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High School Love On Episode 10 Review/Recap October 4, 2014

The tenth episode starts with Woo-Hyun cleaning Seul-Bi’s wounds and Seul-Bi is happy that he is talking to her again. Seul-Bi wonders if it was Sunbae that dropped the pot on him and Woo-Hyun wonders if it was a ghost. Sung-Yeol made a business plan for the restaurant business and shows it to his dad and Mrs. Ahn but gets told that he doesn’t have any money. Seul-Bi and Woo-Hyun go back to school  and Chun-Shik confessed to the teacher that he put his phone in Seul-Bi’s backpack and Ye-Na asks if he told and he says yes and that he doesn’t want to be a coward. Young-Eun catches Ye-Na trying to text Woo-Hyun that she put the phone in her backpack and so when the teacher comes in Young-Eun tattles to the teacher about Ye-Na. The teacher assigns Ye-Na to a duty as her punishment. Sung-Yeol and Woo-Hyun meet in the bathroom and they fight over who can protect Seul-BI and that Sung-Yeol says he is going after her too. All the girls are talking to Seul-Bi and tell her they didn’t think she did it and Woo-Hyun pulls her away.

Picture 1

Ye-Na tries to talk to all the girls but they make her feel bad about doing that to Seul-Bi and leave her. Chun-Shik gets picked on again by Jae-Suk and his gang but he stands up to them and walks away. Jae-Suk’s gang finds a new kid in their class to pick on and tell him he is replacing Chun-Shik and to blame him.

Picture 2

The kid finds Chun-Shik and tells him that it is his fault and that Jae-Suk told him he is going to do it to everyone in the class. Seul-Bi is in the library trying to reach the book about angel turned human and Woo-Hyun helps her and asks why she is alway giggling in class with Sung-Yeol when all the books come tumbling down and she pulls Woo-Hyun away.

Picture 3

Seul-Bi runs out and finds Sunbae and she confronts him and he tells her she is always getting hurt because of Woo-Hyun and she tells him that he is a bad angel hurting a human. Sunbae disappears and Woo-Hyun has overheard and Woo-Hyun goes to the library and looks at the book and Sunbae appears again. Woo-Hyun remembers falling onto Seul-Bi and then realizes that he needs to pretend he doesn’t know so that she doesn’t have to go back to being an angel. The representative of angels turned human comes and drops angel books in front of Woo-Hyun and tells him that his silence will protect his love and then Sunbae drops a book on him. The rep pulls him aside and tells him that he is Sung-Goo the first angel turned human and tells him if he wants to be a human he should be one. Sunbae tells him that he doesn’t want to be human and Sung-Goo tells him not to use the cheap trick of having Seul-Bi’s identity found out so she has to go back to being an angel. Sung-Goo tells him that he is having human emotions and Sunbae denies it. Sung-Goo tells him that he needs to be hit and pulls out a rubber band and shots it and it hits Sung-Goo and tells him that it is pain and that he will take it with him and that it is love.

Picture 4

Young-Eun leaves out Ye-Na again. In class Seul-Bi gets first place with her grades and Sung-Yeol is second. At the restaurant the phone rings and someone places a 100 servings order and she agrees and so Suk-Hoon comes and helps them and Sung-Yeol, Chun-Shik, and the girl from the cafe also comes and helps them. They go to the park and no one is there except Jae-Suk and his gang and they had ordered the food as a prank.

Picture 5

They tell each other off and Chun-Shik throws the food at one of the goons and gets dirty. Everyone leaves and Jae-Suk punches one of his own guys. Everyone else goes and hands out the food to people around the park and tells them to come to their restaurant. Young-Eun and Ye-Na are arguing and Young-Eun is upset that Ye-Na used her and she looked bad in front of Sung-Yeol for Ye-Na’s sake. Ye-Na tells her that she has spent a lot of money on her and how will she eat now and Young-Eun goes in to punch her and Sung-Yeol yells at her. Sung-Yeol tells her that she is worst than he thought. Suk-Hoon is eating and a little girl sits next to him and he shares his food while she waits for her sister to come. Young-Eun comes and Ye-Eun the little girl is her sister. Suk-Hoon asks if Young-Eun had cried and then she pulls her sister away and leaves.

Picture 6

At home Woo-Hyun brings a calendar and they decide her birthday will be on the day that she came here. Woo-Hyun goes and finds Seul-Bi’s angel clothing and hides it in his room so that she can’t go back to being an angel. Sung-Yeol’s dad comes and talks to Sung-Yeol about his mother getting married and that they should give her their blessing and Sung-Yeol’s gets upset and leaves. Sung-Yeol runs into Woo-Hyun and Seul-Bi and she sees a black noodle eating competition and they do the competition and she wins the prize money. At home Woo-Hyun eats the food from Sung-Yeol’s mom instead and really enjoys it. 

Picture 7

Sung-Yeol is staying over for the night because he is upset at his parents and wants to make them wait for once. Woo-Hyun takes the containers and brings them to Sung-Yeol’s dad and thanks him for the food and tells him that Sung-Yeol is staying over at his house. Sung-Yeol is having indigestion from the noodles and Seul-Bi pricks his finger. Sung-Yeol confesses to Seul-Bi and asks her to look at him and that he can wait for her because he is good at it.

Picture 8

Mrs. Ahn gets the containers and she is upset saying to herself to try not to know each other as they live. In the morning Woo-Hyun and Sung-Yeol wake up holding each other on the floor and start yelling. Seul-Bi asks them if they are best friends and then tells them she wants to go to a sauna and they all go.

Picture 9

They have fun eating and playing there. Sung-Yeol’s dad and Mrs. Ahn run into them at the sauna and he tells them that she is his mother and they are shocked. Seul-Bi and Woo-Hyun are in a different room and she tries to tell him that she is an angel and he stops her by blowing a bubble and pressing it on her lips and then bursting the bubble and their lips touch. The episode ends with Sung-Yeol seeing them through the window kissing.
Picture 10

Picture 11

I am so happy that Woo-Hyun is back to normal and is not taking his anger out on Seul-Bi anymore! I am so confused why Mrs. Ahn doesn’t want to tell Woo-Hyun about him being her son? I mean is she really scared of her husband finding out because he seems like he wouldn’t be against it? I mean once Woo-Hyun finds out that she is his mother he is going to be even extra angry that she wanted to take care of Sung-Yeol who isn’t even her own blood but refused to take care of her own son! I mean that would be the biggest betrayal!! Also why can’t Mrs.Ahn look up Woo-Hyun’s father and help him that way so the father has to pay for the debt.?

I seriously love Sung-Goo the angel human that goes and calls out Sunbae for acting like a human! I think that was the best part of the whole episode!! I secretly want to cheer for Sunbae because maybe because he seems more mature than the other boys!!

I have to say K-dramas are seriously creative when it comes to kisses!! a bubblegum kiss who would have even thought of that ! it is unique! but I have to say I will remember that kiss forever it sure was memorable!! and was really cute too!!


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