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High School Love On Episode 5 Recap/Summary August 16, 2014

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The 5th episode starts with Woo-Hyun about to be run over by Jae-Suk’s motorcycle and Seul-Bi and Sung-Yeol get there in time and she uses her power to turn off his motorcycle. Seul-Bi faints and Sung-Yeol catches her and then goes and starts beating the guys up. Picture 1

A man in the park separates them and starts playing his recorder and gets Woo-Hyun and Sung-Yeol to leave. On the way home Seul-Bi tries to get the guys to get along better. Woo-Hyun looks up why people always fall asleep and finds the condition narcolepsy and finds that kiwi is good for people with that problem. In the morning he makes a whole meal made of kiwi. Picture 2

At the staff meeting it is decided that Jae-Suk is going to get away with it and just has to do volunteer work. Mrs. Ahn tries to fight that it will hurt Sung-Yeol and will be unfair for him but the principal overrules them. Jae-Suk’s homeroom teacher tells Jae-Suk about his community service and Jae-Suk tells him that he knows his father is paying for the new gym floor. Jae-Suk tells Suk-Hoon that he owes him but Suk-Hoon seems to disagree with him. Jae-Suk’s guys are cleaning up the campus for him and the talk to Ye-Ri who is talking about auditioning for Juliet and it seems to be Jae-Suk’s sister. 

Picture 3

(Young-Eun) the girl bully goes up to Jae-Suk and tells him not to beat up Woo-Hyun because she can make sure Ye-Ri can never audition again in her life. Seul-Bi then comes up to him and tells him not to beat up Woo-Hyun and then gives him a band-aid. Seul-Bi and Woo-Hyun have a group project but everyone leaves and it is only the two of them. Ye-Na the other girl bully gets picked up from her mom and whisked off to golf practice. Sung-Yeol’s Dad gets dental surgery and then finds Sung-Yeol and handcuffs himself to him and they go eat that way together.

Picture 4

Seul-Bi makes porridge for Woo-Hyun’s grandmother and he helps put an apron on her and Ye-Na is waiting outside and then comes in.

Picture 5

Woo-Hyun feeds grandmother and he tries to convince her to go to the hospital because he can’t live without her and she avoids answering him. Seul-Bi goes and talks with Ye-Na and Ye-Na tells her that she likes Woo-Hyun and she doesn’t think they are cousins. She tells her not to think of liking Woo-Hyun in the future because he is like oxygen to her and the only escape that she has. Ye-Na’s mother phones her and she tells her that she is sick and her mom won’t let her rest and she starts crying and tells her that she is really sick. At school in PE Ye-Na pretends to trip in front of Woo-Hyun and he takes her to the nurse. The nurse doesn’t come and they talk and she tells him that her mom wants her to go to a prestigious school and is going to do that through sports because she isn’t smart and that she is doing it to fulfill her mom’s dream.Picture 6

When Seul-Bi is going home Sung-Yeol finds her and asks to go for ice cream and she says she will take him and they go look at makeup together. Sung-Yeol meets the guy from the park again and gives him free ice cream. Seul-Bi spills ice cream on Sung-Yeol and her Sunbae shows up and tells her not to fall in love with a human because she won’t be happy because humans can’t live forever and are weak. The man that gave ice cream talks to Sunbae and can see him.  Mrs. Ahn goes to see grandmother and asks her to take Woo-Hyun out of her school because she has a son there and nothing good will come of him knowing her. Grandmother refuses and tells her to send her son somewhere else and Mrs. Ahn gives her money and Grandmother splashes her with water.  Sung-Yeol, Woo-Hyun, and Seul-Bi meet up walking to the restaurant and see Grandmother handing Mrs. Ahn the money and she makes an excuse that she left it behind. 

Picture 7

Grandmother is shown later throwing up. The group from school go riding bike together and Ye-Na asks Seul-Bi to stay away because she wants to confess to Woo-Hyun. Ye-Na asks if Woo-Hyun can give her a ride because her ankle still hurts and he agrees. Picture 8

Sung-Yeol gives Seul-Bi on his bike. Ye-Na on the ride confesses to Woo-Hyun and he says he is sorry. 

Picture 9

When Sung-Yeol and Seul-Bi catch up to them Woo-Hyun stops their bike and says to Seul-Bi to come to his side and this ends the 5th episode.

Picture 10

So it looks like Grandmother is dying since they are showing her get sicker and sicker. Seul-BI is losing her powers and if she falls in love which is most definitely happening she will become human. The man from the park must be a angel that turned human or something because he could see Sunbae. Woo-Hyun seems like he rejects all girls that confess to them because of the lack of trust issues with his mother leaving him but it seems like he is falling in love with Seul-Bi because she is always there for him when he needs her. I wonder why it is so bad for Woo-Hyun to know his mother and why would she want him to transfer, but I kept thinking that if Grandmother is dying he should know who his mother is and he may need help if he is still in high school. Through this episode Jae-Suk’s red bruise on his face looked so face it looked like someone just rubbed some blush on his face!! I have to say I really like Sung-Yeol’s dad he seems fun and silly but he really lets Sung-Yeol act pretty bad in front of Mrs. Ahn.


I just want to remind everyone that their is a poll for who you think Seul-Bi should end up with !! Please vote and have fun!! Come up with your own option if you want!!


2 Responses to “High School Love On Episode 5 Recap/Summary”

  1. Minihaha Says:

    Thanks for the recap, I don’t really mind who Seul Bi ends up with, both guys are good for her, and both are good too her. Mrs Ah is only thinking about herself and her new found happiness, not thinking of the son who really misses her and who treasures the key pendant she gave him as a keepsake! So proud of WooHyun for saying “sorry ” to mean girl after her confession. Even more proud of him for declaring his love for Seul Bi infront of Sung Yeol….wahhh what will Seul Bi do? What would Sung Yeol do now that he knows that WOO Hyun has confess, is it gonna be love triangle! or would bully boy join in and fall for Seul Bi too???

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