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Dramas I am Currently Watching for Spring 2015 April 21, 2015

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I just wanted to do a quick review on all the dramas that I am watching right and I am currently in the middle of!

1st of all I am currently watching Super Daddy Yeol which is apparently based on a webtoon which I have not read. It is about a doctor Mi-Rae who I personally find to be really pretty has a daughter and she is diagnosed with cancer. She seeks out her 1st love to help make him into a father for his daughter. I have to say the acting in this drama is really well done. There is not a lot of over acting and I have to say the child actor is really believable and really does her part justice in the drama. Even though the subject matter seems really dark and depressing this drama has not really portrayed that yet! I am really curious to see how this drama is going to end with happiness or in utter disaster. The director is also the same as the one who did marriage not dating and jang mi even makes an appearance in this drama. I have to say I definitely recognized the sound effects which I almost kinda like, it adds the humorous quality in the drama! I am currently enjoying this drama but the only downside is that their is a bit of focus on baseball which is not the most interesting subject matter to me, but it is well balanced that I don’t mind it.




The second drama I am watching is The Girl Who Can See Smells. This drama is also based off of a webcomic. It is starring some bigger known actors like Shin Se Kyung and Yoochun, also Nam Goong Min. I don’t want to say too much but it is about a girl who survives an accident and wakes up with anmesia and is able to see smells. She helps a cop who is wanting to investigate his own sisters death and uses this girls ability to help him with solving crimes. I have to say that this drama subject is really dark with alot of murders happening in this drama already. I really love the fantasy part where Oh Cho Rim is able to see smells and is interesting to see her solving crimes. This drama is not only dark but it is a comedy and really makes it lovable. I really like fantasy dramas and this one is really interesting with the mysteries even if it can be a bit dark but I think it is really enjoyable!




The third drama that I am following is Falling For Innocence. This drama is about Kang Min Ho who wants to take revenge on his uncle for taking over the company when his dad died. He is dying and needs a heart transplant. Soon Jung a secretary in his uncles company gets involved in his business and has to help him. I wasn’t sure if I would like this drama because it seems like there is a lot of political themes in this drama but it is really interesting. There is a mysterious quality to this drama and have been sucked into this one as well.  Out of all the dramas I have watched so far I have cried the most watching this one! I felt my heart breaking while watching this one. I would definitely recommend this one as well, I find it very interesting so far!




The fourth drama I have just started watching is My Unfortunate Boyfriend. I have to be honest I mostly checked this drama out because No Min Woo is in it and I enjoyed him in Full House 2. I have to say his character is soo different I wouldn’t have recognized him if I had not known it was him. He is an airhead that loves flowers and gets caught up with Yoo Ji Na who is trying to fake it until she makes it in the company they are both working for. So the overacting in this drama is a bit much and very exaggerated way of telling this story but it is still charming in its own way. This is a good drama to just stop thinking and just enjoy the slapstick comedy! It is very silly but lots of fun!


The fifth drama I am following is Murphy’s Law of Love which is a Taiwanese drama unlike the others which are Korean dramas. This is about Xiao-Tong who thinks she has been cursed with Murphy’s Law which means anything that can go wrong will go wrong. She is considered a love doctor and is a psychiatrist that works for a online dating company. She meets Jai-Wei who is the opposite and runs a party planning company to end divorce in a party so they can end it gracefully and be able to move on. These two are clashing and the romcom continues on! I have to say that Taiwanese dramas seem to have a pattern when they do all their romcoms. You always know who she is ending up with and they make it obvious with the beginning credits. Their is always a love triangle with another guy and she is always really unaware of it. I have to say the male lead Danson Tang really reminds me of Aaron Yan from Just You. I don’t love this drama mainly because it is way too predictable which almost makes me a little sad. If you like Taiwanese dramas then this new one will satisfy your need for a happy ending.
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These are the dramas that I am currently watching!

What are you currently watching? Is anyone also enjoying these dramas or other ones I am not following? and if so which ones are your favorites this spring?


4 Responses to “Dramas I am Currently Watching for Spring 2015”

  1. AidaZen Says:

    I’m enjoying Falling for Innocence and can’t stop talking about it to anyone who cares to know! Sensory Couple is the second series I’m following at the moment. The rest, alas I did a pass on those.

    Dropped in to say your blog is awesome and i have a nomination for you here:

  2. Hey, so does Murphy’s Law of Love have a happy ending? I’m not asking for a plot spoiler or anything, I just can’t stand when the two main characters don’t end up together.

    • Thanks for replying but Murphy’s law of love is only concluding July 30 2015 so I don’t know if it will be happy. I feel like it will be a happy ending though? if that helps?

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