurting especially since his mom died and he has to hate his father. She tells him that she wishes he wouldn’t hide anything from him. Tae-Joon comes in crying he says he is late and she tells him no and welcome back. She goes in for a hug and she cries with him.

Eun-Gyeol is playing soccer and his coach comes up to him to tell him that the National Team Coach is coming to see him today.

Tae-Joon’s father gets a text from Tae-Joon which is pictures of when he went back to his old school and tells him not to carry the burden all by himself.

Tae-Joon and Hyun-Jae are training. Tae-Joon makes it over the bar and waves to Jae-Hee who is watching.

Jae-Hee and Tae-Joon are at the school store and she asks if his father and him made up and he says not completely yet. Tae-Joon says thanks for doing that for him. Eun-Gyeol comes in and sees the two of them together, he leaves and he wonders why he can’t be natural like Tae-Joon.

Tae-Joon goes back to his room and there are flowers sitting on his desk the same one he saw at the florist when they were out. Jae-Hee comes in and he asks what this is and she says she got them for him because he saw him looking at them last time. Tae-Joon asks if he can interpret it anyway that he wants to and she avoids answering him. He then goes up to and grabs her arm and tells her to not act like nothing is going on and then he tells her that he likes her. He then tells her that he is going to workout and goes out the door. He sits outside the door breathing and she is confused inside the room. Jae-Hee then realizes that it is time to tell Tae-Joon that she is a girl.

Eun-Gyeol comes out of his room complaining about Hyun-Jae and looking like he needs to use the bathroom. He goes into Jae-Hee’s room thinking that no one is there and opens the bathroom door. Eun-Gyeol sees Jae-Hee take off her shirt from behind and sees her bandage around her and asks if she is a girl and this is how the fourteenth episode ends.

I am not completely sure how Eun-Gyeol could tell Jae-Hee was a girl from the back. I guess he saw the binding and could see a woman’s shape through it? anyway finally he knows because I was feeling really bad for him he was questioning his own identity and going crazy. Tae-Joon can stop blaming his father for his mother’s death because they would be a very miserable life!! Teacher Lee has such a large crush on Dr. Jang lol I would be attracted to him more than the coach!! I think that Jae-Hee should just tell him that she is a girl and then go to a different school as a girl and be his girlfriend!! but I guess that would change their relationship because they would not be able to live together anymore! sigh!!