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Piece Japanese Drama Episode 4 Summary January 3, 2013

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The fourth episode starts with Mizuho watching the tape and Hikaru catching her. He stands up and walks to her and asks her again what she is doing, she doesn’t answer and he comes over and kneels next to her. She says she came to see him and that since the door was open but she didn’t have any confidence and wanted to know more about him. He asks if she came to sleep with him and she says no. He tells her that she always looks at him as if she is scared of him. He grabs her head and he asks if she likes or hates him.  Before she can answer he tells her that he hates her that she is always looking down at others, behaving if she is always alone and doing so without courage.  He grabs the back of her head and tells her that when he looks at her he is tempted to hurt her. He then gets on top of her and she fights him telling him to stop. He stops and he asks if she is crying  then he tells her not to come again that he doesn’t need her. She gets up and leaves. Picture 1

Picture 2

Hikaru picks up the remote and looks at the video of himself and turns off the video.
Nanao-san walks into the room and asks if she was the one who left the door open and then tells her that she went too far and that she is only a housekeeper. She tells him he is not going to be indulged forever. Hikaru leaves the room.

Picture 3

Mizuho is walking to the bus stop crying and she is thinking that she does want to be touched by Hikaru and that she wanted to be nice to him and be held in his arms. She bends down and thinks that she hates getting hurt and breaking into pieces. She continues crying.

Picture 4

3 days later. Mizuho is walking into her classroom and she sees Hikaru flirting with a girl. Mizuho goes to her desk behind him and bangs it, he turns around and greets her happily and then asks for her English notes. She puts on a smile and gives him the notebook and he turns back around. The girl asks him if his house was done remodeling and he says yes it finished a week ago. She asks if she can come over and he tells her she can anytime. Mizuho thinks that if she closes her eyes, locks up her feelings and look for herself again it will be alright. If she keeps her eyes closed then she won’t get hurt.

Picture 5

3 years later present time. Mizuho is sitting on a bed and thinks that the Hikaru she met 3 years later was the same as before and has current flashbacks of him. The way she responds to Hikaru is the same way 3 years ago. Her phone goes off and it is a text message from the guy in the first episode agreeing to meet her tomorrow at the cafeteria, after the second period.

Mizuho meets with the guy and he tells her sorry that while getting advice from her, he couldn’t leave her alone. She tells him not to say sorry, but asks him what he wants to do now and if he wants to break up with her. He says sorry and she says she gets it.
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They are outside with umbrellas in the rain and she says goodbye and starts walking away. He tells her to wait and says that she didn’t really love him after all because yesterday she was calm and today she is not crying even though they were going out for a whole year and that he never felt like she accepted him. She says that she thought that she loved him and that he was moved by everything and easily pleased. That his feelings showed on his face instead of his mouth. She tells him that she thought she wanted to be like him. She asks him if that was different from being in love. He tells her that he wanted them to enjoy things together, depend on each other and to feel that they were important to each other. He then says see you and walks away. She turns and walks away and wonders what it means to love someone.
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Mizuho is sitting in a building and she has flashbacks of her meeting and being with her now ex-boyfriend and she thinks that at first she was enjoying herself and that she could make someone smile. A group of girls walk past and they are talking about how it was all one-sided on Sumiyoshi’s part and that they wonder whether Mizuho is cool or that she has no interest in others.

Mizuho is at home searching and she finds her handkerchief that she gave to Haruka to clean her desk.

Mizuho is at Haruka’s mother’s house and the mother tells her that she thought it was odd that her close friend didn’t come to visit when she was hospitalized but that she enjoyed talking about Mizuho. The mother also says that she perhaps believed Haruka and that Haruka was sneaky. Mizuho says that if only she had talked with Haruka that day when she was cleaning the desk. Haruka’s mother asks her if she could find out who Haruka was dating from school. The mother has a flashback where she checked Haruka’s phone and sees a message saying that she had an abortion. Haruka comes in and her mom confronts her and Haruka is mad and that she had never seen Haruka like that and it was scary. She says that she should have properly questioned her that day and she wants to know no matter what everything about her. Mizuho flashbacks to talking to Nanao-san about how she wants to know everything about Hikaru. She thinks that intense feeling and that she knows it too. Mizuho tells Haruka’s mother that she will help her search for Haruka’s partner. The mother grabs Mizuho’s hand and thanks her. Mizuho thinks that maybe she is trying to change herself, even if it’s just a little.

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Mizuho is at her desk looking at her old yearbook. She flashbacks to earlier that day when Haruka’s mother was asking if she knew of any boys that were close to Haruka. She remembers to earlier that day when all the classmates were gathered and she hears one boy say that the only one that talked to Haruka was Hikaru. Mizuho phones Hikaru, he answers and she tells him that she needs to ask him about something.

Mizuho is sitting a cafe with Hikaru and she asks about him and Haruka. He tells her that they weren’t dating and that they didn’t do it perhaps. He asks why she wants to know and she says Haruka’s mother asked her to and he tells her that it is rare to see her caring for people. Hikaru then asks if the mother could have gotten it wrong and that it doesn’t seem like Haruka had a boyfriend. She says she thought about that too but she had a boyfriend. He tells her that he never heard her talk of a boyfriend but he heard something quite the opposite that someone liked Haruka Yanai-Sempai.
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Yanai-Sempai is at home and Mizuho phones him and tells him that she wants to ask him about Haruka. He flashbacks to the funeral and this is how the fourth episode ends.Picture 12

This episode was very interesting and I did not find myself getting bored once. Mizuho’s most recent boyfriend it seemed like he was cheating on her but in the end you find out that Mizuho was distant in the relationship. This doesn’t surprise me because after Hikaru she said she wasn’t going to get hurt again and therefore the easiest way to do this is to not let anyone in. It is too bad that Mizuho never got to tell Hikaru her feelings and instead he hurt her instead. They are both the same he hurt her before she could hurt him. Obviously Mizuho still has feelings for Hikaru and maybe something will develop again over the investigation of Haruka’s life. Another interesting thing that happens is that Mizuho decides to help Haruka’s mother because she understood the idea of needing to understand a person completely. Mizuho thinks that she wanted to change through this and she of course was thinking of changing Hikaru’s annoying  perception of her. I understand how she wants to figure out how a person’s mind works and why he does the things he does. This is a very interesting psychological, mystery drama.