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High School Love On Episode 4 Review/Recap August 9, 2014

The 4th episode begins with Seul-Bi seeing her Sunbae and trying to talk to him and Woo-Hyun thinks that she has regained her memory. Seul-Bi tries to use her powers again and passes out and Woo-Hyun takes her back and puts her in his bed. He goes and gets medication for her because she has a fever. 

Picture 2

When she wakes up she remembers the sewer grate was lifted up for her and thinks it must have been her Sunbae doing it for her. Woo-Hyun gives her a cellphone and at school she gets Sung-Yeol’s number and Ki-Soo’s(Woo-Hyun’s friend) number.

Picture 3

At lunch Woo-Hyun thinks that the soup tastes funny and Ki-Soo says he checked twice about it being anchovy broth. Mrs. Ahn (Sung-Yeol’s stepmom) starts choking during lunch. Woo-Hyun stomach starts hurting and then is taken to the hospital by Seul-Bi and Ki-Soo, and Mrs. Ahn is also taken in by another teacher. Mrs. Ahn pulls back the curtain and sees Woo-Hyun and wonders if it is her Woo-Hyun. His grandmother comes and complains that he inherited his shellfish allergy from his mother. Mrs. Ahn hides from his grandmother.
Picture 4

Jae-Suk(Bully leader) was bullying a student and Seul-Bi gets involved and Woo-Hyun stops it and Sung-Yeol gives him money Jae-Suk was taking from a student. Jae-Suk then smashes Sung-Yeol’s fingers in his locker and is mad at him for giving him money and says he shouldn’t have helped him earlier and let him die and Sung-Yeol agrees with him.

Picture 1

Jae-Suk gets caught for kicking the locker and in the teachers office he sees a student leave with the teacher’s test for tomorrow and follows him and catches him stealing the test.

Picture 5

At home Woo-Hyun tries to teach her how to make a bubble with gum and they talk about being jealous.

Picture 6

Sung-Yeol’s dad makes breakfast and Sung-Yeol is mad because he never even made ramen for his mom. Woo-Hyun’s grandma was sick all night so Seul-Bi cuts the onion for her her and is crying. Grandma comes down and acts like she wasn’t sick but when they leave she is in pain.

Jae-Suk gets the guy who cheated to agree to share his answers during the test. During the test the guy gets two papers so he can fill it out for Jae-Suk. Woo-Hyun sees Jae-Suk hit the back of the guys chair. During the test Mrs. Ahn sees Jae-Suk with 2 answer papers and asks who gave it to him and he lies and says Sung-Yeol. Mrs. Ahn scolds Sung-Yeol and doesn’t believe that he didn’t do it.

Picture 7

As Woo-Hyun is leaving school he remembers Jae-Suk kicking Suk-Hoon’s chair and goes and tells Mrs. Ahn that it wasn’t Sung-Yeol and also that he hurt his right hand so he wrote with his left hand and that he will get more evidence to back it up. Woo-Hyun finds Jae-Suk and his dad comes out and scolds him for cheating and getting caught. Jae-Suk says he did it because he would kick him out for his bad grades and his father says that he is getting a DNA test because he doesn’t believe he is his son.

Picture 8

Jae-Suk sees Woo-Hyun hiding around the corner and grabs him. Seul-Bi invites Sung-Yeol to come to the restaurant and while he is there Jae-Suk picks up the call from Seul-Bi to Woo-Hyun and tells her to come. Seul-Bi and Sung-Yeol both go running and Woo-Hyun is on the ground and Jae-Suk has his bike and looks like he is going to run him over. This ends the 4th episode.

Picture 9

Oh High School bullying! I mean it is a little bit cliche!! this two always seem to go together. The whole cheating thing seems silly I mean why wouldn’t he just got Suk-Hoon to send him the test on his phone and got him to give him the answers. That seems less risky and I mean how would he really have enough to fill out the answers for himself and then give it for someone else to copy that would take time!

I think it is cute the way Seul-Bi doesn’t know how to do things like blowing bubbles and it is cute when they show that aspect of her. It is obvious that both Sung-Yeol and Woo-Hyun both like her and well even her Sunbae has feelings for her. I kinda like the match of her and her Sunbae I guess he is more tsundere!! How typical three guys love and take care of her and she is the typical clueless, adorable lead!! Why is it that there is always multiple people that will love the one girl!! Save some for the rest of us!!

So it seems that Jae-Suk and Sung-Yeol have some history where Sung-Yeol helped him and that is why he can’t bully him. Sung-Yeol also eluded to some history with Woo-Hyun where he eavesdropped oh him! So maybe they do know each other but Woo-Hyun seemed to not remember or denied it?



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