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High School Love On Episode 11 Review/Recap October 12, 2014

The 11th episode starts with Sung-Yeol seeing Seul-Bi and Woo-Hyun kiss and he feels upset and leaves. Mrs. Ahn talks to Seul-Bi and she tells her that she has no parents so that is why she lives with Woo-Hyun. Woo-Hyun and Seul-Bi walk home together and he wants to hold her hand and she jumps on the ledge to get away and then he holds her hand anyway.

Picture 1

At school Sung-Yeol is angry and won’t talk to Seul-Bi and instead ignores her. During gym class they are paired and are throwing the ball back and forth to each other. Jae-Suk and his friend who punched him are throwing baseball back and forth and Jae-Suk throws it really hard. Sung-Yeol is also throwing the ball really hard at Woo-Hyun and Woo-Hyun calls him names for acting mean to Seul-Bi and throws the ball at Woo-Hyun’s stomach and Woo-Hyun doesn’t catch it. On the way to the nurse’s office Mrs. Ahn sees them and asks what happened and she scolds Sung-Yeol who is walking behind them. Woo-Hyun explains it wasn’t his fault and Mrs. Ahn asks if Sung-Yeol is also okay.

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Mrs. Ahn comes to the infirmary later and finds Woo-Hyun sleeping and sits and holds his hand and tears up. Woo-Hyun wakes up and questions why she is there and she says she is sorry for Sung-Yeol and offers to take him to the hospital. Sung-Yeol comes in and they ask why he is there and he says he has a headache and lies down. Later Woo-Hyun finds Seul-Bi by the sinks and they splash water at each other and Sung-Yeol also comes and they have a water fight. At lunch Ye-Na tries to sit with Young-Eun and the rest of the girls and they all move when she sits down. Ye-Na finds Young-Eun and tells her she will do anything because she doesn’t want to be alone and Young-Eun tells her to be alone and Ye-Na she will show her. Jae-Suk’s gang member the tall one picks on the cafe girl and pulls the book out of her hand and she tries to grab it back and they rip it. The guy sees Ye-Na go behind Seul-Bi on the stairs and she pushes Seul-Bi and Woo-Hyun sees everything and warns her and she teleports down the stairs and fall on Woo-Hyun. 

Picture 4

Sung-Yeol chases after Ye-Na and then sees Young-Eun and tells her she is awful for making Ye-Na push Seul-Bi. Sung-Goo is there and says that he had to use his powers. Young-Eun finds Ye-Na and she says she did it for her because she knows Seul-Bi has been around Sung-Yeol. Woo-Hyun comes and says he will never like her and Young-Eun tells her to stay away from her. The tall gang member stares at Seul-Bi and he thinks he saw her teleport down the stairs and suspicious of her now. After school Sung-Yeol sees Jae-Suk’s gang picking on a kid and he stops them by pulling out his phone camera to record and reminds Jae-Suk about the past and they let the kid go. Jae-Suk’s gang cause a ruckus outside of Woo-Hyun’s shop and so they have a game of ball and if Woo-Hyun wins they will stop hanging out at the shop.  Suk-Hoon meets Young-Eun’s sister again and buys her ice cream and Suk-Hoon finds out that her mom is always working and that her dad ran away with someone else. Young-Eun shows up and pays Suk-Hoon for the ice cream and pulls her sister away. Woo-Hyun and the gang play basketball and Woo-Hyun wins. Sung-Yeol is at home and thinks that Seul-Bi and Woo-Hyun are going to be doing romantic things and wants to stop them so he starts packing and is going to stay at their house for a few days. Mrs. Ahn brings him a drink and says sorry for getting mad at him at school and he tells her he wants some food because Woo-Hyun likes it and she agrees. Sung-Yeol comes over and gives him food for rent and Woo-Hyun is mad that he wants to stay over.

Picture 5

Seul-Bi and Sung-Yeol went out to pick up some more things and Ye-Na goes to visit Woo-Hyun at the shop and tries to make up with Woo-Hyun. She grabs him and hugs him from behind and he pushes her off. She grabs him again and hugs him and to let her hold him for awhile and Seul-Bi and Sung-Yeol come back and see the scene and Sung-Yeol takes her away.

