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Heart To Heart Korean Drama Review March 10, 2015

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I really wanted to do a review on the Korean drama Heart to Heart that just ended. I realized that there has been a lot of psychological melodramas this season but I really thought this one stood out but may have not gotten as much recognition as the other ones.

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The plot is that Cha Hong-Do suffers from a social phobia and struggle with severe blushing. When her grandmother dies she has to work so she disguises herself as her grandmother and works in houses cleaning. Through some incidences she meets a psychiatrist Ko Yi-Seok who she is going to get help from to overcome her phobia.

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I think this drama has done a very good of developing the characters. I felt a lot for these characters and found that I was never bored while watching this drama. There was not a lot of flashbacks that I tend to skip. It has a very indie feel to it especially because the music seemed quirky and indie.

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I found the relationships to be touching and seeing wounded people trying to overcome their trauma and keep living to be encouraging.  This drama also has a lot of humor and even quirky humor I was so taken in by this drama. I don’t want to give any spoilers but I really hope that people go and watch this drama. 

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I found it was so amusing and intriguing I even preferred it to kill me, heal me which is another one that I am watching and enjoying. My only complaint is that it was too short ! I wanted more and more!! I really hope that if anyone is unsure about this drama that they should for sure go and watch it!!


5 Responses to “Heart To Heart Korean Drama Review”

  1. crisrichyee Says:

    I agree with you. This drama is so good but I think it’s underrated. I didn’t heard any news about this drama and was quite surprise that there’s a drama ‘Heart to Heart’. (Well, I’m not really that updated with new dramas but I heard news of some dramas like that Kill Me, Heal Me though I haven’t watch it yet.)

    I love how CMH acted in this series. I’m not a fan but I fell in love with his character here.

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