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High School Love On Episode 2 Recap/Review July 19, 2014

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In the second episode of High School Love On Seul-Bi is going in front of a truck becomes she wants to be an angel again and Hyun-Woo saves her. He takes her back to his house. Sung-Yeol is with his stepmother and drops his cup and it breaks she tells him to clean it up and she pushes her down and she cuts her hand on the glass. In the morning Hyun-Woo has decided to transfer schools and Seul-Bi is wearing his old uniform that he threw away. Grandma gives them money for him to buy a new uniform and for her to get some new clothes. At the store when he buys his uniform she also chooses a school uniform.

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Sung-Yeol is celebrating his birthday with his dad and stepmom and as they are leaving a guy steals his stepmom’s bag. His dad who is a police officer runs after him and Hyun-Woo and Seul-Bi are walking by and she starts chasing him as well. Hyun-Woo finds him and they fight for awhile when the guy grabs a large piece of wood and Seul-Bi uses her power to get it out of his hands.

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The dad catches up and puts him in handcuffs, Sung-Yeol had also chased after and catches Seul-Bi as she is fainting. Hyun-Woo gives Seul-Bi a piggyback and he commends her for trying to help.


Picture 3

Seul-Bi gets a visit from her angel friend and he gives her all the documents she needs to live as a human. Grandma is taking some pills and Seul-Bi walks in and she hides them. She asks her if she likes Hyun-Woo and she agrees she does because she doesn’t want to explain that she wants to get to know him to figure out why she turned human. 

Picture 4

Hyun-Woo is late for school because Seul-Bi damaged the clock and has to do pushups and run laps because he is late. He is in the same school and class as Hyun-Woo and the class make him sing a song after the introduction. Hyun-Woo sits next to Chun-Shik and the gang from his class who were also late bully Chun-Shik because they have a tradition where whoever sits next to a new student has to do an orientation. Hyun-Woo goes to the bathroom to help Chun-Shik and then Sung-Yeol stops the guys and makes them leave.

Picture 5

Sung-Yeol gets a text from his real mom saying she can’t come for his birthday. Sung-Yeol’s stepmom is teaching and him and Hyun-Woo get kicked out of class for being late. Sung-Yeol starts punching Hyun-Woo and the stepmom comes out and Sung-Yeol asks if his mom has to come and that she is busy and the stepmom slaps him.

Picture 6

Hyun-Woo and Sung-Yeol have to run laps and Sung-Yeol tells him that he can punch him and he does. Seul-Bi is working at the grandmother’s restaurant and answers the question right on the quiz show on tv and a girl from Hyun-Woo’s school test her knowledge with her homework and she gets them right. Grandmother tells Hyun-Woo that she thinks Seul-Bi should go to school and Hyun-Woo doesn’t want her to go to his. The stepmom is happy about her purse being found because she kept some necklace with a lock on it that is special to her. 

Picture 7

She tries to give Sung-Yeol a cake and present and he just insults her and she leaves. At school some girl tries to convince Hyun-Woo to join her club and he turns her down. Hyun-Woo while getting ready for swimming overhears the leader of the gang talking on the phone with someone and gets mad at him for hearing it.

Picture 8

Hyun-Woo makes excuse not to swim and has to clean up instead. The leader of the gang takes Hyun-Woo’s clothes and gets them wet in the sink. Hyun-Woo phones the restaurant and tells Seul-Bi to bring him some new clothes. The leader of the gang starts harassing Hyun-Woo while he is cleaning up and knocks him into the water. Hyun-Woo struggles in the water and flashbacks to him as a kid not being able to swim in the water and his mom isn’t watching him. Hyun-Woo struggles and the leader walks out. The episode ends with Hyun-Woo still underwater.

Picture 10

So I was expecting that Hyun-Woo and Sung-Yeol would have recognized each other from before the purse incident but they don’t seem too and I was thinking they disliked each other but Sung-Yeol saved him and even was apologizing for punching him. I feel that Sung-Yeol is really unnecessarily mean to his step-mom, I mean he must really hate her but she doesn’t even seem that mean! especially for a stepmom since they are usually the ones who are more abusive. I mean I get hating her for replacing his mom and her trying to suck up to him all the time but to throw her on the broken glass was a bit much! The stepmom seems to have a lock on her necklace and I am wondering if Hyun-Woo’s is the key to the necklace! I wonder what there connection is? is she his mother? but that doesn’t seem right? I think that Seul-Bi will come and save Hyun-Woo so he doesn’t drown and she will probably use her powers! It also seems like grandmother is ill and she is keeping it from Hyun-Woo! I like her I hope she doesn’t die!! It was so cute when Sung-Yeol asked Hyun-Woo about Seul-Bi!! They would be so cute together!! I am starting to enjoy this drama more and more!! How about everyone else, what do you think about this series so far??



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