Picture 3

Woo-Hyun sees them leaving and goes after them. Sung-Yeol tells her it is probably a misunderstanding and she agrees so she goes back so it doesn’t get worse. At home Seul-Bi is mad at Woo-Hyun and she says she is in a bad mood and recognizes it as jealousy. Woo-Hyun and Sung-Yeol are in bed and they talk and Woo-Hyun finds out that Sung-Yeol confessed to Seul-Bi and he is upset because he wants Sung-Yeol as a friend. Sung-Yeol asks about Woo-Hyun’s necklace because he thought it belonged to Seul-Bi. Sung-Yeol goes out of the room and meets Seul-Bi and he tells her it was hard not smiling at her today and she tells him that her love won’t change so he shouldn’t wait for her. Mrs.Ahn shows the gym teacher the next day her papers for transferring to another school and he gets upset. Sung-Yeol overhears this and Mrs.Ahn and him sit down and he tells her that if it is because of him that he would rather transfer because he feels bad for liking Seul-Bi and it is a burden for her. Jae-Suk and his gang make a kid dance and Chun-Shik joins him and then Woo-Hyun walks in and also starts dancing and then everybody joins in.

Picture 6

After school Seul-Bi gets a text from Sung-Goo to meet up for a meeting and Jae-Suk and his gang decide to follow her to find out what her secret is and use it against Woo-Hyun. Sung-Yeol leaves and he warns Woo-Hyun that he may come over at any time and stay for the night. Seul-Bi meets up with Sung-Goo and tells her they had to change the place because she was being followed. He tells her that  everyone has a mark showing how long they have been human but only the transformed angels can see it. Hers will be different because she switched contracts humans will be able to see hers. He gives her a paper and tells her to memorize it. Jae-Suk’s gang watches her and see him give her an envelope and touch her hand to give her the mark and they think she is being a prostitute.

Picture 7

Jae-Suk phones Woo-Hyun and tells him about Seul-Bi and he goes running to find her. When Seul-Bi leaves the cafe Jae-Suk’s group steals her envelope and they question how Sung-Goo knows her and he doesn’t have an answer. Woo-Hyun comes up behind the guys and takes the envelope back. The gym teacher is patrolling and comes across the scene and everyone runs away. Woo-Hyun remembers Sung-Goo from before and asks if Sung-Goo is a good guy and she says yes and he pretends not to know about him. Sung-Yeol’s dad and Mrs.Ahn went out to eat and calls him to bring his wallet. Mrs. Ahn tells him that Sung-Yeol wants to transfer and he tells her that he thinks he needs to find Woo-Hyun’s mother and she gets upset. He thinks it is because of her son in America and tells her that she should tell him to come visit and she says she wants to go home.  Sung-Yeol looks for the wallet and comes across the necklace of Mrs. Ahn and Sung-Yeol recognizes it from Woo-Hyun’s necklace. Sung-Yeol goes running over to Woo-Hyun’s house. Seul-Bi opens the note and it says when a suspicious person touches her mark she will disappear from the world and also the memories of her disappear. 

Picture 8

Sung-Yeol comes in and Woo-Hyun is taking a shower and he finds the  necklace and they fit perfectly together. He pulls it apart when Woo-Hyun comes in and Woo-Hyun tries joking around and Sung-Yeol yells at him to stay away from him and this ends episode 11.

Picture 9

Episode 11 was an exciting episode and finally someone else has figured out the Mrs. Ahn’s secret and hopefully he will expose it to his dad! Who again is soo sweet I mean he wants Mrs. Ahn to meet with her son and even offered she send her son from “America” to come to Korea to visit and of course she shuts him down though. He would easily accept her son from her previous marriage and she seems like the one that doesn’t want to have Woo-Hyun as her son. I mean she puts so much effort into a son that doesn’t even want her as a mother and yet she won’t reach out to Woo-Hyun who actually needs her.

I find her mark on her arm seems kinda confusing like hers will be visible for a year but after she has passed the test? I mean how do you hide a shining light on your arm that would be very hard? unless she wears some bracelet that hides it or something? What does it mean she can’t have any suspicious person touch the mark? is that any person or do they have to be suspicious? She has to memorize just that little bit of information? lol how it that really a test to memorize like 1 sentence it seems a little strange to me?

I guess Sung-Yeol is really upset that Woo-Hyun is Mrs. Ahn’s son? I mean he doesn’t seem very attached to her but maybe he is worried that Woo-Hyun is going to take over his place as the only son or something? I mean I am not sure why he is soo upset but maybe this is what worried Mrs. Ahn that Sung-Yeol would be very upset? I am very interested to see what Sung-Yeol is going to do with this secret that he has found out!


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