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High School Love On Episode 7 Recap/Review August 31, 2014

The 7th episode starts with Seul-Bi making plans with Woo-Hyun, Suk-Hoon and Sung-Yeol to play basketball during lunch break. Young-Eun and Ye-Na ask for Jae-Suk’s help to get Seul-Bi in trouble. In class Ye-Na acts that she lost her phone and that the last time she had it was when she was with Seul-BI and they ask her if she had seen it and she says no. Jae-Suk and his gang get Chun-Shik to give them his phone and put his money in it and tells him to put it in Seul-Bi’s backpack and does this over lunch.

Picture 1

After lunch with the gym teacher Chun-Shik tells the teacher that his phone is missing and the teacher makes everyone empty their belongings. Seul-Bi finds the phone in her backpack and then Ye-Na tells the teacher she lost her phone too and Seul-Bi continues looking through her backpack and finds Ye-Na’s phone but the money is missing. Seul-Bi, Chun-Shik and Ye-Na are called to talk to the teachers and she won’t admit that she stole the phones and the other two are fine and happy to have their phones back. The gym teacher then says that she can do community service for a week.

Picture 2

Seul-Bi asks why Ye-Na did that and she tells her that she dislikes her because of what she stole from her. Woo-Hyun then pulls Seul-Bi out and she tells him that she thinks Ye-Na put her phone in her backpack and he is mad that she didn’t tell him that she met her yesterday. Grandmother is leaving the hospital to see Woo-Hyun. Chun-Shik gets beat up from Jae-Suk’s group again and Woo-Hyun finds him and asks if he put his phone in her bag and he denies it.  The whole class dislikes Seul-Bi now and the teacher doesn’t believe her and when she opens her locker the students and put trash inside. Sung-Yeol comes and helps her clean it up and tells her that he knows it wasn’t her.

Picture 3

Seul-Bi is at home and looking at a picture of herself on her phone and notices that she is disappearing in the photo and her Sunbae shows up and tells that she is disappearing and she should sign the black note cause if she doesn’t she will disappear because she is neither a human nor a angel. He tells her the ones that loved humans they became unhappy in the end because human love changes. Grandmother is at home counting up the money she is going to give to Woo-Hyun and then she tries to phoning her son and the number doesn’t work. At school Seul-Bi’s desk is missing and she has to go get it from outside and Woo-Hyun tells her to just go home but she doesn’t want to run away and that it hurts more that he doesn’t believe her. She drags the desk up herself and Sung-Yeol tries to help her but she says it is something that she needs to do alone. 

Picture 4

Woo-Hyun finds Ye-Na and gives her the money that she lost and she doesn’t want it and he asks why she saw Seul-Bi that day and she lies about it and he gives her the money and asks her to leave Seul-Bi alone. Seul-Bi is picking up the recycling for milk cartons and people start throwing them at her and Woo-Hyun comes in and protects her.

Picture 5

Jae-Suk asks if he is also a thief and Woo-Hyun starts beating on him and Sung-Yeol takes him off and keeps him away from Jae-Suk. The gym teacher comes in and stops them and he tells them that they need to bring their parents in. The girl from the cafe finds Seul-Bi and tells her that she is sure she didn’t do anything but that Woo-Hyun will fight for her and it will get hard. Sung-Yeol explains to Woo-Hyun that Ye-Na likes him so she hates Seul-Bi and Jae-Suk hates him so he picks on Seul-Bi instead.

Picture 6

Grandmother meets with Mrs. Ahn and she shows her the money that Mrs. Ahn gave her and asks her if she can take care of Woo-Hyun because she can’t get ahold of her son and that she has to go far away for a long time. Mrs. Ahn tells her she can’t because of her situation of her new family and leaves.

In the morning Woo-Hyun tells his Grandma that she has to come to school because he got in trouble. Grandma comes to the school and recognizes Sung-Yeol’s dad as the police officer and they talk about how Sung-Yeol hit Woo-Hyun. Mrs. Ahn is going to the meeting and sees the three guys who are in trouble. Jae-Suk’s dad comes and Grandmother starts apologizing right away and Mrs. Ahn comes in and Grandmother is shocked. Grandmother starts apologizing and was going to go on her knees but Woo-Hyun stops her and does it instead and apologizes.

Picture 7

Sung-Yeol stands up for him and says that Jae-Suk isn’t the type to just get beat up and that he deserved it and that he would have beat him up if Woo-Hyun hadn’t. The boys leave and Jae-Suk talks trash and Sung-Yeol punches him. Mrs. Ahn tells Jae-Suk’s father that they overlooked Jae-Suk’s cheating incident and the gym teacher talks about how much money his father has spent and the father silences him. Seul-Bi comes in and explains that Woo-Hyun was protecting her because she was called a thief and that she and Jae-Suk should be the ones expelled. Jae-Suks says he will discipline his own son and the teacher can deal with the other two. Grandmother is looking sick and she tells Seul-Bi to leave and Sung-Yeol’s dad says he will give her a ride home and she sees him make eyes at Mrs. Ahn.

Picture 8

Grandmother asks Sung-Yeol’s dad later about Mrs. Ahn and he tells her that she is his wife and Grandmother falls to her knees. The gym teacher is having stomach problems and has to use the student bathroom and ends up overhearing Jae-Suk and his gang talk about how Chun-Shik was the one that put the phone in Seul-Bi’s bag and they will punish him if he talks. Woo-Hyun gets 7 days probation and 20 hours of community service. Seul-Bi is on the roof and Woo-Hyun comes they both apologize about the situation and not trusting each other. Woo-Hyun proposes they promise to trust each other no matter what happens and she agrees.

Picture 9

Sunbae comes and tells her that it will make everyone have a hard time because of her and having to protect her and it will hurt more and they will change and so will she. She asks if they will be unhappy and he says yes and tells her to come back to her place. Seul-Bi then signs the book and her eyes change back to an angel and this ends the 7th episode.

Picture 10

So Seul-Bi will finally turn back to an angel! I have to say I have been waiting for her to be an angel again because otherwise this is just a typical high school drama which can be a little boring!! I have been waiting for more of the scifi elements to be more prevalent in this drama! but of course from the preview it looks like it will not last long her being an angel, I’m guessing the first half of the next episode she will be an angel and will stalk Woo-Hyun and watch him be all miserable and he will search for her everywhere and she won’t be able to handle it especially because in the preview it looks like they are all at a funeral!! oh no I guess that means that Grandmother is going to be dying in the next episode! I hope it isn’t too sad!!

I have to say that I really like Sung-Yeol’s dad he seems soo cool and yet handsome even though he is old! But he sure lets Sung-Yeol treat Mrs. Ahn anyway he wants which seems bad! One thing that is weird is that Sung-Yeol should not be in trouble I mean he was breaking up the fight!! so stupid that he gets in trouble!

One thing that is weird is that Woo-Hyun is never asking Seul-Bi where she comes from and checking to see if her memory is coming back! I mean it is kinda weird that no one has brought that up and like made her go see a doctor or something?

I thought Grandmother was going to collapse at the school so that Mrs. Ahn would see and realize that she is terribly sick and that Woo-Hyun will be left alone because she is dying! I thought it was going to be a perfectly set scenario for that but I guess then it would be hard for Seul-Bi to go back to being an angel !


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