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My Origin Story February 18, 2017

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So I wanted to talk about my origin story, how exactly did I get into watching Korean dramas or any other Asian dramas? I want to your story as well since it seems like an uncommon hobby! So first of all it started around 2010/2011 Netflix first came out in Canada! So I tried it and I watched anime for the first time, well I have seen anime before this with my brother but nothing that I really loved. Netflix was streaming Fruits Basket and that completely got me hooked. How did they put so much emotion into a animated series! It was just really different from the North American view of animation. I then watched Ouran High which was also really enjoyable. I then looked up Ouran High on the internet and found that it was a manga and I could read what happens past the anime.

I then was introduced into the world of manga. I then started searching for more anime’s online and I came across Nana and that series blew everything out of the water. It took my heart out and stomped it on the ground! I seriously have never felt so invested in a story before. I of course then turned to the manga to find out what happened and sadly the writer has stopped writing the series due to her health. I am still holding out hope that she will finish it one day.!

So after that I was at my local library looking at books and came across a manga section in the library which made me excited, I picked up all the copies of the manhwa Goong and took it home. I quickly read through the few books that there was and of course then turned to the internet to find out more about it. So I kept reading it online and one day I was searching it and came across a live action of the series. I thought it was like a movie so I watched about two hours and was so confused that it wasn’t ending. I then did more research and realized it was a Korean TV series. Weirdly enough I didn’t like it that much to keep watching it and so I left it for a while. But for some reason I went back to the Korean dramas and I found one that was recommended and so the first drama that I completed was Boys Over Flowers which completely sold me into the world of Korean dramas. I haven’t really looked back and have fallen into the wonderland hole of Korean Dramas! So how did your addiction start?


6 Responses to “My Origin Story”

  1. kwenzqoatl Says:

    I became aware of asian dramas from my mon. haha. When i was a lil kid she would put them on tv even if the werent subtitled. That is I how I became aware of them. However, the first I watched from beginning to end was My Lucky Star. I loved it and started to look for more stuff. 🙂

  2. Dubbed kdramas air on TV, but I really got into it on my own when I watched Boys Over Flowers (like everyone else!). Korean sounded so strange to me when I first started watching, but naturally I got used to it ^^

  3. Leslie Says:

    I had forgotten that I watched (and loved) Fruits Basket, Ouran Host Club, Nana, School Rumble, and my all-time favorite, Peach Girl. My cousin got me started on Kdramas. At a family dinner she told me, “You’ve got to watch this Korean show. It’s crazy!” And that’s how I found Boys over Flowers. I watched a few more dramas after that, but the drama that cemented things for me was My Name is Kim Sam Soon. Six plus years later, it’s still one of my all time favorites.

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